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  1. A moment after posting this, I realized that Xi Jinping's official catchphrase is 復興. The meaning is essentially the same as Make China Great Again. Two different colors of Kool-Aid. Same fucking drug. Mad heads drinking the juice in 2020...
  2. Palomides, if you have suffered because of American racism--and there is nobody in America who has not, although of course the range of suffering is vast--you have my genuine sympathy. But do not let your negative experiences blind you, or cause you to identify with something you do not actually understand. And beware presuming you understand anything about the regime ruling a country you have only visited briefly. What I have presented is hardly hysterical, and while I can't promise there is no propaganda element in any link I post that details the mistakes and evils of the CCP, be sure that I post what I do having considered what I witnessed over three thousand days over there; what countless friends and acquaintances in China have and do tell me; and what I read about China, which is a considerable amount coming from a wide variety of sources, for years. Furthermore, note that I have been extremely careful to point a finger at the CCP, never the citizens of the PRC or members of the Chinese diaspora. Note also that many others are similarly cautious with their tongues. You should take care with your eyes and ears, too. Note also where the photo of those urns come from. The people most harmed by the CCP are the Chinese people, but the CCP was doing that long before there was a President Trump, and will continue long, long after there is a big stone on the ground bearing the name of Donald Trump. If idiots discriminate against Chinese people or people of Chinese descent because of negative news about the government of China, that is and will be unfortunate. Idiots have a tendency to do stupid and mean things. The fact that idiots exist, however, is not a good reason to pretend that the CCP is an honest or humane player on the world stage or in its own borders. Nor should reporting on their transgressions be hushed up. After all, failing to pay attention to what is going on in China is proving to be a deadly mistake. Note also, and you too @C T, that plenty of sources of anti-CCP news are among Trump, et al's harshest critics. Finally, if you actually think the CCP is an honest and humane player, Palomides... Wow. Indeed some are. I do not think you are. My hunch is that you were traumatized by racism. (There is no shame in that. Discrimination is inherently traumatic; it is meant to be that way.) I think one of the effects of your terrible experiences with racism is to identify with Chineseness and to focus on the ways in which racism is and has long been aimed at China, Chinese people, and people of Chinese descent. This identification seems to be insufficiently examined. Because it comes from your emotion it is not a product of the intellectual rigor you're clearly capable of. Thus, it involves too much fallacy and delusion and it is blinding you to the simple fact that: One can hate the CCP while loving China and Chinese people at the same time. Let me rephrase that: Sometimes, one can scarcely love China and the Chinese people without hating the CCP. I do not think you are paid 5 mao for your posts. But I do know that the CCP spends millions and millions and millions of dollars to create the narrative and psychological reflex which says that CCP=Chinese. They are desperate for this narrative to govern the minds of those in the PRC's borders, and some asshole in a computer lab in a basement in Henan creams his pants everytime a person of Chinese descent in the west or a citizen of Taiwan buys the lie. It would be a pity if a man as smart as yourself lets his genes, skin tone, last name, and family lineage convince him that evil men in power have his and other common people's interests in mind. But such mistakes are common, and, for many, hard to see, hard to avoid, and hard to correct. That is why plenty of seemingly intelligent pink-skinned folks who ought to know better will be voting Trump in November. Same disease, slightly different manifestation, Palomides. #MAGA #MCGA
  3. https://fortune.com/2020/04/01/china-coronavirus-cases-deaths-total-under-report-cover-up-covid-19/ “The claim that the United States has more coronavirus deaths than China is false,” Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, said in a statement after Bloomberg News published its report. “Without commenting on any classified information, this much is painfully obvious: The Chinese Communist Party has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie about coronavirus to protect the regime.” Deborah Birx, the State Department immunologist advising the White House on its response to the outbreak, said Tuesday that China’s public reporting influenced assumptions elsewhere in the world about the nature of the virus. “The medical community... interpreted the Chinese data as: This was serious, but smaller than anyone expected,” she said at a news conference on Tuesday. “Because I think probably we were missing a significant amount of the data, now that what we see happened to Italy and see what happened to Spain.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-27/stacks-of-urns-in-wuhan-prompt-new-questions-of-virus-s-toll In photo #8 in the link below, one can see ~2000 urns. The caption says the line to pick up ashes takes 5 hours to wait through in Wuhan. A Beijingese ex told me today the most common rumors she hears put the dead in Wuhan at 50,000. Her mother works in management at a hospital. Rumors are rumors, but considering the source... http://m.photos.caixin.com/m/2020-03-26/101534542.html ------------ According to a political scientist at National Taiwan University who runs a think thank devoted to reading between the many, many lines of CCP propaganda (明居正教授... I've seen him speak a few times at public lectures around Taiwan, the man is brilliant, engaging, level-headed, and very plugged in), since the beginning of the year there has been a loss of over 20 million subscribers by the three major mobile phone carriers in China. During the same period last year, in contrast, these companies reported net gains in subscribers. He pointed out that some of this may be because many Chinese people have multiple SIM cards and/or phones. As many rural migrant workers are stuck in their villages, it is logical to conclude that countless of these workers have lapsed on their phone bills for local numbers in cities they no longer live and work in. However, the professor concluded this caveat by pointing out that even if you divide 20+ million by 2 or 3 or 5, you still get a massive number.
