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  1. Hello Forum

    Hi tedd_a, How about dragon boat races and rice dumplings? Today (5th day of the 5th lunar month) - we celebrate/enjoy both. 端午节快乐!Happy Dumpling Festival! ! The date of 端午节 / Dragon Boat Festival is determined based on lunar calendar, and falls on 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Thus in Gregorian (Western) calendar the date will change from year to year. Dragon Boat Festival is said to commemorate the sacrifice of Qu Yuan, a legendary Chinese poet. In Mi Lo River around 2000 years ago, he drowned himself to protest against the rulers and to stop corruption. As respect to the poet, people throw dumplings into the river to stop fish from feeding on the poet’s body as well as make noise to scare the fish away. To celebrate the festival, dragon boat races are organised - symbolizing searching for Qu Yuan’s body on the river. In the past, dumplings are said to be thrown on the river to drive away the fishes from the legendary poet’s body. Nowadays, the rice dumplings are eaten as a delicacy, which made this festival is also known as the Chinese Dumpling Festival. - -Adapted from Gintai's blog. One of the festival's signature songs: Same song - sang on a street stage during a temple's celebration in Singapore: - LimA
  2. Hello from a Novice

    Good morning. Good day. - LimA
  3. What is in our power to do?

    Hi Michael Sternbach, Sure - but our thinking must be black. - LimA
  4. What is in our power to do?

    Hi Nungali, Now I am going to do something totally different from what I had been doing the whole day - I am going to sleep. Good night. - LimA
  5. Hello from a Novice

    Hi Dada-da, So no one is ever late for qigong. - LimA
  6. What is in our power to do?

    Hi thelerner, Is it... Or... Bro - no 'forgive'. We learn together. - LimA
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Hi Dada-da, - LimA
  8. What is in our power to do?

    Hi Steve, I like your new colors - cool. - Anand
  9. Hello from a Novice

    Hi Fa Xin, Maybe... Hi Maybe, Dragons and phoenixes? I don't know... Maybe your diving at TDB maybe filled with happiness... - LimA
  10. What is in our power to do?

    Hi Yinja, Thoughts, emotions, will, decisions, actions... - are energy-based, Is it possible that hiccups may arise if there are mismatches in frequencies? - LimA
  11. What is in our power to do?

    Hi Steve, My Teacher does not speak much - almost to being silent. Yet I have to listen. - Anand
  12. Hi Fa Xin, I had experienced the contrary - and I recalled this: Just for sharing. - LimA
  13. Hi All, "When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years" - Mark Twain Guess that is/was DAD to more than a few. Today (17 June 2018) is his day: - LimA
  14. A Pure Tao

    Hi Wu Ming Jen, What transpired on 12 June 2018 happened in my backyard. Days (before and after) that date - I was/am bombarded on TV by power-plays which I find them hard to accept. So instead of studying "history and wars to identify the way things are" - I prefer to listen to these silently and repeatedly: There are thousands of different renditions of Arirang of which - this is one: - LimA
  15. A Pure Tao

    Hi Lost in Translation, I am repeating the worth - experiential learning gives me first-hand untainted knowledge. What "I knew all along" was/is there in Nature/Life - waiting for me to explore/tap through actions. But my actions remained inert/latent/dormant/... until I was physically/mentally crippled at one stage of my life. The experience as such a cripple was humbling. Any more gems worth repeating? I am listening - silently. - LimA