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  1. Thanks. Interesting. One of the most amazing dreams I had contained a mudra. I used to wonder what that was. So what do you mean by baby program?
  2. I don't know who I am

    Who I am is constantly changing. Which is exciting. Every moment a new gift. Of a new never before had experience. Evermore.
  3. True Christianity vs Convenient Weakness

    Yeah, and it is your own flow! Of who YOU truely are. So you're basically getting smacked by the greater you who you are truely ment to be, because that being is unwaveringly in full alignment with that which you might call Source or God. Because just like Source or God your soul is still non-physical, and you're all your physical life connected to it, the resistance only comes from your physical being yeah. Your soul never offers a single thought of resistance. So your physical being can have resistance to that flow of all things good, but you would feel your energy motional discord emmediatly in the form of negative emotion. That is why you need not fear, because you got fear to let go of fear. But if you ignore your emotions, yes, then you truely need fear, because otherwise you're gonna attract endless of painful physical experiences, untill you let go of that which causes fear. And then you will be like one of those who gets burned alife, and you will say, that the fire is not painful. It is just the idea or believe that you are not loved is what truely is the source of all the pain. So you instantly let go, and return to your natural state of joy ever so more fully. When you realise that nothing can hurt as much as a simple emotion. So an eternity of suffering can happen in 1 second.
  4. True Christianity vs Convenient Weakness

    Very simple. Because God cannot forgive, because God has never blamed anyone to begin with. God is not a human being like Jesus. The word God can represent something physical. So understand that Source is actually non-physical, infinite intelligence. You might think of loving light, or lightning or electricity, it makes no mistake, always follows the path of least resistance, it is always perfect and yet ever expanding, eternal and infinite. Our true nature, even right here and now, we are extension of all of that.
  5. True Christianity vs Convenient Weakness

    So how does one consciously let go? By becoming aware of it! A habbit made conscious becomes a choice, and now it's gone, it no longer exists... So when you die, you will hold on so tightly to your memories and identity, that you become aware of your habbit to keep holding on to this particular idea of who you are. And then it's gone. You literally don't have to do ANYTHING to let go of this life and die. All you have to do, is stop doing the thing that prevents you from going and being free. And the death experience is simply the path of least resistance for most people to remember that they have a choice, and that this isn't all real, just any less than a habbit being real. It's just something you keep choosing, that you forgot you're choosing, so you keep doing it, and not being aware of it, you keep doing it, untill poof, you become aware of it, the habbit is instantly gone. Because you recognized the moment when you chose it. And it is the awareness and consciousness that restores it instantly into perfect natural bliss.
  6. True Christianity vs Convenient Weakness

    Yeah, we all have something that rings our bells. And the purpose is to love God, because God is that which calls us forth evermore, on our ever so unique individual journey, always along the path of least resistance, hence God is always have been given the highest of names. And yet so deep and personally relevant for all of humanity and all things in creation aswell, which can come to know all of that it is through all the things that is all the more of all that it is not. And to realise that the purpose of all the experience is a good purpose, to remind us, of our purpose then evermore. As creation is eternal and infinite, truely ever expanding, as is God, and thus calling us forth evermore, towards all that we are evermore in our ever becoming. So here we are, but mostly we are still non-physical, coming from the Source of all things in creation, which is purely divine and perfect and ever expanding and ever becoming, just as we are. So we are a part of that, and to not forget, we can never forget who we are because we have a heart that will remind us of our purpose at all times, of God's infinite and eternally expanding knowing. And how can you know, and follow your heart, unless you have an experience of that which is who you are not? So bless every evil, and use it simply as an opportunity to come to know yourself ever so more fully and greaterly, in all the good you are as God has created you to be and for the purpose of your ever more becoming of the evermore greater becoming of it all. For even as you do so, you allow everyone around you to do so more fully aswell. As they will also receive your reflection more fully, more prestine more whole. And thus they can come to know themselves ever so more fully aswell, through your leading edge example of your own ever greater becoming. And so we can find benefit in all the reflections of all the beings that is all of who we are not aswell. And so yes, we are all neighbours. And we're all on this journey together. And God's creation is truely one of co-creation. For if you truely were