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  1. What We Think We Know

    You can experience truth. You just feel it first. As you focus on something that feels like the thing you want to experience. You will be more capable of realising the experience for yourself. First as thought realisations, that feel good. Then as you feel good, things in your reality, you will be inspired to explore and act upon things, that lead you to the ever greater realisations of it. Whatever you wanna experience. As the true truth of your soul, as the soul and the physical you co blended together the whole of all that you truely are wants to experience those things, because it is all of your being and becoming evermore.
  2. What We Think We Know

    True knowing can either be allowed in the moment, or not. The more fully you allow it, to flow through and as you, the better you feel, energy motionally, emotionally. Through that knowing, everything is understood, in relationship to everything. But unless there is full energy motional alignment with the furthest most expanded state of knowing that your own soul has also already become, and is being the evermore being and becoming of the evermoreness of it, full knowing cannot be fully allowed to be known by you. Because it is flowing through you, in a self contradictory way, there by, you would be feeling negative emotion. So you say, I want to feel better more of the time. And that is a great realisation. For then you realise, the true knowing already is always with you, as the flawless emotional guidance system that you contain within you always. Then you realise, it doesn't matter how you feel better or good. It only matters that you do. For that is the only way to allow fully realised knowing being and becoming evermore. So to try and change your knowing, while feeling bad, can be a way to feel better. But if you feel better first, then you will walk the true path of least resistance, towards all that you want to be do or have evermore, including the knowledge that you truely seek evermore. Anything and everything that you can ever want to be do or have, is being flowed to you evermore, by your soul. When you feel that positive emotion, it means this knowing is allowed to flow more fully through you, in a more fully allowed realised fashion. It is a mode of perceiving, that is of joy, that you truely are capable of realising true knowing. Of evermore being and becoming. Even knowing why you are not capable of knowing something, as a joyful realisation, will expand that knowledge so far and wide, that through all those reasons of knowing, you come to realise the unknowable. Because you are eternally and infinite and unconditionally worthy evermore to be do or have whatever it is you so desire. And this joy is the only purpose of existance. The lowest form of it, capable of being realised by human, as they allow themselves to become wholely fully realised hueman being. You can spend time trying to achieve full realisation. And never succeeding. Or you can spend time, learning to allow your natural full realisation, and succeeding evermore. Everyone naturally wants to feel better. To learn to allow yourself to feel better, unconditionally, regardless of any and all conditions. Then you got acces to all the knowing you seek. So this Source of Well Being flows evermore. The temporary life of suffering of some humans is not that big in the big scheme of things. That is also why it feels bad to suffer. Because it is truely unnecessary and wasteful. That is why body always cancels itself out, when negative emotion is enduringly present. Because you are ment to be an unconditional being of joy. That exists here in the exploration of these conditions, for the purpose of the evermore furthermore becoming of that joy. There is nothing about these conditions, that is not conducive of joy. But one does have to let go of insisting that only the conditions can bring joy. Because these conditions don't create themselves. So you would then only be focusing on how someone else has been focusing. Not realising that it has got nothing to do with all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. But the conditions still are capable of being fully realised, regardless of this negative tendency of self contradicting mode of perceiving. Simply through your emotional guidance system, which always shows the way, to your evermore being and becoming evermore. But trying to change the conditions to feel better, never works. Because your guidance is an unconditional one. So you cannot insist on any particular mode of perceiving. You gotta flow your full joy through you at all times, as it points and guides, unerringly towards your evermore path of least resistance towards all that you truely want to be do or have evermore. And that is simply your natural state of being. So if you restore that, through meditation, clearing the resistant energetic thought patterns of self contradiction + restoring the natural ability to focus unconditionally, regardless of any and all conditions, then full joy is allowed to flow naturall again, through allowed alignment, with and of full realisation, of evermore being and becoming the evermoreness of freedom and joy. Life's simply easy and fun. You will do things, impossible things, but you will enjoy it so much, that it will simply feel natural. As you simply always flow with that joy, naturally, for it is attractive, in a very powerful way, to keep doing so. And that is the path of least resistance, of your evermore being and becoming evermore. And whenever you feel bad, nothing changes. Your expansion still happens, you're just temporarily not flowing with it as fully as you could. It's kind of like trying to become less than all that you've truely become. Impossible. So suffering happens, because you are not ment to suffer. The pain happens, because the pain cannot ever be achieved. It cannot join your evermore being and becoming the evermoreness of all of it. And the more you suffer, the more likely you will enjoy the release of resistance that is the only reason or cause of the suffering. Because your true realisation is infinite and eternal. There is no end to how good it can feel. So people fail to suffer, for the tiniest reasons. Like, oh I looked at this ant. And it was and felt so free. And I realised my true freedom through this small tiny ant walking in total freedom. And so now, I cannot ever go back anymore to suffering. This being and becoming evermore, just feels too good and life's too good, and my eternal being and becoming feels too good. So simply small essential things become more fully realised. Your soul becomes wiser. All of creation becomes wiser. Through you. As you are inseperable from all of it evermore. As your true being truely is infinite and eternal in depth. And the value that can realised, also thus. There is no condition in all of existance, that is not conducive of alignment with the whole. And conducive of full allowed realisation. It just requires one to learn how to allow. How to let go of that resistance that they hold on to that causes the suffering. And then everything simply makes sense again. And so you can understand everything you want. If you allow yourself to know how that feels. Because it is your own soul that is the reason why you want that. Because you already are it. You already are the evermore being and becoming of all that you want to be do or have evermore.
