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  1. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, Yes - I don't tell/share internal story to/with myself... I feel. It is now internally processed that I am sleepy... re 1+am at my end. Good night. - Anand
  2. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, His/her impression of reality... to impress/depress/suppress... Sure... accidents, incidents, or events... are mere words, From the perspective of what is.. what transpires and co-arising shift... don't we feel first? It's mostly story ~ only when shared with others? Otherwise ~ no story? No real substance ~ to those hearing/reading your story? If it is fluidity interweaving/unfolding ~ what/who can be more solid or inherently unreal than the story-teller? I would also like to admit that... "my reality, is not reality"... I am a weaver who multi-task as a story-teller. Table for one + one - be my guest... - Anand
  3. Contradiction ?

    ... only incidents?
  4. Contradiction ?

    Hi Rocky, The Tao follows only itself... Human distinctions give rise to contradictions? Any different from God ~ whatever I respectfully/humbly perceive Him/Her/It... to be? God only helps those who help themselves? - Anand
  5. Contradiction ?

    Hi dawei, Get over it ~ and The Dao Bums: Forums will be over too? - Anand
  6. Contradiction ?

    Hi windwallker, Everything is energy... But of course... the wave is also water... as in ONE and ONEness. - Anand
  7. Contradiction ?

    Hi Ming Jen, Thank you for pointing our attention to direction... it is not a straight line path re everyday living on the ground... I cannot imagining ~ "two legs moving in different directions one forward, one back, one back, one forward". I was in military service for about three years and my Sergeant Major on the parade square would scream at me if I moved thus . Luckily I was directed by the "one" moving the legs. This morning... as a non-bird I said to myself ~ I am not going to fly today by Singapore Airlines on Flight XYZ at 1500 hrs. But of course. - Anand
  8. Contradiction ?

    Ultimately The TAO is great? TAO Universe Earth Man Now what/who is the contradiction?
  9. Contradiction ?

    Hi CloudHands, If I cannot find what I want/need (or don't know what I want/need) within myself ~ can/should I blame the TAO on the outside? IT has provided life with sunshine and rain ~ apple trees give apples, orange trees give oranges... What fruits do I give in return? The TAO is not human ~ so there is no human hazard from IT. I am human ~ am I humanly hazardous? The TAO has footprints? I have ~ carbon footprints. - Anand
  10. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, 'ing' is a part of 'feeling' and it is not found in 'words'. It bring words to life and is energizing. How do feel when you add 'ing' to words like woo, chase, kiss, f...? These are instances of what you get if when you think of 'ing'... Henceforth peeling/eating a banana will not be the same...? Dizzling ~ please cut out the 'ing' ! - Anand
  11. Contradiction ?

    Hi Everything, Yes, to me life itself is a contradiction ~ I live to die. But I like to be positive/honest by living well so that I will/can die better. I believe too that everything is energy and it is dynamically interchangeable into something, nothing or anything ~ a spectrum to be embraced as ONE. I accept it without action and I need not have to choose. For me freedom pertains to the feelings of being liberated from words, conceptions, definitions, expectations... I beg to differ that "nothing can ever go wrong". On the contrary ~ everything can go wrong but I am always learning. Lifelong learning gives life meaning ~ learning from sunrise and reflecting at sunset. Yes ~ simply feel... simply feel... differently moment to moment... for the better. - Anand
  12. Contradiction ?

    Hi Mate, You have the knack of seeding me with a new energy that keeps me go ing ~ ings, inging ings... As a force ~ it is flow ing through my body and mind, driv ing me to connect through my personal innate pleasure of be ing alive and bring the next generation to manifestation. Where is your force from? - Anand
  13. Contradiction ?

    Good morning Creighton, I have noted that your ancestral ing symbol has two perfect ten in your 'inguz'... It is really uncanny ~ my Chinese ancestors too have our ing symbol rooted in double ten thus... Every year we celebrate our "ingUS" destiny together in Taiwan on 10 October... Re your "inguz" you have indicated... Again it is very uncanny ~ our "ingUS" symbol is also rooted in our personal innate pleasure - our Double Happiness... Our ancestors and US celebrate our happiness with 9+9 crackers... Why? For our familial posterity ~ we also pray for many descendants... 子孫滿堂 keep "ingUS" alive... as we strive for perfect ten... - Anand
  14. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, My ancestors too were very proud of our family ing genes and image... I am go ing to sleep... yawn ing... will be dream ing of you... see you in the morn ing. Good night. - Anand
  15. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, relishing the heat in the paradox hot tub i find i don't mind (nice Qi) i find i don't mind that it's actually soup comprised of just me (Jing Qi Shen) for all that i eat transforms into me you see not i into it (transforming is not the same as transformed) yet are we not we? (we are not we... we are be-com-ings) - Anand