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  1. Frugivore (homosapiens natural state)

    The above chart avoids presenting the mountain of evidence against fruitarianism. It's easy to cherry-pick facts and line up them in a way that they seemingly point toward any extreme food-ideology of choice. M
  2. Mark Griffin, 1954-2018

    This year is such a bummer to me. Was planning a trip to LA solely to have the opportunity to sit with Mark. Well, impermanence catches us all : ) Sahaj, I think I remember one old account of yours about Mark. I'm genuinely happy about the connection you got, and may it fully bloom and take you far in this lineage, this very lifetime. Mandrake
  3. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

    This is a great loss. A stupendously skilfull and accomplished teacher that I had the fortune to meet. He has many incredible students so the legacy and wisdom will go on and bless the world. M
  4. To be fair to Frantzis, he spent considerable time recovering after heavy spinal injuries after a car crash. I've spent considerable time speaking to some of his more advanced students. Those conversations have been some of the most insightful I've had, and based on the mental and physical shit they managed to purge and heal together with my own experience, I do give credence to the guy. In general, guessing the motivations and priorities of a single guru is not a good measure of skill nor wisdom in my opinion; producing students with definite attainment is. M
  5. One meal a day

    With one important detail: This recommedation is for monks (actually a vinaya rule)! If you're at a monastery, you eat your last meal before noon. For many that in practice means one meal a day (been there, seen that). As a monk, your physical intensity is quite low and you spend considerable time in meditative states so your fuel needs are quite low. If you work a heavy industrial job, one meal a day is probably not what will work out in practice long-term. M
  6. Chundi mantra

    Megamorphg: No need to learn sanskrit, but nailing the pronunciation once and for all is helpful. >Is it not "ohm zhurli zhule zhunti soha"? That is the Chinese language transliteration. Which is fine if you use that version. M
  7. Chundi mantra

    megamorphg_ "Interesting... Any particular links you can share?" I had a friend who studied Indology teach me the basics. But checking around on google, there's nowadays tons of quite good resources to get you in the right direction, for example " especially since I'm pretty sure the "chale" is referring to the popular hindu deity "kali", right? " Nope. The "cale cule cule cundi" is a play on cundi's name. Get the mantra in the IAST transliteration (which my previous response above isn't written in), check the links and other sources online, and you should be able to nail it. M
  8. Blood type and personalty

    "It Menes you are not an offspring Of rhesus monkey (Rh rhesus )" Complete nonsense. Read up on the subject before spitting out absurdities. M
  9. Chundi mantra

    If you're after the sanskrit version and pronunciation it's a bit different than above. Trying to convey the pronunciation in English: (the 'h' are aspirated) Namah saptaanang samiak sang-buddha kotinaang tadiathaa om chale chule chundi swaha The 'ch' is the same sound as in 'ch'ange. There are sanskrit pronunciation guides online, so I'd recommend going through a couple and then you shouldn't have any problems at all. M
  10. Buddhism and spiritual protection

    dmattwads, Vajrayana is replete with methods and practices to deal with issues like you mention. PM me if you want some more detailed info. Mandrake
  11. Being here from the inception (G*d, has it been what, 13+ years already?) the trunk of this forum has for me been the old time members, with some colourful birds now and then visiting and sitting in the branches and chirping wonderfully in the foliage. You leaving fills me with both melancholy and with gratitude for all the amazing people I have the fortune to interact with, no matter the level. I've learned to embrace change so in any case: Heartful thanks for all the quality sharing in the past, and all the possible encounters in the future. Cats aren't board animals, and they sometimes need to sneak into the forest and rest. Mandrake
  12. Bums I am missing

    Ouch, I must have missed that :,( Peace and wisdom be with him. M
  13. Bums I am missing

    Vajrahridaya passed away?! That saddens me. Always wondered what he did post-ttb. M
  14. Do these practices lead to Demonic Possession? You basically asked the same question in 2013. As for an answer, lot's of people have given great input, but if you're not willing to engage in trying out different viewpoints, are you really asking for feedback or are you trying to instill doubt in others? A question can be missionary work too. M Edit: Accidentally hit enter before finished.
  15. Chundi mantra

    In addition to above it needs to be said that visualization skills can be vastly improved for almost all people. The trick is never to tense. Agitated people (and Westerners in particular) tend to tense up a lot during visualization sadhanas, so it is important to check one's body now and then and check that the breathing isn't restricted and muscles aren't chronically contracted. The whole trick with visualization is to relax and allow the samadhi to grow. As your conceptual consciousness and focus gathers in the field of visualization, the quality naturally improves as better concentration and clarity emerges. From my experience, and from talking to a couple of fellow cultivators out there. In short: Relax away tension, and have patience. Mandrake