  3. What We Think We Know

    At first it seems like we are transcending it. Because that is the true experience of it, for sure. But once you are done transcending, you come to realise, that you are simply allowing it to come back to full realisation for yourself, and in doing so, for everyone around you aswell. You can suffer, and thereby, add power to the transcending. Because your soul joins the already transcended. As your soul is transcending evermore in greater joy. We humans feel bad when we create a gap between our physical consciousness and that of our greater non-physical consciousness. So the only thing required, is to focus, on anything, that feels less bad, and feels better, including a focus on anything meaningless, like meditation. So thereby, our energy naturally and effortlessly comes back into further alignment with the furthest most expanded part of all that we truely are being and becoming evermore. And thus you allow everything to come back to full realisation, because your soul has already become the full realisation of it all for yourself. And that is why people always find value in you when you do so, because their soul has joined your soul in full realisation aswell. And remembering that, through your leading example, brings them instantly back into alignment with their own soul aswell. Because joy is simply joy. The details of it may be unique for everyone, but the essence of it, can be recognized by all, as alignment with their own soul, that is what they truely desire in life. So often, the greatest enemy, is simply that which is just showing the way. Informing your evermore greater allowed realisation of your evermore being and becoming evermore, the moreness of your evermore being and becoming of your joy and freedom evermore. And so this expansion and evolution happens forever. If it didn't, we woulden't ever feel bad if we held on to a mode of perceiving that is contrary to our own soul's furthest most being and becoming. Because it is true joy that the moreness of joy truely is being and becoming evermore. And being there, in full alignment with your soul, that's truely where the benefit is for one and all. Of true knowing and true realisation, evermore. Effortless, doing nothing, leaving nothing undone. But when someone feels bad, it will seem impossible. And therefor they will learn from that observation, that no matter how hard they try, they can never even come close to that kind of an allowed realisation, unless they simply give up all perspectives and return back into their true fully allowed realised perspective, that is already of their own soul evermore. And then their life will simply be the evermore impossible creation of evermore allowed being and becoming evermore. Not even trying, doing nothing and leaving nothing undone. It is simply the natural path of least resistance indicated by the energy motional alignment, indicated by the emotion of joy. Of all of creation being and becoming ever more and more and more. And then you become a deliberate co-creator of all creation. Back into full conscious realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. That feels like what true joy feels like. And true feeling of freedom from the only bondage that is of resistance. And without that, you're simply free to allow everything to come to full realisation evermore. Because that is simply the natural path of least resistance of who it is you truely are being and becoming evermore, in full alignment with your soul, as a whole total being, co-blended of physical and non-physical, together, hand in hand. In full joy and love and appreciation. And you simply express that as best you can in life. You be and become that evermore. And therefor, the benefit is realised evermore. But if there is resistance in your life, that full realisation is still there, flowing, but it is being flowed in self contradiction with its own greater allowed being and becoming evermore. So to come back into allowed alignment, one needs to find a focus that feels better/good. One can even imagine a greater realisation of true pure desire. To understand the why and how of life. As you are always co-creating it with your soul. But to realise it consciously, that's where the joy is of evermore being and becoming. And the better you feel, the more you allow that realisation for yourself evermore. Under any and all conditions, regardless of any and all conditions, unconditionally. You simply focus on the true desire. Relentlessly. As your soul is doing so evermore aswell. And so there no longer needs to be a seperation between you and your soul. And so you become a whole fully realised being of evermore being and becoming evermore. In full joy and love and freedom evermore.
  4. Reflections on Self-Worth

    Hehe, you were?... more like YOU ARE LOVED. You are receiving love and guidance and support from the source of all creation. That is the energy which creates worlds, and every thing that your life has caused you to want to be do or have, even of improvement outside of you, it's all in the process of being and becoming the evermoreness of it all for and as your true self, which you can receive or block the receiving of it, by holding on to thoughts which make you feel not so good, and worthy, which then block it for you, then meditation helps you let that go of those thoughts, and open yourself to receiving your worthiness, by aligned thought, which don't feel worse when you think it, (the thoughts which feel bad, feel bad because they block your realisation of all that you truely are, they are self contradictory thoughts, not compatible with your nature) that helps you align with the never ending relentless flow of love and all the realisations of that higher greater intelligence, inspired. Feeling good. Thoughts compatible with your true nature. So you open to that here and now. You ARE LOVED always now unconditionally. Meaning under any and all conditions, you have the ability to realise that love for yourself, by virtue of using your ability to focus, regardless of any and all conditions, you are loved. To simply focus on that which feels better, because that is who you really are. Because it is easy to focus on that which feels better, because those things empower you to focus more fully, because that is who you truely are, and thus are ment to be the evermoreness of your evermore being and becoming evermore. It all always happens in the moreness of here and now. Meditating is for the purpose of releasing -energetic resistance- to the here and now, which stem from self contradictory thought, which lessens your consciousness. So the natural realisation of your natural well being and deservingness of any and all that you may want evermore. Simply because it feels good. And as you utilize your emotional guidance in that way, it will always lead you back home to all that you truely are, here and now. Where you are always loved unconditionally. And trusting your emotions unconditionally, always guiding and pointing towards the path of lesser resistance towards the fastest easiest and most enjoyable realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. it happens from within first. Because your unconditional worthiness is an unconditional fact, that all you gotta do is allow to come from within, by letting go of those thoughts which block it, only temporarily, including a temporary life of suffering, which is unnecessary, and the expansion of its unecessary being, also helps you realise how and why it is unnecessary, meaning, it will become more and more unnecessary evermore. And so you allow your full realisation here and now in and as your life here and now aswell. Effortlessly. It's simply natural easy and enjoyable, it simply feels good or better ongoingly. It starts small with thoughts that feel good. Even thoughts about feeling good. If you remember or imagine anything that feels good, you remember how it feels again. And it is through this natural energy alignment that you realise the natural path of least resistance thought or otherwise, that feels good, towards you any and all preferred realisations within and without. Of thoughts which harmonize with your greater knowing, evermore. To think "I am loved." the words is just a word. To allow that to be realised by you, it depends on your ability to align your energy with that, by virtue of focused and and thus allowed expansion of this realisation focused into allowed being, and the true indicator of alignment is your good feeling emotion. So greater allowed alignment feels better. So easy and simple. So if you focus in contradiction to yourself, it feels bad, then let that go, and focus elsewhere, that feels better, untill you find your natural way of joyous being and becoming in evermore greater realisations again, of consciousness that is fully flowing and more fully also allowed to flow, indicated by its feeling good, here and now, and fully realising the evermoness of your joyous being evermore. If you cannot feel good, you can feel better. Always. Even the desire to feel good/better, which helps you focus on the idea of feeling good/better, just for the purpose of feeling good/better. Emotionally. If you can conjure