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  1. From my experience working with people with mental unhealth, I could bet my house that she would have committed suicide even if she hand't attended that Goenka retreat. They, the Goenka organisation, even have clauses dissuading people with mental issues to attend. I understand that this isn't necessarily counter to what you intend to convey. Some practices are meant for people with a normal psychological build, a sense of stability and resilience. The cultural context also plays a big deal where a person in the East probably have heard and felt the concepts of non-self, nirvana etc. whereas the taste of such may be completely alien to a Westerner with a different cultural baggage. M
  2. sex

    Hi Ahyhope, What do you mean with energy? What would you do with that energy? Is it possible that there are other issues that lead to comparatively much larger losses of energy? Mandrake
  3. Mantras

    Never have I said that they are mutually exclusive. Neither have I said that I'm not a scholar. Neither have I mentioned that I haven't studied Shaivist sources and those of other traditions. Cultivation isn't a trivial matter for me, and after two decades of learning and studying and practicing I definitely have heard and processed a large share of the viewpoints out there. So if "plenty of religious people don't like to consider evidence outside of their particular tradition" then it's their issue; I don't consider myself one of them. These posts are a digression anyway as they touch on my own cultivation of which nobody here knows more than a fragment apart from their own projections. My statement was that mantras do not necessarily require empowerment depending on their source. I base this on my experience, on my lineages, and my previous studies including other margas. I can further state that I'm also of the opinion that the source of power of Buddhist mantras is different than that of the non-buddhist Indian lineages. Lastly, I also stated that lamas/gurus don't necessarily know everything, as in my earlier post. M
  4. Mantras

    Forestofemptiness, I'm a cultivator before else, not a scholar. For Daoist cultivation, I got to Daoist masters. For Vajrayana, I go to those masters and the wisdom and experience they embody. And so on. M
  5. Mantras

    Forestofemptiness, The teacher comes first, so you follow your ones, and I'll follow what my Vajrayana and Buddhist teachers have mentioned on the topic. And on that matter, what Shaivist sources say have absolutely no bearing on my traditions, at all. M
  6. Mantras

    For mantras and dharanis found in sutras, no; for mantras in the Mantrayana, yes. M
  7. Thanks, that clarifies what you meant. In my experience, done several retreats and spending a lot on the cushion, there's a tremendous release of tension and energy, leaving me lighter, more energetic, and overall in better mood and health. Of those few I've met that end up with problems, they either have mental issues before embarking on a spiritual discipline, and/or they force things prematurely. Though there are nuances. Mandrake
  8. Chundi mantra

    CT, I know this comes from that teacher so it is not you that I object to. The Vajrayana standard thing to hide behind is to say that all things mantra need an empowerment. However, this is not true and not supported by sutras and experience of other branches. Also, keep in mind that there are things regarding cultivation that they have no idea about. There are members here that have had incredible hardship from serious kundalini manifestations, and when they asked for help from Tibetan lamas, these teachers were dumbfounded. For a certain practice, trust the associated lineage. I do. That's why I don't go to my Tibetan Vajrayana teachers for advice on things related to Zhunti. M
  9. Virtue, What do you base this claim on? M
  10. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    There are many threads about this in the forum archives so just use the search button. Buyer beware. M
  11. Skeleton Meditations

    This thread quickly devolved into crap. Anyways, I can add my own experience. White skeleton is a shamatha meditation and I've seen variants employed in monasteries in Sri Lanka, where they even had a real skeleton for display. One of the things in my own cultivation that gave me a lot of juice. M
  12. Frugivore (homosapiens natural state)

    The above chart avoids presenting the mountain of evidence against fruitarianism. It's easy to cherry-pick facts and line up them in a way that they seemingly point toward any extreme food-ideology of choice. M
  13. Mark Griffin, 1954-2018

    This year is such a bummer to me. Was planning a trip to LA solely to have the opportunity to sit with Mark. Well, impermanence catches us all : ) Sahaj, I think I remember one old account of yours about Mark. I'm genuinely happy about the connection you got, and may it fully bloom and take you far in this lineage, this very lifetime. Mandrake
  14. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

    This is a great loss. A stupendously skilfull and accomplished teacher that I had the fortune to meet. He has many incredible students so the legacy and wisdom will go on and bless the world. M