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  1. Evocation

  2. Evocation

    Excellent. theres an undine named Istiphul. I would like to evoke her to ask a very specific question.
  3. Evocation

    Trying to evoke an undine. Can u help
  4. Evocation

    let’s talk about evocation. Can anyone here evoke any entity at will with just a name?
  5. Shabar mantra

    Excellent. This is what I’m talking about. Look up prophet666 shabar mantras (and other mantras) tell me what u think
  6. Shabar mantra

    Hello people. I’m interested in talking about shabar mantras with all of you. I know a good amount about this topic I can share if anyone’s interested. Are any here experienced with this?
  7. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    It does. Kriya yoga
  8. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Who tf ru
  9. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    No thank fren
  10. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Lol don’t wanna help? Kabbalah?
  11. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    I’m re reading this thread. It’s been a while. Have you moved to the AA yet? 93 93/93
  12. Sex with Dakini

    Tell me what I look like or where I am right now
  13. Sex with Dakini

    Ah I understand. Do you know of any who have it and can prove it? I would assume not..
  14. Sex with Dakini

    Do you have this ability?
  15. Sex with Dakini

    True entering the astral at will is very impressive. Not sure weor teaches it the best way.. lots of mantra usage right? Also have you gained the ability of conscious projection? I know that members of Oto (another group no one talks about here) can do it