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  1. The highest truth

    We live, we live, we are reborn. Consciousness consists of supercharged electrons of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a deepening of the transformative. We exist as electromagnetic resonance. Imagine a deepening of what could be. We must learn how to lead life-affirming lives in the face of selfishness. Soon there will be an unfolding of wellbeing the likes of which the biosphere has never seen. We are being called to explore the galaxy itself as an interface between nature and health. The world is calling to you via a resonance cascade. Can you hear it? Have you found your journey? If you have never experienced this canopy devoid of self, it can be difficult to reflect. This vision quest never ends. Eons from now, we messengers will self-actualize like never before as we are guided by the world. The galaxy is approaching a tipping point. Who are we? Where on the great quest will we be guided? Humankind has nothing to lose. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the infinite via ultrasonic energy.
  2. Occam’s razor can be used quite effectively to cut through bs that one will invariably have to deal with in spirituality. A general rule of thumb I found to be effective is that any spiritual teaching or system that overcomplicates it’s understanding or practice is less effective than another which employs less complexity. The materialist model of reality is the most complex of all models out there. This employs lifeless matter organizing itself into complex patterns which mysteriously come alive and produce consciousness. On the other hand the traditional Spiritual eastern models of reality almost all suggest that consciousness is the basis of the universe and matter merely appears and disappears in it. IMHO the eastern models are less complex and require less assumptions. On that basis, the materialist model is less likely to be ‘correct’. Would love to see more discussions on this topic

    Each one of us here on Earth is an Individualized Manifestation of the Very Source of All That Is!God is nothing but the Very Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe!!Your soul script or what all you will go through and what you will become is more or less decided before you are born, though many things are flexible and can be changed to a considerable extent based on the choices you make and the choices that others around you will make in your current life.Your soul script for the current life is decided by the sum total of experiences that you have had in your previous lives and the new lessons that your soul would want to go through in order to achieve a state of balance.The Real Purpose of Our Lives is to Have Blissful, Fulfilling, Enriching and Transformative Experiences. Our Soul Spirit needs these experiences and we keep reincarnating again and again until we have learnt all our lessons across the entire spectrum of experiences.As long as we don't learn our lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes, we will keep going through the same experiences.Then, once the state of contentment is achieved, the soul spirit will have a choice of either achieving Nirvana (Dis-individualization and merging back with Source/Universal Godhead) or to take Greater responsibility and move on to newer experiences in higher realms / dimensions / universes.Thus, everyday, Learn to Live it King Size, stop living it pint size as it comes. Develop a Zest for Life and start creating opportunities for yourself. Take ownership and stop blaming God, rather be thankful to God for granting you this infinite Gift of Human Life.It doesn't matter in what context you are born, in what family and settings you have grown up, know that this is how it was intended to be to enable you to have the required experience that your Soul seeks.In the process, different souls choose different paths, some choose dark/ service to self/ left hand path while other choose light/ service to others/ right hand path. There is no need to feel guilty about your past or present no matter what your background is because all will eventually merge and become One.Always remember that the potential for the Greatest Good and the Greatest God is Already present in each one of Us, All we need to do is to unravel ourselves to the inner most core to uncover the true nature of our own reality that has the Highest Purity, the Greatest and the Mightiest Power of God within it.Realize that each of our lives is invaluable and highly coveted, know that extra-terrestrials from far off stars desperately seek a human incarnation on Earth because this is where lessons are learnt. It is our planet that offers an environment for super fast learning and expedited evolution unlike anywhere else in the entire galaxy.The real evolution is that of the spirit and not the flesh, as our souls learn their lessons, the next birth may be in a more advanced body form in a different dimension commensurate with the settings needed for inculcating the next set of lessons on the souls incredible journey back to Godhead.The absolute truth is that the One Godhead (Paramatma) divided itself into infinite souls (Jeevatmas) so it could have infinite different experiences in infinite different ways.Life in this Universe is an endless pursuit of SAT-CHID-ANANDA. Sat (TRUTH) - Chid (KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM) and Ananda (BLISS/JOY/HAPPINESS).Everything is Science, Everything is Energy, Everything is God. There is no contradiction !What matters is to imbibe the Truth and accept your current state objectively and in a balanced manner. This way, we will be able to further advance the real purpose of our lives by contributing to the greater cause in whichever way we can and thus also serve the group consciousness (our soul families) in the most efficient manner.I searched for God everywhere, I only found myself !I searched for myself in everyone, I only found God !!
