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Allusions to sungazing in Paramahnsa y's works in lifemysteries.com forum.


The stakes are too high to take Yoda's word for it, so do your own durn research but I am convinced that a conservative rule of thumb is to sungaze if the sun is less than a UV index of 2. I'm in PA right now and my sunrise practice isn't as feasible, so I'm doing it while the sun is higher. this guideline might make sungazing more accessible for city dwellers especially in the wintertime. There's a link to a UV index on www.rawpaleodiet.org


dual cultivation is a huge energy generation technique and Ron has certainly mastered it. For the rest of us, I am convinced that sungazing can generate the same amount of raw energy without the need to constantly chase strippers around.


Just my inkling at the moment. Interesting how there's mention of or allusion to the benefits of sungazing/sunbathing in Winn's, Bodri's, Yogananda's, etc practices. Nobody seems to recommend it as a primary practice but it seems to be popular as a garnishment. Much like fasting.


The innovation that I've picked up on in solarhealing.com is that sun exposure naturally reduces and supposedly eliminates one's appetite for food, so that successful fasting is something of a byproduct.


Also sungazing revs up the jing pretty good too, especially if there is some UV content in the rays.


I'm guessing that it is a missing link that will empower and smooth out many of the the more sophisticated practices that we have studied.



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yes yoda, I was just driving around and after i got home i remembered i had to mail some stuff so i went to the post office but the real reason i went to the post office is because i knew the sun would be settin soon, so i dropped off the mail and went to this parking lot over the valley so i could see the sun set over the mountain


let me tell you, it was hot


Yoda, you may be right about the jing. I havent read as much as you about this but I remembered when someone said they just let the energy come ove them

...so i was doing embrace the tree staring at the sun (thinking about the dude in the movie PI) then i felt it go in the bones. then i went in my car and relaxed, still watching the sun. all of a sudden on the song i am listening to (by bela fleck) the lyrics go something like "descended from the sky, in a moment, travel accross the universe...fear" so then i did some more iron shirt then i got back in the care and after the sun went under them mountain i had the most energy accumulation: i realized the sun and the gate of life and death were directly connected and so was the orbit, belt channel, dan tien, bones, macrocosmic orbit! and kan and li spontaniously happened in my body without having to guide the energy, it even did sealing of the 5 senses! my vision seems to be sharper and i feel great!


Basicly, i realized that when you take in the energy all you gotta do is balance it with the water and let it flow around the inner universe.


I dont know if i have time to read all these other fancy techniques but I seem to have the hang of it pretty good, no?

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I just feel like you just have to be gentle with it. I mean, if you are feeling pain, then back off. If you take the time to open all your channels before gazing then you will find that it flows right through you into the ground. Dont be suprised if your eyes tear and you start doing tai chi.


And if your eye burn then recompose yourself, look at the sun and mix the sun chi with the earth/tree/water energy and heal your eyes.


Im saying, the energy from your body comes through the gate of life and death, or above. So the energy from the sun, to be useful, must be alchemicaly mixed with the with gate of life and death/(dan tien, door of life, the jing, feet, psoas, bones...it opens everything if you let it)

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I underestimated this practice when Winn was showing it too us this past summer (I guess I got stumped on connecting with the cool part of the sun a while back in Greatest K&L). I showed it to some spiritual friends and they couldn't get over the looking at the sun part. They were like, you are totally insane and are going to go blind :) It was sorta funny. Epecially when I did it in front of them and said, look, I am not blind ;) I still sorta squint, ease into it and many times just bring it in through the third eye and do the inner smile with it. I will definitely check out the way you describe or more like let that take place, very nice! Just wondering how you connect with the inner Water?


It is just such a natural thing to turn to the Sun for energy. I beleive (if I recall correctly) that this is how the stigmatist (not sure I spelled that correctly) Christian women from Germany?? said she was able to live without eating. She was the women who would weekly suffer Christ's suffering and would bleed and exhibit the same wounds he had. This is no shit and well documented!!!!


I just love basking in it! YEA! cures those winter blues as well!


