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  1. 8 December 2019 ~ 8 am to 8 pm everyone's local time. From sunrise in the East to sunset in the West... From East to West... East and West... as ONE... in a song... Flowers in the Raining Night... Where is the divide in ONE... The Middle Path? Now what will not divided us from Jim?
  3. Barbara (manitou) ~ Jim like(s/d) Dean Martin? Dear Jim ~ from a friend...
  4. Hi All, Thus far these are Jim's friends in virtual attendance during his celebrations on 8 December 2019 at TDB's The Quiet Corner Bar & Grille at 8 am to 8 pm your local time... I am waiting/expecting for more friends to add on this list ~ ilumairen Apech Jeff moment steve dwai dawei Nungali silent thunder manitou Pilgrim thelerner Nintendao ... More of Jim's friends will be added... - Anand
  5. Countdown to Jim's Celebration on Sunday... THURSDAY...... FRIDAY...... SATURDAY...... SUNDAY
  6. Hi zerotao, Close enough? It makes me hungry to do this post. Now I am munching biscuits. - Anand
  7. Hi ilumairen, As I have some time on my side today, I took the liberty to figure out the route to the Bar & Grille for Jim's celebrations on 8 December 2019. Here is the route to take ~ Home > The Tent > Personal Practice Discussion > ilumairen > DaoTown > The Quiet Corner Bar and Grille - Anand
  8. What is real? Can we not just pretend... (Jim's an avid gardener.) I have dreamed of this thread for Jim ~ many moons ago. Thank you All for the love, respect, memories, support... for Jim. - Anand
  9. Jim's immortality has started to gain roots and is personified by Brian's return...? Thank you Bro for coming back to honor him.
  10. From Wondering Taoist to Polished Wanderer?
  11. Hi zerotao, You are lucky to have firsthand experiences with both Marblehead and Jim. Yes off TDB he was ~ "in person, much better". In his emails ~ he was quite a polished gentleman... Gems to many... - Anand
  12. I downloaded this for Jim in one of the thread... Cannot remember if he had responded with his signature Hehehe. Why? Nowadays it is kid stuff...
  13. So Marblehead... The Wondering Taoist is now a...? ... I wonder.
  14. Hi moment, Thank you for the efforts you have put in to share with us the citations from Jim dated ~ July 8th, 2009... May 20th, 2014... December 1, 2018. I have noted the last one ~ just a week before 8 December 2018 when Jim crossed over... For me, spirituality points to my inner essence, my state of mentality regardless of external conditions. --- Marblehead, December 1, 2018 I feel this citation poignantly in relation to what X and Y have sent to me via PM this week. X ~ has not posted on this thread. Y ~ has posted but will not join the celebrations on 8 December 2019 @ The Quiet Corner Bar & Grille. These are their reasons ~ X Thanks for the invite , but I dont have any words. I dont know why things re:Mh affected me so much, but I dont need to close the book. In fact , I prefer not to. I'd rather keep in touch. I hope that makes sense Good luck to you Lima. Bro ~ will you join us at the celebrations? Y Hi Anand! How you doing? I’ll set up a little offerings on the altar here at home at an appropriate time, hopefully they’ll be accepted and i might ask Guan Sing Tai for him to add some part of the power of brotherhood, justice and benevolence to the gathering. Either way count me in as spiritually present. If there is a guestbook or something would you take a message for me? As i know it pleased Marbs greatly ever onwards will i only speak truth of real things. Hugs Bro ~ at the celebrations everyone will sign in with his/her heart... no problem I will take a message for you... please send me your message. ❤️ => ❤️❤️ => ❤️❤️❤️... The sands of time... the shifting, whispering sands... - Anand
  15. Hi ilumairen, A good question has been raised on the directions to The Quiet Corner Bar and Grill. Please advise. Thank you. - Anand