ment to be one thing only, you would only be one thing, and everything would be it, and so you would be everything, and there would be no experience, so no growth, no reflection, and so no ever becoming, and so no eternity and no infinity. So God's ever becoming is through all of us, and everything, as we are the leading edge extensions of all that which we call non-physical source of all creation. But God is not limitted by any particular form. Truely limitless, infinite and eternal, and omnipresent and omni empowered. and omni knowing. And we can know our alignment with our eternal nature and true origin of our source and purpose here in this life, through our heart, which indicates our alignment, more, or less, in each and every single moment of our every life experience, and our focus and attention. For the purpose of our ever greater realisation and its ever more becoming, and the allowing of it, as God calls us forth towards it evermore. Through all of its creation and through us aswell and with us aswell. And so we can bless every experience we have, for it is all part of the ever greater self realisation. Every single experience, is always the most perfect experience for you to have right now. For the purpose of your furthering growth. And if there's something you want, for the purpose of coming to love God ever so more fully in the moment, and you think it is not here right now. Just imagine again, what you think you want. And you will realise, that it feels good to think about it, in the way you feel you want to experience it ever so more fully. But know, that what you have, is the joy and love of that experience, that is already available for you here and now. For you can and will always recognize your path thus then through your unconditional joy, to allow the path of least resistance towards all that it is you truely are ment to become and be evermore so fully. And the way in which is present in your life right now, is how God's giving it unto you! And so it is through infinite wisdom that you have it in the way you have it now. And no matter how small it may seem to you, it is always gonna be endlessly bigger than all that you think it might have to be, for God's truely infinite in wisdom, and God's creation is truely infinite in nature. So understanding the limitations of the mind, we allow our entire physical being to work in harmony and hand in hand, mind and heart and body. So we think for the purpose of feeling, and we feel for the purpose of being. Thus allow yourself to walk the path of least resistance, and enjoy your life more fully, whatever life you find yourself in. For you can always imagine what you might think joy to be, and thus you can always feel what you feel joy to be, and so you can always be what you feel it to be evermore so fully, evermore. For if you allow it to be the perfect life it already is, you will always see the path of your eternal journey is always right in front of you, as all the infinite and ever expanding might of God has created it to be for you here and now, for the perfection of your unique and individual life experience, for the ever calling forth of your being, for your ever more becoming. And even when you think you might be experiencing something you do not want, it is there simply to serve you, for you to come to a more full realisation of who it is you truely are, so in a way you can become it, and no longer need to keep reminding yourself of who you are, for you are thus then evermore being it in your ever greater allowance of your very own ever greater becoming, ever more. And there is nothing but joy, for you to be realised here, for the love of God and for the love of all of God's creation for the purpose of coming to love God evermore, as God's evermore loving you through all of God's creation aswell.
  7. Can you atleast explain how I can contact my clones? I do love the idea. So if you could tell me how, I'd love to try it out.
  8. Yeah that's also a good way to put it. But ofcourse, it depends on who you say it to. Maybe someone is really used to focusing negatively. Then paying positive attention will not give them the benefit of shifting their habbit of thought patterns that they've already established. So sometimes, you might better say, just focus on what you want. Cause even in positive attention exists this contrast of something wanted and unwanted, as in all things that exist. So rather going conditional, go unconditional, and primarily care about how you feel, emotionally, as that is your true indication, of your alignment with your soul in the moment or not.
  9. You cannot ignore it, because you care primarily about how you feel, as that emotion is your primary indication of wether or not your energy motional state of being is in alignment with your souls greater knowing in the moment of your focusing, or not. So both negative and positive emotions are of tremendous value. For how can you know what you want, unless you know what it is you don't want? Your mind exists only for the purpose of focusing amidst the variety of contrasting things, to come to preference, and enjoy unyielding purpose, value, meaning and joy and love and freedom and knowledge evermore, as you allow your unique individual life's purpose to be fulfilled. By allowing yourself to live a life of joy. By allowing your self to feel better. By allowing yourself to focus more often on what it is you do want in life, which will always feel better, and better evermore.