Oh yea, Yoda, it absolutely jingles that jing so it is ready to sizzle or be transformed or whatever... I think I read about some taoist practice where one draws the energy from the Sun through the penis while they are nude in nature... well at least it was a pracitce I heard of, not sure if it was taoist or not...



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Great work! I love seeing big returns in people's practice.


I have the sense that sungazing juices up whatever you are into. I can find lost items, do my WSM better, dream practice is showing up on the screen, etc. So I'm not surprised that it can juice up the more advanced practices that I am not familiar with.


My last session the sun was a bit too bright for me, so I just faced the general direction and sang the Gayatri for a few minutes and then I could look at it directly with no discomfort. It felt like I had to get up to vibrational speed to do so. Obviously, if it's uncomfortable don't force yourself.


I'm doing about 10 minutes at a stretch on days that the sun is available, otherwise I'll cloudgaze in the direction of the sun for 30 minutes. It is recommended to meditate, stand, walk around outside for at least 10 minutes after sungazing to come down and assimilate.


I like the ancient precedence to this practice--it's very natural and "pagan" One of the byproducts that I've heard of from this practice is a strongly developed hardiness. Being able to stand outside barefoot in the snow is often cited by longtime sungazers as a byproduct. I want to develop that warrior hardiness. There's a great scene in the Walking with Dinosaurs/Walking with Cavemen BBC series where the neanderthal dude falls off a cliff, regains consciousness, straightens out his bent fingers and gets back on the hunt. (Apparently, neanderthals are often found with more healed broken bones than a profession rodeo rider.)


-Yoda 8)

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While I applaud your bravery, I would like to remind all of you sungazers that you should be very careful. If your eyes hurt, you are probably damaging them! You can't "balance the hurt with kidney energy:" I wouldn't advise thinking like Michael Winn in respect to such matters because after all, he is nearly blind himself--in case you didn't know. :(


Keep in mind that several years from now your eyes may fail due to your irresponsible actions right now.


Be careful!

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Keep in mind that several years from now your eyes may fail due to your irresponsible actions right now.


Be careful!

I was thinking the same thing SheepishLord. If you are going to sun gaze, at the very least consider taking betacaratene and other eye strengthening supplements.

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Totally agree that there is not much science out there either for or against sungazing. My Mom waited a good 20 years before buying a microwave oven and that was the right thing for her.


IMO, sungazing with a UV index under 2 is not only safe but it is desirable to have at least some indirect UV exposure to the retinas on a daily basis.


Do your own research, every man for himself, of course.


:shock: 8) :wink:



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Vinny the owner of rawpaleodiet.org wrote the following re: sungazing. I feel that Vinny is a good antidote to HRM's hyper-optimistic solarhealing.com and Vinny refers to HRM's technique and the allure of far-out benefits Hira promises. Hira and Vinny seem to be on good terms with each other and it's great to get differing perspectives. My experience so far agrees with Vinny's perspective...



As has been covered MANY times before in MANY past posts in the archives of

this list group, it is simply advisable to ALWAYS stand barefoot on earth

(or sand, or leaves or grass or moss, or even earth-contact pavement or

concrete if necessary) when sungazing and then standing or walking barefoot

on same for a few minutes afterward. In fact, many of us longer-term

sungazers, myself included, will simply NOT sungaze for longer than one

minute (even if we normally gaze for sessions of far greater lengths)

unless and if we are standing barefoot on earth as described above.

Why? We have simply found repeatedly from experience, and our intuitive

guidance has only reinforced this feedback, that such barefoot

standing/walking on true earth is extremely important, not only in itself,

but also when sungazing, and that all sorts of dire and undesirable

consequequences can possibly occur (and often do occur) if a person attempt

to sungaze for more than a very short time without barefoot contact with

earth. All of the worst "sungazing harmed me" stories I have heard from

sungazers or ex-sungazers have been from people who took up sungazing not

due to inner guidance from Heart/Spirit/Intuition, but rather simply

because the overactive and ever restless "local mind" wanted "results"

(often baed on the wild promises of any of several sungazing gurus or

promoters) and forced their body to sungaze, and FURTHER (caps for

emphasis) did NOT sungaze while standing barefoot on bare earth or sand or

something similar (there is one other factor almost always associated with

the damage/harm stories as well, and this -- along with the points above

--has been covered in my past posts and will be covered again in my

not-yet-released Observations on Sungazing mini e-book.)


