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  1. Hi old friends, Passing through and enjoying this thread, so will share one of my own: Used to live half a block from a subway station. Every morning before work, last thing I’d do before leaving is qigong practice for 20-45 minutes and then leave without looking at the time (so as not to feel rushed). Would get to the light at the corner, find a good beat in the traffic to jaywalk, and then fly down the escalator and a flight of stairs as fast as possible. For about three weeks straight I slid through the subway doors with less than 3 seconds to spare, and otherwise did the same thing 90% of the time. Once heard a newspaper guy near the turn-style say “I don’t know how he does it” after a couple of weeks of this. I’ve found such things to be like exotic birds. Strange and beautiful, but entirely natural.
  2. Haiku Chain

    In more than one way I would really like to say Five hundred pages
  3. CH. 67 - Three Treasures

  4. CH. 67 - Three Treasures

  5. Haiku Chain

    a pity indeed five hundred pages of feed takes so long to read
  6. Jing of Tranquility ( 清淨經)

    Wouldn't 無實無虛 just mean dharma is "without reality and without emptiness (unreality)," making 虛 rather than 無 stand for non-being? Also, just to be clear on my own position, 所 is less a pronoun here than it is a modifier which makes 得 into a noun.
  7. Jing of Tranquility ( 清淨經)

    Interesting dicussion. My sense of the line in question is that 所 specifies a noun rather than a verb. So it's not that there is no accomplishment (verb) but that there is no thing (noun) which is gained in the process.
  8. Working with higher level subtle beings and spirits

    Shen Ming/Spirits of Light are spoken of in ancient Chinese texts of all pre-Buddhist schools. They protect and guide those who deserve (merit) their protection and guidance. Cultivating virtue, both internally and in interactions with the world, acts of charity and kindness, purifying the heart and mind, abandoning desires and the six emotions - these sorts of things will bring aid from the Shen Ming. It's more of a "don't call us, we'll call you when you're ready" affair, and they won't make their presence known. They will simply influence you, and things around you, while you find things happened "as a matter of course." One comprehensive source of guidance on this is Heshang Gong's commentary on the Dao De Jing.
  9. ShaktiMama

    Sad to hear of this news. I seem to recall her mentioning having inherited some health difficulties. She was a kind and generous soul indeed.
  10. The Moors re-civilized Europe after the fall of Rome

    Just letting you all know, this was basically a social experiment to make people think about how it feels to hear the same nonsense that White supremacism has ingrained into Western society (not to say that none of the above history is true); and also to surface what I felt was lurking on the forum. My first foray into trolling.. haha.. all the best he
  11. There may be no English word, or perhaps any word, which properly encompasses the meaning of De in the Dao De Jing. But looking at a sentence like By virtue of the Dao's virtue of De, it seems to be virtuous.. there are four different meanings from the same word, yet all of them would be needed to show what De is to Dao (and then some, of course). We can at least know some things about De and what De does, that only De "is" and does. For example, it has existed since before Heaven and Earth. It nurtures the myriad things and extends their lifespan without having any actual form, colour, sound, etc., of its own. Does it feel like anything? Well, it brings peace to people, but that's how it makes "them" feel. That still doesn't really point to what De "is." So, maybe we only know De by what it does, and not by what it "is." It "completes its work without renown."
  12. How do Taoists handle enemies?

    An enemy is usually lost and looking for company. Just let them know "I'm going this way. You can join me, but I'm not joining you." You have no obligation to let lost boats take you over the waterfall. On the other hand, you may have an obligation to help them.
  13. five elements of Chinese Cha Dao

  14. Haiku Chain

    jump before the push propelled into pleiades found a seat up there
  15. "All CLAN AFFILIATIONS (not people) are treated like STRAW DOGS""

    Whoops.. the last addition there was referring to a comment I made in another topic: "when talking about ren, it’s not what it’s definition is, but how it was perceived by sages, which is that it was over-systematized. Heaven and Earth’s behaviour doesn’t follow these precepts. Dao follows it’s own way."