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  1. Tibetans in exile are holding their Parliamentary elections today in Dharamshala. 


    1. silent thunder

      silent thunder

      Right on the heels of the Dec passing (unanimously) and signing into Law of the Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020.  A strong re-affirmation by the US Gov't, recognizing and stating unequivocally the legitimate recognized governing body of Tibet lies with the exiled Tibetans and HHDL and their duly elected parliament.

      I'm surprised our legislative and executive branches even had this on their radar honestly, let alone came to unanimous support for it.  (even a broken clock can be right twice a day...)

    2. manitou


      Nice that the gov't would reaffirm that.  At this point, who in the world would care what we affirmed,? :unsure:


      I just wish we were a bit more forthcoming on the moves that China has made on Hong Kong.

    3. silent thunder

      silent thunder

      Another article on CTA site described a similar vote was carried out for Taiwan as well as Tibet, including a 2.3 Trillion combined pandemic care/goods purchase agreement.  So a functional/fiscal commitment/agreement to both Taiwan and Tibet with actual trade agreements that will strengthen their economies, not just provide verbal affirmation and diplomatic noise (which is all we've had since about 2002).


      I suspect the recent overriding of his veto is why 45 didn't try veto'ing this bill as well and caved to sign it.  (as I said, grateful for this broken clock being right on occasion).

  2. Moments do not exist.  They are an illusory function of memory.  Like a photograph, but pure thought.


    There are no individual moments, no distinguishable separations within the unfoldingness. 


    There is what is. 

    This is it. 

    And it is you. 

  3. Good Morning Digital Packmates!



    1. manitou


      That sounds just like my Tibetan singing bowls :)  I may not be playing them right.

  4. Rain in the Desert!


  5. So with no door to door Halloween, cuz of stuff... my gal had the great idea to pick up a bunch of orange plastic eggs.
    She's going to fill them with his fave candy and some cheezy tchotchkes (like minecraft collectibles n skulls n skeletons n stuff) then hide them around the house like Easter. 
    He was barely into going out last year; but man, I'm going to miss it.  Every year I relish seeing the kids and the costumes more...

    1. manitou


      That's a great idea.  I'll bet it will be his best Halloween ever

  6. I can't Breathe...




    Black Lives Matter

  7. Heyoka Hey!

    Today is a good day!



    1. shunka


      Hau Kola!

      did you mean  Hoka Hey ?


      ( no offense , "Heyoka" is a sort of Sacred Contrary)


      Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

      (We are All Related)

  8. Acutely missing your way with words and your presence...


  9. going silent for a time.


    still listening though...

  10. You've risen to mind again my friend.

    May this thought find you thriving, wherever you happen to be...

  11. Our neighbors.  She's a nurse.  He's a Vegas Lounge singer.


    Great people.  Love them.  But whenever he 'rehearses' I have to crank our speakers up, or put on my headphones, or lose part of my soul to the raw, unbearable, offkey shrieking.


    I'm desperately hoping he doesn't go Full Italy on our neighborhood and try to give us a benefit concert on his porch...

  12. Nice to see you!

    Welcome back!

  13. Love you Brother!

    1. Limahong


      Same same Brother!

      Perhaps more...

  14. Always smile when you come to mind friend.

    Holding space for you and your family in my heart.


  15. Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.

    ~that woke Indian guy

    1. manitou


      which woke indian guy?  woo-woo, or ohm?

  16. presence, unfolding

    in effortless awareness.

    emptiness... dancing.

  17. it's an expansion... but inward, not outward.


    an inward expansion, unfolding...


    encompassing all and embracing no thing

    clear, open, boundless, present, aware


    yes... an inward unfolding

    1. manitou


      Down the black hole

      and into the big bang on the 

      other side.

  18. you are missed mate.

  19. light isn't emitted from a star, or a light bulb... the star's function causes perturbations in the field this is what we observe as light. 

    It has varying induction rates through varying mediums, this is why the speed of light you have falsley been told is a constant, is always measured at slightly varying speeds.

  20. He's not the Messiah... he's a very naughty boy!!!

    Miss ya mate!

  21. Thinking of... and missing you mate.