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  1. twenty twenty vision

    Hi Creighton, My dreams came through/true. So it must be............ AWAKE. - Anand
  2. twenty twenty vision

    But of course. Not an illustrious one at that ~ died penniless.
  3. Hi All, Try it out. I would like to introduce SISSIWIT for a start ~ it is sung about a bird from the Ilocano provinces in The Philippines. Someone has said ~ I don't understand a word of it - but my heart knows. Beef up your positive energies to keep COVID-19 at bay. Keep safe and well. - Anand
  4. Love and group coherence

    The final alignment of the seven chakras as ONE is key.
  5. Love and group coherence

    Linked to the seven chakras ~ in particular the fourth?
  6. An opinion or observation of madness

    Hi Michael, I just drop by to share this... I will be interviewed tomorrow (29 June 2020) for work in domains linked to recoveries from COVID-19. I really don't know how to restart and I was thinking/searching for a Way the past couple of days. I know now ~ I will embrace the RAINBOW (CHAKRAS...). We all share ONE rainbow on Earth... let us not divide it. Re the chakras ~ the rainbow is also within each of us... I will share the above video with those I am going to meet in COVID-19 recoveries. Keep very safe and well. - Anand
  7. An opinion or observation of madness

    Hi Michael, All good wishes with your mushroom cultivation. - Anand
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    My recent postings at TDB are initialized by a contact from Creighton to me ~ whilst I am on sabbatical. I am returning to my work again very soon ~ this time on something linked to COVID-19 as an ADVERSITY. I really look forward to the work waiting for me as I am a researcher on errors, failures and mistakes ~ as adversities. Nice to have caught up with some of you. Not good-bye but till some time soon. Please keep very safe and well ~ with positive energy. - Anand
  9. twenty twenty vision

    Hi zerostao, How are your sunglasses? - Anand
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