  10. A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking, so it groes expands and becomes easier to continue to think. If the believe feels bad, it will continue to feel worse. If it feels good, it will continue to feel better. Whenever you activate those thought patterns which are like unto it. So cultivating positive emotion, simply think about what you want, all of the time, you'll feel positive all of the time, which is also your indication that your energy motional being is in perfect aligned with your souls greater knowing of infinite intelligence and clarity and knowing clearly your highest purpose here in this life. So, What you prefer. What you enjoy. And love. What makes you feel good. And you got your emotions to tell the difference. So if you feel bad, well, there is your cue, you are thinking about something you don't want, and are in the process of joining it. So what is it that you do want? You simply allow whatever the focused upon thing that feels bad, to serve you. Allowing your heart to guide you. So you don't want it, what is it that you DO want? Or prefer. It's a very simple and easy thing to do, to shift your focus, for the purpose of evermore fulfillment and realisation of your highest purpose here in this life, and your highest joy, and value and being. The difficulty is often in continueing to focus on what you don't want. And attempting to tolerate negative and painful emotion, which is an unnatural thing to do. So allow yourself to feel good, and allow your life to thus then become also good, because you do deserve it.
  11. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Interesting. So the father actually never had a say in it. Hmmm.
  12. The Small Creatures

    Yeah but your soul doesn't look at it that way at all. It allows, ETERNALLY, UNCONDITIONALLY, EVERY SINGLE PATH to become part of your very own evermore received guided open path of least resistance, UNCONDITIONALLY. It doesn't say, well... But this isn't as good as that. It doesn't care about any condition at all! Because it knows your direct path towards the full blown realisation of all that is who you truely are ment to be the evermore becoming of evermore, in every single path and condition in and of and as life, UNCONDITIONALLY, meaning, regardless of any condition, under any and ALL conditions! And it does so through your excitement, which is the indication of the entire journey evermore! The guidance of your soul that you receive 24/7, if you are willing to listen to your highest excitement, joy, passion, love, freedom, empowerment, knowledge, eagerness, willingness. If you are willing to focus yourself, to what does excite you, and what does represent your highest purpose and if you are willing to ACT accordingly AS BEST AS YOU CAN, WITH ZERO EXPECTATION WHATSOEVER ON ANY OUTCOME WHATSOEVER. Move towards it with full faith and trust and are willing to show the universe that YOU are WILLING to allow yourself to be who it is you truely are ment to be the evermore ever becoming of. Then you evermore allow EVERY single CONDITION to serve you absolutely in the best possible way, of allowing you to refocus even more ongoingly higher frequency and evermore so specifically and expanded awareness into itself expanding the resolution and full blown realisation of all the specific life experiences that are truely of your highest value, meaning and purpose in life, and excitement and love and joy! And it's so easy when you just begin to take those first few steps and just enjoy your life unconditionally evermore. And allow the universe to show you how it can support you in all that you love, because you are willing to finally allow yourself to finally be who it is you are, so you will receive ongoingly evermore specific and fully more realised guidance by you evermore!