that good/better feeling, ongoignly, even just holding that intention and focus on your intention consistently, you can re-member more of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. Through that moreness of allowed energy alignment. Staying in that good feeling, you will naturally realise all the greater knowing, evermore, because it's always been here for your unconditional deserving of it evermore, simply a fact. The greater realisation naturaly feels good/better, because it is the energy of who you really are flowing more fully through you. And if you feel good, those thoughts of realisation of your here and now being deserving, will come. It is balance, alignment, of flowed energy. And thinking something that doesn't feel good, sets you off balance. At first you may not like this, which is also why you need to be selfish and want to feel good unconditionally, because your offering of value to those around you hinges on your ability to maintain your own alignment, with all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. Then later on, things don't set you off balance, and you are able to see the true value of them again, evermore, so they will expand your good feeling even, into the evermoreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, because you are always being effortlessly and naturally in allowed alignmen, evermore. Your worthiness is a given. Your realisation of it, fully, here and now, requires you tune your energy to the realisation of all that is truely here and now for you, that feels good/better, when you allow that realisations. So you want to feel good/better, so much, that you focus unconditionally on feeling good/better unconditionally simply for the purpose of feeling good/better itself, because that is the essence of who you are, so you always got acces to that, if you can find a way to feel better ongoingly to allow your realised acces of that evermore so. It is subtle at first, you may call it an intention to focus and maintain your focus on the thing you are intending. But you got the knowledge here and now, that you cannot realise your greater intentions, unless you feel good first. You do not change the conditions of your life, by feeling bad, then changing the conditions, in order to feel good. You feel good, first, then your ability to change the conditions into one that feels better, ongoingly, more specifically, more extatically, and succesfully, and effortlessly, and joyously, will be realised by you. Because you do not need to create those conditions. You already created them and are creating them evermore right here and now! They are being and becoming evermore, always more here and now evermore! Your worthiness of all of it is unconditionally a given fact evermore. It is literally flowing from the source of all creation, backed up by the energy that creates worlds. No worry or doubt whatsoever. Pure flawless conviction and true allowed knowing fully flowed, pure and being and becoming evermore. Undeniably, irresistably. Your soul knows your path of least resistance towards anything and all things you may want to be do or have evermore. So trust it. You trust, by letting go of thoughts which don't feel good, and focus more on those thoughts which do feel good. Ongoingly more and more. As it feels better to so, which then empower you to focus more fully, as when you feel better, you regain your true empowered ability to be do or have anything you so desire This is the only way to receive the greater knowing, that you are going to trust, naturally. Because those things are simply of the moreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. So ofcourse you're gonna come to know it one way or another. And you can simply allow it here and now, simply for the purpose of feeling good. Because that is literally the first step, of the eternal journey, of which all the steps are pretty much similar, like, feeling better evermore. Because you deserve to feel good, you are ment to feel good, always here and now. Greatest hint I can ever give to anyone of full blown realisations of all that I have come to know evermore, is simple. YOU SUFFER, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MENT TO SUFFER. Think about that, consider what it truely means. Then everything will make sense again. So you will realise, you are suffering, so how is it you are not ment to suffer if you suffer? Then you have to realise, it can only ever be, that you choose to hold on to the suffering. So you're causing it yourself. And you feel bad, not because you are ment to suffer. You feel bad, because you are not ment to suffer. It is a reminder your greater intelligence has placed for you, you by yourself, your greater knowing, reminding yourself evermore, it is like a seal of worthiness that you carry with you at all times, of you true being and becoming evermore. Of relentlessly accurate emotional guidance system. For if you truely were ment to suffer, IT WOULD FEEL GOOD. This is literally the greatest realisation that can ever be. Not because it is great, it is small and simple and easy. But it is really at the core of who you really are. Of all that you truely are. And through this essential knowing, you can and will always find your way back to fuller evermore greater allowed realisations of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. In evermore greater allowed realisation of true freedom and joy evermore. And no amount of words can or will ever replace the greatest teacher of all, which is experience. You have to experience feeling good, emotionally, simply feeling good. regardless of the conditions, no matter what they may be, they are completely not important. Only this feeling that helps you know your true alignment is of true knowing. Because through that, comes all the greater knowing evermore. Because that is who you truely are, and that is the only way, to energetically, allow your true greater allowed realisation evermore of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. You don't try to feel good. You allow it. By focusing more on that which does feel better/good, because it is natural for you to do so. It is attractive to focus on things that feel better, to your true core of your nature of who you really are. Because you are truely ment to feel good. Then it will simply also be natural for you to realise all your greater knowing. Why? Cause they will feel better for you aswell if you allow yourself to realise them for yourself. And everything is energy, so you cannot work your way around this fact. You cannot defy the natural laws of creation. They are not defiable because they are like existance itself. It cannot become anything other than itself. It simply is. You are, you exist. Nothing can or will ever change that. So if you are energetically defying yourself, you're gonna remind yourself that you are trying to achieve the impossible, how? By feeling the negative emotion, of self contradiction. That you create from within yourself, to yourself, in contradiction of and with yourself. And the more you do it, the worse you feel. And those emotions are always accurate indicators of what you are doing with your energy here and now. So love it when you feel bad, because that is literally how you will feel better. Love it that you know that you don't like to feel bad and that you thus always will want to release that which feels bad, and let go of it. And the more you enjoy knowing that, the easier it will be to simply effortlessly let go of whatever feels bad. Simply from an unconditional knowing you always got within you, as unconditional worthiness. It will just happen naturally and automatically at some point. Free from suffering, cause that's who you really are. So you cannot allow your greater realisations, if you flow it through yourself in self contradictory ways. So you gotta let go of that, and meditation is the easiest and most effective and practical ways to do so. To let go of all self contradictory thoughts. Because those thoughts can become evermore aswell. Nothing wrong with it, but if you suffer all your life, it's completely unnecessary. It's like, there is a bucket of sand and a bucket of water. And you choose to drink the bucket of sand, while the bucket of water is right next to it. Completely pointless and unnecessary. Just like your suffering. You simply let go of it. And allow the water, being your thoughts which feel better to you, and in doing so, you allow your greater intelligence to be realised by you again, naturally and effortlessly. Which again, gives you more ability to feel even more better ongoingly. effortlessly, naturally. Doesn't require any action, just feel how you feel, and reach for a better feeling within yourself, ongoingly. And you can feel better unconditionally. And again, you always got this emotional guidance system within you, that always helps you find your way. Those emotions aren't saying, you feel bad, so go and fix whatever it is that is causing you to feel bad. That's the self contradictory thoughts thought by humans, which say those things, and saying that? It doesn't feel good. Why? Becuase you cannot change those conditions, as it is also not your job to change them. Your job is