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  1. I have been reading about getting work through Barefoot Writers. I don't know anything about them and I am only a mediocre writer. So, I am interested in other peoples experiences, in all types of reading and writing adventures, hopes, failures, etc.
  2. Washington (CNN)--July 9th, 2020 The Supreme Court said Thursday that a large swath of eastern Oklahoma, including Tulsa, is Native American land for purposes of federal criminal law in a decision that the state argued could call into question thousands of state prosecutions for serious crimes. Justice Neil Gorsuch penned the 5-4 opinion joined by the liberals on the bench. "Today we are asked whether the land these treaties promised remains an Indian reservation for purposes of federal criminal law," said Gorsuch, who was appointed by President Donald Trump. "Because Congress has not said otherwise, we hold the government to its word," he said. Under the law, crimes involving Native Americans on a reservation are under federal, not state, jurisdiction. The unique case represented the opportunity for the Supreme Court to weigh in on the limits of tribal sovereignty and revisit the country's horrific history of displacing native tribes from their land. The question before the court involved a case brought by Jimcy McGirt, a member of Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, who argued that his case ought to be tried by the federal government because the crimes were committed on the land of historic Muscogee (Creek) Nation. The distinction of whether the large swath of eastern Oklahoma qualified as reservation land was key -- under federal law, major crimes committed by individuals on Native American land must be tried by the federal government. "The Supreme Court reaffirmed today that when the United States makes promises, the courts will keep those promises," Ian Gershengorn, a lawyer for McGirt who argued the case in May, said in a statement to CNN. "Congress persuaded the Creek Nation to walk the Trail of Tears with promises of a reservation—and the Court today correctly recognized that that this reservation endures."
  3. Hi fellow Bums As a few of you may already know, I spent the last one year or so researching the history of some ancient cultures (such as the ones in Egypt, the Americas, Britain, the Pyrenees, amongst others), leading all the way back to the legendary civilization of Atlantis which I believe to be a historical fact. - Based on so many pieces of evidence. This topic is linked to a larger book project I have been pursuing for a couple of decades by now. In regards to its historical section, I am intending to share some of my source material as well as original work in a series of threads, in the hope of finding some resonance and, if possible, a fruitful discussion. Also, be free to ask any questions that may come to mind - I will answer them to the best of my ability. A good place to start our journey into the deep past seems to be the temporal demarcation line drawn by the end of the Last Glacial Period. However, before we depart, it seems to be a good idea to take a look at the topic of the ice ages in more general terms. Since very early geological times, our planet has been going through a series of ice ages, alternating with long warm periods in which our globe was entirely free of ice. The first ice age (called the Huronian) started about 2.4 billion years ago and lasted for 300 million years. It was later followed by the Cryogenian Ice Age lasting 165 million years from 800-635 mya, which was possibly the most severe of them all and might have produced a “Snowball Earth”, in which the Earth iced over completely. A minor series of glaciations then occurred from 450-420 mya, which was followed by more extensive glaciations again for 100 million years from 350-250 mya. More recently, an increase in glaciation on Earth started when ice began to build up over Antarctica about 36 mya during the so-called Eocene Epoch. It was probably related to the breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana, with a drift of the Antarctic continent toward the South Pole and the development of ocean passages around the Antarctica. Globally, temperatures markedly decreased then during the Middle Miocene (about 15 mya), probably as a result of the increased ice growth on Antarctica. The oceans cooled partly due to the formation of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current when ocean currents circled the Antarctic continent without reaching warmer latitudes. At the opposite pole, the Greenland ice cap began to develop in the Middle Pliocene, about 3 mya. Before then, Arctic areas were comparatively warm, with trees and bushes growing far north of the present treeline. The Quaternary Ice Age is the most recent ice age. Ice sheets began to spread over North America and Eurasia around 2.5 mya. This initial glaciation was followed by a series of warmer interglacials (each lasting 10,000-30,000 years) and renewed glaciations (each lasting 70,000-90,000 years) in alternation. Within the Quaternary Ice Age, the most recent phase of glaciation is called the Weichselian/ Wisconsin Glacial Epoch. During its peak, ice sheets covered extensive areas above 40-50º North in both Eurasia and North America. It reached its maximum around 18,000 BC, whereafter the glaciers