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  1. for a healthier shape

    For weight loss cut out all sugar (including simple carbohydrates) from your diet. Do this incrementally if you are a sugar addict. Sugar = fat For exercise that covers everything and is health orientated, movement and sophistication based, fun and aimed at longevity try: Intu-Flow and FlowFit are great places to start and the two of them would probably give you all the exercise you need.
  2. need a full system

    and who says any person has ever found such a thing? it's mostly hearsay and people jumping from one 'system' to the next constantly, restlessly, seeking.... something.... that we really have no idea what it is whatsoever apart from blind speculation. there are no facts.
  3. need a full system

    what makes anyone think that such a thing as a "full system" even exists? what makes people think that enlightenment actually comes from practicing some kind of "system"?
  4. Reptilians?!

    *sound of wind passing over a head* you kind of missed the point. who said anything about believing it? I was merely commenting on your fixed idea on what you 'believe' is actually real. Not believing in reptilians is... you guessed it, a belief!!! Beliefs are what trap the mind in the illusion that there is a fixed or finite reality that we can quantify to the point of "well thats it, thats the universe there.... whats on tv then?" I don't believe in reptilians. I also don't believe that there is no such thing as reptilians. get it yet?
  5. Hurrah for the man

    Yeah I'm judging all your judgmental judger's!!!!
  6. Reptilians?!

    Is this for real? are people actually really so stuck in fixed, conditioned beliefs poured into their ears since birth? oh yeah... they are, it's called "samsara" or something, isn't it?
  7. Hurrah for the man

    d'oh. You said exactly what I thought when reading these silly judgmental (from both sides) posts. oh well... hurray for me too.
  8. Reptilians?!

    Way back from page 2.... Pietro - a belief is a belief... whether it is a belief in conspiracy theories or it is a belief that conspiracy theories are all bullshit. The very simple fact about a belief is it is something that one personally DOES NOT KNOW TO BE TRUE. See we don't "believe" things we know are true, we know them! I've read plenty of that Reptilian stuff..... and I came to the personal theory: I don't know! There could be reptilians or there could not be, but I am in no position at this moment to know for sure either way. I'm trying to get rid of all my beliefs rather then reinforce ones even if they may be scientifically backed 'skeptical' ones.....
  9. this may be interesting. I've only just started playing with it with some very small but interesting results. Mantak Chia is off his rocker.. stay away from his stuff like the plague.
  10. It is all delusion. There can never be a real teacher for something that everyone inherently knows inside anyway. Realization only comes through ones own work, regardless of the discipline. Subscribing to teachers, techniques, etc... all just deepens the fantastic delusion of all that just simply is. The world is already a magical place without need to subscribe to even more fantastical, and completely misunderstood terms like "chi" etc. My mind boggles when I even think of a tiny little red blood cell carrying around an oxygen molecule that I just breathed in from the air.... that is the real magic.
  11. Hot Butt

    What does asinine mean?
  12. Hot Butt

    I ate a little too much chilli at lunch today and have my own version of "hot butt"!!
  13. Annoying people

    I like to annoy people.
  14. QiGong Energy Distant Healing

    A strong belief that someone can heal you from a distance coupled with a strong belief by the sender, sure thing. But it's just a belief.... The same thing with the belief that you even need healing to begin with!