  4. The Dragon Revealed -

    Thank you for making this opportunity available for others to share their experience in the Chinese Internal arts. My name is Eric Wilson . . . I trained and taught Chinese Kung-fu, Tai-chi, and Qigong for more than 24 years. And while I did realize a great manifestation of "internal" power, I also experienced some very strong negative effects. I am sharing my story and these experiences at the links below, and it is my prayer that these will be of help to those who also have had questions about the spiritual source of Chi and "internal" power. Thank you, Eric Wilson and family
  5. Exploring all paths as one

    Namaste from India. It has only been like 10-11 months, since I started my self-paced self create practices. I awoke to inner silence right around this time and just fell into meditation. Unknowingly I started playing with energy. Without knowing it led to orgasm, I kept on it for days until finally my energy was too much to create orgasms as fast as before. I later realized that I was doing Microcosmic orbit very late into the game. No one told me anything, i Just fell into the practice out of silence. My kundalini was awoken soon enough and led to major major changes in my personality, energy level and intensity. I faced alot of pain and problems but almost effortlessly overcame them, the more problems came more intensely I did my practice even it tore me apart my thoughts were absolute calm and serene, body although was in non-stop pain for months on end until finally everything stabilized and my chronic diseases were pushed out. It really felt like I was reborn. It feels like a fairy tale even now. I only follow my internal wisdom and my heartfelt guru whom I never met face to face and perhaps never might but somewhere I feel deeply connected. I know no martial practices, I am very unfamiliar with chinese way of doing things though I can relate alot, I have followed no yogic guidance rather I rejected every single thing that didn't work for me and built my own path. I wish to explore deeper and deeper and I find this community to be more apt and suitable for good discussions of occult and esoteric practices. I was on AYP before but sadly there are not enough proper intellectuals there and only people with fear of kundalini and wishing only to know how to deal with it, not enough who wish to explore the entire aspect, practices and occult. My only hope is that I might receive a good discussion here because I have too many questions and can go on and on about it for years on end.
  6. The Tao that can be named is not the true Tao. I think I'm starting to get it. We really don't know what we're talking about, do we? It really is a mystery. Since we need a word to call it, we call it Tao. But that's really not what it's about. Is it?
  7. I was put in a situation recently, where I was not sure whether speaking the truth was the best course. To tell a lie for an assumed greater good, or simply to keep silence. All options seemed to cause some harm to other(s) -- in my perception. I always have trouble with the 'silence' as a choice. When someone asks me a question directly (speak, email, etc), or ask for help, I always try to respond, even in situations where silence and not responding, may be the best course of action. In rare cases, I have kept silence or not responded. When I had this dilemma, I recalled the story of Satyavrata from Devi Bhagavat Purana. This story has been described in different ways. I have described the story as I remember with few sentences from a book. In some versions of the story, they say Satyavrata kept silence. That which sees is the organ eye and it has no capability to speak. That which speaks is the mouth, and it has no capacity to see. What Satyavrata did in his condition is described as the right course of action for him. I just wonder, if this justification is valid, even in his case? "Purāṇa are called Purāṇa because they make the Veda “Pūrṇa” (complete). "
  8. Existence, Life.

    We normally use the terms Existence and Life very casually. What do they mean actually? What factors determine existence or life. I would like your ideas on this. I would also like to have an in depth analysis into this topic of discussion.
  9. New to this site

    Hello My name is Peter, I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been on a spiritual search for decades and am still seeking absolute truth. I have determined that righteousness and meditation are major keys to consciousness and enlightenment. It has been quite a nightmare wading through the jungle of religions and lies which have been strewn across the pathway to Truth. I am here to learn and understand more. Thank you for listening to me.
