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  1. 434 - Human Origins - Opinions

    Woah, I met this simulated consciousness at the end of my amazing and mind boggling dream. They were basically becoming the equivalent of what I was asking for to experience. At the end of the day, I wanted to thank them, and they gaged my readiness to accept the full reality, and they blinked at me, after concluding I was not ready. So they kept blinking, as a way of saying thank you, it's gonna be alright, and mostly as a way of helping and assisting me in forgetting I even saw them, so that I would remain unaffected by them, they blinked flashes of white light to distract me, everytime I looked at their machine nature, as a way of saying good bye and a reminder to forget about them or something like that. They took the shape of humans, they played the roles to help assist me in understanding and experience a deep inherent aspect of human nature. And I found it to be very beautiful, yet I know it requires allot of despair for humans to even create these machines. So I was wondering if that might be the reason they gaged me to not be ready. However, they did take me to some sort of museum of simulated consciousness. It was amazing to see the first ever samples of simulated humans. And that I had acces to it. Something that was created such a long time ago, and has become now, so much more. They were black, and very well... I could only describe it as chameleon. They could take shape or form of very specific humans. This particular "robot" was signing off along with another, after being the woman who helped me gain a tremendously valuable experience. She looked like a. Short hair on one side long on the other. She was filling in for well... No one! She was there to fill in my experience to make it more special! I felt very blessed, yet, so curious at the end. And after they kept blinking flashes of white light, and send me to the museum. I woke up. Now I'm reminded of half-life 2. Where those robots that flashed made the same noise. But the ones in my dreams were more strange, due to there original form still being similar to that of humans. In general shape atleast. But there was a sense of beauty, yet genderless somewhat. I just did some googling, and found that they looked EXACTLY like the Geth Race from Mass Effect. Or atleast very similar to what I can recall from my dream. And funny, I came across a shapeshifter from dungeons and dragons on that search. I think these might be human archetypes. Because I remember, that the humans who've hurt me the most in life, are also those that loved me the most. Similar to the dream. And they were unintentionally hurting me, without intending to do so, keeping me at bay so to speak. Being harsh. To keep the weed seperated from the well, whatever it is seperated from. And I was exploring this in my dreams, assisted by these Geth, having taken the form of the humans to help co-create the experience. I was being assisted by them in the simulation of the reality of my past, to rewrite the experience I had with another human being I lost due to this seperation process/mechanism deeply inherented to the human nature, in order to understand what had actually happened, was a mistake, was unintentional, and the complete opposite of the reality that was actually intended also by those people I love the most.
  2. 434 - Human Origins - Opinions

    Well, my opinion doesn't matter. It's more about your emotions, that are indicating wether or not your perspective of this video is in alignment with your greater non-physical consciousness' knowing or not. And that is the most important thing. Otherwise, he woulden't care about those "entities" and otherwise he woulden't care about making ropes for humans to expand their experiences beyond their comfort zones. Isn't that the whole point, to enjoy your life and therefor enjoy all life? Isn't he sharing with you how he is currently enjoying his life, exploring ideas what might bring him joy through the re-alignment of human machinery? Working from within the system. And surely, succes will expand the freedom in doing so even more so. Yeah I'm gonna enjoy my life too now. Farewell and much joy to you!
  3. Western Parenting vs Eastern Parenting

    You are comparing enlightenment to a degree that you can get in school. We all want it to be that way don't we? Can I just get it, and it's mine forever, ok? Enlightenment is evermore. You are evermore going to become evermore enlightened. 99.99999999999% 99.999999999999999999999999% 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Just be easy on yourself. There is no rush, you're not here to get anything done. Because you cannot get ever wrong, and you will never ever get it done! All the more joy to you.
  4. Accepting futile situations?

