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  1. The Smile of the Heart and the Smile of Nature

    The energy of this is good ~ The Smile of the Heart and the Smile of Nature - Anand
  2. Heaven forbids - NO! Not to anyone. Stay safe and keep well. - Anand
  3. Yes Nun He is pulling down a blind I have made the correction from 'curtain' to blind in my post With the blind down... Thank you. - Anand
  4. Oh... I will help you to down the blind... Rest well. - Anand
  5. Thank you and good for you But each of us is different on a road less traveled... without words Experiential knowledge is key - Anand
  6. Hi Trunk, Thank you for your good insights. Is yin-yang ONE within SYSTEMS THINKING? - Anand
  7. COOL ~ no more suffering.
  8. Good for you ~ but not everyone is the same. Why am I thinking of legs now...? I will sleep now to rest my legs ~ need them for jogging at sunrise. Good night. - Anand
  9. Those few that I have come to know better privately at TDB have great strengths. They just needed trust to share openly.
  10. Hi Cleansox, I had come across a few such persons at TDB They come to this forum to seek paths forward on their own strengths I have the privilege to know them better on a one-to-one They know who they are I am proud to call them friends - Anand
  11. Any leaf on a tree does not think of killing... murder... It is too busy living in silence... - Anand