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  1. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Does "or greater" refer to iron mankini?
  2. Some more advice needed on practice

    You're welcome. Go find out
  3. Some more advice needed on practice

    Almost certainly not.
  4. Some more advice needed on practice

    Well, I struggle to believe that he's not fooling himself and credulous viewers on YouTube, but who knows. Hopefully he does not get struck by lightning pointing that metal sword at the sky during thunderstorms. Or catch one hell of a cold getting soaked to the bone in his Raiden costume like that. I see. If you have such a lofty goal it is generally advised to start with small steps. Cultivate lots and lots of yinde/陰德; learn to diminish and diminish some more your passions and desires; turn your goal into a goalless goal; be patient; be yet more patient; study widely; visit numerous teachers but beware becoming infatuated or getting drawn into the hidden dark sides of those who are not what they seem (waiting at least three years before considering formal initiation is common, ancient advice); be circumspect and keep all of these things at an arm's distance; remember that progress is made over years and decades, not weeks and months; forget yourself; know when to stop; model your speaking-to-listening ratio upon your mouth-to-ear ratio; cultivate more yinde. I know no more than that, can offer little more than advice to be cautious and beware of seeming "eureka" moments, very often they're very deceptive.
  5. Some more advice needed on practice

    OMGLMFAO @ 18:00. Is this a documentary or a mocumentary?? There are always obstacles. Since ancient times aspiring students of Daoism have faced the exact same problem, and until quite recently generally solved it by walking all around the gigantic landmass we now call China on foot. The advice and comments you've already gotten are quite sage. What are your specific goals? There is a very big difference between inner alchemy and trying to learn how to influence the weather using Daoist magic.
  6. Let things be

    {Personal note to self: When in need of stuff, stand outside of Taomeow's house and caterwaul. Works best when she's getting over a cold. Estimate nighttime is preferable. Best to bring Christmas wish list. Guaranteed satisfaction. No way anything could possibly go wrong with this plan.}
  7. Bird gods

    I'm pretty sure lots of (most? all?) immortals could be depicted as having bird features like feathers, wings, and bird legs in the period when Jiutian Xuannü came on the (human) scene. A lot of what we see of these early depictions comes from Han dynasty tomb art, which is quite different from what later depictions of Daoist deities show. Back then they also often had huge bat-like ears. I'm really not sure what it was all about. Might've been symbolic; might've been they visited earth and they really looked like that. Personally I hope it was the latter! I might be wrong but don't think there is much "patron immortal of ______" belief in Daoism that would closely parallel Catholicism's "patron saint of ______" custom. I do know that, for example, Qiu Chuji is/was honored by jade artisans following the Yuan dynasty due to a specific story in which he saved some jade artisans from arbitrary execution, but this sort of thing seems to be more an exception than a norm, and one could read/hear an awful lot about Qiu Chuji without ever hearing that story get mentioned. Still, if you feed them the birds will surely thank you, as will the cats who look on watching them get plump and too full of their own tryptophan to play their little magpie games!
  8. You're welcome. I don't know if foxes or snakes are thought to possess people. Up in that part of China, I've only heard of it with ferrets and "typical" ghosts or demons, i.e., those with no obvious connection to the animal kingdom. The fox lore I've read (there's actually a fair amount in old TCM texts, too, and it was clear that a physician in ancient times and up to the present could well expect to see patients reporting this phenomenon) often involves sex. By all accounts, if I am to be honest... it is supposed to be great sex, sex worth dying for even! It's entirely possible that that scripture came from Canton, Taiwan, or elsewhere. China is big, its history long, its migrations many, and its foxes very, very sexy. (In fairness to fox spirits at large, though, I briefly cast an eye over that scripture and it seems to be about straightforward, "orthodox" spiritual cultivation. To be sure, not all fox spirits are thought to be haunters or jing-stealing incubi/succubi. Some are certainly seen as trodding the 正道 and revered as such.)
  9. Connection between tao and christianity

    Enough with the anti-Christian bigotry! There are indeed monsters within Christianity. With your psychological make-up, if power is ever placed in your hands, you will become terrifyingly like them! Read what Taomeow just said to you 100 times until it seeps into your bones!
  10. Connection between tao and christianity

    Hey. Hey. Flowing Hands. Hey. It is recorded all over the Daoist Canon in the stories of immortals from all the different lineages throughout all the different eras that they worked various marvels and miracles, and this is why people believed them when they made proclamations about cultivating the Dao that only a highly achieved master could make. In other words, none of them said, "I'm an immortal, take my word for it!" This is quite similar to the stories of saints in Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, actually. But you say, in as many words: "I am a fallen immortal holy man who talks to Laozi and the Monkey King. Take my word for it." Why should we take your word for it? Can you offer not one shred of evidence to lend credence to your grand claims? For instance, you could appear in my dreams as Wang Chongyang did with Ma Danyang, and then discuss with us in public what you said to me in the dream. I will be honest. If you can accurately describe the dream, I will not lie here. Or you could ask Laozi to which Daoist lineage to I belong, what my Daoist name and generation is, where I was formally inducted, and what other lineages I have been taught in. All-knowing Taishang Laojun, I am certain, could easily obtain this information, if not directly, then with the help of a secretarial immortal in the heavenly bureaucracy. Again, if you come up with accurate answers, I will admit as much publicly here. This will surely reduce the incidences of people writing you off as delusional and help you to offer immortal teachings to the board.
  11. Connection between tao and christianity

    Hi Chaugnar, Sorry that this post has become a bit of a madhouse. My first suggestion is maybe don't show it to your Christian friend unless you want him/her to immediately (and probably justifiedly) conclude that Daoists Dao Bums are a bunch of insane, bickering weirdos. Honestly, I think @Everything's short answer above was quite on-point. From a zoomed-out perspective, I think he provided an excellent answer. That said, it might not really appeal to your friend/friend's spouse, because it's a very general answer and probably difficult for a person who has possibly neither had a direct spiritual experience that lends itself to understanding Everything's answer, nor arrived at a similar conclusion philosophically. There are overlaps between many facets of Christianity and Daoism but it's difficult to know what might appeal to your friends. Can you describe the conflict and the people in question in more detail so we can try and provide answers that have a bit of relevance?
  12. Connection between tao and christianity

    Hey, when you have a bit of time can you explain what solid evidence you can give that your words are more believable than those of Christians and some other Daoists? Thus far I just can't see any. Thanks.
  13. Someone will always be offended!

    Are you trying to deprive me of my god given right to ban myself??
  14. Someone will always be offended!

    I'm telling you, banning everybody is really the only solution for us bozos.