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  1. I feel that the belief system, to me, is insight through meditation and application of that insight in order to do what is right in your life. To teach others ways of insight and tell them the ways of being that are correct in the ways of the universe.
  2. Is America trending towards Fascism?

    Facism requires a degradation of a monarchy in to chaos. A lack of trust in democracy with formal royals wanting more than they can normally require and a trust in a dictator to fullfill their desire. A Great Depression, if you will, that we are not in. There were many things that lead to facism around the world. None of these are now present in the world or America. We (the world) are not in a facist situation.
  3. Commentary, interpretation, paraphrase

    I think the basic premise of ddj is that when society breaks down you have to return to nature to find purity and peace. The ddj seems to me to be one man's journey to peace and harmony, away from civilization.
  4. Is America trending towards Fascism?

    As an America I would like to respond to this topic. All people here are individuals. Some have various ideas of how to run this country. Some sit and vote or choose not to vote as a form of expression on how the country is to be run or an expression of some sort of speech. Those elected are no more than public servants with ideas on how to run this country. They are not necessarily the brightest nor the dimmest bunch of people. Those in the executive branch of government, now, are mostly business people, I would say. People are not perfect, in society. I would say people in general are as perfect as the universe. Society changes people. The idea of facism brings about the idea of ignorance created by social philosophy founded in Europe and spread (some what) to china and Southeast Asia in a changed form. This is not really found in America, it is not American. People who espouse facism or socialism of some sort are being misled by some facist or socialist. They are told ideas like it is Christian to be socialist because they love everybody and then go on about hatred of facist people. I can not really distinguish a facist from a socialist except one (facist) has power and the other does not. It is by definition impossible for us to have a facist government in the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. It would mean a complete revolution and would not make it very far because facist are few in number and the rest are many. There is no such thing as facist America. There are facist people, but that is not "we the people". That is we the few. Have a nice day.
  5. To answer the doctors question, you don't take a pill and no it doesn't change you. It's remembering who you are. It remembering what the universe is.
  6. Meditation is a personal, beautiful action. I don't know how anybody, no matter where they are educated, can comment on such a personal experience and call it hazardous for all people in general.
  7. I disagree with the premise that meditation can cause any problem what so ever. Being quiet and alone, is not going to hurt you in any way.
  8. It is hard to say, it is all pictorial to me and my translation. It is like "he is on a great journey, he is carrying food and stuff" that is what the first symbol mean pictorially. Commonly translated as dao or the way.
  9. Hello, I started translating the dao de king from the stand point that the characters stood for a symbolism of translation. I ignored modern ideas of character meaning and went for direct translation. I feel it worked rather well and readily made sense. There was no mystery to it. It seemed to be about a governmental official fleeing from another government official and having trouble covincing the ox he was riding to do things. It started almost at the border where he was crossing to go into the wild. The dao symbol means to me a great travel away from impurity. The text as purely symbolic is a story of renewal and escape from strange ideas and hope. Blessings be to you in these dark times. adia
  10. Hello, I have read certain excerpts of Buddhist literature. Directly translated words written down a long time ago, when they started having a written language. It has made my life richer. I feel that all of these ancient people have to be listened too. I feel that ancient people tend to not have religious motives and their stories are free from political-religious rhetoric that leave you feel clean with a sense of purity. I wonder if any pure ones will ever write down ancient words handed down through the ages about reality. I feel that people are not told the truth and many things people are told to be fairy tales are in fact true. amitabha adia
  11. magnolia grove monestary

    Went there, it is very nice. Had a wonderful time.
  12. Zen

    This is a word of caution to those in North America. There are no ghosts, i know that it is popular. What you are experiencing is technology. Technology that spreads rumors of ghosts. Be strong.
  13. How to Feed Your Demons

    I believe there are not demons. The are people like the Buddha with life experiences that are different than normal. Life is supposed to be like the life of a bird and perfect. Any deviation from this leads to a pondering of why life is different than that. It is not bad to ponder but people can find it difficult and always seem to want to keep occupied. Chris
  14. Zen

    Hi, how are you.