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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, It’s my first time posting here.. I’m having problems believing in “the way” pls read my story. at age 18 My soul went out of my body dragged into the void(please don’t think I’m dreaming)Since then I was able to hear telepathic communications of people.. regardless of distance as long as they know my face and I know their face.. or at least simply knowing my face a connection will be established...again it might be my delusion? But it’s simply real I heard ppl talking about how my aura was black at some point that went on until age 21 ...relatives had an interest in my aura and tried to extract it(?) ..I have no way of knowing any of this since I don't know how to open my “heavenly eye or minds eye” as I heard it. They did something to make it white again? But my long range telepathy? is still dark in color(as i heard) I can hear other peoples telepathic messages. Or whatever that is. I can also send Group telepathic messages. I think it works like this 2 ppl speak telepathically with each other thinking of me and knowing how I look and I will be able to hear their communications. I’m been communication with my ppl from province to city idk about countries but I’ll try if that’s what it takes. I’m starting to think that it’s a delusion but it’s so real... Invisibility mind read telepathy extraction (of some sort) but again I don’t know how to open my minds eye so I can’t confirm can you guys talk to me telepathically I’ll just need to know both our faces and I’ll try to establish a connection from wherever you are. idk I’m afraid to die without learning the truth..I just need confirmation that this is real. Energy is getting extracted as I speak and idk how long I can keep this up. Pls believe me....Just think about me idk how exactly this works but you need to see my face or smthing..
  2. Telepathy machine reconstructs speech from brainwaves
  3. I stumbled across this short radio clip on the BBC website about scientific research that "proves" telepathy: I wonder if this will open up more acceptance of higher level Taoist practices, like shengong, with the broader public.
  4. Hello to all! I have been meditating for about 40 yrs. My third eye opened many years ago and I can offer comments on all of the tag lines that I have included in this topic. Currently I have taken up Qi Gong I am not well versed within this discipline though I can feel and follow fine movement within me and without. When I was 15yrs old my lower dan tien became very active one day and an intense warmth moved throughout my body - I was literally steaming (on a ski slope) with this hot ball inside me just below the navel and in a bit. This happened again when I was about 36 yrs old during a difficult breakup with my girlfriend. Recently I was creating Qi Gong exercises for myself before I knew they existed as Qi Gong - what a wonderful teaching it is! I appreciate practical discussion ( since the original post I have studied with a Qi Gong and Kung Fu Grand Master 4-6 days a week in addition to personal practice)