  13. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Yeah but that is still irrelevant. You are too physically oriented, so you get stuck in your own web of thought, that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your purpose in life here. That's why I ask, how does the idea of being loved make you feel? Because that is the true indication and guidance you are receiving, directly from your Source. And that feeling, if you follow it in every single moment, whatever it might be, with dedicated focus, with absolutely zero expectation on the outcome but rather allow the universe show you what your highest joy can truely be even as you are imagining it for the purpose of feeling it more fully and moving towards it more fully, whatsoever. meaning, you submit fully to your highest truth and being, under any and all conditions, under every single condition every here and now moment of your life, at your highest most FULLEST capability! in this life, then you will attract all the experience, knowledge and wisdom you NEED to fulfill you evermore in your endeavours of living your highest joy and purpose in life. But you have to be willing to give it your all, and show the universe atleast you are willing to do it! Then the universe will help you to do it! Sometimes, you have resistance, towards doing it, so show the universe, through your actions, ATLEAST IN SOME WAY that you are willing to follow your highest excitement, and focus on your true desire in every single waking moment of your life, and follow through with the actions that represent your highest excitement in the best possible way you can. For even if you fail to accomplish the ultimate goal, atleast do anything YOU CAN DO. Because that is and will forever be the only thing you ever need to do! Nothing more and nothing less! But if you have not even come to the point of even clarifying your desires... Well, again, imagine what you do want. A connection with God? Then go live it as best you can. Imagine it, how does it feel, what do you see as you are connected to god. Go with it. Go fully for it. And if you are dissapointed by the live you see here, refocus! Reset your mind, allow the conditions of your life to help you know what it is you do want. Isn't that tremendously valuable? And simple and easy to do? You go into a mall, you see many things you don't like, for example. You feel despair, at the meaninglessness of it all. So you think, where can I find true value then? And you imagine a beautiful open wide open space of heavenly nature and happy people. Then show the universe you deserve it, you are willing to believe, and take the first step! So you go outside in this scenario, and you find the heaven above you, beautiful clear open sky. And you allow that to be enough, because then you can find even more clear open beautiful space. And in no time, you're there, in the clear open beautiful sky. Where God is with everyone and everyone is happy. And you have the most amazing experience ever. Infact, you even connect with the people there on the most deep level possible. And all the life forms aswell. As all is this source of all creation. And so it all blesses you as your allowing yourself to be who you truely are blesses all of them aswell. So your excitement keeps getting more and more specific and poinyant. Then you come to the place where it is so clear, that your desire is right in front of you, and now you feel fear. So ignore it, and do ANYTHING that you CAN do and that you ARE willing to do. Make an attempt to show your willingness at the very least to be willing to be who you truely are, even tho you doubt you deserve to be. Why? Because then the universe can show you why you DO deserve it! Remember, if you make one step towards God, God always makes 10 or hundred more steps towards you. And know that your physical mind isn't designed to see the complete picture, or even to create the entire reality. Your imagination and thought mind only exist for the purpose of focusing between this or that amongst the contrasting variety. So as to come closer to your specific desire. In all of the freedom that you are evermore. You imagine for the purpose of feeling it, and thus then becoming a more specific antenna for receiving the reality you are summoning towards you by your willing to ACT on your highest joy and excitement and passion, that you have been capable of allowing yourself to feel through your imagination. And thus then you can continue to feel it ever so more fully, if you do the things and move towards that vision as best as you can in any way you CAN do it. Again, even the tiniest step, is the entire step. The first step, represents all the steps of the entire journey. It is literally that easy. Only when you make it more difficult for yourself, by insisting it has to be, well, then, you just insist you don't deserve it, and the universe will just accept your choice and love you unconditionally and support you in all of your choices unconditionally evermore. You are so loved, you're allowed to believe that you're not loved. That doesn't mean you're not actually loved. But you have to be willing to take the first step in showing the universe you are now willing to allow yourself to be loved. By moving towards your preference. By feeling it more fully and thus then clarifying your identifying of it by moving ever so much more closer to it as best as you CAN do. So you might want to negotiate here and there with whatever resistance your fear mind has, to make compromises and continue further. But ideally, this will just again be another permission slip for you, as are all tools and techniques. And will just seperate you more fully from who it is you truely are. And evermore deserve to be the evermore becoming of. So you simply don't need it. Unless you insist. In that case, I would say, make up your permission slips as you go. Invent your own on the go in every moment. Because your imagination is the most capable of inventing the most custom tailored permission slips that work the most best way specifically for you. So even then, you don't need anyone else to tell you how to be who it is you truely are ment to be evermore. And live the life that is the absolute most fulfilling life for YOU. And no one else.
  14. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Irrelevant. Both at the same time.
  15. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    If you imagine the most preferrable relationship you can imagine in this moment, How does that vision make you feel? You are right now in that relationship, how does it make you feel? Can you describe it emotionally?