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  1. Hello Friends and teachers alike! Story/Question time! I've spent the last 5 years living under a Taoist Priest in the Longmenpai tradition. This has been something I could not be more grateful for. Something I've seen in our time together has been as follows. : I intend to give a gift to my teacher : I feel very sad (almost as if I want to weep) when he refuses to take my gift I learned to be more sincere as a result but didn't think to much about it at the time lately I've made a friend in the world who I shared some things with (perhaps too much?) and I've noticed the same behavior now from them. :trying to excessively give me gifts :and only this last time have I been present enough to not just absently accept it, and when I refused I could sense that same grief/whatever it is by my refusal. Is there anyone who would like to speak to this? I am grateful for the fellowship.