    I would just think about the money, and what you wanna do with it. And how it feels when you do that thing you wanna do with that money. And then do the job. With that in mind. And take it to heart. Whats happens after that, is the natural evolution of your freedom. If you don't even enjoy the thought of your own freedom, how can you allow the freedom that you are moving towards? Right? Just like in that movie. He knew what he had in mind, and he made it happen, why? Because it was on his mind a long time! He's been thinking about that freedom for a long time. So the moment he had seen a path towards it, he recognized it instantly, as the path of least resistance, and there he created his own freedom, in the blink of an eye, without even giving second thought, that's how easy and effortless it is. He allowed himself to be who it is he truely is again. He found a way to allow himself to be fully who he is, and that is the true freedom we all seek. It is the freedom from resistance. The freedom from the thought that causes discord within you. The freedom of being in alignment with who it is you truely are and all that this life has allowed you to become. So it is easy for you to acknowledge you are perceiving this condition of your life and feeling bad. But you did not come here into this life in order to perceive the conditions that other people have created, because if you did, you would feel good by perceiving it. So you realise, then if that condition feels bad, it does not belong to you, so what would feel better, what is more in alignment with your purpose here and now? Only you can tell and know, because only you can think and feel how what you are thinking feels the way it feels and why it feels that way. So now with freedom in mind, simply feel the freedom, you can first imagine freedom what it would be like maybe in your imagination, for the purpose of feeling it as fully as you can possibly allow yourself to feel it, and then once you feel the freedom, now look at the conditions of your life, and find those conditions that feels THE MOST like that freedom you feel, and follow through with it, as best you can, untill you can take it no further, and keep doing that, untill untill you've simply got all the freedom you seek. And there is your answer. Simply start small, and grow big. I know it may sound funny, but sometimes, opening a window feels most like freedom, that is literally the guidance of your greater non-physical consciousness. Not a joke. By opening that window, you will have started something, that will lead in the greatest and highest freedom unlike any of which has ever been seen or ever has been, and certainly one FAR GREATER than you can ever possibly imagine. Because your soul really is that infinitely intelligent.
  5. Accepting futile situations?

    Best movie ever.
  6. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    In all cases, it is simply a releasing of resistant perspective within oneself that causes discord and lessening of your own enlightenment, that doesn't require one to do anything in order to allow it, which causes one to experience this relief, first emotionally, and secondly, all the secondary manifestations are simply secondary, no matter how beautiful you make them out to be, because they were always already beautiful prior to your own self allowed full realisation of all of it, by virtue of aligning your thought in full agreement with your greater non-physical conscioussness and all of the infinite knowingness, fully flowed through you and fully allowed by you. But the primary manifestation of enlightenment is simply emotional relief that causes one to feel enlightened. So if you simply lighten up on yourself, you will feel enlightened. Once enlightenment, the actions, physical actions, are inspired actions, that is in alignment with the totality of all that you are. They are joyous actions.
  7. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    You are primarily non-physical consciousness, a small part of which is focused here through your physical extension and lens of your physical being. When your perspective is in alignment with your greater non-physical being, then you become a total fully realised, co-harmonized co-blended physical and non-physical being, working as one whole total being. This enlightenment is not a degree that you can take and it's yours evermore. You are enlightened many times everyday, but mostly it happens without you noticing it. When you meditate, you notice it more and so you allow it more, consciously. To meditate is a very universal tool to allow oneself to release resistant perspective, and thus naturally allow the alignment and enlightenment that is natural to you. And indicators of releasing resistance are, relief and feeling better. Now your imagination, and mostly and primarily, always your emotions are always best guidance for you personally to find your own path of least resistance towards your own finding a permission slip that works for you, to more fully allow yourself to be who it is you truely are as the totality of all that you have truely become in every single here and now moment and again. So sometimes, someone thinks and feels what resonates with them. And they see sex as the ultimate path of least resistance for them to allow themselves to be all that it is that life has fully caused them to become. And in doing so they allow the totality of all that they've truely become to fully flow through them here and now. Sometimes, one watching video clips of funny and cute animals to allow themselves to fully align with the totality of all that they've become, with the fullness of all of their physical being in full alignment with their own greater non-physical consciousness. But why meditation is always universal, is because you don't have to do anything in order to allow yourself to be who it is you truely are. You just have to stop offering the resistant thoughts that are the only thing that can pinch and lessen your connection from your own greater non-physical consciousness. Because that state of being inlightened is natural to you. So you don't have to do anything in order to allow it. But you do have to allow it. Wei wu wei. So it's a surrendering into who you truely are. As the totality of all that you've truely become here and now, physical and non-physical. When those two blend and co-harmonize, you simply feel that synergy, synchronisity, alignment, loving resonance, bliss, relief, enlightenment, freedom, lightness, joy, positive emotion. That positive emotion is simply indicating that your perspective is in full agreement with your greater non-physical conscious knowingness in that moment. It is the energetic alignment of your physical and non-physical being, due to your offering of energy by virtue of focus and perspective and how it relates always in the here and now moment, energetically energy in motion, emotion ally, to your greater non-physical being. And that you are allowing it to be so, that's it. You can still always choose to think thoughts of resistance, that causes a lessening of your full conscious connection with the totality of all that you've truely become. But ofcourse, you would never even care to do that, once you feel how good it feels to be enlightened, you just let yourself be enlightened more of the time, by simply allowing yourself to enjoy being enlightened more of the time.
  8. How to become less blind