As for standing barefoot on cold ground, well, no one is forcing you to do

that, just as no one is forcing you to sunagaze at all! However, the fact

of the matter is that many fears of standing briefly on cold or frozen bare

earth or sand (or grass or leaves, etc.) are grossly overblown, and it is

often easier than one thinks. As a case in point, consider this:


In past years, up till this year, I have always stood barefoot on bare

earth while sungazing down to ground temperatures of about 14 F (-10 C),

and have been able to tolerate sungazing for at least 5-10 minutes under

such cicrumstances. However, for reasons beyond my ken, I find that my

tolerance for cold ground has increased drastically this year, and in the

past two months, during two several-day cold snaps down to below -1 F (-19

C), I have found that I could easily stand barefoot on bare earth for many

minutes, and even briefly walk barefoot (near my sungazing spot and as well

as the 25 yards back to my front door) while barefoot. Am I alone in such

reports? No! We have several list members, including more than one in

frigid Canada (they do not call Canadians "frostbacks" and "frozen frogs"

for nothing!) who often walk barefoot when ground temps are even colder

than I have mentioned above.


And, is this cold ground tolerance something that is true only for

long-term sungazers? No, not at all! Here is a great recent case in

point, from Christmas morning:


I had a young student/intern/buddy staying with me for much of Christmas

week. Although her internship here with me was in areas and realms other

than sungazing, Aryanna asked me on Christmas Eve (as we stuffed our faces

with incredible poppyseed struedel) if I would teach her to sungaze. This

request was a bit unexpected to me, as I am not at all a sungazing

proselytizer nor a missionary for sungazing, and I never try to convert

anyone to sungazing, but Aryanna reassured me that she was guided to

sungaze due to inner guidance from Spirit/Heart/intutition. Well, on

Christmas morning, which was about 18 degrees F (-8 Celsius) here, Aryanna

was still interested in a sungazing lesson with me, and reassured me that

she was truly guided by inner Spirit and Heart to sungaze, and thus, I

readily agreed to sungaze with her; it was now 9:30 AM, and I had already

done a long solo SG session a bit earlier.


So, among other things, as we sat in my warm living room, I explained to

Aryanna that it is always best and rather important to sungaze only while

standing barefoot on bare ground, and reminded her that it was quite cold

outside, well below 20 F . She quickly replied that she was more than

willing to stand barefoot on frozen ground, and I then suggested that she

wear her hiking shoes (minus socks) out to the sungazing spot in my

backyard, and that she could shed the shoes when we reached the sungazing

spot. (As an aside, I do not wear shoes on my trek out to my backyard, as

I walk my dog whle barefoot four times per day, every day, in weather much

colder than the 18 F of that Christmas morning.) And so, after sharing a

few other pointers, we walked outside together to sungaze.


When we reached our sungazing spot in my forested backyard, Aryanna slipped

her shoes off, walked about a bit barefoot on the frozen ground, and then

found a comfortable place to stand barefoot. We then sungazed together for

about 50 seconds (this was her first SG session, and I allowed Spirit to

tell us how long her first session should be) on that Christmas morning,

and then we each walked about for 2 or 3 minutes barefoot, after which she

slipped her hiking shoes back on for the walk to the house. Although

Aryanna has never sungazed nor walked barefoot in winter before, and is

only 22 years old, at no point did she experience any significant

discomfort from standing barefoot on frozen 18 F (-8 C) ground, and in

fact, she was only glowing with happiness and joy after the brief sungazing

session. However, just so sungazing does not get too much credit for her

happiness, let me point out that Aryanna has a naturally sunny, joyous and

grateful personality anyway, and thus, sungazing aside, she often walked

around the house during her entire stay here glowing with joy and

appreciation, singing or humming happily to herself and to my dog and cat,

who pretty much followed her everywhere she went.


