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On 8/1/2015 at 10:15 AM, Kubba said:

O yes, these states seems dont fade away but just "get included".

Its really hard to find any explanation post factum, and the teachers of zen I've been to wasnt into expaining anything. I found only one teacher on YouTube that was telling about these things the language that was simple and I could recognise what I've been through thanks to him. Maybe these zen guys dont talk in order to avoid rerooting of some parts of egoity? I don't know.

So far I thought that this 1000 petal experience will come back, but seems it is experienced only once, and afterwards there is this repose phase.


These main chakras seems to work on different layers, starting from different energies and its blocks, then pranas, organs... but am not sure, just my experience. True that it is a really comlex thing, especially the throath for me and this one under the tummy.


I used to have tons of energy blocked in my neck, throath, heart and the lower spine area that were washed out through dramatic kundalini rising that I wasnt expected in my deepest dreams. Durring these the fasting happend spontaneously, I just could not eat.



How is it that they don't say anything about it in these schools? I've heart from one abbot that they start to have very dramatic risings more and more and often people go crazy afterwards. One isnt prepared too much for this stuff nor can understand while it happends. Is it due to that each person went through it different way?


You mentioned somewhere the impact on people around you. I kind of notice it through their postures, changes of moods or energy rising that somehow my presence actually impacts people around. I met one man that could preceive my aura or my energy field and he was going crazy in my presence (but also helping with healling some gaps in my "field". Hope it isnt dangerous for peope?


Welcome to 1000 petal lotus club.

In my experience:  before my kundalini popped out a 1000 petal lotus, I had a constant pressure in my head, and for about 2 years I instinctively would vibrate my brain during meditation. Then one day my lotus popped out and I was given the opportunity to see it clearly. Afterword others could sens it but even though I exit my physical shell frequently I have not seen it since.

In my experience: Having a nirvana experience and other major experiences are all pretty much the same, the power that it takes to receive such experiences is being used to create, and it is to much to maintain your views or feelings of wonderful experiences, that is why I believe unless your higher self determines that it is important for you to get another look at your lotus, that once may have to do until your spirit becomes functionally powerful enough to maintain the energy output. :)

P.S. I know this is a old post, so fellow lotus wearer let me know how you are doing.

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