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  1. Seeking what is.

    Hi gliding58, Welcome to TDB. - LimA
  2. Greetings from Vietnam

    Hi Fa Xin, Your above quote - an endorsement? - LimA
  3. A Path of the Light

    Hi Creighton, I took the liberty to visualize your words. Hope you are at peace with my liberty. peace: not a destination peace: not ... a thing peace... but a process peace... a fluid dance peace... a flowing we are peacing here - Anand
  4. A Path of the Light

    ... and PEACE SISTERS.
  5. Seeking something

    Hi Jeff, Growth through cultivation... Cultivate it in the family, And Virtue will abound. - LimA
  6. Seeking something

    - LimA
  7. Seeking something

    Hi Jeff, I regard marriage as 'institutional' from a societal perspective. It provides stability for social structures to prevail. A marriage is sustained by both love and efforts. It has been said that marriage is not a noun but a verb. It does not pertain to what the couple get; but what they do. On a lighter note - (a) a marriage is "I do" by chance and (b) a divorce is "We don't" by choice. - LimA
  8. Seeking something

    Hi Jeff, Thank you on the follow-ups. My focus is on the love between Ms Yin and Mr Yang. If the matrimonial institution is the proverbial coin, are marriage and divorce its flip-sides? - LimA
  9. Seeking something

    Hi Jeff, I second this - "a couple in love... break down such obstructions" But not when they started to fall out of love. Sad - but such is life. - LimA
  10. Seeking something

    Hi Jeff, Are giving and receiving - the two sides of the same coin? But from a chicken/egg perspective, which will initiate the dynamic exchange process? Giving or receiving? More likely giving will initialize the flow? If that is the case, how is it that - "the natural outbound sharing is blocked/obstructed"? I am asking in relation to this - - LimA
  11. Seeking something

  12. Seeking something

    Hi Lost in Translation, The joys of love are but a moment long.The pain of love endures the whole life long. My love loves me. - LimA
  13. Seeking something

    Hi Lost in Translation, Yes excellent - especially when Jeff's words are superimposed on a couple locked in a hot kiss. A passionate kiss pertains to a "situation... that... have... a major energetic opening". It can be quite natural to conclude that such a kiss will lead to... However, the situation can be this " ... it is kind of like you got stuck in hyper receptive mode. Feeling and receiving, but not yet also transmitting stuff back out." Does this applies to a couple truly in love - especially so when he is compassionately protecting her in their moments of passion? Jeff - please advise. - LimA
  14. Seeking something

    Hi Jeff, Are you referring to the yin and yang elements within one's self? The single one is this? Please do so. Thank you. When are the babies deemed 'golden'? Why 'golden'? - LimA