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  1. The Dragon Revealed -

    Thank you for making this opportunity available for others to share their experience in the Chinese Internal arts. My name is Eric Wilson . . . I trained and taught Chinese Kung-fu, Tai-chi, and Qigong for more than 24 years. And while I did realize a great manifestation of "internal" power, I also experienced some very strong negative effects. I am sharing my story and these experiences at the links below, and it is my prayer that these will be of help to those who also have had questions about the spiritual source of Chi and "internal" power. Thank you, Eric Wilson and family
  2. (1) A recurring type of comment in this forum is: "You can't learn from books" . . . "You need a teacher" . . . and "Details can't be discussed here". (2) Basically: some knowledge is dangerous for people and should only be shared/explored in context of teacher/student relationship. (3) Really (?) (4) What's the rationale for such a conclusion (?) (5) Does the Dao care if 999,999 people go crazy trying a practice . . . as long as the millionth person succeeds with it (?) (6) BTW: If beginning in the 1960s, the thousands of years of Chinese secrets hadn't been revealed to the West (including you and me) . . . they'd have been lost. (7) My opinion: There are more realized Taoists in the West today than in China. (8) And how about: centuries of Judo training in Japan . . . and within a couple of generations of training, the Dutch were kicking the ass of the Japanese (?)