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  1. Year of the Pig

    After the fact... everything is null and void.
  2. Year of the Pig

    Hi Michael Sternbach, Tell it to the 'boared' family in China. Joining the dots... ... who are you? - Anand
  3. Year of the Pig

    Hi dawei, "... it's happy and proud and wants to be appreciated as is". Appreciated as a killer? - Anand
  4. Year of the Pig

  5. Year of the Pig

    After the fact - everything is null and...
  6. Year of the Pig

    Hi Ninny, Very good. Respectful linkage of Chinese 'pig' character to family... Thank you. - Anand
  7. Year of the Pig

    Who is Sean? What is his cultural background?
  8. Year of the Pig

    Correction ~ 5th to 19th 2019. Same same - yuk! A cross between a prehistoric boar and a rat? =================================================== A HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR TO ALL! - Anand
  9. A Message From Limahong

    Dear Dada-da, Apology - I had forgotten to thank you. Better late than never... THANK YOU. - Anand
  10. I Don't Care If You Hate Me ...

    I visit here everyday to say hello to Dada-da. - Anand
  11. I Don't Care If You Hate Me ...

    Hi Everything, Thank you for your nine "Thank you", six "Love" and two "Loving" - all very positive energies. To All at TDB... A Very Happy New Year! All The Very Best In 2019! In memory of Dada-da... (aka Marblehead). - Anand
  12. Hi AstralProjectee,


    Can we communicate directly through our private emails?


    - Anand

  13. Hi steve, Misinterpreted rivers can become... A good karmic friend once invited me to join him on a trip down a river of no return - very peaceful and enlightening. And because of his good karma we returned home ~ safely. Om Mani Padme Hum. - Anand
  14. Hi Wu Ming Jen, A karmic friend has just sent me these - have you tried such karma wash? - Anand
  15. american chakra

    Hi rideforever, As each of us is different, "accept" must come with "reject" in relation to the subject-object equation. I am critical as such - I don't want to be hijectjacked. - Anand