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  1. tooth regeneration

    I use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap with about 1 part soap to 9 parts water, with a small amount of liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract as a preservitive and antimicrobial agent. The dilution prevents the soap from numbing my taste buds. At first I used 1 drop of soap on a tooth brush and it numbed my sweet tastes buds for about a week. Using the diluted soap produces plenty of soap bubbles and it doesn't numb my taste buds. The mint in the soap makes it taste a lot like toothpaste. I add baking soda once in a while to get a more aggressive brushing experience once in while. I use the natural soap because I'm leery of the chemicals that are in commercial soaps and the estrogen mimicking affects that many chemicals have. Since the blood supply is so dense in the mouth it's practically like injecting it directly into your blood stream. If I remember correctly taking 1000 mg of Vit C a day reduces plaque by about 30%.
  2. The 5 Tibetan Rites

    These were the first energy related exercises I did. At first I found them to be very stimulating ... to the point the energy in my solar plexus was so active I felt like I wanted to puke. After a while they became a great way to balance my body with a similar affect as the 6 healing sounds. I find the 5 Tibetans to be easier to do than the 6 healing sounds. There is actually quite a lot of overlap on stimulating/releasing the organs in the 5 Tibetans and the 6 healing sounds. I'm starting a variation on combining the 6 healing sounds and the 5 Tibetans. The biggest difference is I replace the spinning motion with "shaking the tree". I find it does a better job of loosening up the energy body. I'll post a more detailed description later. Although one of the easiest ways to balance the energy in the body is using copper and zinc pipes about 6" long and filled with different crystals, "Rods of Ra". I'll post the details in a new topic because this doesn't have anything to do with the 5 Tibetans.
  3. In the "The 6 Yogas of Naropa" it includes meditation on higher deities to become like them. I found that meditating on the qualities of the deity you want, and becoming those qualities, results in shifting your self limiting ideas about yourself. So you could just make up your own super being and meditate on having the same qualities. Though their could be some advantages in using traditional deities because joining with an established thought form could bring faster results.
  4. Bow Before Me...

    This is how I scored: Hinduism ... 83% Satanism ... 79% Buddhism ... 71% Islam ............ 54% Christianity ... 46% Judaism ........ 42% agnosticism ... 42% Paganism ...... 33% atheism .......... 4% It looks like I could easily be a Hindu, Satanist, or a Buddhist. I consider myself more of a combination of a Buddhist and a Taoist. The only rule I really keep as a "Dogma" is to "treat others as you want to be treated". I rely on myself to become a better person; rather than looking for a God to save me.
  5. On love and sex

    By neutered I mean he has rejected the male side of himself and accepts only the female expression of sex.
  6. What is your true purpose?

    I don't believe in destiny or a preset purpose, so "What is my life's purpose" isn't something I ask anymore. I ask: "What experiences do I want to have?" I can really relate to what you wrote Sean. I've agonized over what I should I do with my life ... what was I meant to do for years. I also have many interests and not enough time to do them all well. I'm definitely a scanner. One of the greatest benefits of scanning is that you have a greater array of tools to use to achieve the experiences you want. The catch is what do you want? I've come to the conclusion that personality and interests are pliable and can be changed to suite whatever experience you want to have. Once I was able to experience pure awareness without thought, it became much clearer that you are really in control of how you experience the world, and a personality and identity is something you create for yourself, but isn't really you. It's more like a toy that you play with. I'm moving away from grasping for things outside of myself for fulfillment and looking more inward. I'm focusing on who I want to be rather than allowing life circumstances and past reactions to decide for me. I've advanced more in 3 years using the "watching meditation" than any other method, belief, prayer, etc. When Papaji became enlightened he still had to decide what kind of person he wanted to be. So even if you gain enlightenment it doesn't mean that you can sidestep your human personality. ... now I'm starting to ramble so I'll end it at that.
  7. On love and sex