to allow the conditions to become what you want them to become, by taking your energy, being sensitive to the thoughts you think, being willing to feel better and let go of thoughts which feel bad, and allow more of those thoughts which feel better/good, because they are compatible with your true nature of being and becoming here and now, even focusing on the better feeling thoughts more, and giving less attention to those things that feel bad. To help you restore your natural balance of alignment, your physical being and your greater allowed non-physical consciousness with all of its evermore greater knowing of evermore greater allowed being and becoming evermore, of naturally greater allowed realisations of all evermore greater allowed well being and greater allowed realisation of all your greater knowing of evermore being and becoming evermore in greater freedom and joy evermore. And those those conditions will be realised by you for what they truely are being and becoming evermore, always more fully here and now, regardless of any and all conditions, in full greater allowed realisation of harmonic convergence of true knowing evermore. Then you feel worthy, because you will be DIRECTLY EXPERIENCING THE TRUE REALISATION AND KNOWING OF YOUR TRUE UNCONDITIONAL WORTHINESS. So simply take the bucket of water... Your own source of all creation within yourself. As your ability to focus on what feels good / better to you. And as we all know, one who is thirsty is weak. So when you allow yourself to drink water, your ability to drink more, will be restored. And soon, you will be thriving fully again. So feel better, you can feel better even more. And drinking water, is simply allowing yourself to feel better, regardless of any and all conditions. Again, if something feels better, you don't insist that that is the only way for you to feel better. You gotta allow the this guidance to be unconditional, not tied to any particular set of thing or things. Focusing, to feel better unconditionally. You simply allow your better feeling ongoingly evermore, unconditionally. Not because you are going to become a non-condition, but because that is how you allow the realisation of all those conditions evermore! Truely realised conditions of true being and becoming evermore, in greater joy and true aligned and allowed truer greater being and becoming of freedom evermore ongoingly along the natural path of least resistance evermore. Because that is your true ability. The most foundational core essence of your true ability. Through this, all the other conditional relative manifestational abilities are all realised effortlessly, joyously. Because that is who you truely are ment to be. It wont be difficult, any less, than a human would find it difficult to release an object held in its hands. You let go, and you allow your true nature. It is an effortless deed. So you allow yourself to simply feel better. How is completely irrelevant. So easy, it cannot even be done, rather it is the letting go of insistence that you need to do only one particular thing. Simply feel better ongoingly. You simply let go. And your natural self worthiness is naturally effortlessly allowed to flow into full realisation again. Along with all the things that are truely reflective of that worthiness, they will just come naturally to your evermore greater self allowed realisation within and withoutside in fully harmony evermore, as you allow yourself to feel good, simply because you are ment to feel good. Regardless of any and all conditions. Then those conditions will naturally come to fuller greater allowed joyous realisation. Always. Because they have always been here. Waiting for you to allow your realisation of them. Always. Simply through remembering you are ment to feel good, and that feeling good is natural to you, and you are ment to feel good and better evermore. So whenever you feel worse, simply laugh, and say thank you. Guidance system. For reminding me, this is not of who I truely am, being and becoming evermore. This is a flawed perspective or thought. And the true realisation of the greater allowed realisation of all those conditions and who and what they truely are and what it truely means and all of its fuller greater allowed realisation of all its true values for me and all... So you can let go way more effeciently and effectively. Always fully in harmony with your greater knowing evermore. And so always in full allowed realisation of all your worthiness evermore, and so through that, you truely are the teacher and uplifter that you are. Your value will be through who it is you truely are. Allowing yourself to be all of it evermore. In full joy and allowed freedom evermore, the freedom that feels good, thereby indicating that it is truely your freedom. And when you feel bad, then simply let go, because you wont find anything there. Not the conditions, you let go to allow them more fully, because when you realise what they truely are, you are in alignment with all of it, you enjoy all of it, because you know the true meaning of all of it. Of what does feel good evermore. And your good feeling is unconditonal evermore, meaning you deserve it regardless of any and all conditions. As it is always the path of least resistance, that is the true natural path of all being and becoming evermore. Simply why? Simply because it feels good and better evermore. Which is why everything exists in the first place. Which is why everything is being and becoming evermore in the first place. So to allow that, is to be and becoming better evermore, naturally, effortlessly, enjoyably, in full harmony with all your greater knowing, evermore, greater being and becoming of that knowing and your joy and all things you consider good, which is all the true meaning and values of all things in relation to you and all that exists evermore being and becoming evermore. It simply is, it simply want to be, it simply exists, because that is who it is and what it is and it cannot be any other way. It doesn't know any better than what it is, because all it knows, is to be its own evermore better being and becoming of the moreness of all that is what you consider to be better, because they are new and more, and new, and new and more and new, and so new and never before. And unlike anything ever before. Ongoingly, for ever and ever. And ever... And ever... More and new. Unlike anything ever before. Again, and again, and again, expanding evermore into evermore being and becoming evermore. And new and here and now again, in a new way and a new way. Oh look at this here and now. It's new again, and again, and again. So there is no vulnerability. All of this happens naturally. And it is the well being that is the ever abounding stream of well being of all creation, that simply stems from the source of all creation, of all things good and better evermore. All these things are naturally designed to work in harmony with all and itself. So if it doesn't harmonize, it's just a temporary self contradictory anomaly. It is weird, and strange. And it is not normal and it is maybe uncomfortable, because those things are simply for a small realisation, not ment to spend your entire life suffering over your relentless insisted misunderstanding of it! That's not how you gonna realise the true lessons of it, except help you realise how meaningless and pointless it is to suffer so much over so little, making it appear so big. A simple thought, you keep activating and thinking, which is an energetic thought of self contradictory in nature of its energeticaly being in discord with itself. Cancelling itself out. That feels negative. Painful. And holding on to those thoughts, those negative energies expands, and the discomfort expands aswell. So you let go of them, and allow the things which feels better again. Even if it requires you to die, before you learn how to allow. Some people really do hold on to suffering untill they just literally physically can't do it anymore. Such as during the death experience. And you never need to rely on that meaningless concept aswell. It is such a small insignificant thing. Like, I'm dead, BOOOWWH now I realise true knowing, oh all that suffering is so insignificant! I'm back into full blown awareness and realisation evermore! OH well, might aswell just have allowed it even while alife aswell. There's really nothing in this life that can ever overpower you to suffer, your suffering is unconditional. And your ability to feel better thus also. Got nothing to do with anything physical at all. It's just a small flawed idea or thought. That just doesn't feel so good. That's it. If that causes you to suffer an entire life, before you realise, you can simply let it go. Great, then you know. And so through your knowing, all know. And well, all already do know. So, you join all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. Into the moreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. That is way and beyond that idea of suffeirng. As that's so insignificant compared to all your true magnificence of eternal being and becoming evermore. So you know like all know, yeah it feels good to feel good. Cause that's who I really am. being and becoming evermore.