But, despite my stories above, no one is trying to force you to stand

outside on frozen ground -- it is simply your choice. However, if you

cannot stand on bare earth or sand or grass or gravel, then I do recommend

-as always -- that you may wish to keep your sungazing sesions below about

one minute in length.


with care,


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Our religion, therefore, for the People, is the Cult of the Sun, who is our particular star of the Body of Nuit, from whom, in the strictest scientific sense, come this earth, a chilled spark of Him, and all our Light and Life.

I dug up some old magick books and found Crowley's Liber Resh vel Helios which, believe it or not, I used to do every day back in my mid-teens, but had somehow completely forgotten about it even in the midst of all this sungazing obsession. I was reminded of if actually when reading the "Solar Trinity" section of an article Yoda posted in his blog called The Sun, A Universal Deity.


The exact quote was:

The origin of the Trinity is obvious to anyone who will observe the daily manifestations of the sun. This orb, being the symbol of all Light, has three distinct phases: rising, midday, and setting.

Crowley's adoration ritual is actually based on four phases of the sun; it includes midnight as a phase, which provides a perfect opportunity to moongaze and also allows the adorations to have the Four Elements associated with them.


The Sun at Dawn associated with Air.

The Sun at Noon associated with Fire.

The Sun at Dusk associated with Water.

The Sun at Midnight associated with Earth.


In Donald Michael Kraig's excellent Modern Magick he illustrates poses to go with the adorations.


Here's a crappy scan:



Notice the idiots in the illustration have their eyes closed though. :rolleyes:




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isnt that crowley shit dangerous to mess with? i understand we can learn from everyone, even the darkside, but i think any mention of crowley deserves a caveat.

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isnt that crowley shit dangerous to mess with?  i understand we can learn from everyone, even the darkside, but i think any mention of crowley deserves a caveat.


Heh. You Taoists and your Crowley misgivings. I don't get it. ;)


IMO Crowley is mostly misunderstood. His work is dangerous in the sense that it is powerful and real, thus can be abused or applied wrongly; much like Taoist Alchemy. There are undertones of megalomania and misogyny in Crowley's work for sure, but that's about the extent of the disclaimer I'd give him. And that's a criticism that could be placed on a fair number of advanced male teachers in the last century.


I'm genuinely interested in what you mean though. Have you or anyone you've known had bad experiences with Crowley's work?



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sunlight is most certainly important for us. i have been researching the necessity of at least getting it on your skin for at least a 20 minutes session 3 times or more a week (without getting burnt of course).

i think the eyes are able to absorb so much energy (in the form of images) that why wouldn't they be able to absorb the suns energy?

before ever reading about this i was doing a little sungazing from time to time, when the sun wasn't too high for just a minute or so. feels nice and refreshing actually.


to add to the sungazing, when you are finished why not drop your pants and get some sun on your anus and genitals too?

now that feels lovely, and you can definately feel it being absorbed there too.

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ok, so the crowley thing--i know some people who messed with some of crowley's rituals and ended up summoning demons they couldnt get rid of. finally really weirded out and drifted off some place. another guy in new york recommended crowley to me and he was a satanist. had a bookshop called the magickal childe that sold all kinds o weird shit like human bones and such. chilling vibe in the place. the dude derided me for being a christian cuz i didnt wana join the church of satan, een though i'm not a christian. according to him i had to be.


in the strictest sense crowley ws not a satanist. he predated the world wide church of satan which was the creation of someone else named anton levey, i think. but crowely did claim to be the beast 666. if i'm not mistaken this is kabbalistic code for satan. and for that matter satan can be anything you want to empower to be satan. it could even be your own ego.


now i think crowley has something to teach. i've learned myself some things from the darkside under very controlled circumstances with the proper protections. but learning from them in a respectful environment is different from being a servant fo the darkside, as was crowley.