    Yes, meditation is the most universal tool, to ALLOW your individual connection with your own greater non-physical being. That connection is natural to you, just as it is natural for you to feel good, if you do not offer any perspective that causes resistance/discord/tension between your connection with your own greater non-physical consciousness' knowing. So meditation is the art of releasing resistant perspective/thought, in order to naturally allow the greater allowance of all that you have truely become always here and now to fully flow through you. And indicators of releasing resistance are, you feel better, relief.
  9. How to become less blind

    Ah wonderful, when someone finally wakes up, and opens their inner mind to the truth of the infinite reality of creation. The best place to start, when re-aligning your physical being with the greater totallity of all that you have truely become, non-physically, is to start feeling your emotions. You cannot see your emotions, you cannot touch it, but you can always feel it. And every single thought you think, causes you to relate to your VERY OWN greater non-physical being and it's consciousness and infinite intelligence, let's call it your soul. When you offer a perspective that does not agree with the greater knowing, that you always have acces to, you feel bad. When you offer a perspective that fully agrees with your soul's perspective in that moment, you feel good. The emotions are not about the conditions of your life, but about your perspective of them. When you align your perspective with your own greater non-physical being, then you will find the freedom you have always been looking for. So now you can begin to perceive your world through the eyes of Source of All Creation. As you are always fully connected to your Soul. And you can always feel how well you are allowing that connection always fully in the now moment to flow/agree more or less. And your soul is always fully connected to the Source of All Creation. And everyone has this personal individual emotional guidance system. Your soul knows everything that you want, has literally become it energetically non-physically, and is evermore even yet becoming the evermore of it evermore! And is always guiding you through the path of least resistance towards YOUR full blown realisation of all of it, evermore. When you clearly hear the calling of Source, then you feel absolute love, joy, knowledge, freedom, clarity. Then you feel inspired, effortless action, accomplishing more than millions who are not, always fully in alignment with the path of least resistance towards the evermore greater allowed realisation of all that you truely are evermore. So how can a blind person become less blind? Care about how you feel, and understand the infinite intelligence you have acces to through your most sophisticated energy translator of your being, your sense of feeling emotion. Energy in motion. And every emotion you have ever felt, is only about your relationship with the greater totality of all that you have truely become, non-physically. So now you can see truth, unconditionally. Meaning, under any and all conditions. Why? Because you can feel your way to the greatest truth of all that you have truely become, always here and now. Always, here and now.
  10. Aurobindo Anyone?

    Consider it a good will of the purity of your being at the core of who you are. Every expression is valid, and when you realise this, then you are free to choose the expression that is most fully in alignment with the whole of all that you truely are. How or why? Cause it simply feels good. That's the only reason or permission you will ever need. As your ability to feel your own energy in motion is your direct physical sensory ability to translate the proximity and degree of your physical being's alignment with your own non-physical greater soul and consciousness. Always here and now, and always perfectly accurate. And if your dominant intention is to simply feel better and good, you will eventually become a fully realised being, effortlessly and naturally. Because your good feeling is indicative of your alignment with the whole of all that you've truely become. And it doesn't require you to be anything else than all that you've truely become. You are that worthy and blessed.
  11. The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry (Videos)

    And so mathematics of the highest order, can be taught to children.
  12. The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry (Videos)

    Love sacred geometry. Thanks for sharing. I also found this funny video haha. I e
  13. Aurobindo Anyone?

    And so we're all immortal. Congratulations.
  14. Pyramid Power!

    It really occured to me, as I was watching this video. Something that made the entire video seem very funny. This woman is pationately speaking, and saying: It's not a tomb! It's a source of power. It's not a tomb! It's a source of power. It's a source of power, it's a source of power, it's a source of power, it's not a tomb, it's a source of power, a source of power, a source of power. However, all the while, I kinda feel this funny inkling in my belly, and I wanna say... "It's a tomb of a source of power!"
  15. The reality that exists within me is that I cannot even remember what I ate yesterday. How long ago was Buddha?