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  1. Hi Walker, To add as a contrast to effi's video of shengong, the daoyin that my FFS has me do is quite specific. For example, I will sit zazen (something I've never done) and simply qigong breathe to my lower abdomen; hold both palms at various centers on my torso, and perform gentle stretches of both shoulders. The stretching is easing up crisis pain from years-long debilitating muscular disease. It's too early to tell, but I've seen improvement in flexibility and strength, and little milestones like being able to sleep in more than one position, give me hope that I can heal. If I had to guess, spontaneous qigong/practices can source from likely infinite origins--the body's innate intelligence, spirits, emptiness, the charisma of another. I have been a part of a shaktipat lineage--practicing it's sadhana for over 12 years--that also moves us by grace of Shakti awakening. Most of the movements are repetitive, however sometimes a practice will drop out of no where (asana, mudra, mantra, pranayam, etc). My guess it is intelligence of emptiness/divine, and we are told it's to purify karma for realization (can take lifetimes). The difference in XYP is it is specific to the school, with a delineated method that is shared among students. The best example for me so early on is the qigong breathing, it is exactly as it was discussed at the retreat and something I've never encountered, and right away FFS is making me do it Also, I am well beyond suggestibility (35 years of seeking and promises) I rarely get anything I expect and feared that XYP may be just 'another' spontaneous practice. I am pleased to find out that it is not.
  2. I have not done a detailed testimonial for my Xiao Yao Pai initiation in VA last week--I have a muscular disease that prohibits much of my activity (metabolic myopathy). I can say definitively that the relationship with FFS is legit; on the first day I was doing stretches and massaging of crisis pain that I've had in my shoulder for months (about 40% range of motion, extreme weakness, pain throughout day). I am improving when before I was spiraling down. Additionally, the qigong breathing described in the seminar is being automatically taught to me by FFS. It is not something I would normally attempt, as it's more martial and uses a lot of abdominal compression and holding of the breath. I feel the energy building up and coursing through my trouble areas--hand positions are placed on various energy centers, as well as automatic mudras. The largest benefit for me now is hope for improvement on a condition that no doctor I've seen can help, that I've suffered for over 15 years steadily worsening. Gratitude for effiliang and zerostao for all the info they've shared here over the years; I owe them and this site for my good fortune in finding Xiao Yao Pai!
  3. Mudras

    Hi Serene, Did you have a kundalini opening at some point? I have had spontaneous mudras for years after Shakti awakening. I think when they happen spontaneously they are a result of Shakti clearing out blockages and balancing internal energy. In our lineage it is interpreted that Shakti clears out accumulated impressions, "dust on the mirror" if you will. The impressions are converted to automatic movements, sounds, mudras, movements of prana. I wouldn't get too caught up with labels, but I know it's fun. Whatever your mudras mean, you look fantastic doing them! Cheers, Gordon
  4. Chaos Magic

    Probably referring to Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY), which was a following to the band "Psychic TV"...chaos/Crowleyan magick inspired. I met some of those cats in my days in the OTO. The stuff they were into was a bit extreme for my tastes, made normal Thelemites seem conservative.
  5. OBEs, Vibrations, Lucid Dreaming

    I've had a number of these kinds of experiences...more of them this year. The vibes are very common, but getting away from your physical body is another issue. I've had the vibes (sleep paralysis) many more times than I've gone OBE. And they are like lucid dreams, except there is no break in awareness from "being" back in the body--real time, then shifing outside the confines of the body. I've also gone from lucid dream--to my body(vibes)--and out. I originally thought of it as a projection inside my deeper relative awareness. I like the concept of consciousness occupying ALL instead of "going" OBE, you are just changing "focus". This was Robert Monroe's conclusion in his later years. Here's a link from an interesting fellow that was a long time contributor on the astral pulse forums, explaining the "focus" model of consciousness: Phasing Awareness Satyalok
  6. MT

    Nice Aphex Twin track: Avril 14
  7. MT

    The Mediaeval Baebes are coming back to Maryland again for the rennfest! Every time I see them, their music sends me into exhalted states. Katherine Blake's voice is hypnotic.
  8. I knew her as just Susan. (I looked it up, her last name IS Carlson) She was on several kundalini forums. She liked to do online chats with ppl and blast them with shakti. She also coordinated dream/astral journeys. I remember her affiliation with Glen Morris, but I didn't know anything about him. Satyalok
  9. :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

    Yes! Marching, hopping. BEWARE SPINNING! I spun fiercely once and felt like CRAP for hours. I would avoid that one. Cheers, Satyalok
  10. :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

    I've had the same hand slapping/rubbing the body experiences with Kunlun....maybe I'll do some practice again. I could really use healing (while avoiding joint damage from flinging my wrists). It's easy for me to overdo it because kundalini shakti is active inside me. I had spontaneous "chi running"...circles around my chair the first several times I did kunlun also. Cheers, Satyalok
  11. Kunlun Questions Thread

    It's been happening to me for years spontaneously. It's a slow process as the tongue has a long way to go to pierce the 10th door and press upon the pituitary gland. Along with the spontaneous stretching back, there will be movements out and side to side to sever the frenulum, as it scrapes against the lower teeth. A slow process, but I think energetic preparation is being made so that the soma actually flows once the door is pierced. I've also heard about damaging your energy body by severing the frenulum intentionally, not to mention speech difficulties. Swami Rajarshi Muni has written most comprehensively on this subject, look him up. Sincerely, Satyalok
  12. Global Shaktipat on August 6th

    My mom is set to go. I've had her sitting in the morning to prepare, just observing her mind/breath. She has already started spontaneous kriyas, which is unusual since the initiation is tomorrow. I think the intention set in motion the activities of divine Shakti. She sat 1 1/2 hours and forgot herself..pretty amazing if you knew her. Satyalok
  13. Jerry Alan Johnson

    Nice! JAJ was my bagua idol in the 80's. I had that vhs tape the clips are taken from I met him in Monterey when I was stationed there, but that was already in the late 90's. He was doing mostly medical qigong/spiritual work. He was very hospitable, I just called him up and he invited me over.
  14. Global Shaktipat on August 6th

    Just bumping this to remind people who may be interested in this. The trial is just a free energy boost which anyone can receive if they sit at the appropriate time on 6 August. The Shaktipat Deeksha will awaken you permanently, but they also want you to do the sadhan daily. They released a nice pdf newsletter today. You can get it by submitting your email in the box on the lower left. Cheers, Satyalok
  15. Hi cat! I did PM Yoda. I've posted before here about kundalini mahayoga/siddhayoga. The divine consciousness is awakened through shaktipat (just the term we use), which is literally the descent of shakti/power from the master to disciple. This awakens kundalini, but in a very safe manner. Following this impressions of karma/samskara are translated into "kriyas"..or automatic yoga. This can be physical (spinal twists, asana, mudras, jumping, pranayama breathing, you name it) or mental (which could run the gamut from thoughts to spiritual experiences)...also laughing/crying....really alot of what has been noted to happen with Kunlun. I think they both work on the basis of collected impressions..or even blockages of energy. We view the divine as the "doer", so there is no accumulation of karma in the process. Other practices done with "I" as the "doer", collect some karma..even if it's very good or "Sattvic". Anyhow, that's the party line, works for me. Cheers, Satyalok