slowly started melting. That glaciation phase ended for good - and indeed rather abruptly - around 9,600 BC. Due to the slowly melting ice sheets, the global sea-level rose about 60 meters between 18.000 to 9,600 BC, and an additional 50-60 metres until 6000 BC, when it finally reached the level it has today. During those times of rising sea-levels, many islands were covered by water and sediments, and at the same time, much of what once used to be coastal land is now underwater and tens of kilometers out to sea. This explains why man-made structures have been found submerged in various locations off the coasts, with many more supposedly yet to be found. Stories of a deluge in numerous cultures all around the globe may well represent 'collective memories' of those prehistoric changes. For instance, the Bahama Archipelago (identified by the "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce as the location of the lost civilization of Atlantis) used to be a coherent dry land mass off the coast of Florida. The part remaining above sea-level today is just a small fraction of its prehistoric extent. Other locations for Atlantis suggested by various researchers include the Greater and Lesser Antilles (also located in the Carribean) as well as the Azores. If interest warrants it, we will be looking into those various theories in more detail later. So while there remain many questions yet to be answered, it strikes me as rather remarkable that a date around 9,600 BC (i.e., around the end of the Weichselian/ Wisconsin Glaciation) was indicated for the destruction of the island of Atlantis in the very source of the story, Plato's late dialogues Timiaios and Critias. Plato's information seems to have come down to him via the Greek statesman Solon, "the wisest of the seven sage", who in turn had received it from Egyptian priests while visiting the very ancient city Sais in the western Nile delta. Again, we should have an opportunity to talk about that in far more depth later. I wish to conclude this introductory post on the note that the Quaternary Ice Age isn't over yet - it continues to the present day. Although the Earth is at present luckily in an interglacial called the Holocene Era, the Quaternary Ice Age might continue for possibly millions of years into the future, as have several past ice ages. If previous glacial-interglacial cycles are any indication of future cycles, it is likely that the present warm interglacial period will end sometime between tomorrow and 20,000 years from now. Then, massive glaciers will advance from the north again, covering much of North America and Eurasia. That being said, we do not need to fret over that possibility right now, as glaciers and ice sheets have been melting and the global sea-level has been rising at an average rate of 1.8 mm per year since 1961, and 3.1 mm per year since 1993. If this trend continues and the ice caps should fully melt, it is estimated that the Antarctica Ice Sheet would contribute more than 60 metres of sea-level rise, and Greenland would contribute more than 7 metres. Go figure! However, it is not unusual for relatively short, somewhat warmer periods to occur both during glacial and interglacial phases. As for the current rise in temperature, its exact causes remain controversial (not least on this board) - however, that is not the theme of this thread! Please reserve THAT debate for one of the thread especially dedicated to it, such as this one: Here, I intend to be looking at the Atlantis legend as shared by Plato in connection with the end of the last Ice Age (to put it more simply) and then to move on to explore other aspects of that lost civilizations and the inheritance that may have been received from it by subsequent cultures that we have more factual knowledge about. An important source for what has been presented here was P.P. Flambas' book Plato's Carribean Atlantis - A Scientific Analysis, which I warmly recommend to anybody with a serious interest in the topic. Material from various other sources has been added, of course. Please try to stay more on less on topic as outlined and try to post comments of a more general nature in our previous TDB Atlantis thread. Thanks! And feel free to discuss.
  4. In the movie Crocodile Dundee, the main character, Crocodile Dundee, is in Australia and puts a large water buffalo to sleep using his mind. This seems like some ancient aboriginal method, he calls it an "old bushman's trick" in the movie but I have yet to find any real historical correlations. Note: Of course there is Tadashi Kanzawa who does this in real life, but he also doesn't claim any historical correlations. (at least to my knowledge).
  5. Hello, I have read certain excerpts of Buddhist literature. Directly translated words written down a long time ago, when they started having a written language. It has made my life richer. I feel that all of these ancient people have to be listened too. I feel that ancient people tend to not have religious motives and their stories are free from political-religious rhetoric that leave you feel clean with a sense of purity. I wonder if any pure ones will ever write down ancient words handed down through the ages about reality. I feel that people are not told the truth and many things people are told to be fairy tales are in fact true. amitabha adia
  6. Thoughts on Ukraine / Russia Debacle?!