be that as it may, we all choose our own paths. the balck magician deserves respect like anyone else. there are lotsof stories of high level initiates and immortals who have black adepts as close friends. sometimes they even work together. there's probably an important teaching in there somewhere.


all i'm saying is be aware of what you're getting into. and yes, if you want to use alchemy to empower your own ego instead of for transformation in the dao, you can do that and you amount to being a "satanist." crowely chose his path consciously though. that makes him one step above those who don't choose and end up horrific demons still believing they're wonderful loving and virtuous people.


it's a risk we all face, and i include myself in that. being aware of it improves our chances though.


on another note, there's an old daoist or zen story about a man-eating demon who is tired of being hated and persecuted. so he checks into a monastery to learn how to be a holy man. he cuts off his horns and files down his fangs, puts on the robes. this goes on for years, him cutting and filing and chanting and sitting and doing all the things the monks do. but one day he just gets tired of it. he cant take it any longer. he grows back his fangs and horns, rips off his robes and goes on a rampage, killing and eating several of the monks while terrorizing the rest. the abbott comes up to him and pats him on the back and says, "congrtualtions. you finally got it!"

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Those Abbots... you just can't get a rise out of them!


I have bumped into Crowley references in my recent research but I've assumed that he ate children first thing in the morning and all that so I haven't looked into it. I'm willing to believe that he's chaotic neutral who gets referenced by teens trying to shock their folks. In a loving universe, it's hard to act evil in a sustainable way--either in one's personal life or on the global scene. (uh oh--jmho!)


From what I saw, his sunworship looks fairly generic sort of like the Mithras Liturgy on my blog--fairly straightforward. What does he say about the moon?


There are references to moongoddesses (women or girls) from different cultures standing or sitting on a crescent moon. There's supposed to be one in Chinese mythology--anyone know about her?



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Re: Aleister Crowley


I studied Aleister Crowley heavily in my late teens and early twenties. It's odd to hear these opinions of him because in my my broad readings across a great deal of his his very very prolific body of work I've never come across anything that struck me as remotely "evil". I've always heard that there were negative opinions of him "out there" but just never came across anyone that held them. I imagine it's fairly common to think poorly of him though. Crowley's writings certaintly have "shock-value" on the surface and he also wasn't afraid to delve into some dark places most teachers would rather cover up with flowers and platitudes.


A lot of the misinterpretations surrounding Crowley stem from the fact that a good chunk of his writings are, in my opinion, autobiographed attempts at therapy to recover from a brutal, fundamentalist Christian indoctrination. The "Beast" identification started because his mother would refer to him as The Beast from the book of Revelations whenever he made the slightest error in childhood. Eventually he just decided to run with it, partly in spite I'm sure, partly as a form of self-therapy, and partly (and especially later) as a genuine attempt to re-integrate Earth-based, ie: horned-God and pagan principles back into mystical-magickal systems of the West; something he felt was definitely lacking in the castrated, repressed and corrupt Victorian-model Christianity of his day.


Giving a fair look at the modern history of mysticism and magick in the West, I think critics would be shocked to discover how huge a role Aleister Crowley played in the wisdom he brought from his world travels and relentless exploration. The seeds that he planted that continue to grow to this day, often times with little or no awareness of their roots in Crowley's work.


For instance modern Witchcraft, or Wicca, has most of it's roots in Gardner's "Book of Shadows" which was probably either written in collaboration with Crowley, or was just flat out stolen from him. So there you got Crowley's face at the resurgence of Wicca. Now considering the bulk of the neo-pagan movement draws heavily on modern Wiccan research, you can clearly see Crowley's role here as catylist for a huge huge chunk of the New Age movement; and it all reads like just watered down Crowley.


Crowley is also reponsible for the promotion of the Kabbalah as a mystical system useable outside of an orthodox Jewish context. A concept that plays an important role in nearly every modern occult group.


And on and on. His life work is similar to what Bodri is doing now, only he was doing it 80 years ago; attempting to synthesize mystical-magickal systems from all over the world, past and present.


