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  1. Miss you dearly old friend...

  2. Acutely missing your way with words and your presence...


  3. Thinking of... and missing you mate.

  4. Belated New Year Greetings

    Happy New Year chums. All well here with MrsGMP and I. Mega busy with new business but just popped in to say Hi.
  5. Osho Rajneesh Cult Documentary

    Anyone who wants a guru will find one. There's no shortage of jobbing gurus on the market each touting for customers. Osho was no better nor worse than any of the others, he was maybe a little bit more 'up front' about what he was doing, and how; is all.
  6. Osho Rajneesh Cult Documentary

    Every guru, ashram and utopian community has people who join up and then leave with tales of woe and or horror. It happens almost every time everywhere. Guru-ing is a business, these people get their living by it and there's a guru out there to suit everybody. Find out who is hot and who is not in the guru-ing industry by checking Sarlos Guru Ratings here.. All I know about the Osho Rajneesh people for sure is that they fought for and won the right to freely publish Osho's works when the 'official' Osho outfit attempted to secure worldwide copyright. Here's Osho's outstanding commentary on Chuang Tzu... Enjoy. BTW Apologies for my absence from the forum. A new small-business venture is keeping me rather busy but I do pop in and read posts from time to time. Best regards to all
  7. neuro linguistic programming (nlp)

    Possibly told this NLP yarn on here before... Some years ago the college faculty I worked in was flusher than usual with cash and decided to put us senior lecturers through an NLP 'Masters' programme. Our then Head of Faculty was a big NLP fan and the 'trainer' was a chum of hers. We were instructed to attend for one morning a week in term time during that academic year. Naturally bolshie and suspicious of NLP I didn't want to go, made excuses and was then issued with a 'turn up OR ELSE' memo by the Head of Faculty. Hence I attended the first session not in the most positive frame of mind. Sat there with my arms folded, said very little save asking a couple of pointed questions about NLP's validity. We broke for coffee mid morning and the NLP trainer came and sat with me. He was just generally chatting, nothing about NLP as such, he asked me about what I taught shared a bit about his own teaching career and seemed just generally sociable. I found myself thinking... " This guy is OK and I have been a bit of a dick." Then it dawned on me and I said..." You were NLP-ing me then weren't you?" The guy just smiled and said... " Yeah I was.. It really does work you know." Can't say that I enjoyed all of that NLP course, the 'theory' sections left me cold as it seemed they were attempting to theorise 'after the fact' ( making up a theory to fit observed outcomes that would probably occur with or without any 'backing' theory) However I completed the course successfully did the practicum 'exams' and eventually got the certificate. What I do know for sure is that some ( not all) NLP techniques do work and that those techniques work on almost everyone. Why those effective NLP 'riffs' do work is open to a theorised debate that I had no time for when I did the course and have less time for now I'm retired.
  8. Adyashanti - Steven Gray

  9. Adyashanti - Steven Gray

  10. Where do jobs come from?

    There's always somebody who wants something doing. We moved to this small seaside hamlet last October when I retired. Come January I was bored off my bits doing nothing all day. So I started up a little window cleaning business and advertised it in the Parish Magazine that goes out free to most homes here. Now I'm busy via that advert plus customer recommendation. There's plenty of work out there if you go and look for it.
  11. The Tao of Weight Loss - ThreadBook

    "Eat less.. Exercise more." The End.
  12. The truth and nothing but the truth

    "There is no such thing as absolute truth. And that's the absolute truth."
  13. Screaming ' Why me?'... Takes away the pain.
  14. the absolute and the end game...

    German beer labels always carry the inscription "Gebraut nach dem deutschen Reinheitsgebot" or "Gebraut nach dem Bayerischen Reinheitsgebot von 1516" (brewed according to the German Purity Law or the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516). This "beer purity" law is one of the most remarkable and perhaps most misunderstood pieces of legislation. The original law was a ducal decree issued on April 23, 1516, by the Bavarian co-rulers Duke Wilhelm IV and Duke Ludwig X (below). It was introduced at a meeting of an assembly of the Estates of Bavaria, at Ingolstadt, some 60 miles north of Munich. Initially only in feudal Bavaria, but later in all of Germany, the Reinheitsgebot gave government the tools to regulate the ingredients, processes and quality of beer sold to the public (and to levy taxes on beer!). The Reinheitsgebot is the oldest, still valid food safety law in the world.