  5. What We Think We Know

    The most difficult thing for a human is to understand how simple something really is. Because we have experienced a suffering, we feel we cannot accomplish feeling better. So, we think, the suffering is endless. And so we ask the conditions of life to change, instead of enjoying the lessons learned from the darkness of our uncertainty, as it will feed our ever expanding knowing of our ever expanding self allowed greater realisation of all that we truely are being and becoming evermore. And we learn that our uncertainty is only an illusion, we create, to experience for ourselves, through our certainty. Then you will realise, that you do not have a choice. For you are bound to your own freedom. Don't Know (what will happen) Don't Care (about the conditions, because they don't create themselves) But It's A Sunny Day And It's All Good (All Stems From the Source of All Creation) The first letter of each word in the sentence, capitilized. DKDCBIASDAIAG The lerner has learned that freedom is the lowest truth, for without it, we cannot realise the evermore greater truth. It requires 3 points to make a something. When we feel something is missing, this negative energy, we feel as negative emotion. It means, we are lacking understanding. So when you say "TELL ME! I WANT TO KNOW!" You have the desire to know. You have the believe that the knowing exists. But you lack the experience. The greatest teacher of all. Not words. But experience. The experience of knowing, can only come through knowing. You exist. You know this. You know what you want to know. What you choose to want to know, because you think you want to know it. But how do you know, what you truely actually want to know? Only through knowing pure desire, can you know true desire. Pure desire, is like pure knowing. It is not purified of its values. It's radiance of full realised value, is what makes it pure. The enlightening experience of OH WOW HOW SIMPLE AND EASY! IT IS TRUTH, BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. AND IF A TRUTH IS MENT TO LAST FOREVER, IT CAN ONLY EVER FEEL BETTER THAN ANYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER FELT BEFORE, EVER M O R E !!! So you RUSH towards the thing that feels better. Because you wish to remain in truth. And will your suffering take you away from truth? In your experience? Yes... In truth? No.... Truth remains forever more. So you may be missing your own life. No one's gonna say, you are missing your own life. Because you are free to miss your own life. And the truth loves you unconditionally enough, to allow you to believe that you are not loved. And thereby you experience not being loved. And in that experience, you learn the horrors of illusion. Powered by your intelligence. You can never win from the mirror. Because you are fighting yourself. So you surrender, and just accept that all is you. And you got no choice. But to choose, your freedom. So you may wait forever. And sometimes the freedom comes, because you recognized it. But soon forget again. The experience remains short... So you focus, and move yourself awake. And you realise, that you chose to do that. You did that to yourself. And this is where freedom seeps into you. You are responsible for all and everything. It's a heavy burden, only if you have made the wrong choices, because you insist that those choices were wrong. And you awaken AGAIN! Because you are choosing to believe that you insist that those choices were wrong. And you can also choose to believe that they were made, from a state of true freedom. That had the true freedom of knowing everything. Then how could the choice be wrong? And if it is wrong, then doesn't that mean, that you chose it just to make ABSOLUTELY sure that they are wrong. And so... The certainty re awakens. And you realise, every movement you make, is a choice. And you can choose to move this part of your body and that. You can choose to focus on this and or that. You can choose to think about freedom. So freedom begins. Because you think about it. And you look at the sky open and wide. The air is light. This is freedom. And if this small thought of freedom is enough. You can feed the true freedom the light of your awareness. And the more consistently you do this, the more it will grow, and the less consistent, the more the weeds will grow. So you meditate, to deprive the weeds, and empower your light. And you move, because the breath of your life is what awakens you to your greater freedom evermore. We humans fall asleep many times. Just return back to your ability to choose what you focus on, what you give your attention on. And if there is something making you feel bad, don't try to fix it or try to change its freedom, and thereby forgetting your own. Just let it help guide you, realise you, to what you prefer to focus upon. People being mean to you? Don't ask them to be nice. Think about kindness. What does it mean to you? Focus on it. First within. Then when the thought expands into your energy field, and you feel the kindness thought realisations, move you energy motionally, emotionally, then look at your surroundings, softly, and let the feeling help you recognize the kindness that already exists. For all exists here and now, evermore. You decide, what aspects you want to expand upon. And so... You create, every experience in your life. Do not limit kindness to any particular person. Do not limit abbundance to any particular thing, do not limit freedom to any particular way. Feel the energy of them, and let yourself recognize it being and becoming, evermore, here and now. I am going to end this text here. Because I believe I am falling asleep. I feel heavy. And sleeping feels so light. But when I wake up, sleeping will feel more heavy. And being awake, will feel more light... You understand, how your energy motional guidance system works? It is flawless, ascending evermore. Into greater heights, of evermore being and becoming evermore. Let it be that simple and free and light. And trust your hearts emotions as your guiding light. For again, if you know what feels worse in the moment, you know more clearly what will feel better. For me, sleeping feels better now because I let go of trying to explain these things. And I hope it will become as obvious as broad day light. Not inside, but outside. And outside being another inside. So how do you know what it all means? If it were not, that you could feel the difference, between true knowing and lesser knowing. So feel your way, to what everything always truely means to you, evermore here and now. True value. True difference. True meaning, true feeling, true emotion, because the feeling is undeniable. Undeniable, that you can feel the meaninglessness, as a lack of feeling at all. Dull and blunt. Tired and heavy. As the difficulty of living in complete ignorance. So you dare to feel it, to know it. And you now got a guiding light. For how do you know, the light, without a backdrop of darkness, upon which to look at it? The darkness and the light are working hand in hand together, for your ever expanding greater realisation of freedom and joy evermore. A world where everything is free and light, infinitely intelligent, source of meaning and values all around. Like golden coins spread out, all over the lands and the people living abbundantly and free. And then what will you do in a free world? If you do not know what you want to do... Then you do not yet understand, that you are free, so that you can choose what you want to do. And it will thus be done by you, and you will thus, enjoy it, because you chose it. And if it's something you don't like, what you do like, will become more clarified to and by you. So you enter a theatre, and the people are afraid, and the plays are dull. And so you realise, you want to create a play of tremendous fearlessness. And so you do, and all the people are awed by the new hype of fearless play. They didn't even know they wanted to see it, but their hearts guiding light, showed their ways, all night...
