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  1. Chi Weightlifting

    I am going to be very unpopular here, but I rather piss people off in the chance I can save them from harming themselves. It is irrelevant which "master" I learned the practice from. The truth is that MANY of the students of that famous guy in Hong Kong who pulls trucks with his tool have had surgery to fix themselves. I know this because at the time I was linked into that sort of circle. Nobody will talk about this publicly. All these "masters" think about is making money, and selling courses and equipment on this practice is as irresponsible as Dr. JK who sells penis pumps! Asian men in particular are attracted to this practice because they tend to have small dicks. Not all asian men do--some actually have big dicks, but the great majority have small dicks and so they get attracted to these stupid practices that promise sexual potency because they think they can compensate. I know a few famous "stars" from Honk Kong and they are ALL kept by wealthy Chinese businessmen who drink all these yang concoctions and do strange practices and then fuck these gorgeous girls half-to-death once-a-month when they are in town on a business trip. One HK star I knew would get railed for about 5 hours straight by this qi gong idiot/tycoon and she really could care less-she just wanted his money and the apartment he got her in NYC. This is also why so many Japanese porn films block the genitalia. Don't you think it is weird that they have no problem letting the world see them eat feces on camera, but god forbid the world should see how small Japanese cocks are! Eating shit is apparently less humiliating... But I wasn't doing this practice to enlarge my penis, I thought it would assist to open up my blocked sexuality. Guess what? It doesn't work. But you keep increasing the weight and in time it becomes a form of self-abuse and you don't even realize it! One day you may get into energetic communication with your penis and realize how you tortured your most prized possession. What did your penis do to deserve this suffering? You hated it because it didn't function the way you wanted it to or hated it because it was too small? So you strangled and choked it? With age sometimes comes wisdom. You become strong enough just by living courageously to be able to look the ugly truth square in the eye. Chi lifting has nothing to do with cultivation. Nothing. It is a twisted ego-based practice that is incredibly masochistic. Do you know why monks did this practice? It was to RID themselves of sexual desire-and do you know WHY it rids them of sexual desire one day? Figure it out... I know a lot of you are hell bent on this practice. Sexual energy is so distorted in the modern world that this sort of insanity is considered a good idea. It is no different then something on really... I wish I could stop you, but all I can do is offer my perspective. At the end of the day you need to ask yourself what your goals are? 1.increased sexual potency 2.enlightenment 3.physical power and then ask yourself: "is hanging weights from my sexual parts really the BEST way to achieve this?" "Is there any solid proof that this practice helps anyone with anything?" "Have you ever seen a practitioner fuck or satisfy a woman?" "Have you ever seen their erection quality?" "Talked to their lovers?" "Seen any of them get enlightened?" Think about it. -P
  2. Chi Weightlifting

    The above post on HTUSA on weight hanging. It was written by me. Years ago. I used to do this practice religiously. The most I would lift is 42 lbs. but I would swing it really hard while contracting against the inertia. Yes, the practice produces energy. But it has long-term results you may not want. Traditionally the weight is tied around cock and balls. I have tried all 3 styles. One of the results of this practice is a stretching of the tendons and ligaments in the scrotal sack. My balls hang lower then normal and it really sucks. Girls find it attractive, pretty much, but it is a real nuisance. My balls are huge, and the arteries very large. Some of those guys in Hong Kong need surgery to shorten their testicles. BE WARNED! This practice will cause body modifications! Tying to penis alone has had some reported cases of severe damage as well. This practice, while promoted for potency, is actually for the opposite purpose. Most people don't know this, and it takes years before they learn the true intent of this practice. Now that I am approaching 40, I see the practice for what it is--an expression of self-hate due to blocked sexual force. Never get involved in this sort of thing. -P
  3. How can I increase my Testosterone?