Anyway, don't take my word for it. If you are interested here are some of his major works online:

http://www.hermetic.com/crowley/ ...


You'll get a great understanding of him and what his intentions and life work were about by starting with his autobiography here:



Re: Taoist Alchemy vs. Magick.


This seems to keep coming up again and again and it has me confused. It's a discussion I'm very interested in though. Because for me, Taoist Alchemy is Magick. It's Eastern Magick. Simple. And as a system of magick, it's principles and processes remarkably parallel the Western Alchemical and Hermetic traditions.


Alchemy with Intent vs. "Emptiness"


This sort of brings me to the whole Emptiness vs. Alchemy-with-Intent debate that's been dragging on and on in the forums the last several months.


The "Bodri crew" is of the understanding that all internal alchemy should occur spontaneously as a result of "emptiness practices".


On the "other side", what I'll call the "Alchemy-with-Intent" school, no reason is seen not to get your hands dirty and move Chi around and direct the alchemical process with the mind. Why leave everything up to nature? If that were the case I wouldn't wear glasses and I'd walk around naked in the cold bumping into shit.


Reframed, this is just a "Pure Mysticism" vs. Magick debate.


And reframed another way, it's actually a Religion vs. Alchemy/Shamanism/Mysticism/Magick debate.


Because not only do I feel that Alchemy-with-Intent is in no way whatsoever different than Magick, I don't even actually see a real distinction between so-called "purely Mystical" approaches and Magick.


So called "purely mystical" approaches to enlightenment are only named "purely mystical" because a group of people decide they are "straight arrow", acceptable, or "moral" approaches to attainment.


But these "pure mystical" schools are still just systems of magick rituals. What is the Catholic Mass but a magick ritual? What is the microcosmic orbit and Kan and Li, etc. but magick rituals? What is the feeding hungry ghosts but a magick ritual? What is a sun salutation but a magick ritual? What is sitting in the lotus position and practicing "emptiness" but a magick ritual?


So my question, on my path, is not should I choose magick or mysticism or alchemy or religion? It's always been, what magick is the most effective in helping me live and be the realization of my purpose?




Or something like that. :P



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Sungazing References in Early Taoist Alchemy


After the invasion of China by nomads from Central Asia, Daoists of the Celestial Master tradition who had been living in the north were forced to migrate into southern China, where Ge Hong's version of Daoism was strong. The mixture of these two traditions is represented in the writings of the Xu family. The Xu family was an aristocratic group from what is today the city of Nanjing. Seeking Daoist philosophical wisdom and the long life it promised, many of them moved to Mao Shan mountain, near the city. There they claimed to receive revelations from immortals, who dictated new wisdom and morality texts to them. Yang Xi was the most prominent recipient of the Maoshan revelations (360-370 CE). These revelations came from spirits who were local heroes named the Mao brothers, but they had been transformed into deities. Yang Xi's writings formed the basis for High Purity Shangqing Daoism. The writings were extraordinarily well done and even the calligraphy in which they were written was beautiful.


The importance of these texts philosophically speaking is to be found in their idealization of the quest for immortality and transference of the material practices of the alchemical science of Ge Hong into a form of reflective meditation. In fact, the Shangqing school of Daoism is the beginning of the tradition known as "inner alchemy" (neidan), an individual mystical pursuit of wisdom.


(From: http://www.iep.utm.edu/d/daoism.htm)


The term Shangqing itself refers to the heaven of Highest Clarity inhabited by celestial immortals of the highest rank. The Shangqing texts are quite eclectic, but are distinguished by a preoccupation with several important themes:


* The stellar deities of the big dipper who are the closest to the Supreme Ridgepole (Taiji) around which the heavens revolve

* The central administration of the underworld (Fengdu) that governs the fate or destiny (ming) of human lives

* Absorbing the spiritual essence of the sun and the moon to refine the body into an ever more diaphanous and spiritual body

* The internal visualization of gods in the body.