    Barry Long's Men are Evil View Barry Long writes: "No matter how much a woman loves her man and wants to give her love to him, she will not and cannot give up all her divine energies if he is not yet himself, fully integrated or aligned with love." I agree that if you don't feel truly safe with another you aren't going to fully open to him. Barry Long writes: "A woman is only ever less than her true nature because of man’s lack of love." It's not a secret that women are more heart centered then men; and if she doesn't feel fulfilled from the primary perspective which she moves from (the heart) then yes she will feel less than fully satisfied. If a man doesn't feel like a woman is accepting of his physical affections then he too will be less than his "true nature" because of a woman's lack of affection. If a woman really does accept a man's way of expressing affection, it will lead him to give her the love that she craves because he will love her for accepting his gift of himself. Barry Long writes: "She went off into her dream of love to escape his sexuality." His theme that the male expression of sex is bad is tiresome. Barry Long writes: "Her babies have long been a substitute for his love." I've seen women who have stronger emotional ties with their children then their husbands and use their children to find some sense of emotional fulfillment, so he has a point there. On the other hand men seek outside sexual relationships because their wife doesn't give them what they need. Barry Long writes: "Unlike man, a real woman can exist without sexual intercourse or masturbation. She waits for love, not sex." Here we go with men are bad bad bad because they like sex, and only misaligned women like sex ... again because of that bad man who won't love her. This is a very negative view towards male sexuality and implies that only good girls want to be loved and don't want sex with those bad dirty men. jeeesh how long will it take for people to accept the whole person? You could ask "Unlike woman, a real man can exist without relating every detail of his day. He waits for a physical connection" Barry Long writes: "It is man’s world and he built it on the strength of sexual aggression. Male domination began in sex and in sex it continues unabated." Here we see his real view of male sexuality as an act of violence. On the topic of violence, just because men are physically violent, and it's easy to see it's affects, doesn't mean that women are not just as violent. If a man is hurt he lashes out physically. If a woman is hurt she tends towards withholding herself and lashing out emotionally with personal attacks when she feels she has the upper hand. It's more of a siege warfare mentality geared at personally destroying him. Just because the violence is more subtle doesn't mean it is any less vicious, and I would go so far to say it is more personally destructive than physical violence. Barry Long writes: "It means to know inside herself what is right and true and stick to that, even if it means the man leaves her. Woman is love. All she has to do is realise that, by giving up her self doubt and fear." If a woman doesn't understand the "language" of how a man primarily perceives and expresses himself she will never get what she wants because she will only accept a man that acts like a woman. So if she follows Barry's advice she will never find a man. What is needed is an understanding of how men and women give and receive love, which by Barry's description man only expresses his sexuality as animal lust and domination. This obsessive focus on one type of sexual expression is just plain wrong and denies the full expression of male sexuality. I am frustrated that Barry has bought into the lie that the only good man is a neutered man. I am also frustrated at the portrayal of men in the media, and society in general, that men are sex and alcohol obsessed idiots that couldn't get through the day without the oh so much superior woman telling him what to do. How many positive male roles are shown on TV? Not many. If that isn't destructive enough the feminists push a male model of approaching the world on women that just causes them to move away from their authentic selves. No matter how much you want you can't get away from the yin and yang energy that colors how men and women primarily experience the world. Understanding, patience, and kindness will go a lot further than trying to push people into being something they're not. Barry does have some good points but they are colored by a negative view of being a man.
  8. The key to Taoist sex and retention