    Take this product: and cut back on ejaculating. If you are going to ejaculate, do it in a woman. Your bloodwork is fine, just low test. This will fix it. Cyce it like: For best results use continuously for a minimum of 8 weeks followed by a 2 week off period. During this time you can use Viraloid at a dosage of 6 capsules per day for 10 days. This is the BEST stuff on the market. You also need to eat more meat, your protein levels are too low. Viraloid and Anabolic 7, a high-protein diet and powerlifting have allowed me to put on 35 lbs. of permanent muscle (so far) and I am so horny and aggressive yesterday I broke the hack squat machine at my gym. Meditation is for fags. Peace out!
  4. Taoist Intensive Funds Request

    Cameron, The reason you are wandering is because you do not know what you want. You must define as clearly as possible what it is in life that you want. As you move forward in pursuit of that, you will have opportunities to define it even more clearly. Take these opportunities because a clear definition of your goals is so critical. The problem with spiritual seeking (meaning that people wander around and never find what they are looking for) is that nobody knows what they want. They will SAY things like "enlightenment" and "cultivation" but these words have no meaning to them. Here are some examples of proper goals: 1. I want to be fee from anxiety. 2. I want to have more physical energy with only 1 hour a day of maintenance. 3. I want to have a beautiful girlfriend and give her imploding orgasms. 4. I want to live in a community of people who share X,Y,Z values and my days would flow like this ______. 5. I want to experience a mind without thoughts or this particular state ________ contained in this _________ sutra. 6. I want to build my merit by doing 10 charitable acts towards the following goals ________ this year. 7. I want to learn how to best handle the energy of fear. You get the idea? Even these goals are too general. If you defined what you wanted you wouldn't be wandering and you would have the $$$ as well. Make yourself a "vision board" using pictures and add text. Generally speaking, if you don't have sex and money handled spiritual pursuit is a waste of time. As Osho said, spirituality is not a poor man's undertaking. -Plato
  5. I Succcumbed

    Michael, good to hear about the NCR. Yes, I learned all this from Agharta-he's the man! Thanks Scadder!
  6. Seminar in Chicago...

    Nothing to do with Kunlun...
  7. Seminar in Chicago...

    I left it in my bag, once I realized that Sheiky was not in attendance.
  8. Seminar in Chicago...

    Anybody from here going to Chicago this upcoming weekend for the seminar? Just asking so I know if I need to bring the spray or not. -P
  9. Help My Penis, This Is Not A Joke

  10. Ufc 63

    Yeah, let me tell you, no matter if the topic is working out, making money, getting bitches, fighting, spirituality... there are secrets out there and the secrets and the truth are held back to gain money and power. What annoys me about Scott Sonnon is the sheer AMOUNT of garbage he produces. His whole system is really 6 degrees of freedom, which he repackaged from the Russians. All Russian combat and rehab peeps know this stuff. Just like Matt Furey repackaged the Indian wrestler training from Karl Gotch. Of course there is nothing wrong with repackaging because EVERYTHING is repackaged. That is life. Problem is if you want to make money you have to constantly produce crap. It is a sort of hell, really--except for the $$$ coming in. Scott Sonnon also keeps everyone under his spell by fiercly moderating his forum. Unless you are kissing his ass, you are thrown out. You always have to remain an idiot, or you become a threat and you are thrown out. It is the same thing in the bodybuilding world. 99% of what you read about muscle building is a total lie. Everyone is trying to make the $$$ so they keep you in the dark and sell you fake solutions. Once I figured it out, I went from 170 lbs. to 200 lbs. of muscle in a few months, and I will go to 220-230 within the next few months. I don't eat much and I work out only 2 days a week. I get stronger, too. So I could tell you everything in a 1-page report. How do I sell that? Even if I make a $297 DVD course, then what? So here is the problem. Of course, I am not interested in entering the market I am just giving an example.
  11. Spinal Care

    Atlas Orthoganal machines are interesting. I had A LOT of sessions on one, and I can say that if it doesn't fix your problem in a few sessions, stop doing it. I know a guy in New Jersey, thanks to Smile, who can fix spines in a few sessions. He fixed my back in 3. Chiros hate him because they can't make money curing someone in 3 sessions. I've had tons of chiro, atlas, ncr... he's the only one who created a real change. He did it fast and cheap. A real Bodhissatva!
  12. Kunlun Nei Gung "100 Days" Support Thread

