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  1. Delete thread please

    I would be interested in the same questions you had. Especially since his courses are good but expensive so sometimes your not really sure to go for it or not
  2. Reverse breathing for Kundalini syndrome cure

    Reverse breathing is a big NO when suffering from Kundalini syndrome.. Reverse Breathings is know to strongly enhance circulation and compress energy when done correctly. Thats why its practiced a lot in martial arts. Reverse Breathing will amplify emotional and mental states It is a big NO go zone when you really are suffering from Kundaline syndrome. Reverse Breathing in itself is not bad it is neutral but i will powerfully magnify whats already present emotionally and mentally.
  3. Does Liuhebafa Exist ?

    General The Lui He Ba Fa Form creates a lot of energy. I learned some of it. What to do if you cannot find your favorite art? my best advice is to lay the foundation. Meaning if Liu He Ba Fa is not available then train the three classical chinese internal arts Hsing Yi Bagua and Tai chi. example from another school You will notice that Bruce Kumar Frantzis does the same with his students that want to become strong. He gives them always SANTI practise and later moves them to Tai chi or Bagua practise. Bruce used to work with the chen pan ling form that exists out of Hsing yi bagua and other movements. He mentioned that his students got more benefit practising these arts seperate "tasting" their energies and clearly distinguishing them. Later when they do this complex form they got better results and a deeper experience. Wish you lots of Good Luck When you finally find a Liu He Ba Fa teacher you will get more out of the training. Or you might meet a Liu he Ba fa teacher will you are training Hsing Yi or Bagua. since this art is the crown jewel most teachers that know it do not go advertising it.
  4. pumping hot or cold jing energy to the brain is an advanced art. It can bring great benefit if its used to transform jing to shen and rejuvenate the body. This should not be practiced by beginners and / or people that do not have a master around who can fix things or without knowing how to remedy deviations. Some of the very common negative things that can happen are: Increased pressure on the brain or in the head. mild effects would be a extremely strong migrain that may not decrease with medication. some of the experiened qi gong practioner will know what i am talking about. Pumping to much hot jing up to the head has the risk that this energy gets trapped in the head. If it transforms and rejuvenates the body that would be fine. (the high feeling that you describe) If it gets locked up in the head and your not able to get it down that i might create hallucinations or seeing things that are not really there. So resuming in regard of chi in the head it would be more likely that you should worry about damage to shen or psychological breakdown. (hallucinations and other fun stuff) Anwsering your question you will probably not die from doing this that would be highly unlikely. The chance of dying or severe discomfort has a very high probability when chi gets tramped in the chest area. However it would be prudent and wise that you have all the skills and tools available to avoid hot jing getting trapped in the head It would be good when practising Qi gong to have a clear objective in mind, a clear qi gong method, and how to measure when you got there. Objective rejuvenate the body Method pump chi Measure rejuvenating high in the body It would not be a good idea to just keep pumping chi for the sake of pumping chi to the head. As mentoined it is an advanced heavy duty practise that brings rewards and high risks as well. I also checked they dont repair brains or have spare ones in stock. sorry that was just a joke :-)
  5. My account was hacked and the tao bum tech blocked it in time. I am unable to set a,new password because it is,asking the recent password to reset. the hacker probably set a new recent password that I do not know.I now only have acces to the forum through my phone because that session is still open. Can anyone help thx. I can be contacted through my email adres. It is safe I have checked connected device and I work with 2 steps verification.
  6. I wondered whether Kuji-In also originated in China? I stumbled upon this information accidently when i bought a mantra course from a highly respected vedic teacher. according to what he learned from Indian history the priest class lost influence and many of the high level mantras leaked to the normal population. He mentioned that Buddha struck a deal with the priestclass by introducing buddhist doctrine and distracting people from these mantras so that balance could be restored. (india was a cast society you could not move outside your cast) The story seems very crazy but after that i always noticed that the shaolin masters wore those prayer beads around there neck and chest.And that that method of chanting and moving the bead with the finger is one of the fastest and strongest way to advance quickly. after that course i have always seen the prayer beads around the neck of a shaolin warrior as a secret hidden right in the open. having said that there are two kuji practise that are almost identical. However the indian version uses different and much longer mantras. The seals are identical. If you every would like to get indepth knowledge about mantra and there correct aplications that i would recommend Thomas Ashley Farrand courses. I am not a friend or students of them i just did one course. To anwser your question i believe it originated in Indian and migrating to Japan where it was modified by warrior priests. I do not see the proud japanses warrior mumbles something in an indian language to get protection. The indian version can be learned from Master MahaVajra. However i cannot recommend him as positive or negative. His skills are advanced but somethings he teaches is way above my comfort level and i lack understanding if this should be really a"good" thing that one should be doing and things that would not create karmic debt. but thats just my limitation and not a critique on this master.
  7. Dear David, Good Work The bak fu qi gong is really good and cool stuff if you are practising that then keep doing it. May i ask if you are practising the Gary Hearfield Bak fu Qi gong? Other Bak Fu Masters ( by this i mean the once mentioned by Sifu Terence Dunn) I have been very interested in the bak fu nei gong and read some interesting remarks from the kind master Terence Dunn in his flying phoenix thread.I know that there are other legit bak fu masters selling these forms. However i always felt that maybe the price is high and maybe it is worth it. but i still sometimes feel that it still feels a bit like a gamble to pay 200-300 euro for DVD If it the DVD and the bak fu set works it would be great and i would be happy! However it for some reason it would not then i would feel bad having spend that much money Traditional Kuji in Qi gong Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist and Wushu Energy Cultivation: Volume 1 - Master Shou-Yu Liang Kuji in is usually used either standing like mentioned in the book above or sitting in one place. How to use Kuji in The goal is to connect the antenna (seal) with the right energy center (chakra) and activated it with the right mantra. this comes from esoteric buddhisme speech (mantra) body and Mind should be one. The book i recommend above is not sexy or fancy but for its price its fulled with a truck load of information from a very decent linage and famous chi gong Master However Bak fu is really really good, powerfull and cool stuff. Do hestitate to pm and tell me about your bak fu qi gongs and which of those gave you some decent results Have a great weekend and take care, Ronaldk
  8. Sifu Jenny

