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    Good day Aetherous,

    After your suggestion on redefining the priorities  for my accupuncturist treatment, it remains an energizing task for me to undertake through Qigong. Could you be so kind to propose a form of qigong adequated to my circumstances ?  I have found positive reviews on B.Fratnzis DRAGON AND TIGER and  also on ZHINENG QIGONG. But I am a not sure if those approaches are right for me or is there another practice fitting more into my current conditions.


    Thank you very much for your help,





    1. Aetherous


      I'm not sure, because it's unclear without doing a TCM diagnosis (taking your pulse, etc) what's causing the short term memory loss.

      Also, qigong can be good for health in general, but it's usually not a targeted treatment like acupuncture and herbal medicine if we found out what was causing the memory loss, we wouldn't have a specific qigong treatment to address it.

      I would definitely recommend to try taking herbs that your practitioner recommends, on a daily basis.