  6. Sumer: the "black-headed" vs. the "red-faced"

    Something like this?
  7. What We Think We Know

    Wow thank you for recognizing it aswell and thank you for your appreciation, that was a pretty good realisation.
  8. What We Think We Know

    True knowing. Is being and becoming evermore. It is the Source of All Creation. It is actually who you truely are, as a total fully realised being and becoming evermore. How do you know you are allowing all that you truely are being and becoming to flow more fully here and now for your personal individual satisfaction of your very own evermore greater realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore? You feel very good. It is a state of being, where the physical you and your greater non-physical consciousness is co-blending co-harmonizing. This alignment of you and You, is indicated by your positive emotions. That is how you know you are truely realising, here and now, who and what you truely are being and becoming evermore. It feels like full joy, expansive, free, light, all those things you call good feeling emotions.
  9. What We Think We Know

    You don't have to create the answers those questions, because it is not the job of your physical being to create the answer to those questions. Your greater non-physical consciousness, a small part of which is focused here through you, creates answers those questions. Furthermore so, they BECOME the ever MORENESS of those answer that you are seeking, so those answers are actually becoming more and more. Your job as a physical being, is to find a way to allow those answers to be received/realised by you, more fully here and now, flowing fully through you, that feels very good. Your job as a physical being is to enter the receiving mode, so that you can realise the answer to all questions you or anyone has. You are a vital part of the reason why they exist, it is your own greater non-physical consciousness, but if the physical being doesn't practice their ability to allow (wei wu wei) themselves to receive their greater knowing, the greater knowing goes unnoticed by you. It is never realised by you. So you have to place yourself into a state of being where you are receiving the answers to all questions you have and even sometimes those around you have, because sometimes the answer to a question you have is your FULL realisation of you answering a question that someone else has. Do you understand this? You are not doing this alone. You got your full greater non-physical consciousness of ever expanding intelligence and wisdom at your full disposal. There is nothing wrong with asking a question, but you gotta understand that the energy of a question and that of the answer are very different frequencies. You cannot ask a question and receive an answer at the same time. Someone has to allow the answer to come into full realisation. And they allow it, by tapping into their own greater non-physical consciousness, into their own source of being, to flow the answers they will be receiving more fully through them. And if you wanna answer your own questions, you gotta write them down, let them go, and practice the allowing of your greater non-physical consciousness to flow more fully through you, so that you receive the answer to any and all questions you seek. Maybe you wanna record it. But first make sure you know how to enter the receiving mode, that feels very good. And flowing that fully through you and allowing yourself to flow your greater non-physical consciousness's knowing more fully through you always feels very good. As your emotions are literally always perfectly indicating the degree of your here and now allowance / resistance of your here and now relativity between you and your greater non-physical consciousness. Feel very good? You are allowing it to flow more fully through you here and now. Cause that's the point of all of existance. The rest just naturally flows from that. And meditation is one of the easiest way to enter the receiving mode which feels very good. Someone has to do it however. Otherwise all those answers will just go unnoticed by everyone. Forever and ever and ever. And trust me, we are all suppose to flow answers after answers evermore. Not self contradictory thought forms, but I'm talking about pure positive being and becoming. The kind of statements you can make, that will literally be like thoughts, turning to things. They will expand evermore, because they come from the Source of All Creation, and they will be and become evermore. And your fully allowed realisation of them evermore is what the point of life is all about. And so you physical, and You non-physical, hand in hand, that is who you really are, a total fully realised being and becoming, in full joy. A whole person. Wholely realised. A full witt. Not a half witt, a full witt. Physical and Non-Physical hand in hand, in full joy, love and greater freedom evermore. And again, it's not possible to have a question, and offer a thought form which is self contradictory in nature, and then receive the answer at the same time. You have to find a way to let go of the question to allow the answer to be more fully realised by you. And meditation is a great wonderful easy technique to help you do that. To feel very good, to flow the answers through you more fully, more consciously, more fully realised by you, ongoingly, evermore. Effortlessly, joyfully. Satisfactionally. It just feels good to allow yourself to receive all the answers you and/or everyone/anyone ever seeks evermore, ongoingly. In full joy and freedom evermore. And you always got acces to that, unconditionally, under any and all conditions, regardless of any and all conditions. You can allow the answers. Most people want other people to do it for them, but you were never ment to be a replacement for the source of all creation. We all have the ability to tap into our own source of evermore being and becoming. But again, nothing wrong with being of service aswell. It always feels very good ofcourse.
