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  1. simplify

    Life review during NDE
  2. simplify

  3. simplify

    Nutty farmer
  4. Staff addition and update

    No with a moniker like Marblehead I figure you for a stoner lol Hold on to that thought "in all humility I fully agree that I am wonderful." True thanks to you both and for all whom contribute to this site!
  5. simplify

    Clarence Carter
  6. simplify

    Josephs coat of many colors
  7. simplify

    tea party
  8. Hello everyone

  9. Spiritually practicing musicians

    Fake it till you make it!
  10. hello!

  11. New here

  12. New to Dao

  13. Hello everyone

  14. New to group

  15. Hello i am George

  16. Hello World!

  17. Hello world

  18. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 31

    I love soul food
  19. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 31

    Cause your hungry?
  20. Gun Control and Shootings

    Well, I thank you for the correction And also for the comments with it!
  21. Gun Control and Shootings

    Only in America. sad to say only in America
  22. Gun Control and Shootings

    Upon reflection I want to make it clear I'm as upset with the gun violence in America and thru out the world as I can be. My humorous post was an attempt to make it clear that this is a complex problem and it will defy easy answers. So called "knee jerk reactions" is what I was and am critical of...
  23. Gun Control and Shootings

    Shortly after reading this post, (and in all honesty, many similar posts ), my knees began shaking or would begin to shake... Funny thing being I had a doctors appointment today and I took my nieces I pad along ... "Doctor, Doctor give me the news ... my knee reacted earlier as I described before.. and we couldn't replicate it in your office." "Lets try this Doctor now watch carefully" I said. "What are you doing?" she asked? "I'm about to read a post on The Dao Bums." I replied as I opened TTB > Off Grid > Gun Control and Shootings and pulled the very post I quoted above.... I began to giggle and my knees began to dance. Then I laughed uncontrollably as my knees jerked, first one then the other... somewhat violently I might add at least to those not use to such a spectical. "Mr. Cold", the Doctor said Eureka "You are having a sympathetic knee jerk reaction to the knee jerk posting!" she exclaimed! "The laughter is helpful very helpful!" the Doc said "But I'm going to write you a prescription" she continued as she wrote "Take one grain of NACI as needed when reading certain posts by those particular authors prone to knee jerk reactions. Just thought I would pass this along, with the recommendation to take it with a grain of salt...
  24. Good evening Dao people..