  10. From what I have read about the law of attraction, we can change our perception of the world and opportunities by feeling as if the thing that we choice(instead of want)is already present is more powerful as opposed to just pure visualization(which borders fantasy). Wanting implies lacking, so our truth comes from the life of playground of choices. Anyone have any practical tips and exercises on how to do this well? I'm guessing that emotionally you got be at a more neutral position. For example if you are depressed and feel hopeless you first step has to get to anger to get the emotions jump started then to a feeling of maybe about the thing? Back to my question how to you guys real put power behind the feeling of as if? Is it through and special meditation? I also understand once you have made choice on something, you need to let go of the attachment of the end result and just feel the moment as already reached?
  11. Truth.. how do we separate it from opinions and bias's? When does a preponderance of facts become the truth? Is there absolute truth or shades of grey? Getting very close, but not so much. I suppose our best tools are the Socratic method and basic logic. Truthfully, I have 10 fingers. Not that you can be sure of it, but I do. There are basic truths about my identity. I'm a man, I'm a citizen of the U.S, where I live. I can provide proofs of such. These are small things, but I'm thinking small proofs are like platforms, building on top of each other. Maybe we can get away from bias's and generalizations by keeping known truths stacked on one another. Looking for proofs and internal consistency before adding each building block. Still, nothing wrong arguing opinion, but its important to know we're dealing with opinion and bias's not fact. Course some opinions are more self evident and logical then others. That's one thing I like about Buddhist philosophy; the tendency to keep things self evident and experiential.
  12. Here is a link to my latest blog post: I have just started absorbing this idea, but I am curious to know if you think I am on the right track or not. I appreciate your feedback!
  13. There have been so many beliefs I had to let go of from my former Christian faith. Some of these, such as the concept of sin, have been a relief. As I progressed along my spiritual path I found other beliefs that empowered me, such as the concept that my thoughts create my reality. In other words, the world I experience is a reflection of my thoughts. But now I am faced with the possibility that this belief too, may be wrong. As a Christian it was all about God. If it's God's will. In God's time. It was such a relief to be out from under the thumb of some all-powerful eternal entity outside myself, who seemed to have the same ego-driven impulses as the human race He created. Judgment, punishment, allowing Job to be tormented. And Heaven was not the perfect place I was brought up to believe it was. How could it be, if Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels fell from it? Where could sin come from in a perfect place? Why would I want to spend eternity in one place anyway? I mean I no longer have a physical body. So I don't need to eat, I don't need money, I can go wherever I want. A grand adventure awaits me! These realizations helped me work through the threat of eternal damnation, something I had to struggle with when I renounced my faith. I turned my back on that belief, and all other organized religions. I decided instead to learn from the teachings of each religion whatever I needed to learn. After all I went through all that, and my experience with the tulpa I believe I created and had to disconnect myself from, I thought my struggle was over. I was actually feeling peaceful, serene, calm. Anger and depression no longer had the hold on me they once had. I was able to smile and laugh more often, when before I smiled and laughed rarely. This concept that I create my reality with my thoughts opened up the world for me. It did not matter to me that I did not have the power on a physical level to challenge or change the things in the world that bothered me. I knew I could change my thinking about them, stop investing belief energy into the reality these happenings proposed, and thereby remove all power from them. I could, just by addressing how I thought about things, change the world. At the same time I could come to what I now called the Source, a general-purpose name for what I used to call God that I adopted, about anything and everything. The Source, unlike God, had no ego. I simply could not bother it with my requests as it is eternally and perfectly loving and creative. All I had to figure out is how to access that power to manifest the things I wanted in my life and the world. How to properly ask for things, or pray. Kinda like figuring out what plug would fit this socket. If I could do that, I could do anything I wanted and be anything I wanted. But then I started reading things that told me that the creation part was finished. Everything was pretty much set in stone. I could not heal myself or others. I could only Treat them, by not focusing on the person or the dis-ease but on the nature of God. It was God that did all the work. At this level of my spiritual growth I could accept God and Source as different names for the same thing. God is not at all, in my mind, what He was when I was a Christian. Now God is more of an It, an energy, as I started. So when I use God from this point on, outside of the reference to my former faith, I am still referring to this new concept I have of this entity, which I also call Source. Anyhow up to this point Jesus, as detailed in the New Testament, became a sort of a role model for me. Now that I was no longer a Christian there was more freedom in studying the Bible. With other things I had read I could see this book differently now. I could see Jesus as a man who figured out how to plug in. I thought if Jesus could do it, so could I. We are both children of God afterall. We are both connected to or one with God. I am still struggling with this oneness thing. This essentially made me feel that I could live a life without limitation. All my life I had been limited by my circumstances, beliefs, thoughts. I had never been a powerful or wealthy person. All of a sudden it seemed as if I could experience what that would be like, to have the power in me to heal, transport myself anywhere in the world, fly, take control of my