    I discovered the method of Jenny Lamb and the DVDS through this website. It is very powerfull and it was a very nice YI gong and qi gong set. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone for this. Thank you Ronaldk
  9. Low level Method The order and sequence of things is very important. I know you could boost mudra work by doing before hand either a complete bagua form or chen style silk reeling. Both exercices should be done with strong emphasis on silk reeling The strong activation of the meridians will boost your mudra work. High level method if you can get your hands on the original kunlun or dragon sanctuary dvds or stuff that would be the only excepcion in which i would practise mudra and circle working for the reason that this is very strong activating and deep energy work. Or with other words you are using a method that has been tested and works. Other Methods Some master activated usually bahui with a mudra and then directly walk a normal bagua form or other arts. This is extremely powerfull but if your energy systems is not balanced out. You will get just more energy and more inbalanceit might not be a fun ride. If you are balanced out it will be pure bliss I will not be able to tell you more since i do not use kuji in that way. Have a great evening Ronaldk
  10. This is a tricky subject with too many variables involved One being that kidney energy becomes much more instable at a certain age where memo pause pops up and some men will also suffer from unstable kidney at an older age. Another factor will be that fire or heart energy will take advantage of the weaker kidney energy. So it does not really matter how much energy you have at an older age but how will you will be able to balance things out to avoid “burning up” to soon A deeper understanding However, if you are in need of answer you might want to watch some free you tube videos from Damo Mitchel or read some of his books or someone else with a deep understanding of the aging process for example a great acupuncture -Giovanni Maciocia Footnote You may noticed that they will not be so easy reads as the Mantak Chia stuff. However you will be rewarded with a very deep understanding on these topics and understand why not many feel for a lack of a better word confident enough to answer that question. This might not have been the answer you were hoping for Ronaldk I am not a student of either masters mentioned but I enjoyed reading their books For any female readers out there both masters mentioned have some interesting views on memo pause on how to survive it or on specific neidan cultivation for female practioners One mentions them In his book and the other explains the theories and supplements the side effects of memo pause with herbs and acupuncture
  11. Buddhist Qigong