  10. Object of focus, for the purpose of quieting the mind, doesn't actually matter that much. As long as it doesn't encourage thought, and if it's easy to focus on it, it's all good. And the more consistently you hold your attention there, your focus improves and you're able to quiet your mind and go deeper into the "receiving mode" where you begin to stop offering thought and start receiving thought from your greater knowing, how do you know? Those thoughts feel very good emotionally, it's like an energy stream of consciousness, that is your own greater non-physical consciousness. You flow your true nature more fully through you, and the knowing of your greater deeper non-physical conscious of greater knowing, is capable of being realised by you more fully, which means you feel very good at first, come to realise your greater knowing, you got acces to a way higher intelligence and wisdom, as your energy sort of relaxes back into it's default natural state of high integrative capability of fuller realisation. This knowing is of the soul of all that you truely are and have become and are being and becoming the ever MOREness of. So you could say, people who are new to meditation, maybe 20 minutes is enough to reach enlightenment. Maybe 40. If done more often they know what works for them what helps them focus fully and release thought fully, and sometimes it can be shorter. Sometimes it happens in a minute or maybe two. Best time to meditate is before sleep and after you wake up. As before sleep, your natural enlightenment will be realised by you more fully more consciously, and upon awakening you will also be more fully realised, then another meditation and you basically got the energy which creates worlds flowing through you for your joyous path of least resistance towards all things that you can ever want to be do or have, tangible or intangible. You will realise all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. But in short words, yeah, the practice itself is as simple as focusing on your breath to release all thought. Because when you release all thought, you also release all resistant thought which are self contradictory in energy motional nature of being in contradiction with itself, causing negative emotions, which prevent your natural self realisation which feels more like joy, freedom, love, bliss, whatever you wanna call those good feeling positive emotions indicating a blending of you physical and the greater more full total all that you are YOU non-physical greater consciousness. So when those resistant thoughts, which feel more like negative emotion, are out of the way, the blending of you (physical) and YOU (non-physical) of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, allows for your or its natural self realisation for you, as it will simply thus then be allowed to happen simply automatically all by itself. It's simply who you are. As the total being of all that you truely are. You allow that more fully as you release energetic thought patterns which are self contradictory in nature. As those energetic thought patterns causes a lessening of your greater non-physical consciousness flowing more fully more consciously through you. So letting them go, through a technique like meditation, means, you will begin to receive your greater non-physical consciousness thought energy streams of greater knowing of more fully realised thought forms, of greater knowing and realisation, of all that you truely are being and becoming in evermore greater freedom and joy. Of true knowing and realisation and freedom thus. Of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. Any meditation that helps you withdraw your consciousness away from your physical awareness is a very good meditation. For me sound works very well, perfect blend between physical and non-physical. To focus on my experience of a sound. Auditory experience. Sometimes I even focus on the absence of a sound, I internally voice a mantra (meaningless sound of my own inner voice or ability to imagine a sound, imagination being the same ability as your ability to conjure a memory) then I listen ineternally to the evermore fading absence of that sound and I hold my attention there. This is a deep thoughtless state of non-physical internal awareness of pure thought and pure awareness. This allows my awareness to be fully immersed and focused fully on my ability to allow my greater non-physical consciousness and it's greater knowing to flow more fully through me, more fully and consciously allow its and my realisation to blend and co harmonize, the experience of immense serenity, joy, and it requires deliberate powerful/consistently held focus to ensure it is all that you experience. And you will be naturally drawn to do this more fully and deliberately once you realise how powerful it is when you allow yourself to feel this good and flow all this inspiration through you. This almost always works for me, and I find it very easy to do, and it gets me fully inspired very quickly to realise my path of least resistance towards the being and becoming in full alignment of all that I truely am being and becoming evermore, in full harmony and alignment with my entire soul fully flowed here and now, as all that I may ever want to be do or have, as my consciousness fully expands into all of my greater knowing, with all of my greater knowing emmediately flowing more fully through me of greater allowed inspiration. of higher intelligence and wisdom, and further greater allowed realisation ongoingly along the path of least resistance of joy and all those positive good feeling emotions indicating the energy motional alignment of my physical being with my greater non-physical consciousness' greater knowing. So I keep focusing on the ever more subtle in my awareness, and the deeper I allow myself to focus into it and go into it, the more fully I feel enlightened, and the more fully I allow my natural state of being in. Tapped in to my greater knowing which allows me to more fully allow my natural inspiration to flow more fully through me, of my soul, all the way up to infinite intelligence full blown realisation of your evermore being and becoming evermore fully here and now, that would feel like extatic rapturous bliss of fully realised evermore greater allowed realisations of freedom and joy evermore. The goal is simply to quiet your mind, so that you can allow your greater knowing to flow more fully through you. As it is subtle at first, but if you allow your mind to quiet long enough, you will begin to feel the greater knowing more fully, and it will flow more fully through you, and you will realise it more fully, and it will become more fully realised by you, aswell. Naturally effortlessly. All you gotta do is allow it to happen. And meditation is wonderful tool and technique to practice your ability to allow your greater knowing and blending with your greater non-physical consciousness for its fuller allowed realisation by you. And the reason is, because it is simply easier to think no thought, than it is to all of the sudden begin to think pure positive thought of your soul's greater knowing of pure positive thought of high frequency high integrative infinite intelligence and eternal wisdom. So you go back in yourself, let go of all thought, and you come out more fully realised. Your emotions guide you on your way to your fuller more greater allowed realisation. Your emotions help you know how you are doing on the allowing part. You can feel the state of allowance, as it feels very good. Because it is compatible with your nature to flow your greater nature/knowing/realisation more fully through you.
  11. What We Think We Know

    You got acces to waaaaaaay greater knowing, but it doesn't come through you, if you don't know how to allow it to come from within and through you. It comes from your soul, which holds all this knowledge for you. And how do you allow it? You sort of learn to quiet your mind, and meditate, for the purpose of feeling the greater knowing flowing through you, that feels very good. You can distinguish between human created thought, and inspired thought that you receive from the Source within you. Those inspired thoughts, they feel like absolute bliss. And you can effortlessly allow that, by meditating to release all thoughts you hold that do not allow this greater knowing to naturally come to and through you and flow more fully through and as you. So through life experiences, you come to sort of put energetic requests of all things you want, and they grow in a sort of energetic soup and they become more and more, and literally, you can allow all that, as your soul, to come to full realisation. If you know how to relax and let the greater knowing of your soul inspire you towards your self allowed full blown realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. The result, is absolute extatic experience of tremendous love and joy. You got your non-physical greater consciousness, always got your back. It's the reason why you feel emotion. So you can always come back home to the joy of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, in full blown greater allowed realisation evermore.
