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I have seen some bad fires in my time .... but this is insane ! 


Now I know what they mean by the term  'firestorm '   ;



Queensland sunshine coast bushfires  from 0 : 35





@ 0 : 14   , the one at 'Bees Nest'  is the one I have to watch.  The wind change, and continual southerly wind has driven  to to the north. Thankfully for me . Its burnt out 66,500 hectares   so far  ( near 165,000  acres ).






As of Tuesday evening there were 79 fires in Queensland and 52 in NSW.


No rain predicted  for the next two weeks .




Satellite image ;







wind direction       ^


One might think When it hits the lake it will go out .  But not always .


My sisters house burn down in similar conditions, across a large body of water . They where monitoring it , the fire was way over there across the water, next thing there 'thud'  and  smoke  is coming trough the floor and the downstairs is on fire . Hardly enough time to escape, my nephew was trapped upstairs and had to jump out a window into the neighbours swimming pool .


Several houses in the street where destroyed along with a loss of life, that led to an inquiry.  A witness told the court ( and later an expert explained ) :


The radiant heat from the fire causes volatile oils out of the eucalyptus trees to evaporate, this is heavier than air  and  driven by the wind pooled over the water surface and filled up the basin of the lake ,  blown embers can ignite it and a flash burn can travel across the water . The witness saw a  comet like fireball, race across the lake, with a " jet exhaust  out the back  and a pressure wave in front of it   "  and it hit my sisters house  underneath where it is exposed , as it was built on piers on a steep hill. 



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