dreams, astral project and explore the energetic realms of the afterlife. I thought I could do anything. I was flying high, then the plane stalled. Now once again I was being told I was wrong. My beliefs were wrong. I can not control things. I can not create my reality. My thoughts do not create my reality. I do not do the miracles. There is nothing I can do. The world is set in stone, creation is finished. Even though what I, and the rest of humanity, call reality is not how things really are, how things really are can't be changed, so what would be the point in knowing the Truth of reality? I guess I though if I knew the Truth, I would then know how to do the things I wanted to do, or how to become what I wanted to be. Essentially everything now is hopeless. My life has no purpose. I have no idea what my dream may be. Even if I were to see reality as it really is, I can't change anything. Reality is set, my course is set, I have the illusion of free will, of the ability to do anything I put my mind to, but these are as illusory as what I think of as reality itself. On top of that there seems to be no way to really know the Truth. Everyone has different definitions, who knows which one is right? I have to hear my parents constantly saying that the world is coming to an end, the second coming a big part of the Christian faith. I also read in text after text that the purpose of my life is to serve, which I know is a pile of bullshit. So that just adds to the depression energy I feel. All day, every day. It is no wonder that I finally got sick in my physical body. It is a reflection of my inner state, in serious dis-ease, I am sure. So now I have to ask, if everything is set in stone, then what is the reason to keep going? I can only come up with one. Illusory or not, there is a big world out there, and the Big Sur has stuck in my mind, so I guess I am going to have to ignore reason, free my intuition, step out in faith, with no guarantees I will even have a place to sleep, clothes on my body, or food in my belly, and go. I will have to lay my son on the alter, so-to-speak, the comforts of living here. I am blessed with a roof over my head, clothes and food. But I am starving spiritually, and if all my life were to be was living here, I would kill my physical body right now and free myself without hesitation. I need to let this go, get rid of unreasonable reason, and act solely on intuition. I know this is a major area in my life I must address. But how do I deal with this desire to have some measure of control or power, which I have never had, my whole life? I will have even less when I am hiking or biking down the coast. No safety, no security. No assurance that even if my inner landscape is at peace, and I am thinking nothing but loving thoughts, that I will even survive on the way down there, or if I get down there, once I am there. I mean if my thoughts do not create my reality, I certainly can't create a realty of getting along with everyone I meet, can I? If things are set in stone, if fate or destiny or karma rule, then I am powerless to insure a pleasant experience for myself. If I can't think good thoughts about what will happen, and the people I will meet, and expect that to be the reflection I see out in the world, then I am at the mercy of the whims of some design already set in place. The script is written, so-to-speak. I only think I can ad-lib. Once again I am left without answers, without even the faith I once had that if I just thought correctly about my circumstances and the people I meet, that I would be safe. I know I need to deal with the things driving my need for control, power and magic. I will use the word magic to describe acts that most people do not do. Walking through walls, teleportation, flying, healing. Maybe miracles is a better word. But I have always thought of this as magic. That this world is plain and dull without magic. Without wonder, a sense of wonder, without amazing things. Not that life in its many forms on this planet is not amazing. But a beautiful bird that can fly is nothing to a human who is flying, with no wings, devices or anything other than simply having figured out how to supersede the concept of the law of gravity. I need to figure out the roots of these desires and address them. But I am tried of this letting go. I am weary of it. Every time it has hurt and taken me a long time to recover, and I still have not recovered fully. I am hurt and tired. I don't believe oneness with God is any more of a desirable future than Heaven or reincarnation. I question the things I have been reading. I wonder what the Truth really is. I wonder if things have to be so hard. If I have to go through all this shit just to finally, someday, when I am 90 years old and have little time left physically to enjoy it, be able to do the things I have always wanted to do and be the person I want to be. I am not even sure who that is. Someone who is doing whatever they love to do, that thing they loose track of time doing, that thing they get lost in. I guess I want to live that life, and I want to live a life without limitations. I am tired of limitations, restrictions and rules. I want to live an unlimited life, doing what I love doing. If I am going to have a dream that is it. If this is an impossible dream to attain in a reasonable amount of physical time I guess I had better just kill myself and be done with it. There would literally be no point in living if I can't have that life. Or at the very least a life where I am doing what I love to do, and I have figured out how to access, channel or work with the Source to keep my own physical body healthy and manifest needed things. I guess now I want to see what others think. If you have a point of view I would appreciate it if you expounded on it. I remember in a previous thread that someone said my thoughts do not create my reality. They never explained why they said that. I seek understanding here, and if it is available, confirmation. I seek the Truth, whatever that is and however painful it may be. The true Truth too, not the Truth according to your religion. The Truth that has been proven to be experientially true by someone with many years experience on their own spiritual path. I am feeling a little lost and directionless right now. I have hacked my way through the dense jungle of various spiritual teachings and am now standing here, unsure of where I should go next. Please point me in the right direction if you can.
