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  1. Mantra/tantra for sex

    Do you know any techniques
  2. Mantra/tantra for sex

    I saw this cool post on prophet666 does anyone know any other mantras for this type of thing
  3. Lol yes u make a valid point. This is More of a trick than a sprirtual task. Btw look up pressure points and dim mak, that’s more in line with this post lol
  4. Brahmacharya (encratism) gives you attractive powers

    benjamin walker. esoteric man
  5. From the same book, this very interesting passage...
  6. very advanced energy practice

    Woah did u knock them out????
  7. very advanced energy practice

    Well this is quite funny! A greater mystery has been unveiled. What is that website you attached? It certainly intrigues me...
  8. very advanced energy practice

    I was in a bookstore and I found this passage. Check it out.... what do you think about that technique?
  9. Sammohan and vashikaran

    very interesting... can you tell me more? which path are you in?
  10. Sammohan and vashikaran

    Interesting question.. yes it might be, but from what I’ve heard it is just a manipulation of the will. Not sure if that’s considered dark
  11. Sammohan and vashikaran

    I have been looking into tantra and occult Hinduism recently, and one matter which has aroused great interest in me is that of sammohan. For those who do not know; it is the technique of hypnotising and controlling others with prana energy. Sammohan can be used to attract numerous people, to send thoughts to their head, for mass hypnotism or various other purposes. Vashikaran is a similar technique but casts a love spell usually on one person. The methods for achieving sammohan and vashikaran are varied. They usually include mantras, meditation and the practice of tratak (gazing). The utilities for such a method are limitless, for this purpose many of its higher level practices are kept closely guarded.
  12. The eye of the moon

    Nah this is like the evil eye
  13. The eye of the moon

    Yea I meant that
  14. The eye of the moon

    Dude wtf was that pattern interruption lmao
  15. The eye of the moon

    Does anyone know about it? It’s supposedly a technique which allows you to influence others with energy from your eyes. It makes your pupils look white, and gievs you the power to see auras.