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  1. Hi cold, Your continuous support for manitou has touched me. Great job brother (sister?). A great weekend. - LimA
  2. Hi again manitou, You have started a new path - being there for each other. Very good. From tears => laughter. By shining the way for others, you have apparently found some light of your own. SHINE ON! - LimA
  3. Hi Dada-da, Before I respond to Andi, can I clear this with you? - Mystery (Mystic) aka Spiritual? - Manifest (physical reality) aka Secular? - LimA
  4. Hi Jefferson, Why are you drawn thus? Per this progression - jing => chi => shen - are you now moving towards the right? Or - are your chakras now better connected and you are moving upwards? Not so polite of me to kick off with pointed questions. Welcome to TDB. - LimA
  5. Deleted - double posting.
  6. Hi Dada-da, Excuse me - after eating pickled onions, I am tickled. Now I am tickling you - no offence intended. - LimA
  7. Hi Dada-da, In my opinion... Excuse me, I am now going to eat Mom's pickled onions - pungent. - LimA
  8. Hi Dada-da, I also don't know what I don't know - I am serious. - LimA
  9. Hi Orphanffxiii, From the little I know, and from experiential tinkering with a life perceived as intended by Nature, perhaps you are inching towards wuwei. Breathing is part of Nature. Yes/no? Sometimes I am inclined to think thus. No. - LimA
  10. ... but carries weight.
  11. Hi moment, Dada-da grows on others without a 'one size fits all' recipe expected of some marble cakes. Yes/no? - LimA
  12. Hi Sulo Eno, Nothing was directed at you. The quotes surfaced complementary to this from you - "Only an act of benevolence continues to sustain life". - LimA
  13. Hi Apech, If you touch my Dada-da, I will go after you. I aim perfect with my eyes closed - bull-eyed and mental vision 20/20. Be forewarned! - LimA
  14. Hi Creighton, I am relatively new at TDB; I joined in March 2017. Thus of the four bums, I can only identify one. He is Brian - a sharp shooter and a great humorist. He's a very naughty boy! A Beautiful Clown - I also recall Brian's serious posts on colours. - Anand
  15. Hi Dada-da, But of course - only when you are here, then can you miss yourself wondering to yourself as a Taoist. But when you are gone, I will missed you and I will wonder where you have wandered. But be rest assured - I will come and knock on your door. Anybody home? When when are gone, you will never be a goner to me. Let me state it categorically here - when you are gone: I WILL DEFINITELY MISS YOU. Creighton - thank you for the opportunity for me to tell Dada-da thus before he is gone. - LimA