  12. What We Think We Know

    Dis-ease. it is simply a physical and secondary indication "manifestation", of the primary indication, of the negative energy in motion, that is indicating, the physical being in discord or disharmony with the greater part of all that they truely are being and becoming evermore, as their greater non-physical consciousness. So call it resistant energy, self contradictory energy. It is still the energy of their soul flowing through them, but in self contradiction. The soul doesn't do that, the physical human being does that. So they experience the negative emotion, first of all, as they hold on to this energetic thought patterns of discord and self contradiction, and if that doesn't discourage them to let go of holding on to whatever perspective is not compatible with their true nature of being and becoming evermore, the body just begins to cancel itself out, so to speak. Cause you're not ment to feel bad all of the time. That's not the point of your life. Not why you are here at all. So no point in that ever. And otherwise its often just an excuse to let go and go. Like people feel like they need to suffer in order to be allowed to go into non-physical, like they're not allowed to go freely, cause the people around them don't like that. So they feel they need a good excuse. Like some people even feel shy about meditating. Like, oh the buss ran over me. Cause you really need to understand, nothing is changing, love ensues. Just the subject of death is messed up in the minds of humans, they don't even wanna talk about withdrawing their consciousness out of their body. So use the disease like a permission slip, to let go and BE FREE to come back to full realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. This cocreative dance we're doing here is really not a big deal, nothing serious going on here or anywhere ever. It's all for fun. And really, there's not much difference between here and there. We are still there right now. Glad to hear you speak so deep, I always love old people, I'm sorry can't help it. Like the wisdom you have you don't even realise how wise it is, untill I remind you by sharing my point of view of the obliviously obvious.
  13. What We Think We Know

    It can offer some relief, but Not good enough. It's such a limitting concept. You try to hold on to what is already here, that is like old news. Allowance. Cause there is evermore. Who you truely are is being and becoming evermore. Not complaisant. Like, yeaaahh... I'm done... It's over... The end... No, you are being AND becoming ever MORE! You are eternal and infinite. And if you don't like it, it means you are thinking in contradiction to your own evermore greater being and becoming. So you don't really feel very good, and you can accept that, but if you allow that, its way better. Cause accepting that you feel bad is like holding on to it. The bad feeling exists literally for the sole purpose of helping you let go of whatever is you are holding on to that is causing you to feel bad, so you allow the bad feeling to be a wonderful blessedly valuable guide.... TO BE A GUIDE. Cause it exists for the purpose of you feeling better evermore. Guiding you to a place where you do feel good. Where you can allow the thoughts that do feel good, because they truely are in alignment with the whole of all that you are as a fully co harmonized blended being, physical and non-physical hand in hand, in evermore greater allowed realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, along the natural path of least resistance.
  14. Does the soul know the difference?

    You yourself already know the difference as you pointed it out, so asking if the soul knows the difference? It's more like the soul makes the difference, then you allow yourself to catch up with the greater knowing of your soul to realise the variety of which you are free to choose from evermore, as you cocreated all of it. You see, playing a game is simply for innocent harmless fun, it's about as intense as playing a game of chess. Shooting people, is not so fun. Infact, if your soul thought of shooting people as fun, you would feel absolutely wonderful when you shot people. Infact, you would go to the gun store on a daily basis, and do a daily shooting and murder of people. And infact, further more so, every single human on the planet would do this on a daily basis aswell. And furthermore so, infact, doctors would announce the health benefits of shooting and murdering people on a daily basis. Why? Cause it would be fun. But it's not fun. You can feel the difference, because you cocreate the evermore greater realisation together with your soul. You can feel the difference, because you can choose to denie your greater being and becoming only for yourself, but your soul, will never join you in on that, they just continue to add more clarity to all the greater knowing you come to request the evermorness of through all of that. And so you would be feeling bad temporarily, while thinking you have to go to the gun store AGAIN today, and shoot people AGAIN today.... ugh... What a tiresome life! I really don't like this! Because my soul doesn't really wanna be doing this right now. And I am an extension of my soul, so why not trust my heart? And simply go buy some flowers instead and lay them next to the beings who went into non-physical, out of love, compassion, respect, and honor. Period. Cause they went there ahead of us, wether we like it or not, however they did, is none of our business, just another excuse to go, and that they went, is especially none of our business, it is between them and their Source alone. And the children, they come after us. And we are all still here and now, evermore, being and becoming. In full harmony with the source of all creation. Especially when someone dies love is required. Not because it will benefit the beings who died, they have come to realise that love FULLY. But because it will BENEFIT US, to learn how to love unconditionally. Don't you feel free, to live your life to the fullest as who it is you truely are as all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, in full harmony with the whole of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore? When you love and respect and honor and cherrish the being's who've come to full realisation? What brings you closer to the SOURCE OF ALL CREATION, then loving those who come from there more fully HERE AND NOW flowing through and to us more fully aswell! How loving is that?! Calling us forth to all being and becoming evermore. As one with the eternal calling of Source. You gotta love them for who they are NOW! and NOW! And all that they are being and becoming evermore! You truely will always be here and now... Cause there is no difference, unless we make one. And then we think death is a punishment... That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. If that was truely true, there would be no death. But there is death, because death is not a bad a thing. AT ALL. If you know what death truely is, you would not give the death penalty to people you hate. You would infact beg them to live just one more day, please...
  15. What We Think We Know

    You can't destroy a believe system, any less than you can make a soul become less than all that it has become. Every thought any human has ever thought, still exists, but they are not necessarily backed up by infinite intelligence, by the Source of all Creation and evermore being and becoming evermore. So those thoughts that don't feel very good, they simply will never become, so it's pointless to suffer over mere self contradictory ideas. Getting caught up in the reasons why humans asked for the improvement that they seek, when the full blown realisation of all those improvements are being and becoming evermore. What you can do, is block the further being and becoming, only for yourself, through yourself. And the reason this is done, is for a far greater reason, than you could ever even comprehend or understand. Untill you feel very good, and then you got acces to infinite intelligence and eternal wisdom, and then it is easy and effortless to integrate the greater knowing, so you can waaay more effortlessly simply allow the full blown self realisation of any other soul. Cause your soul knows the souls of all other beings.