    The Fork in the Road will you go right or left Daoist Qi Gong will try to reach the summit of spiritual cultivation while still taking care of the body. Daoist Qi Gong is able to speed the Jing to chi to shen conversion with a lot of techniques Daoist Qi Gong Might BUY you some more time since it tries to get the summit of spiritual cultivation with the body in the strongest state as possible However, Buddhist Qi gong can be extremely powerful Buddhist Qi gong tries to reach to the summit of spiritual practice by directly speeding up the Jing to chi to shen by using the mind and mind only. A master of Buddhist Qi gong would have tremendous power of mind or if you are really like you might get a heart to heart transmission from a Buddhist master A hard core Buddhist Qi gong aspirant will usually focus mostly and extremely on mind practices Buddhist Qi gong is generally not an easy art for a beginner or people at entry level practicing alone without guidance This means that there is no better art just depends on where the practioner is in his development stage and what vehicle will suite him best Buddhist or Daoist or combine them both if you know what you are doing Oh yes your question was more about budhisme and Taoism but you will find that most heads or linage holder either of Daoist sects or budhist sect will practice qi gong however they might not admit it in public or even in closed circles There are many experts on this forum this would be only my humble view and its not perfect neither complete, Wish you all the best in whatever practices you are engaged, With my best regards, Ronaldk
  12. Eyes in esoteric practices

    The Optic Nerve is directly connected with the central nervous center. Therefore, The Optic Nerve or the eyes can be “used” as a “steering wheel” to “manipulate” or steer the central nervous system to get certain effects for example resetting the CNS. However, this a very deep and wide subject to study Ancient sience Trataka Yoga use of the eyes to induce certain effects Hsing Yi Santi posture gazing firmly but always relaxed to the index finger to train the capacity of charing and discharing of the CNS. Mantak Chia gives a bunch of clues in his books on how to rotate the eyes to reset the CNS Modern sciences Psychiatrist also know some eye moving techniques to produce emotional discharges Some Yoga teachers from 3HO mentioned that gazing up for spiritual progress, gazing down for when you need more power in the physical body and other way of gazing that find to dificult to explian in words for healing power You will find that the eyes are extremely powerful tools and this knowledge is well guarded. It does not matter if you try to get the information for a psychiatrist or a Yogi then will not hand it over easily. I myself tried to find out information about the techniques that psychiatrist used with eyes but could not find anything which seems strange. Another Hulei Taichi Master mentioned in a live demo when most people left that these eye techniques where closed door secrets and used to stop or absorb the intention of attacks before they start. Careful I am NOT talking about empty force here
  13. Taijijuan Advice

    General If I understood your objectives correctly, you may benefit more from Chen Tai Chi because its areas of development directly or indirectly will match up and amplify your skills related with your other interests. Benefits Chen Tai chi will give you the following benefits. Strong leg work Strong Kwa work Strong Fajing work Results that will transfer to your other practices These three things will create directly or indirectly a very Strong and Solid dantien (***) This will benefit you greatly with your meditation and Qi gong Bagua The silk reeling or coiling exercises typically done within Chen style tai chi will help you a lot if you should progress or advance later to Bagua practice Safety considerations However, if you should have any back or spinal problems. You should be careful and then maybe Yang Tai chi might be a better option for obvious reasons. Yang Tai chi Yang Tai chi is also a very valid choice it takes a different route and develops qualities differently This is the same for every tai chi style. They all are tai chi but they are specializing in different things and all have unique approaches or roads to get to their final destination. At the end it will not matter the most important thing is that you choose a practice that you really like doing to create an uplifting energy and enjoy yourself Have a great weekend Ronaldk
  14. ** The "yoga" and "qi gong" that I perform are pretty much my own concoction. One day I might go to a class or a "master" to learn how to do things properly. I daresay it would give me some much needed feedback and discipline. ** General advice It is best to study Yoga and Qi gong under a master. Until you have cleary understood The fundamentals Safety valves Knowing when and when not to practice What signs and symptons of deviations are and how to correct hem. However, I have no interest in judging you so I will offer you the following help Fundamental safety valves while practicing Qi gong and Yoga I hope that you know that it is of vital importance to contact the tongue with the upper palate to avoid fire energy entering in the brain and that is also of vital importance to always return the chi to the dan tien after practicing. Especially taking into account the problems or issues that you have mentioned. Generally, one is advised against practicing when the Shen is not in balance. From the heart I wish you all the best and hope you may return to happy, healthy, peacefull state soon. Good luck and all the best With my best regards, Ronaldk
  15. Ronald´s First Post on TTB

    Hello Everyone, General Thank you for your kindness in accepting me on your forum. TTB forum I have been reading the forum for years to take a look at the interesting comments. However, I never felt the need to comment or convince other people of my findings so I am not really a big opinion poster or comment poster. Personal Track Record I spend a lot of time practicing Tai chi, Hsing Yi and Bagua Zhang I REALLY like and enjoy reading the post related to Flying phoenix, Bak Fu and other interesting types of chi gong and Nei gong. :D With my best regards , Ronaldk Foot note Probably I could have written this a bit a better but I am tired from a long day at work