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  1. Neidan plan

    Thanks @iskote. Currently my standing time is 2 minutes. My body goes off balance once or twice. Ive noticed that if I tense any leg muscles willingly - my knees take a hit. I havent yet managed to "relax" into the posture but ill get there.
  2. Neidan plan

    thanks @Iskote Ive started Wu ji zhan zhuang however it will take a little while before I get the posture correct. It looks easy but I guess my body tends to slouch over time. There are also areas of tension that refuse to relax as they help keep my body in that position.
  3. Neidan plan

    Ive recently bought the "Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Neigong" - Im going through it. His Neidan training costs USD 40 per month which is something I can afford for the time being. Thank you all for your kind comments! Time to begin!
  4. Neidan plan

    "If people would only relax their monkey minds and practice daily" - Thats a pretty BIG if. Ive heard that one hour of true meditation equals days of energy work. Someday Ill get there. I think ill start with 5 minutes of ZZ and then slowly expand.
  5. Neidan plan

    Thanks @Iskote @Cleansox @forestofemptiness Im mainly looking for a system that allows me to feel chi - because I really dont have a frame of reference and I have heard conflicting terms defining it - and start cultivating chi. Is cultivating Jing a necessity for cultivating chi ? or is that only in Neidan ? I agree with @Iskote that neidan is a lifestyle and not a program than can be picked up - thats the general idea ive got so far from this forum and reviews and books i have read on neidan. All the cultivators I have heard about have a minimum of a decade of cultivation behind them. Will Zhan Zhuang open my channels ? Mainly the channels on the feet and hands ? Ive also heard a lot of good things about zhineng qigong but Ive read people saying there isnt much neidan cultivation in it, or it requires substantial work (more than others) to be put in before it shows results. Any ideas ? Im 40 years old. Im diabetic and I can start to feel my body slowing down - Im going to commit to whatever practice I pick up. Another question that I have is - Does the Qi get stored in the ren and du channels or in a dantien ? or is the dantien a transformer that transforms Jing to Qi to Shen ? OR have I read too many books and should stop now ?
  6. Neidan plan

    What programs would you recommend ?
  7. Neidan plan

    Thanks! From what ive read, one of the first things is to be able to feel the Qi. Is there any exercise sets for that ?
  8. Neidan plan

    Hello All! Im a 40 year old from India. Im interested in neidan practices but I dont know anyone teaching this in India. Im thinking of following online courses. What are some good courses by which I can cultivate Jing, Qi and Shen ? Another question, does neidan have any parallels with Kriya Yoga ? Do they complement each other ? Regards, Anand
  9. New to Dao Bums

    Hi All, Im Anand. Im new to the Dao Bums and am interested in Neidan Cultivation. Im a 40 year old male from Kolkata, India.