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  1. What are you listening to?

    i've been into "spirit: a journey in dance, drum and song and bill miller lately. when i have time. workin too damn much.
  2. what r u gonna be for halloween?

    love it. so i gotta share this too. me and captain canada:
  3. How to become a Taoist

    i still swear i'm not one.
  4. reading list

    does it count if they MADE you read it? like in school? or does only voluntary reading count?
  5. wuji

  6. wuji

    well, it's really intent driven. you shift your spacial awareness to the palce you wnat o cetner the practice. just envision yourself being there. close your eyes when you do it. open your eyes and see your physical location. now keep awareness of both. the neutral space acts as a kind of vacuum tht will suck in and balance anything that is out of balance, i think is how it works. you can also make the gathering fo the dark force or unhealing correspond to the physical gathering movements of the form. since you're invoking many pwoerful assistants and guides when you do this, you can get help from them--the powers of the four directions, center, heaven , earth, taoist immortals, ancesotrs, ancient ones, whover you care to include. now i just peeked over at the healing tao forum and it seem michael winn doesnt have any problems with any of this, because he did reply and didnt mention this issue. only thing he responded to was the issue of yuan qi as the foundation of physical reality. so i might just have something here
  7. wuji

    i dint really know where to post this. i thought about putting it in personal practice discussion, but i havent puyt anything there for so long it was like, "whats the point?". then i thought about putting it in articles, but i have no ide3a how longits going to be. then i thought its such a popular recurring topic (the wuji qigong), why not just put in taoist discussion? i've had some fantastic results with the wuji lately. i've been involved with this healing work from afar and found that the neutralizing power of the wuji is tremendoous. sure it expands the neutral space within each of us who does it. it enables powerful shifts into the energy body. it mixes jing, qi, and shen. it manifests the unmanifested. and so on. the work i've been involved in lately, and that is turned on 24/7 and has me kinda spaced to the point that i havent been participating in physical culture or society muych lately, is a distance healing, of both individuals and groups. the helaing is of a paticualry thorny nature in taht it involves "exorcizing" darkness, demons, the dark side. i dont mean that in a judeo-christian hell-born entity sort of sense, i mean it in a individual energetic and group energetic sort of sense. what i found is that no matter where you are in teh universe, you can center the wuji qigong anywahere you want. for example, though i am physically here in china, i can center my wuji practice at a place in new jersey, or the caribbean, or the moon. the practice has the immediate and automatic effect of neutralizing, that is balancing, yuan qi making effect on the local environment. it also has that effect on the place where you are spiritually cetnering the practice. thus you can neutralize that location or individuals and groups in it. you can pull out the "evil" or darkness that effects them, gather it in with the wuji, and dissolve it, returning it to the earth in its transformed state. thus the healing is achieved. also, because of the expansioin of the neutral space, any dark forces that attempt to interfere are pwoerless. they cannot enter that neutral space. if they do, they are gathered in and neutralized as well. keeping this neutral space well established is perhaps the best protection against demonic forces. what i'm wondering now is, is it possible to expand this state infinitely for yourself and even for humanity, creating a universal harmony? i dont know if this can be done physically owing to the dual nature of physical reality.
  8. i'm gonna be a bloody referee......
  9. wing chun?

    i guess if wing chun were any good bruce lee wouldnt've invented jeet kun do.
  10. soon sean, lozen, n yoda

    i look forward to the video. hope she wears something sexy.....
  11. Howd you find the tao?

    it was always there.
  12. soon sean, lozen, n yoda
  13. Hun, po and other obscurities

    that is why there is fusion, oh hun-colored one.
  14. Morning Routine

    it's a winn form.
  15. Whats in a Name???

    the name is sort of a minor guardian of the threshold, i guess. in intiatic work, especially the western variety, each level of work is protected by a guardian of the threshold you have to get past to enter that level. they're often terrifying beasts or ordeals. if you don't really want it, you won't really try. could we say the same of plato's scat porn on taobum? infintile transgression, or cleverly connived guardian? amazing how thought provoking scatporn can be sometimes