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  1. Struggling over vasectomy... need advice.

    Here is my 2 cents (in response to Yoda's post a few years ago on the subject). I still say the same 4 years now since I had the vasectomy except I notice no physical difference... Best, Matt post Jul 28 2005, 08:54 PM Post #4 Tao Bum! ***** Group: The Tao Bums Posts: 303 Joined: 7-November 04 Member No.: 18 QUOTE(Yoda @ Jul 27 2005, 06:35 PM) I know nobody would be interested in actually getting a vasectomy, but I wonder if there are studies that link vasectomies with longevity. I'd think that the sperm retention would count for something. -Yoda * Yoda, I got a Vasectomy this past January. Sperm production is said to continue as normal. From an energy perspective ones body would not need to expend energy to replace sperm ejaculated. Yes, in the 1800s the procedure was done to old men and was thought to extend their life. I don't have any studies to site, read it somewhere. I also took a look at the energy levels of the guys I knew who had vasectomies, cultivators and non cultivators and it appeared to me that the non-cultivators where very high energy healthy people who seemed to be able to have high tolerance to stress and where just compassionate men. Back to the energy... your body does not need to use energy to replace sperm ejaculated with a vasectomy. Remember though that this does not mean one will not lose vital energy from the body that goes out going "all the way". To me (I reiterate, for me), plain girls advice, some retention (3 finger w/ big draw) is most balanced. Check out page 193, chapter 12 of Taoist Secrects of Love as it talks about vasectomy and healing love. The only thing I notice is that my balls seem different, perhaps smaller and sorta firmer or something. Everything else is the same and I really think it is a good thing to do in the right situation, for example, versus a seperate operation for your female partner for birth control. I would definitely do it all over again. Matt
  2. Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyai Ripoche Dream Yoga: The Practice of Lucid Dreaming as a Path to Enlightenment (Audio CD) by Tenzin Wangyai Ripoche Excellent!
  3. Global Shaktipat on August 6th

    Time and space are not really obstacles. As most here acknowledged, space is not a factor for the transmission. Neither is time. You can experience this type of thing at any time, sometimes, like with "moms", our subtle body is already there before the actual "time". This happens with me a lot. I am not so good at tuning in to future or past events, although sometimes but not as intensely as if it was "the" time. Space is easier to get over in my experience, sounds like others here say the same. Another option would be to send your dream self at 6:30 AM and then when you wake up you will probably still be buzzing Best, Matt
  4. High frequency tone!

    Whoa, slow down guys... there is the physical tinnusitis and then there are "inner sounds". Don't confuse the two and don't confuse the level which chinese medicine is operating at as well. "Inner sounds", continous or not, are part of the path. Best, Matt
  5. Tao and Sexuality

    Hi V, You can find a lot of stuff on the web and/or pick up Mantak Chia's / Michael Winn's Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. There have been refinements to what is taught in that book by Michael Winn, but it serves as a good educational source or practical if you should choose. As far as internet sites, search on Male Deer Exercises, Semen Retention, or 3 finger technique to name a few. From the references I mention, it is more about utilizing the sexual energy for spiritual purposes than it is about judgement or morality. Best, MatthewQi
  6. Is your Taijiquan effective in combat?