The goal of all these practices is to become a perfected person (zhenren--a term we first encountered in the Zhuangzi). What this "perfection" actually entails can be gleaned in part from the hagiographies of those perfected beings who revealed the corpus of Shangqing texts, and from the hagiographies of those who were revered by the transmitters of the Shangqing corpus.


One important hagiography that was cherished by the Xu family was that of the Perfected Purple Yang, who was born Zhou Yishan in 80 BCE. Although Zhou predated the Shangqing revelation by four centuries, his life was held as exemplary by the original Xu family. For this reason it gives us a valuable insight into what the early recipients of Shangqing scripture considered to be an exemplary Daoist life. According to the hagiography, as a young man Zhou Yishan practiced the daily salutation of the sun and would soak up the dawn light. When his father caught him in the act and inquired as to the type of cult that he was practicing, Zhou replied, "I, Yishan, from the bottom of my heart love the sunlight and the splendour of its eternal radiance."


(From: http://www.taorestore.org/guestspeaker1.html)


Emphasis in the above cited quotations are my own.




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Fascinating. I mean damn! *crazy dancing*


Btw, the Tao Resoration Society have been known to be somewhat draconian with legal threats about posting extracts from their website, even if it comes from their message board. I won't tell them if you don't ;)

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Earth-Sun-Moon Triangle


Connect to the earth in a relaxed standing pose, knees bent and palms down. Breathe in cool blue energy through soles, palms and perineum. Store in LTT. 5-10 minutes.


Bring focus to sacrum. Picture a bright full moon behind you shining on your sacrum. Color of Moon is silvery white. Breathe moonlight into sacrum into the sexual center with the blue energy, and at the same time draw sexual energy inward by pulling up on sexual organs, perineum, anus. 5-10 minutes.


Bring attention to third eye. Picture bright golden yellow sun in front of you. Feel chi on face. Absorb light into third eye and bring down to heart. Mix yellow sun energy with red heart love. Make Heart sound to clean and balance heart energy. 5-10 minutes.


At a certain point heart will open deeply.


Then, on inhale, bring the blue sexual energy in through the sacrum into the sexual center and simultaneously bring the golden/yellow sunlight into the third eye and down to the heart center. On the exhale condense these two energies in the center point behind the navel by pushing the blue/silver/white energy up and the red/golden/yellow energy down. 5-15 minutes.


Bring the kidney and sexual energy up through the vena cava and the heart energy down through the aorta. Mix both in the LTT. (If this is too specific and difficult, let the two energies come together naturally in the LTT)


When the love and sexual energy are combined in the sexual center, a soft orgasmic feeling will start vibrating in the LTT. When the Sun and Moon energies are combined, their force is multipled. Start slowly. If you feel too hot, practice the Six Healing Sounds.


Next move the energy from the LTT down into the perineum and up into the MCO.


Put the emphasis on the following points and connections, stopping at each of these points to feel the external connection:

Perineum - Earth

Sacrum - Moon

Crown - North Star/Big Dipper

Third Eye - Sun


Circle the energy around the MCO 9-18 times.


Then gather the energy in the LTT and rest. Observe your body and energy in this resting state. Notice where the energy is moving. 5-15 minutes.


End with Chi self-massage.


From Taoist Astral Healing which I just picked up.

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Thanks for posting.


Do the perineum, sacrum, third eye, heart, and crown all have their own healing sound? I know the heart is haaawwww. Or maybe just the heeee for the triple burner would do the trick.



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Hadn't done much sungazing the last two weeks, which perhaps not coincidentally has corresponded with a linear increase in stress, emotional lows and volatility. Today the sun was beautiful and I did a full 15 minutes of intense gazing with some heart/ltt/sacrum alchemical visualizations.


Later tonight I was looking in the mirror and my eyes are looking very intense and I noticed they are sparkling blue with just a trace of green hue. I called in Lezlie and she confirmed that my eyes are a much more intense blue this evening whereas they are usually very green with just a hint of blue. Who knows how long it will last, or if it was just a wierd lighting phenomenon .. but this is not an unheard of transformation according to Vinny Pinto's page Iris Color Change from Raw Diets, EM and Some Radical Healing Systems?.