    Wrote an introduction Blog post on Ukraine, as I'm from there and I believe it be interesting to look deeper within my mind and heart, to see if there is anything that would be interesting to share.
  7. The Eternal Story

    This video is very inspiring. It shows the history of the Universe, from every vantage point, physical, mental, and spiritual, which is something you don't really usually ever see. The Eternal Story-
  8. You sometimes will see that there are people these days who always like to portray the past religions and past spiritual traditions in a negative light. They like to blame the stumbling blocks, limitations, and mistakes in human history on Spirituality and Religion. However, in reality humanity is simply growing and progressing over time. Ultimately, building on the foundations of the past, progress is always made, and greater and greater understandings towards a higher spiritual ideal are ultimately realized. 3 major paradigm shifts in Human History- http://childrenofthe...lisone-paradigm Glossary of terms for the new millennium and future paradigms-
  9. Teachers in History

    Throughout the ages one common teaching can be seen to have been taught . The One God, the God that is All, that is the One totality of everything. Amilius- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
  10. Millennials Rising on C-SPAN

    Interesting to look back now today at what was predicted back then-
  11. The Fourth Turning

    The concept of Fourth Turning, and a repeating pattern every four generation, is extremely interesting-
  12. The Gospel of Thomas

    The Gospel of Thomas Video about the Lost Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, which many historians feel contains the oldest content and is historically closer to Jesus than the 4 biblical Gospels are. It is written in the form of simple sayings and parables said by Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas is a closed-door, or secret teaching.To understand it you have to be a part of the lineage of Thomas, you had to be a gnostic. So the academics or researchers of today cannot fully fathom it's meaning- Some people are not aware that there are more Gospels than just the 4 main ones in the modern bible. Most of Jesus' Disciples have a Gospel. One of the most famous that has been found is the Gospel of Thomas, it is especially famous because it was found in it's complete form, and none of the other ones were, just fragments of them. So the question then becomes which Gospel is the most authentic and the closest to the teachings of the Grandmaster, Jesus Christ. Hardcore Christians don't want to admit that it could be older than their gospels, so they will always point out that the actual physical text we have of the Gospel of Thomas is in fact from hundreds of years after Jesus. However, according to high level scholars like Koester of Harvard, or Elaine Paegels, the content of the Gospel of Thomas is older than the papyrus of it that we have today. Why is that? Another factor we have to explain and look at now then, is the so called Lost Q document. Since textual criticism had become big in the last century or 2, something new was discovered. Throughout history it was always assumed that Luke and Matthew were derived from Mark, and that Mark was the original and oldest gospel. However, it was discovered that Luke and Matthew share common material that is not found in Mark. How can that be then? It means Luke and Matthew both derived some of the same information from another source, it has never been discovered but scholars have called it the "Q document". So how does this relate to the Gospel of Thomas you ask? Because it has long been believed by experts in textual criticism that the Q document would have been in the form of sayings, and parables, by Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas is in that format, and contains original information. The Original source for the teachings of the NT is not found or known by modern scholars, but it is known that it would have been in the form of a collection of saying by Jesus. This Lost original gospel source is known as the Q manuscript What is historically accurate? The truth is there are no gospels that perfectly agree without error Gospel of Thomas The Gospel of Thomas Collection -- Translations and Resources
  13. Here is the excellent PBS Frontline documentary "From Jesus to Christ- The First Christians". Part 1- Part- 2- Article with Scholar Dr. Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels- from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels There is even further reading, and educational articles relating to the program on the PBS website.- FRONTLINE: from jesus to christ - the first christians | PBS
  14. Codex Sinaiticus is probably the oldest copy of the bible ever found, it is quite different in many respects from today's bible, and many parts are not in it, so we can now know which parts of the bible were added in later and are not part of the original texts. BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The rival to the Bible
  15. Misquoting Jesus

