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  1. Hi AstralProjectee,


    Can we communicate directly through our private emails?


    - Anand

  2. Hi steve, Misinterpreted rivers can become... A good karmic friend once invited me to join him on a trip down a river of no return - very peaceful and enlightening. And because of his good karma we returned home ~ safely. Om Mani Padme Hum. - Anand
  3. Hi Wu Ming Jen, A karmic friend has just sent me these - have you tried such karma wash? - Anand
  4. american chakra

    Hi rideforever, As each of us is different, "accept" must come with "reject" in relation to the subject-object equation. I am critical as such - I don't want to be hijectjacked. - Anand
  5. Thank you. Now I am more enlightened - physically. I am beginning to see what you mean.
  6. american chakra

    Understanding pales in comparison to experiencing the "chakras". (Mis)understanding can end up in chakral confrontations, arguments, comparisons, divisions... and the serpent slips into oblivion. But experiencing them is more rooted in physical commonality. Why? An Indian body, English body and an ethnic Asian body are generically similar - I like to believe so.
  7. american chakra

    Her crown jewels sparkle in my meditation.
  8. Sounds suggestively inviting... Anything close to these...? - Anand
  9. american chakra

    Hi Nungali, Anatomically how different is an Indian boy from his English brother? Can you please PM on the correct English way... I was colonized as a British Subject - but I am an ethnic Asian. I want to be clean(ed) in memory of my Colony Master Thank you. - Anand
  10. What Happened? Nothing!

    Hi dwai, Please use an illustration for us to understand the difference between "the duality of substantial and insubstantial" and "a specific type of substantiality-insubstantiality". Thank you. - Anand
  11. Hi Apech, Is the square wheeled vehicle karmic - it moves in a "wave like motion"? It has "alternate expansion contraction etc. if you see what i mean". - Anand
  12. Like the square wheeled vehicle - truthfully, philosophically and logically?
  13. Hi steve, Such a mind is also perceptual - to each his/her own. Let's live and let live. Good night. - Anand