Anyway, I think it's cool as hell and I hope they start to glow and I can be like that guy from Dune. Then I will be able to explode rocks by vibrating the healing sounds correctly. B)

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Came across this the other day and figured I'd tack it on to our sungazing notes thread:


Via Sungazing Yahoo Group

Excerpt from The Splendour Of Tiphareth - The Yoga Of The Sun

by: Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


Chapter Three

Our Higher Self Dwells In The Sun

pp. 47 & 48.


"Then, in the morning, rested and in peace, you can start your meditation, slowly and gently, without concentrating intently on the sun too abruptly. Start by glancing inwards to see if all you inhabitants are at peace, and if they are making a noise or being rowdy and rebellious, try to calm them down and restore order and balance, for you cannot soar towards the sun until peace and harmony reign within you. Once you are in a state of inner peace, you can send your thoughts out to the sun and imagine it as a glorious world inhabited by the most perfect, absolutely luminous creatures who live in sublime intelligence and order, a culture, a civilization exists that is perfect beyond description.


The day before yesterday I told you that there were mountains and palaces and whole towns in the sun, and you were dumbfounded and horrified: 'That's ridiculous! How could anything living exist in such heat?' But what do you know about all the different ways in which life can manifest itself and the conditions it needs in order to develop? Life exists everywhere throughout the whole universe; why should it not also be in the sun?"


"And what would be your reaction if I told you that, without realizing it, you were already in the sun? You cannot feel it, but there is a tiny part of yourself, a very, very subtle element, which already dwells permanently in the sun. Science has not really studied man yet; it does not know the tremendous wealth nor the breadth and depth of a human being. As you already know, the visible part, the physical body, is not the sum total of man. He has other bodies which are made of increasingly subtle matter. And I have told you the same thing about the earth: the earth is not only that part of it that we can see. Round the globe is an atmosphere many miles deep, and science divides this atmosphere into several different layers, each with its own name. But what science does not know is that within each of these layers there lives infinite number of elements and entities, and that beyond the atmosphere lies the earth's etheric body which stretches all the

way to the sun: in fact, it actually touches the sun.


The etheric body of the earth, therefore, mingles and melts into the etheric body of the sun, for the sun, too, has an etheric body which reaches far beyond its own sphere, as far as the earth and beyond, all the way to the other planets. This is why sun and earth touch and are already united. And, as man is built in the image of the universe, he too possesses this subtle dimension of emanations from which he projects rays which reach as far as the sun. In this way we can say that man, in his higher, sublime, divine dimension, actually lives in

the sun already. He is not aware of it, of course, because he only uses his brain, and the brain is built to work within the limits of the physical world."



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you cannot soar towards the sun until peace and harmony reign within you


how true.

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Once you are in a state of inner peace, you can send your thoughts out to the sun and imagine it as a glorious world inhabited by the most perfect, absolutely luminous creatures who live in sublime intelligence and order, a culture, a civilization exists that is perfect beyond description.


"And what would be your reaction if I told you that, without realizing it, you were already in the sun? You cannot feel it, but there is a tiny part of yourself, a very, very subtle element, which already dwells permanently in the sun.

That connection could be our DNA. Because of the influence of the sun- the way the earth turns around it and the timing- plus the DNA deeply rooted in the Sun, we are aging and dying. The stories about vampires living forever in the darkness but are destroyed if they go into the sun could be mutated from that knowledge. The blood drinking has something to do with Sirius and the method related to blood- at least I think it does.

But what science does not know is that within each of these layers there lives infinite number of elements and entities, and that beyond the atmosphere lies the earth's etheric body which stretches all the way to the sun: in fact, it actually touches the sun.

Yeah, the way the Earth and the Sun are connected and move, it creates a linear time continuum that makes the possibility of aging and death. All the Earth beings fall under the influence of these forces.


There is an idea of changing the DNA from Sun oriented to Sirius oriented. This is just an idea. Supposedly, if this happens, you will never grow old.


I don't know how or why or if.

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