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  1. All day breathing practice

    All day breathing practice... you are doing it since you are born. All you need to do is to be conscious of it.
  2. Body armour, trauma, David Berceli

    Try this: I've heard this goes much deeper into the body if you are strong enough to take it. Plato went through it, but it's taught only through a workshop.
  3. Wagging Your Tail

    Cool, will try tonight
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I read how it's illegal to grow/produce hemp seeds in USA but it's perfectly fine to import and sell them here.
  5. Yep, and some monks even killed themselves to preserve high levels of spiritual attainment because they could loose it if they continue to be in a physical body. They just continue on practicing without their body.
  6. Wagging Your Tail

    Interesting. What's this for? Open up the tailbone area?
  7. Or maybe accepting all there is for what it is... with your mind and body free of attachment to it. When you are at total peace with your inner and outer world, you can cultivate at the heart of New York City. Or you can go to Himalayas if you need help with that. It certainly helps. Still, it's hard to keep your attainment if you only are able to preserve it by removing the influences of the outside world. Let them try to do it while expending yourself to the size of the universe while fucking a woman with an open heart, and I will be truly impressed.
  8. She wants me to cum

    Stay your grounds and don't cum. She is probably feeling cuming is they way you connect with her an some level, so i would look at come QUALITY time spent with her just being together, kissing and touching each other without any other distractions. Women want emotional connection. If they don't feel it, they will get it from you one way or the other even if they have to pull your hair out.
  9. taoist lovemaking and karezza

    Be a man. Live life to the fullest and do things that you love to do, be passionate about them. If you are confident about your life and enjoy it, people will see it and women will be attracted to you. They don't want you to be "perfect" for them, in fact this is the fastest way to loose a woman. They want you to live your life with purpose and passion with them being somewhere down on the list of things you care about. They want you to lead, to show them the way, to open them up completely and make them surrender into you. And that will only happen if they know you are stronger then they are - mentally, physically and emotionally. They will test the shit out of you to find out if you are strong enough, because if you can't stand up to them, you possible won't stand up to others as well. You are bitter about women because you think they are messed up and can't be figured out. Well, you are right, but guess what? You don't need to figure them out, all you need is to figure out yourself and become a master of your own reality. You are the expression of Yang to her always-moving Yin, and that's how Karezza and other love making methods become successful. You will have to become the perfect masculine representation in the body, mind and spirit. If you can, you will be able to open her heart and let her surrender to you. Have you ever been with a woman that surrenders to you completely? Then you will see the true expression of feminine and it's nothing what you say it is. But to see it you have to open it with your masculine, and most men fail to do that for many different reasons, and then they blame women because they are not feminine enough with them. Non, the only way to a woman's heart is through yours. Become a true representation of masculine and most of the women will be drawn to you. Cultivate your spirit, your body and your skills to deal with life to create a perfect world for yourself and you will become a master of your own life. If your life is a mess, and your heart/mind/body are weak, don't expect quality women to be attracted to you. It's not them, it's you.
  10. Fukushima Reactor Meltdown

    Micheal, I hope you are right, but based on just the info that are coming from Japanese authorities, it is not a very good prognosis. We will come back to this topic in 6 months when they start getting abnormal babies in Japan, HI, CA and other states.
  11. Fukushima Reactor Meltdown

    Michael, First, they had a real comprehensive study published on the effects of Chernobyl and concluded over 1 million people died because of the effects of the radiation. Half of the Europe is still contaminated from the fallout and people are advised against eating wild animals like wild pigs and moose. Now, the Fukushima disaster is a bit different because it's not 1 but 6 reactors are in big trouble, and when I'm saying trouble I'm talking about a complete out-of-control meltdown about to happen/happening/happened for all of them. TEPCO already confirmed one full meltdown: You think pouring salt water will solve the problem? They will be pouring it for HUNDREDS of years and the situation is not going to change. And there is NO OTHER alternative, this is the scariest part. Also, a good article to read from sighting real experts in the field and what they are thinking about it: It's out of control and all they are doing is covering the truth, just like with Chernobyl.
  12. Also, it's interesting to leave this forum while everyone was high on Kunlun and come back with everyone shitting on it.
  13. Mizu, you think you wasted 2 years of practicing Kunlun to realize it's all you? I think you did pretty well for 2 years of practice. Eventually all the practices fall away like onion layers, and you settle into living and experiencing life as your main practice. Buddha was doing all type of practices for 17 years before he realized he wasted his time, sat under a tree and got enlightened. The question for you is: Did he really waist his time?
  14. where to get training flail
  15. You are a filter made out of your experiences, "past" and present. How can you perceive outside as Truth if all your perceptions are shaped by this filter of experiential energies? So by resting your attention within you slowly release the energies of this "filter" until it's no longer there. Then, if you look outside of yourself, you see the world as it is, not as a projection of your mind.