    I don't know Darin. I learned all this stuff ass backwords I am taking TaiChi now with a live teacher. I learned NeiGong (or inner alchemy) first (yes, from books and tapes). And fortunately was blessed by divine grace to awaken (but it ain't everything, it goes on and on, but I don't really care about that, but sometimes I do, lol). It is interesting to see my taichi teacher get confused when he feels the power. Same look that Winn had when I focused on his crown at a retreat when he brought up that he did that to a teacher he studied with. They are just like whoa, totally distracted by it, they noticed it, and I see that, but they have no idea where it is coming from. So anyway, my point is that with inner skill there is perhaps no reason for outer martial arts. The best fight is the one that never had to occur becuase of our own inner state or flowing in the Way. High level Ninja's (like Glenn Morris) talk about this. When flowing in the Way, one has no attachment, there is no reason for self defense, it is handled by a greater power and the outcome or even the situation you are in has no meaning of signifigance to you. We all transform, what part of ourselves is clinging to form? What is beyond that? What is really running the show? who/what are we? On the other hand, some people can use their mind power to influence events and situations. To me this is also inner skill and very real, however, it must be done without attachement and in being one with the Way. Who is pulling the strings? What is the razor's edge? Why are there clouds in the sky today and why did I think of sunshine and now it is getting sunny? One of the purpose of MAs (in modern times) from my perspective is to eventually go deeper within, but we all need a place to start and the MA's are great for a lot of people for that. Truly, what is to be defended? that is why there is more to it than that. Gotta dump the atttachments (easier said than done cause that means everything, your particular taste for things, your family, etc. = not easy, and definitely not the way most of us are trained to be) So why am I learning TaiChi?, lol. I like to experiement with different techniques. It is said to be a way of internal power so I am checking it out. So far, I am finding this is true and I am more able to surrender into the Way. However, this feeling is perhaps more chi vs. shen based, I don't know, but it is all good, that is for sure. What I mean is that a certain aspect of energy is able to be directed willfully and a certain aspect of our being is not, or better, is best to be surrendered to or ask and let it go. If one can master surrender, then energy practices are not necessary. But for the rest of us, we need to do it to get ourselves "there". Best to you! I have felt your sincerety and I know that you will find what you need, no doubt! That is part of the Way and a very important factor to finding what you are seeking. Bizzarely, so is letting go of everything that you so intensely seek and just being who you are. Sometimes we (all of us, myself included) have to call it quits and let things go the way they go Don't forget to love and accept who YOU are my friend! Best, MatthewQi
  7. kunlun ears

    Hi, Interesting, I have experienced the rushing sound, the constant inner sounds, the head moving back (naturally, from the energy), and many more things not listed. Based on my experience and understanding from many sources, these are classic Kundalini signs/experiences. Nothing to be concerned with, just let go of your thinking rational mind and just being is good advice as stated above. I would surmise that the reason to keep your head from moving back is to insure proper alignment. I have minimized the importance of proper spine alignment in my practices and I can now say based on experience that it is something not to neglect. That is not to say that occasionally letting the head go back is detrimental. Actually, it might be an indication that your alingment in general is off and the energy is trying to adjust you. Ironically or not, this is one of the same movements I am learning in physical therapy in order to heal my severe neck pain, caused by improper posture. And it definitely is working. It is part of the techniques in the Mackenzie Method. Best, Matt
  8. Zhang San Feng

    Funny WYG, I went to my first Tai Chi class ever today and I got home and was researching ZSF. Here is some stuff I found: Also, Thomas Cleary's books include stuff on / by ZSF. Primordial Qigong or Tai Chi for Enlightenment available from Michael Winn is a favorite practice for me and others and was supposedly created by ZSF. Let us know if you find anything interesting... Best, Matt
  9. Fertilizing the Pineal Gland

    There is a type of yogic breath that stimulates the pineal by moving the soft palate, no need to snip the base of the tongue. It sounds a bit like darth vader breathing or snoring. Breathing in through the nose sucks the soft palate up and breathing out pushes it down but also notice the area above the soft palate lowers as well. When you make the sounds mentioned, you are doing this type of breathing. Actually you can stimulate the area with suction alone (independant of the breathing technique). Matt
  10. Anyone up for chat?

    Anyone up for chat? I will be in there, send a sound when you get in! Matt
  11. If anyone is interested in discussing the Eva Wong book tonight, I will be in chat... Matt
  12. Instructions for zazen

    Funny, this is the practice that I started with when I first began meditating, same exact page Cam posted, the pdf at the bottom. Just sent it to a friend the other day too. A friend of mine did at least one retreat there. He really got a lot out of it. The teacher he had was awesome and based on what he told me about his experience with him, the real deal. Had to get up real early in the AM though and lots of work, meditation, and structure. Best, Matt
  13. Hi, I got my copy in the mail yesterday. Excellent choice for a first book! Matt
  14. Just Bookclub. Short, sweet, simple and understandable. I ordered the Eva Wong book, looks pretty interesting... Best and thanks for organizing this! Matt