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  1. When the moon hits his eye like a big pizza pie...?
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  3. So the price of persimmons is astronomical as they being used to make flour? Since last fall?
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  5. What I love about this collection of souls is the never ending leads provided. For instance my response to "Do not worry" was is "Don't Worry - Be Happy". Which in turn lead to Meher Baba. Further along I learned Meher Baba coined the term "masts" i.e. persons intoxicated with God. What's this have to do with the price of persimmons? Nothing! I suspect I have to much time on my hands ... but I'm having fun!
  6. Hi LimA You and everyone of course are welcome to squeeze into my post whatever adds clarity for you them. I enjoy hot warm and finally cool tea... edit to capitalize the A
  7. So if you are not a Buddhist suffering is optional?
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  14. Your example of the Muni and the hunter seems to be a case of a lie by omission. There is the old saying "The truth will set you free" Or possibly earn one a shiner in the case of "Does this dress make look fat?"
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