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  1. TaoMeow on Coffee

  2. TaoMeow on Coffee

    this thread seems to have lost some traction as of late, any thoughts on cold brewed coffee? i have a jug in the fridge right now that is steeping, it is very convenient. does this still possess the alkaloids and other beneficial compounds or do some of these need heat to activate?
  3. medicinal wines

    has anyone here ventured into making their own? i'm quite curious on how to start but not too sure where to...
  4. Get rid of the snake already!

    hmm, having some trouble with this... if anyone is feeling particularly helpful here is my chart
  5. i've recently gained interest in this area after reading this article it's fairly long but worth it, in my opinion anyway. since then i've purchased jarrow formulas probiotic supplement and have taken to kefir which i either drink or add to smoothies daily. naturally i'd like to pique the collective mind of thetaobums and gather more information, does this seem like hocus pocus to anyone here? virtually every traditional peoples consumed some sort of fermented food and the above article brings some very interesting questions into play... (one of them being the presence of some indigestible protein, i forget, in human breast milk. it is only metabolized and beneficial to a certain strain of bacteria that is in turn beneficial to it's host) i'd like to learn more about this subject, to say the least
  6. Get rid of the snake already!

    how does one determine their own bazi/five element phase?
  7. jewelry

    does wearing gold/silver/onyx etc alter you? i have a kind of intuitive feeling towards this but i thought it'd be an interesting topic to bring up. i find myself moving to wanting to acquire gold.
  8. TaoMeow on Coffee

    just wanted to stop by and say i love using the ibrik. it was spotty at first but i am consistently making good coffee now. i made the mistake of buying some mcdonalds coffee in a rush one day and well it's alarming to think people consider that good coffee or coffee at all, even. there is the hours old dunkin donuts coffee too...
  9. a dream

    you raise some very interesting points liminal luke, i'll have to inquire within on those. i don't watch television and the characters were far too sporadic and lifeless to translate to anything, at least on the surface.
  10. a dream

    alright, this may or may not be the place to put this but my journal is dead so... i had a very interesting dream last night in which i murdered several people, over what appeared to be several life times (i gauged this via the method of killing - grenades, machine guns, strangulation for the last one). a recurring theme throughout the dream was that i was killing people because i couldn't feel anything, i'd become completely numb (this has some bearing in reality) and hoped that maybe killing would make me feel something, anything, other than the bleak numbness. i never got caught for any of the murders and felt nothing, incidentally. i recall in vivid detail actually attending a kind of police-city meeting in which the police decided homicide was highly improbable in one of the people i killed for various reasons etc and feeling completely unaffected. i obviously saw myself attending this meeting and was in a rather birds eye perspective. this led me to killing others to live for the thrill since i felt nothing else. something interesting to note was that i told my mother i killed someone and was crafty enough to rationalize it so that it didn't really bother her, i don't know if this is showing me a part of me i don't realize exists. near the end of the dream a voice told me i had gone too far, it was a female voice, and that i must die. the following sequence was of me standing in front of an extremely vast sea without a single wave and some kind of female figure, presumably mother nature or something of the sort, reassuring me as i died. i don't know exactly how i died but it wasn't a bad thing, very natural feeling, and i didn't wake up startled at all but actually felt overjoyed and calmed. i reincarnated or something as a young korean girl in school but kept some memories and ideas of my past, nothing of the murders however. my mother was telling me she'd let me have a boyfriend and i was helping her prepare food (as the school girl). can anyone who is well versed in dream theory etc give me any idea what this is inferring? i found it a bit odd that i dreamt of killing people in a reasonable quantity and woke up relieved, mostly at the fact i was killed (?)
  11. TaoMeow on Coffee

    getting my coffee from this place now: i really enjoy the fact that it helps the indigenous mexican population. i brewed a cup today and it's really, really good. this is my first experience with shade grown organic coffee and i'm a believer to say the least.
  12. TaoMeow on Coffee

    i made some bulletproof coffee this morning, instead of using the ibrik i used the french press though and will probably be restricted to that for the foreseeable future per time constraints... anyway, i put 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and kerrygold butter along with my prepared coffee in a blender. it was an experience, to be sure, as i had never drank "frothed" coffee like that before and the creaminess of the fats added another dimension to the taste, as well. it's interesting that when i first added coconut oil to my diet a few weeks ago it gave me intense nausea -- i vomited from it once. i persisted thinking perhaps it's lauric acid content was perhaps cleaning something, taking care of an issue i was unaware of but either way i can consume vast amounts of it now without reserve. i think the claims on the bulletproof website are a little farfetched but if nothing else it's an easy way to ensure adequate fat intake first thing in the morning.
  13. what if not everyone has a soul ?
  14. Cultivators and Kultivators

    how can you tell if you're a kultivator