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Found 2 results

  1. Truth.. how do we separate it from opinions and bias's? When does a preponderance of facts become the truth? Is there absolute truth or shades of grey? Getting very close, but not so much. I suppose our best tools are the Socratic method and basic logic. Truthfully, I have 10 fingers. Not that you can be sure of it, but I do. There are basic truths about my identity. I'm a man, I'm a citizen of the U.S, where I live. I can provide proofs of such. These are small things, but I'm thinking small proofs are like platforms, building on top of each other. Maybe we can get away from bias's and generalizations by keeping known truths stacked on one another. Looking for proofs and internal consistency before adding each building block. Still, nothing wrong arguing opinion, but its important to know we're dealing with opinion and bias's not fact. Course some opinions are more self evident and logical then others. That's one thing I like about Buddhist philosophy; the tendency to keep things self evident and experiential.
  2. Some might think this is discrimination, what do you think?