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  1. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi dawei, My feelings/thoughts pertain to ONE experience ~ not an experience. Here ONE hints at an experience felt with the traveler's Taoist perceptions (rightly/wrongly to others). They pertain to a nondescript road less traveled. The ONE experience is shared per one perceptive path : A + B => C => DC It start with A and B as in Yin and Yang ... leading to C ... and DC ... and beyond... With 'A + B + C' ~ are you on another path which is different from mine? If so, I will suggest nothing as I cannot suggest anything. My path has DC and not D (which I cannot comprehend). A + B => C => DC ~ in not definitive. I am new on this path and 'a part of the 10,000' is beyond my embryonic status at the moment. Thesaurus synonyms of pendantic ~ abstruse pompous stilted academic arid didactic doctrinaire donnish dry dull egotistic erudite formal fussy hairsplitting learned nit-picking ostentatious overnice particular pedagogic priggish punctilious scholastic schoolish sententious A + B => C => DC is antonymous to pendantic. It is a personal mental model per a quiet/private road less traveled. - Anand
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi OldDog Acceptable mental processual models of cognition...? =============================================================== ================================================================ ================================================================ ================================================================ - Anand
  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi OldDog, Pearls of wisdom...? Can almost picture Jim THERE ~ chuckling at us re Chapter 42. - Anand
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi dawei, I try to roughly sense the thoughts behind Jim's ... 'What words?' - what even if Jim ha(d)s Chad Hansen's published work? - Anand
  5. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi dawei, From an "experience of existence" on the road less traveled ~ (a) "The 'three' are the result of the polarity of Yin and Yang" ... A + B => C C is three (b) I've seen some explain it as thus, Yin + Yang + their interactive result ... A + B => C => DC DC is C re an interactive result linked to Destiny - Anand
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi voidinyinyang, From ~ Rudyard Kipling's "The Ballad of East and West" ... Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment seat;But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth! - Wikipedia FOUR SEAS - ONE FAMILY... - Anand
  7. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi vonkrankenhaus, Words are not just words. I will not take words for granted Better a mental model without words. - Anand
  8. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi vonkrankenhaus, Per your above input, I responded ~ But now that I am out of the womb, I don't know what I don't know. And you added... I find the above engaging ~ (a) 'in womb' - I apparently knew everything without words? (b) When I am now outside, you are implying that I also know everything without words ~ 'just like inside the womb'? (c) I don't know what I don't know - because of words? Is 'in womb' different from 'just like inside the womb'? I ask because of the italicization. - Anand
  9. How does your Garden Grow

    Hi middle_path, VERY GOOD. Thank you. I look forward to the pictures. - Anand
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi OldDog, When I have no clue And there is no glue I will not be ~ blue I like to go on floral trips knowing full well that I cannot/will not be able to have all the blooms in my garden... There are many pieces in my life and l only connect the dots that spell meaning and life. Whenever I get new blooms in my garden, I am over the moon ~ especially the unexpected ones. Bro ~ life is a garden, just let 10,000 flowers show off... Let us 'live and let live' to stay alive ... 'A + B => C => DC' ... as 'simple' as ABC in Destiny. - Anand
  11. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi voidisyinyang, Honestly ~ "I don't know music theory" and I like to borrow this from OldDog as a reiteration... But something in this from you caught my attention... It is the Pythagorean theorem... But I am not associating Pythagoras theorem (PT) with music theory ~ but my "experience with existence (E:E)" on a road less traveled thus... A + B => C => DC Per E:E ... ~ A2 + B2 > C2 which is unlike... For PT... ~ a2 + b2 = c2 As 'A2 + B2 > C2 ' ~ synergy comes into being. You may be curious to know what 'DC' is. It is C associated with Destiny. My apology ~ I cannot divulge too much as A, B, C and DC pertain to a private unmusical road less traveled. - Anand
  12. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi vonkrankenhaus, Outside the womb. Inside the ~ tomb. No ~ bloom. Only gloom. Get me a new broom. I want some ~ room. - Anand
  13. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Good morning OldDog, Let us finish the specialist off ~ good and proper... "A specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less, until ... finally he knows nothing at all... because he knows everything about nothing when he lost his Way" But since nothing is 'zero'... The specialist gave birth to none, and none gave birth to two. With none, his two gave birth to zero... ? So a specialist spans from none to zero... and since 1 and 0 are not found digitally in no. 42, let us have him nailed as a non-Taoist. But as today is Easter ... the specialist is resurrected... Happy Easter! - Anand
  14. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi Creighton, Zzzzzzz ~ now dreaming - no thought. Don't disturb. - Anand