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  1. In what way(s) am I rude? Please enlighten.
  2. it is obvious that you are not 'admin' why? no 'admin' will "edit" ~ five times and 'spam by mistake' ~ thrice
  3. I have not given any advice to anybody... including myself. Why? I am doing 'nothing' within this at TDB...
  4. if your advice is try doing nothing... why did you try to fill in for me when I was sick...?
  5. Hi Nun, I am doing 'nothing' within this at TDB... But I have done nothing with a 'bobbins'. What is it? - Anand
  6. I will be restless ~ just sitting and doing nothing. Why don't I start with doing 'nothing' as in...
  7. what is the significance of this 'bobbins'... ... to you... if any at all? what is a 'bobbins'?
  8. Yin and Yang muscling each other...?
  9. Feeling slowly and 'deeper'... Slow generation following slow tension...
  10. Hi Miffymog, Sensitively and simply shared in not so many words. A beautiful experiential account from your practice. Thank you. - Anand
  11. No worries ~ mate I like... - Anand
  12. Hi Kevin, I didn't say that You said. I quoted the "quote". Keep well and safe. - Anand
  13. Agree. But... ... is ONE with Nature? If so ~ don't "stoop in nature"?