    Misquoting Jesus Textual critics have proven many parts of the modern bible were not originally a part of it. One example is the story of the woman who was about to be stoned to death but Jesus saved her by saying "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It's been proven that this was added in hundreds of years after the NT texts were first written down, and the original texts didn't have this story. Koester notes: Someone arguing that it was originally in there has to explain why it does not appear in the most early accounts--why would they all delete? Why would it appear in the wrong gospel? Bart Ehrman Interview on "Misquoting Jesus" Bart Ehrman's 'Misquoting Jesus', with audio interview- Bart Ehrman's 'Misquoting Jesus' : NPR The book of Bart- The Book of Bart Historians don't consider the KJV to be historically as authentic or original as some other versions Most modern versions like the NASB, NIV, ESV (the 2001 English Standard Version) are based on the Westcott-Hort Greek text, which there are differences of some 5000 words and many whole verses from the New Testament Greek text that the King James Bible is derived from. The W-H text is based primarily on two manuscripts called Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. These two texts disagree significantly with each other, let alone with the vast majority of all other texts, in over 3000 places in the gospels alone, and over 1000 times in the rest of the New Testament. Yet they form the textual basis of most modern bible versions. Sinaiticus and Vaticanus were not found until after the KJV was already written, so they are older and more original. They are considered to be examples showing just how much a bible can change over time. The Masocretic texts that the modern bible is based on are obviously historically inferior to Sinaticus and Vatinicus which are far older. Here are 5, out of hundreds, of modern interpretations of scripture that can objectively be proven false- 1. The story of the woman who was to be stoned but was saved by Jesus, never happened and was not originally in the bible 2. The Trinity did not exist in the original texts 3. Nazareth didn't exist at the time of Jesus- Jesus the Nazarene means Jesus the Essene, not Jesus of Nazareth 4. Mary Magdalene being a prostitute rather than the head disciple of Jesus 5. The Resurrection as people today understand it was not in the oldest texts If you've played the "telephone game" as a kid where you whisper a phrase into someone's ear who then whispers it to the next kid and so on down a whole line up of kids. The phrase ends up something unrecognizable to the original. Now add that with whole texts that are supposed to come together as a complete story, different languages being translated, and different people doing different parts. I don't know that we can examine each change individually, but if you think about what the odds are....the odds are there are significant changes The bible of today is still a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, and obscure teachings and often originally oral traditions
  16. Nazareth- the town theology built Video about it- It would seem that recently here a debate has sprung up about whether Jesus was an historical person, and how much of his story is true and how much is made up. Here are some interesting links which talk about an interesting issue about Jesus. What if there was no Nazareth at that time, or, what if he wasn't really there? According to historical and archaeological evidence, it did not exist historically at the time period of Jesus or until after the 4th century. While human settlements have been found in the area dating back as far as 9000 years and hardcore "Christian" historians claim them as proof of Nazareth, nothing has been found to prove the existence of an actual city called Nazareth, or even a settlement called Nazareth, at the time of Jesus. No roads,villas, theatres, and especially synagogues! Modern Scholarship has found many instances where the modern bible contains bad translations from the original greek texts. One example is the mistranslation "Jesus of Nazareth". This became mistranslated into being understood as Jesus coming from the town of "Nazareth". However, modern archaeology shows that no such town existed at that time. We now know the proper translatation was "Jesus the Nazarene", meaning Jesus the Essene. The Essenes were a third group of Monastic Jews who would live in Monasteries near the Dead Sea in Jesus' day, who's teachings were at odds with those of the Saducees and Pharisees in the Jerusalem Temple of the time.- Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built Textual Analysis- History- So to be sure, Jesus did exist as a real spiritual teacher. He was an Essene teacher. An Essene teacher who was to come out and teach a bit more publically to succeed and surpass Jon the Baptist who was also an Essene. Video clips about their beliefs and life- Jesus, Jon the Baptist, and their connections to the Essenes- Information and introduction- History page 1st Century Timeline (CE 1 to 100) The Essenes were known to dress in White robes. And yet at times wore regular clothes. Some sites with info about the Essenes The Order of Nazorean Essenes Dead Sea Scrolls, Essenes - Crystalinks The Essenes - The Essene New Testament - The Gospel of The Holy Twelve (12) - The Gospel Of Perfect Life Actual historical acount by a scholar from the time of the Essenes. It doesn't mean everything is exactly accurate, but these historians lived in the same time period Some historical quotes- Also, what we know from the Dead Sea Scrolls- Jesus the Nazarene Jesus Christ Teacher of Righteousness Buddha Mudras & Hand Symbolism--the Power of Mudras Part 1: What Are Mudras? Real Taoists incorporate Mudra An article talking about those types of portraits a little bit- The Human Energy Field in Relation to Science, Consciousness, and Health
  17. The Pagan Christ

    Here is a documentary by the CBC exploring the similarities between Christianity, Pagan traditions, and the ancient Egyptian religion. Also explored is the theory that Christianity evolved out of the ancient Egyptian religion, and the controversial theory that Jesus did not actually exist. The Pagan Christ-
  18. Magical Egypt