    Cameron, stop embarrassing yourself. Instead of flooding your ludicrous "celibacy support thread" with pix and vids of girls you are lusting after and men who interact well with your daddy-complex you need to accept your lust and then figure out how to transform it. Just take your statement: " I am trying to get some level of being cool with woman out of the way(as they are everywhere) and on a more open, energetic level than sexual, lust level." This statement only makes sense to an insane person. Check this: You only lust after beauty because you are hungry for something. You are hungry for the moment when you first see "a thing of beauty" and there is this instant--this instant that feels so good and YOU WANT IT TO LAST FOREVER. Peak experiences baby, that's what you want. Peak experiences all of the time. Only problem is that you really can't have it all of the time. This is why people are addicted to porn or get into the trap of making babies. Beyond this is the craving to get back to perpetual bliss. People who smoke crack or meth are in the same trap. Now here is a motherfucker I just discovered via a friend that I am trying to study with or set up some sort of seminar. He also teaches Kunlun under the name "bliss exercises:" There you go, so you don't think I am some sort of asshole who enjoys beating on you...
  13. Kunlun Nei Gung "100 Days" Support Thread

    Cameron, Seven months ago I ended a 6-month period of celibacy. No fucking, no masturbating and no emissions. Back in my Healing Tao days I did over 1 year of the same--and I did it more then once. The last time I did the 6-month period I was shooting for a year of celibacy, but I went absolutely nuts and fucked a 19-year old Korean chick in her mouth and ended the insanity. Shortly thereafter I got a girlfriend. Listen Cameron, while it is impossible to attain higher states without conserving sexual energy, it is impossible to attain celibacy if you have not experienced sex. Read some books by Osho on sex. You keep having emissions and all this shit because your body needs to experience sex. If you do not listen it will betray you over and over again until you do. What you need is a bisexual girlfriend. But first you need to take a trip to Thailand and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh so you can dump that sexual awkwardness that repels women. When you get back from there, put down the doughnuts or whatever the fuck it is that you eat all the time, take the right supplements from and get your ass to a bodybuilding gym. Then you need to go out and get a bisexual girlfriend. Then talk to me about celibacy. You will fail at 100 days because even if you have zero emission it will not matter. You do not overcome sex by repression. It is impossible! You, like the majority of the people on this board (IMO), are using spirituality to escape life. You are 30 years old and still have no idea what you want let alone how to get it. Do you have written goals? Why not? What do you think will happen if you hold back your desires for 100 days? How can you attain something if you don't even know what it is? Why not have a goal like "I want the highest levels of sexual satisfaction possible" which is a goal that would include a sexual samadhi? Is this not more realistic? Spiritual paths like the one you are following were intended for beings with minds that were clean BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T REPRESS THEIR DESIRES! Here is your opportunity to wake the fuck up at 30 and not at 35. Take it.
  14. Plato has a prostate health discussion board...

    Well, since I don't have a uterus and despite my continuous attempts at breast feeding...
  15. Plato has a prostate health discussion board...

    I have no problem with legitimate spam so do as you like. I just don't want 1,000 viagra posts or something like that. I have been pursuing the fish oil, chocolate, l-dopa thing for some time. It is sound advice for many people, because birth control and SSRIs do trash the system and your trinity does correct it over time. Of all the women I fucked in my life, only 2 were capable of full-blown orgasms. That is pretty sad but with everyone on drugs all the time you can't expect much else. However, an orgasm is a whole-body event and what if there are disconnections in the body? The wave cannot propagate. This is why even with the right diet things may not work for either sex. The prostate orgasm thing is somewhat unique because the prostate is not the equivalent of the g-spot but rather the uterus. The mix-up occurred due to marketing: even majority of women weren't aware of the uterine orgasms at the time everybody was talking about the g so it would have been bad marketing to tell the truth. Anyway, so just as the uterus matches the heart during orgasms what happens if no connection between the two? This is where Reichian remedies come into play. Just some thoughts... If only my system had "discriminated" against RJ!