    You could do a bandha lock on the perneium using your ankle or ball of cloth, but I think this tends to lead to chi congestion in the perineum, which gets congested anyway. I prefer leading chi into the central channel by meditating on the crown and root chakra. 1. Place attention on the root chakra until you can feel the chi collecting there, warmth, coolness, tingling, etc. 2. Do the same for the crown chakra. 3. Bring energy through the root chakra into the central channel up to the crown chakra, moving the chi up and down the channel to clear out blockages. Use your own judgement for how many times to do this. 4. Do the same for the crown chakra. 5. Bring chi continuously through the the root and crown chakra into the central channel. Although you are directing chi through the top and bottom chakras the main focus should be on the 2 energies collecting in the central channel. I visualize the central channel as a long florescent tube (like in ceiling light fixtures) which gets brighter and more intense the more I focus on it. The 2 chakras balance heaven and earth energies. When I collect energy at the root chakra I feel a pleasurable sensation. I also feel a pleasurable sensation at the top of head too. When I balance and charge the central channel with the 2 energies my body feels more "solid" and my mind and emotions become clearer and my energy body becomes more powerful and easier to sense. Basically I'm collecting energy in the central channel rather than the DT. 6. If you have the intention to always collect energy this way, even when you are not setting time apart to do this, it will become a subconscious habit which will let you increase your chi 24/7 . Let me know if these instructions need to be clarified or elaborated on.
  9. I have also had renewed interest in asrtal travel as a way to increase my practice times through the night. Many times I go to bed feeling pretty clear and balanced and wake up with the usual mental and emotional imbalances. What in the world am I dreaming at night? forums has a wealth of information on astral travel. Frank has had out of body experiences for many years and he has more of an objective less spiritual point of view. I tend to agree with his ideas more than others. Check out his posts and pay particular attention to his exit techniques. Link to Frank's Posts
  10. Down and Dirty Libido

    Sacral Pump Cranial sacral therapists see the cranial sacral fluid (CSF) as the primary way of bringing energy into the body. I've done cranial sacral meditations and they are very balancing and healing. What I haven't done is energize the cranial sacral fluid to increase the energy level of the body. I was planning on writing an article on it, but it got pushed to the side. My current energy practices are more general rather than moving energy in specific patterns. Mostly being aware of my body and empty mind. I want to better detox my body before jumping into white skeleton again. Connection With Others - Response to Rex I'm not clear on what you mean by "basic sanity". If you mean do I find people with a general level of sensitivity of heart as mine? Then yes I do. But they tend to be more cut off from their heart center because that level of sensitivity opens them up to greater level of suffering than most people. They are pretty rare. I'll leave it at that until I understand what you are saying better. Having a heart connection with someone isn't difficult even if they are at a different level of sensitivity, the feeling of separation comes more from having a different level of thought and "existing". When I see others there is a type of obsessive compulsive fixation on what current event is happening in their life and they are consumed in that thought. I can see their "awareness", its just that they are drowning in their thoughts. For us to connect on a common level it would be their awareness directly perceiving my awareness, without a massive wall of thoughts between us. Also since they are more attached to thoughts and I am less attached, my general level of value of events is different. I'm more interested in perceiving myself than finding another thought to be entertained with ... well much of the time. Then there is a vague sense of disconnecting from the group consciousness. You just have a sense that you aren't part of the group anymore. It's a vague perception so I can't really elaborate on it.
  11. Down and Dirty Libido

    Thanks for the advice Yoda. I've been using the chakras rather than channels. I'll have to give that a try. Using the front channel reminds me of using Jack Johnston's Male Multiple Orgasm and moving the erotic energy up the front of the body through the breath. I haven't done that in a long time ... be interesting to move the energy through the back channel with the breath and see what happens. I've been toying with the idea of combing the white skeleton meditation with MMO. The first yoga of Naropa is meditating on two gods having sex. Master Nan recommends the "Six Yogas of Naropa" in "To Realize Enlightenment".
  12. Down and Dirty Libido