    Here is John Anthony West's amazing 8 part series Magical Egypt. Exploring the true knowledge of, history of, origin of, and historical importance of, the ancient religion of ancient Egypt. What some people have called the Egyptian Mystery school. It is incredible how advanced their knowledge was, in many instances surpassing modern science’s knowledge or abilities. This is quite a contrast from today, where some people often think of religious knowledge as being inferior to scientific knowledge. Many people have wrote about, speculated about, or tried to revive the ancient Egyptian Mystery religion, and many people wish they had the knowledge of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, but this is the best source I know of where it has been studied by an independent egyptologist, based on archaeology, science, and facts. Magical Egypt Episode 1- The Invisible Science Episode 2- The Old Kingdom and the Older Kingdom Still Episode 3- Descent Episode 4- The Temple in Man Episode 5- Navigating the Afterlife Episode 6- Legacy Episode 7- Illumination Episode 8- Cosmology
  19. The Supernaturals

    One of the most mysterious spiritual practices, and one that is often misunderstood by westerners, is the practice of taking Hallucinogenic plants to aid in understanding the universe and nature. Most people know a little bit about beings like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. but Shamanism can also be very interesting. The Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest have always known about the value of plants to aid in increasing their spiritual knowledge, and in attaining altered states of consciousness. I have heard theories that old meditation and Chi Kung practitioners, thousands of years ago, were very sensitive to the properties of plants, and using plants may even have influenced the development of their exercise practices and knowledge of the energies of the internal organs. There is even a theory that Jesus and his followers took hallucinogenic mushrooms to aid in raising their consciousness. In modern times a few "rogue" researchers have now begun to seriously investigate this phenomena. What has been discovered so far is very interesting. Throughout history, all over the world, the oldest pre-historic art is often found to be depicting a certain type of being. Beings that are half human/half animal hybrids. Not only do they exist in the most ancient Rock and Cave Art, but also in the legends and histories of so many ancient peoples, the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, the Hopi, etc. So what does this mean? What is so interesting is that modern researchers who have visited with, and experienced ceremonies with the Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest, have found that these same Hybrid beings come to the Shamans when they take Ayahuasca, also called "the Vine of Souls". The Shamans encounter and communicate with these same Hybrid beings. Add to that, that even people who live in the modern world and who are not Shamans, often independently experience encountering these beings when given DMT, which is one of the main ingredients in the Ayahuasca brew. What this seems to prove is that these "Supernatural" half-human/half-animal hybrids do exist in some objective form. Of course atheists and skeptics will claim the visions are just hallucinations, caused by drugs. However, this does not explain why so many people have the same visions. If it were just hallucinations, you would expect people to see things in line with their cultural programming. What is your explanation and opinion of this? Who are these "Supernaturals" who have guided Shamans for thousands of years? Are they actual beings who exist in another plane, and who communicate with humans who know the right plants and have the right keys? Did these beings actually live on Earth at one time, and have now moved beyond Earth? Is it how we perceive the spirit and consciousness of the plant to look like or their true form? Here is a really cool interview with researcher Graham Hancock, about his experiences taking Ayahuasca with the Shamans of the Amazon, and altered states of consciousness in general- Part 2- Supernatural- Ayahuasca Art-
  20. The Temple of Mu

    Manmade structures under the Pacific- border of Mu In recent times the remains of a prehistoric civilization have been discovered in the sea off Japan at Yonaguni. These remains were last above water 12,000 years ago. This is the great lost civilization that once existed, which sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean. Some people have called the civilization Mu, and some have called it Lemuria. Here's a really good article on it- The Temple of Mu- Short clip about it High Quality video- The Temple of Mu Website- The islands out in the Pacific are the outskirts of where the land of Lemuria or Mu once was. Some people have also noted that many ancient monuments strangely seem to be built for very large beings. Very few people know a lot about Lemuria, but here is some information- There are researchers who are saying that some ancient accounts about it's location do actually conform to scientific ideas about earth plates, etc. Possibly along what geologists now call the "superswell" area in the Pacific where there are now many underwater volcanoes and cenotes, which were not always underwater. Some people also say Mu was even older than Atlantis. There are other legends which connect to it, such as the Indian legend of Lumania. They may have constructed the moon itself All the researchers I have read about who examined the Yonaguni monuments and temples, stated that it is definite that at least parts of it are manmade, if not all of it. And it's massive- Man made pathway- Big enough to swim through