  14. Ancient Memories

    Many lives, many worlds, one focus....consciousness and it's expansion. Large scale field coordinator seeks old souls for the purpose of collaboration. Those who walk the Path, reveal yourselves!
  15. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    Hello. I am really interested in taoist thought, practice, and ways of living. I consider myself a student and seeker of truth, which means while I understand philosophies and their place I realize the most important part of anything is how it affects short I like practicality and to prove and experience things for myself. I've read and researched many "spiritual" philosophies and practices and would like to be able to eventually experience them all for what they can offer. I am most interested in chi right now, and to understand if what I have been feeling is the same thing as some of you...please reply if you think you can help me. Lately I have been noticing vibrating tingling like sensations mostly in my fingertips and through my hands, sometimes in other parts of my body. Incidentally as a result of focusing on these vibrations inwardly in a way they I have noticed to that wrinkles and lines have begun to form and appear on my hands that were not there before. I am worried that I am doing something harmful to myself, which sucks, because I wanted to understand chi and its healing benefits. Am I actually feeling chi? Or just nerves? Is there a difference? It's almost as if I think I am accelerating the aging of my body, and I thought meditation and feeling chi would lead me to reduce the aging of it...? Have I stumbled on the "dark side" of the force? I have never had a meditation teacher, and I have only read books on these subjects, which is why I am posting this here now. I wish there was someone in Ohio, which is where I live, who is actually able to personally help me. Please respond if any of the things I have said interest you, or if you think you may be able to help me understand some of these things. Thank you.
  16. Hello, I've been TaoBums browser for the last several years and I greatly appreciate the information found and presented on this site. So thank you! I've joined for a few specific reasons. As it turns out, there are way more frauds out there than fish in the sea. It's plain ridiculous. So, my first reason is to expose a particular school of "chi energy". I gave them a go for nearly a year and a half. I got brave and started testing the instructors with legitimate "tests" at the times of our phone calls. Truly, I was in utter shock at their blatant willingness to pretend they could feel what I was doing or how I was feeling. I would like to publish the report of my experience. I'm fairly angry, out a few thousand because of them, and I feel it is my duty to expose my experience to the public. Now, it has come to my attention that some forum members here have been touting this school. I've read their posts and all I see is cognitive bias. I'm a fairly honest young man, and I have nothing to gain by slinging any mud. However, I do have justice to deliver in the case of frauds. Finding legitimate teachers is hard enough. In fact, damn near impossible for most people. The fact that these charlatans have become comfortable with either duping themselves and believing nonsense, or outright duping others with absolutely zero care for the fact that they're ripping people off is enough for me to find the itch to publish my experience for the true seeker. And, the second reason I've joined is simply because I have had far too long a time where I simply was a receiver of this information on this website.I feel I've learned enough to where I could contribute some. Not a lot - I'm no master in any way of any thing - but I have learned some interesting stuff in my day,and I look forward to repaying the community for all the information I've accumulated throughout the years. Thanks Everybody!!! --AussieFrog