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  1. Cosmologies - Split

    When did I ever ask for your permission? I do as I please. You guys keep trying to throw me out as if you are "in control" or whatever. Call me a "troll", call my thoughts "spam", call a black man a "nigger", call whatever you want "worthless", but all I hear is: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Sticks and stones, motherfucker.
  2. Books are the dead trappings of a living teaching. Dust on the road, so to speak. Lets get back to the topic of OWN-ER-SHIP... shall we?
  3. Cosmologies - Split

    Oh yeh? THANKS FOR YOUR PERMISSION!! I mean, its JUST WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!! Trust me, I cant do anything without it.
  4. mystical poetry thread

    mixing the pics with trix cuz there for kids! said the bunny wabbit (spelled it wrong, twice as nice, but whatevs) many-colored sweet treats for breaking the fast the break of day, the dawn of an age the bearers of water break down in their cage wailing and rattling chains while in the back spooky vans roll up epics on painted sides hot bitches and a jock on hippy combo with double-dog dares "who wants a snack?" now, dont you worry about Capt. Cave-Man its just a loan its borrowed time its a sign of the line right down to a dime but left open for interpretation from oracular invitation only
  5. Plato was a chump. Diogenes knew it. The records of their exchanges are priceless indeed. Plato tried to steal the teachings of Pythagoras, who was the ORIGINAL "lover of Sophia" AKA "philosopher". But since the teachings of Pythagoras were not at all aligned to the rule of government as per a tyrannical hold on monetary values, he had to warp and distort it into his own little perverse version of "IDEALS!!!" and so forth. Plato was a fucking toolbag. Everyone who is anyone already knows this, as well as the source of the word "philosopher". But everyone else... doesnt know shit.. ...unfortunately, but whatever. Its just whatever, dude. Oh well.
  6. Free Spirit books

    Hmmmmmmmm.. I found this on wiki BTW... do you remember how many times Ive posted this image here?
  7. This is just SPAM SPAM SPAM to me. Who cares? I certainly dont. If you are trying to talk to me, take a hint - I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF THIS. Is that clear enough for you?
  8. Yes, yes. But of course it is such and such. So, therefore, please continue discussing your own problems amongst yourselves... ALONE
  9. Stories for Inspiration

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pashupati Pashupatinath is an avatar of Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity. He is the male counterpart of Shakti. The five faces of Pashupatinath represent various incarnations of Shiva; Sadyojata (also known as Barun), Vamdeva (also known as Uma Maheswara), Tatpurusha, Aghor & Ishana. They face West, North, East, South and Zenith respectively, and represent Hinduism's five primary elements namely earth, water, air, light and ether.[3] Puranas describe these faces of Shiva as [3] “ Sadyojata, Vamdeva, Tatpurusha & Aghora are the four faces, The fifth is Ishana, unknowable even to the seers ”
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Word up, G money... followers............... AMIRITE???
  11. Why not just "be yourself"? Is being a "taoist" more important?