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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Silence of the Heart by Robert Adams. A wonderful exploration of self inquiry. Robert's words indeed do speak to the Heart. I am only 37 pages into this spiritual masterpiece and I am truly looking forward to the reading the rest of the book.
  2. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I have read a number of life changing books this year: The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer. Check them out on Amazon. Autobiography of A Yogi by Sri Yogananda. Again check it out on Amazon. A mind blowing book! All three I highly recommend. Blessings All, gentlewind
  3. What are you listening to?
  4. Enlightened movies

    it is Man who cares not about Mother Earth. From the book 'Catching The Thread' by Llewellyn Vaughn Lee; From Mother Earth are born all living creatures, and with her body she feeds them. They drink from her streams and eats the food she provides.
  5. Enlightened movies

    Greetings Silent Thunder, many thanks for your kind words - Mother Earth needs our kindness and not our cruelty. I was testing Jonathon Livingstone Seagull......he has a film by the same name on You Tube! K Pac really intrigued me. Shame about the creep who played the alien. Jeff Bridges was magnificent. Anyone seen the film Dreamcatcher? Worth a watch!!! Stay safe!!!
  6. Enlightened movies

    2001 A Space Odyssey is thought provoking, esoteric and has subtle overtones of dark humour. K Pac is also a film with depth and complex twists. They are walking amongst us?! I agree with Silent Thunder about the series OA. It is thought provoking as to the nature of consciousness.
  7. Always smile when you come to mind friend.

    Holding space for you and your family in my heart.


  8. Insomnia

    wow!!! thanks guys I really appreciate your advice which I will pass onto my daughter when she visits. once again I truly appreciate your time and effort you put into your posts, I know my daughter will be happy to read through your posts. Blessings to you all.
  9. Insomnia

    Hello Family, my daughter(24)has been suffering with insomnia for over a year and I fear she may be near mental exhaustion/breakdown. she said to me that she would accept one good night's sleep a week! she saw the doc today who was hopeless and gave her anti-hystamines! any suggestions/thoughts/ideas on how my beautiful daughter can get some shut eye most welcome. she lives with her mother who I call the Dark One, so she hasn't got it easy!!! there is an Air Guitar to those whose suggestions do the trick - and I'll even pay the postage!!!
  10. Enlightened movies

    I'm finding the series Project Blue Book, quite a neat and deeply spiritual series. It has rekindled my interest in UFO's. I am writing(embryonic stage)a comedy about a space crew from a far away planet!!! Dr Who has been ruined by having a female Dr. It just isn't right. The left wing soy boys and girls must be delighted. Apparently there are 100 genders...….nope......just 2. World of Man is doomed. Doomed I tell you!!!
  11. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    I enjoy being cut open by the surgeon's knife. My wife thinks I am slightly(only slightly?)bonkers. I am shockingly mad, in a good way. I had my most recent operation last month, removing cancerous growths from my stomach and duodenum. I go back in 3 months for a follow up operation to make sure they caught everything. Happy days! I am not worried because it is a part of my dance through life and death. I have rehearsed my own death, just in case! I will pull through, because that is what I do. END.
  12. What are you listening to? Marillion! Great prog rock outfit who with Fish(vox)were awesome! Saw them play Donnington back in 1985 - yes, 1985!!! They were 2nd top band to the bearded ZZ Top - not the drummer!
  13. Mystical Christian Thread

    I've read a few esoteric Christian books, titles I cannot remember! This is the gist of what I read; Adam(Jesus' first incarnation) and Eve(maybe the first of Mary Magdelenes' incarnations?)in the Garden Of Eden, where the Bible tells us Eve was tricked by Satan into eating the apple of good and evil. What really happened was Eve was seduced by Satan resulting in the birth of Cain(wonder what the Land of Nod was like!!! & who created those folk?!). If memory serves me right thats the gist of it. I wonder what drugs the writers were experimenting with!!! Then we have astrotheology. Jesus = Sun 12 Disciples = the 12 houses of the Zodiac I would suggest anyone interested in astrotheology watch Bill Donahue's You Tube videos.
  14. Poetry/Writing thread?

    a couple of short pieces. Short & Sweet(sic) the UK is a mess dark brooding mess and its all sugar free (just) ignore the aspartame it slowly rots your brain but saves on the cost of embalming fluid when your dead. Extended Sorrow death walks on its own fear feeds the onlookers sadness never fades. Thanks for dropping by
  15. Hello One and All,


    I have been absent once again! The reason for this is my ongoing health concerns, which have resulted in all sorts of medical adventures and culminates in another operation. 


    I will try to be a more visible member but if I am again invisible you know my health is misbehaving!


    I have a favor now to ask! I have 3 Kindle books of poetry available at Amazon. Not expensive - less than a Costa coffee! Even if you aren't a fan of poetry I guarentee you will! If you purchase please leave a comment, positive or negative!




    Blessings to One and All:)