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  1. Trap - 365 Tao

    Hi lifeforce, Nothing is more rhythmically natural like these in Nature... ... and others. - Anand
  2. Trap - 365 Tao

  3. Trap - 365 Tao

    Age is covered with cosmetics,Gray hidden with dye,Confidence is sought in men,Awareness deferred for the future.She toils on her job,Enduring tension and fatigue,Subsisting on tranquilizers,Pinning futile hopes on her children. Sadly beautiful...
  4. Trap - 365 Tao

    Welcome. Good night.
  5. Trap - 365 Tao

    Hi lifeforce, You are fitting well at TDB... we had crossed paths before... keep it up. - Anand
  6. Trap - 365 Tao

    Your pick... ... on the house.
  7. Trap - 365 Tao

    Hi lifeforce, Like ABnormal? But you appear to me as... - Anand
  8. Trap - 365 Tao

    Hi lifeforce, Everyday is a new "normal"? - Anand
  9. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    Hi freeform, Some information may be in timely order... Plants are the air-purifiers for planet earth. They clean it, and in doing so produce the oxygen we, and all animals need to survive. This happens through one of the most amazing chemical reactions you can imagine, photosynthesis. - Botanical Society of America Now man is trying to contain global warming through reforestation. Each of us leaves behind carbon footprints. - Anand
  10. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    Hi Taoist Texts, Try/feel being a tree yourself and return to Nature. Sometimes I think of myself as an apple tree. Apple trees are not delusions ~ I like to eat their fruits. Return to our roots as intended by Nature with feelings... - Anand
  11. Hi freeform, In the days of Lao Tze... 心 ... was not penned/recorded... as heart... a five letter word. - Anand
  12. Hi Ming Jen, Yes ~ be it (a) Jing Chi Shen or (b) the chakras. When (a) is ONE and... (b) is ONE... (a) + (b)... are also ONE? The body is ONE but the mind divides the body? The mind also differentiates one body from another? The mind may divide but it can also unite... - Anand
  13. The ego and the heart in Chinese medicine

    Hi nothing02, If no (wo)man is an island by him/herself... and (s)he exists in an environment... then what is his/her ego? Asked thus ~ can I introduce Theory U...? Leading From the Future As It Emerges... Building upon two decades of action research at MIT, the process shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. In essence, we show how to update the operating code in our societal systems through a shift in consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness. - The Presencing Institute (MIT Sloan School of Management) In Theory U, we move from EGO to ECO... - Anand