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  1. Vision of Kali

    2 days ago I had a dream about ma Kali. Oddly enough it was on the day of navaratri which celebrated her. The experience was thrilling. Can anyone share insight into what this experience could mean/ similar experiences which they have gone through. How can I willingly commune with her when I want to?
  2. Yes but knowledge with restraint is the highest way. Many, like you, try to ignore all derivatives of the natural curiosity by dismissing phenomena as deviation. I do think that it is better to be aware of it and exercise discrimination about its worth

    yes I do know what you are talking about.. it is similar to the tantric practice of kritya. Can these forms read the minds of other people, or influence them

    And what capabilities can these forms have

    That’s very interesting. How do you do that?

    Alright what did task did B-NE perform for you

    Ah you want to make me do the work of matching the sigil to a demon? Lmao
  8. As I have been doing more kriya yoga in the past few months, I have begun to feel a type of awareness/pressure in the anal perenium area. Why is this so? Has anyone else felt this

    Which did you evoke? Any interesting ones like dantalion, sitri or paimon?
  10. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Have you hypnotized people?
  11. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    This is interesting. How do you get one and use it? Have you had experience
  12. GOETIA

    Holy Guardian Angel. The highest achievement one may gain in a lifetime
  13. GOETIA

    Hello all good and wise light seeker here. Is anyone familiar With Goetia here? Meaning have you invoked spirits for material purposes? If so which ones and how did it go. Also I’m assuming you then have control over HGA...