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  1. I would like to extend moment a wholeheartedly appreciation for your kindest words and your advise. Likewise thanks a lot to RiverSnake for this video. I am trying it and will report as results arrive.
  2. Sorry if I hurt some sensibility if this is not the right place for my inquiry. I have been all my life seduced and spiritually fulfilled by the taoist understanding of phenomena related to Life and the Universe without really penetrating into any particular practice. Now I am approaching my 80th anniversary while in need to retrieve my physical and mental fitness. Right nowI am doing a basic Qigong routine but my goal is to develop a consistent Inner Orbit practice. I have found profuse instruction from Mantak Chia and others with many steps in the circulation of Qi, to other teachers indicating a very simple guidance with two steps breathing stages. I will appreciate your advise for an effective, not so intricate and meticulous Inner Orbit practice pointing the Qi or energy centers I have necessarily to deal with in order to activate the energy I need to be still healthy and aware. Thank you very much for your advise. Fer
  3. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Ciao Victor, Would you mind to share how did you start practicing Qigong, through a teacher or using videos and if so which videos. Besides my interest in Qigong to deal with my aging process I was happy to hear about the results of the practice regarding your tinitus. I I have tinitus too
  4. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Ciao Victor, Would you mind to share how did you start practicing Qigong, through a teacher or using videos and if so which videos. Besides my interest in Qigong to deal with my aging process I was happy to hear about the results of the practice regarding your tinitus. I I have tinitus too

    Good day Aetherous,

    After your suggestion on redefining the priorities  for my accupuncturist treatment, it remains an energizing task for me to undertake through Qigong. Could you be so kind to propose a form of qigong adequated to my circumstances ?  I have found positive reviews on B.Fratnzis DRAGON AND TIGER and  also on ZHINENG QIGONG. But I am a not sure if those approaches are right for me or is there another practice fitting more into my current conditions.


    Thank you very much for your help,





    1. Aetherous


      I'm not sure, because it's unclear without doing a TCM diagnosis (taking your pulse, etc) what's causing the short term memory loss.

      Also, qigong can be good for health in general, but it's usually not a targeted treatment like acupuncture and herbal medicine are...so if we found out what was causing the memory loss, we wouldn't have a specific qigong treatment to address it.

      I would definitely recommend to try taking herbs that your practitioner recommends, on a daily basis.