    Primal Excitement and Love I've experienced the same change. What I've found is that I'm moving through the heart center more, rather than a physical/sexual center. My sexual desire hasn't decreased but it has switched focus from desiring primarily a physical connection to a heart/personal connection. Not to say it wasn't there before, it just wasn't' the main theme of how I was expressing myself. What has worked for me is mixing the best of both worlds. I find that exchanging love is exhilarating and deeply personally satisfying. When I say "personally satisfying" I mean the center I experience as the personal "I". The physical primal excitement is exciting and physically fulfilling but doesn't really reach into a personal connection. When I have sex that is oriented physically I don't feel very personally satisfied. If I put my attention on a physical/sexual connection, then I feel a primal desire to connect. I feel the desire to physically pour myself into the other. Then once you are firmly established in this energy field of thought you can stay there or move to your heart center and connect there too. It's a bit like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time, it takes finesse to do but the end results are spectacular. It's a way to fully express yourself through two centers at the same time. I find it harder to have a heart connection than switch to a physical connection ... I think because the heart center is more delicate and the physical energy is coarser and feels less important. Another center I've been connecting with is the 3rd eye, and it seems that it's your awareness looking at the other's. It's a somewhat new experience for me so I really can't say much about it. I've been doing a lot of silent watcher meditation so maybe it's just that I'm paying more attention to awareness in general. I've also find that the general group of women I'm interested in continually decreases, mostly because my energy field just doesn't resonate with as many women. If you look at women through more of a physical connection you can bring up their heart energy by connecting with it. But there is a major downside to having short relationships when you start connecting with your heart. First your heart doesn't understand that relationships end, and it hurts deeply if the other person rejects you. So starting up a heart connection then dropping it isn't really fair to the other person. Also when you bring up the other person's heart to a higher vibration the energy increase will start to release past emotional pain and that pain can either be taken on by you and worked through, or the other person will feel it (and possibly push you away) or you can pull it out and let it flow into the general environment. Since my goal is to find enlightenment in this lifetime I don't think it's fair to have a long term married relationship, with the reasonable responsibilities that go with it, and the amount of time and effort that goes into cultivating enlightenment. If you are in a loving intimate relationship you aren't just cultivating for one, you are cultivating for two, because your hearts are always connected no matter how far apart you are. And if you disconnect your heart and energy body from the other then they will feel rejected on an emotional level if not on a conscious level (I know because I've done it) so either you cultivate with all their faults/sins/karma or you cultivate alone. It's hard enough to work though my own karma so I'm staying single for the time being. The more I progress with empty mind meditation the more I find that my common connection with others grows further away. Their interests are no longer my interests so there is a sense of isolation because there is no one else to share your common experience with. I haven't posted in a while because most of my time has gone into empty mind meditation. I experimented with the white skeleton mediation and I developed a cyst on my foot from the poisons being drawn out. So I'm currently working on detoxing my body through the mucusless diet. Then I'll move on to a colon detox then fasting with the support of ozone and clay baths. Then I'll go back to white skeleton meditation.
  13. Juicing

    If I had the money a "twin-gear juicer" would be my choice, but they cost about $100 more than a Single Auger Juicer. and are the same company. Below is taken from Twin Gear Press These juicers have two gears that basically press out the juice of the produce. The screws turn at a low 90-110 rpm. It is very similar to two gears in a automobile transmission that mesh together. Basically, the produce is pushed (with some force) into the two gears, which first shreds, and then squeezes the produce. These machines are best for juicing vegetables since these machines rely on the fibrous cell wall to push the pulp through the machine. As a bonus, these machines will also juice wheatgrass (Generally a separate wheatgrass juicer is required to juice wheatgrass). The quality of the juice produced with these machines can be compared to the quality of the hydraulic press above. These machines are not for the"faint" or "frail" hearted as some pressure is needed to feed the produce into the machine. Machines in this category are the Green Power Juice Extractor, The Green Star Juice Extractor and the Samson Ultra Juicer. These juicers truly give "the best of both worlds" but there is one drawback: the price. They can be as much as two to three times the price of the Centrifugal or Mastication Juicers. While these juicers are best for juicing vegetables, the Green Power and Green Star machines have a fruit attachment available to help it better juice fruits. (We have successfully juiced hard apples, hard pears, watermelon with rind, and citrus successfully with these twin gear machines). The Green Power, Green Star and Samson Ultra are also able to homogenize as the Champion above, and make raw apple sauce, delicious fruit sorbets, nut butters, baby food. Included with the green power and green star is the pasta maker and mochi (Japanese rice cake) attachments. To read a head to head comparison of these style juicers, please see our article, twin gear showdown.