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  1. Here is my question:
  2. Good morning rene, More than one easy answer to a question understood. Why? If from the same person? Why? If from different persons? Why? - LimA
  3. Fanny + French kiss = ?
  4. Secret of the golden flower.
  5. Hi moment, Yes all the answers are in the Void. You do not have to ask questions. Just drink your favorite wu wei tea. Don't forget to look smart - every moment. You are tricky. I don't want to friend you. You are not right for me. Don't ask me any question. Unless you want to end up in tears. - LimA
  6. Hi Steve, I am very enlightened. Dare not scratch my head any more. Thank you. You honest fella... Apparently you mourn only when your pets... How about other...? Your Shiva - lives on. How about your Shakti? - Anand
  7. Hi Dada-da, I ask. You wonder. You answer => more questions. You laugh. I cringe. You reply. Now I've hesitations. But of course for you, forever a Bum wondering. But poor me - wondering what are your thinking. - LimA
  8. Red sails in the sunset.
  9. Hi Dada-da, Only answers? Coming from "The Wondering Taoist" - more questions. - LimA
  10. ?
  11. Hi Steve, What/where is Dumb....istan? I google and I am still scratching my head. A being = a human + a dragon? Can? Sure. But only you can. Others cannot. Hi Creighton, You are naughty. Poke the trolls - where? Which end? Hi rene, But of course. I cannot resist poking fun. At home I am nicknamed the cheeky monkey. - LimA 🦋 🦋 🦋
  12. Middle path to Nirvana.
  13. Hi Steve, Pretty moving - coming from a guy who is apparently more rooted in the physical Taoist arts. Don't you think so, Ma'am? You have associated tears to "an aspect of emotional maturity and developing empathy". Steve - for this association, you deserve a butterfly 🦋. What has happened to the 'Dragon' linked to Starjumper? Have noticed that now Starjumper is defined as a 'Human'. By this definition, I am almost moved to tears as a human being. Why? I am conditioned as a guy to contain my tears. As a 'Human', you deserve two more butterflies 🦋 🦋: - one from me. - the other from ... Proud of you Brother. - Anand
  14. Bobby Helms
  15. Distant drums.