  6. I am intending to start a practice with what is often said to be the highest sinthesys of esential qigong, that is the Crane, turtle, deer breathing- meditation. As references I have the instructions by Ken Cohen in THE WAY OF THE QIGONG and the CHINESE SELF-HEALING by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. The practice it self differs in the standing position according K. Cohen and the sitting position in Dr. Chang. I will greatly appreciate your input regarding video descriptions and visual resources on what K. Cohen calls Balancing the Three Treasures. Also the sequence of events is slightly different in both authors. In looking for this practice I am concious of the phyical, mental and spiritual consequences inmplied in this combined trilogy of qi workouts. All the best to all, Fer
  7. Greetings joeblast ! I have Dr Chang book, a 1986 edition. Do you know if further editions are just re-editions of the 1986 one, or has it been updated ? I was checking at Amazon and I could not get it clear. Ciao, Fer
  8. To all concerned: Now the atrial fibrillation is gone. I follow your advises in a daily practice and Tom Bisio's book is on my way. My gratitude for your invaluable help. You are real wizards ! The very best of Life ! Fer
  9. .....every good, responsible pup starts its morning shift with a general inspection...it seems all is fine in the world !!!
  10. Good Morning Soaring Crane !! "... it's actually easier to make a video than to write out a bunch of text." Indeed !!.......... The video came out simple and clear, introduced by a concert of birds under the conduction of the beautiful song of a spring blackbird. The birds concert and the bells only are a healing force !! It has been a pleasure the unfolding of this continuous, highly concentrated movement that I have been rehearsing slowly, so that I can be aware how my heart and my body is reacting to this qi gong. Of course should be some alarm sign I will go to my doctor at once. So far so good !!! Let me thank you gratefully and I will report on the advance. Fer PS. Does the stance finish at the 1.56 minute or is it continuing......?
  11. Thanks, thank you so much !!. I am very grateful and enthusiastic for your suggestion. I will get into the instructions today; I know the guy, who seems to be very professional. I guess is Macich his last name. I wont be here today but I will report to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a hug !! Fer
  12. Good morning Soaring Crane!! Thank you so much for your kindness. You are most welcome and please go ahead with your instructions. After 3 days I continue with the fibrillation but I am ready to start with this specific Qigong for walking and the small intestine. A hospital will be the very, very last option. So please, I remain here in guard for your instructions. All the very best, Fer
  13. Thank you once more to all who have stopped here to give me their ideas, advises and bibliographical support. Thank you very much indeed.!! Your most important question: Where am I in this road ? Let me say that I am aware of the level of my personal evolution and the limitations I have in deepening or concentrating in a discipline full time, though I do meditate every day. I have attended various 9,10, 11 days retreats at Zen centers in Usa. If there is an instructions video to take care of my heart please tell me how can I order it and if it is possible to have periodical check ups through Skype on my learning process. As I live in the coutryside, Helsinki is 3 hours away from here so it is not easy for me to have close a personal trainer, there is not any one around, so the practices i described yesterday are based on DVDs and Youtube only. I have never had a direct personal contact with any teacher to correct or improve my stances. The mind plays unpredictable games and surprisingly last night after I read your technique to apeace or nurture the cardiac system, I developped an atrial fibrillation which happily lasted for a couple of hours period during which I did the rubbing technique and the heart beating chaos stopped. I did it 36 times in every finger. It was about three months I did not have any relapse. I have been applying the rubbing massage intermintently today and now I feel very tired, but no psymtoms so far of a new atrial fibrillation. It is something extraordinary I have this atrial fibrillation last night because then I could prove the results of the firgers rubbing. I am sorry to say my diet is not as vegan though I do discriminate about what to eat keeping in mind the complexities in my heart condition. I will have to make changes if I want to stay here some time longer. I do the Eight Treasures of Silk Brocade as a warming before doing the qi gongs and the Zhan Zhuan. I give my work out obout 3 hours a day including meditation. Please tell me how can I cover for the expenses of the video, i will be very happy to send the payment to you or make a donation in your name, A big Hug and thank yu for caring so generously about me,, Fer
  14. Thank you ALL from my heart for your kind answers. I was awaiting for some input in order to post my comments. I can see the different approaches according everybody's personal experience and/or theorethical density. This enriches by all means your contributions at the same time that set the focus on what should be my next step into a practice that has to take into account also my personal history. I came here both because of an eclectic spiritual and philosophical contenment in my life mostly with Zen and Taoism which set the threshold of my practice in past and present: Zazen meditation, 8 Treasures of SIlk Brocade, Chi Kung Meditations and Taoist Healing Imagery according Ken Cohen, Shuxin Pinxue Qigong and Zhan Zhuang Standing Qigong, and some exercises from Master Da Liu, all of them addressed to overcome my cardiopathy. This involves two deep heart operations, a mechanical mitral valve, and a defibrillator installed in my chest. Though I would say that at 73 I live a normal serene life, in my eating, walking and sleeping habits this cardiopathy expresses in sporadic atrial fibrillation episodes that have to be treated some times with cardioversion at the hospital. Other times i manage to stop it with the 4-7-8 breathing technique taught by Dr. Weil and with cold, iced water. Cardiologists are now trying me to start with very toxic medicines that I have refused to take, while at the same time I have increased the amount of time I give to Qigong and meditation practices, with a result in the improvement of my life quality. Still to get totally free of those medicines ( Amiodarone and Verpamil, the first cautioned by the FDA as a cause of death), I thought that I should create a powerful, strong energy supply for my heart by starting the Microcosmic Orbit Practice so that I can live for the years left a life free of poisoning medicines. The frustrating thing is that the only experience that I have had in my life in feeling the Qi energy is when I practice the Zhan Zhuang and I have this invisible ball spinning energy, attracting and rejecting like magnets, between my hands. Hope this background facts will illuminate you into a discussion of possibilities to explore. I heartily thank you again for your suggestions, advises and the interest and kindness in your contributions to this subject. All the very best, Fer