  4. Most of this strikes me as pretty innocuous, not-likely-to-cause-harm-might-help-just-a-little-bit TCM stuff. Slapping the elbows is a common folk remedy for strengthening the lungs. I honestly don't know if it really helps. I have stood in rooms with dozens of people slapping their insides of their elbows purple. I tried once. It hurts like hell and there are better ways to improve immunity, so I never did it again. For whatever reason this particular method indeed does seem to capture the imagination of middle-aged mothers more than anybody else. The clockwise rub around the stomach is supposed to promote good digestion, the whole "don't do counter-clockwise, that's western" is hilarious and reminds me of the stupidity at TCM university. Most of the doctors who say shit like that aren't actually so stupid as to believe it--they just feel like they have to say something, and whoop-dee-doo pull stuff like that out of their asses when asked questions (they generally don't like questions, I should add). #2 is not surprising. "Look at TCM, the CCP created TCM, TCM is going to save the world" is a major soft power propaganda initiative. I'm more disgusted by the WHO adviser you posted about earlier. What a spineless, gutless little pube of a man. Naifs from countries with low levels of corruption are sooooooo easily taken in when they visit China. Wine em, dine em, give them a $15 porcelain tea set with a dragon motif, and they will drive through any Chinese Potemkin village and politely refrain from asking why the windows are painted. Hopefully one good thing that will come about of the covid calamity is people becoming more cynical about PRC propaganda. If they don't, what fragile and poorly-distributed Enlightenment values we enjoy are fucked.
  5. Skeleton Meditations

    Translation: Howzabout some free mansplaining from an omega male who created false-but-insidious sense of identity by living vicariously though various strongmen on TV? Analysis: This is called "the strongman fetish." Translation: No! Analysis: It can be hard for a guy who habitually calls other men beta males to admit that the vaginas of the world would prefer to monologue rather than dialogue with him. Prediction: But soon enough he'll tell us what a lothario he actually is/was/would be if women were worthy. Translation: He is afraid of rejection! Analysis: Chances of rejection nearing 100%. Conclusion: This fear is reasonable. Translation: More interested in hearing sound of own voice than communicating with human woman. Analysis: This is the best time in Faffforever's life. There are fewer people in the cafes, and Pornhub is free. It's like God finally answered his prayers. He can mumble to himself in McCafe while watching porn on his phone and nobody even notices. Prediction: Now that there are almost never kids in McDonald's, Faffforever is planning to relocate to playroom. Recommendation: He should put down the phone and go to the playroom. This may be his one and only chance before death to engage with residual baggage from the awful childhood that he blames the world for. Reminder: Death comes sooner than most expect. Seize the day, omega male! It's your only chance! Answer: Addicted to miniscule dopamine surges, deprived of oxytocin and serotonin. Probably has body issues, performance anxiety, and either sexual dysfunction stemming from poor lifestyle habits, and/or a thick-headed inability to get anybody off. Developed fetish for strongmen to make up for ominous sense of lack of agency and inability to influence environment in positive ways haunting own life. Finds it easier to maintain imaginary friendships within authoritarian daddy figures than actual humans, whether online, or off. Therefore... Prognosis: Recovery unlikely. Prediction: Will soon reply with milquetoast retort, nobody will be impressed, but Gatito's dickriding will be sufficient to convince Faffforever that he has won the day. Recommended course of treatment: Burn him off like the genital wart he is. Advise holding nose and squinting, the smell and sight of burning papiloma is known to upset the stomach.
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/america-learn-new-york/608875/
  7. Buncha straw dogs, poop cats, cherry marmots... When I was young I worked for the ACLU and marched with King... Then I got turned down by this lady in accounting... Saw the wisdom of the KKK... That Bolsonaro is a fine leader... Burn the natives out of the Amazon, I always say... Who finished my coffee, why is my cup empty... Why do they change the free Wi-Fi password every day... The font on this phone is too small... Where was I... Oh right, I was telling you how my dantian got enlightened... Look at those terrible children over there... Did you know they sell discount shoes at Tesco? They comfortable, they're stylish, and they have STREAM LINES!
  8. I just used my ninth eye powers to try and see what faffforever looks like. All that was revealed to me was...
  9. Sir, I'm afraid you can't buy 10 boxes of adult diapers today. Can you please return those to the shelf? What do you mean I can't buy 10 boxes? I'm a FREE MAN! Um, well, sorry, we're just trying to prevent hoarding so everybody who comes to Aldi today can get what they need... NEED!? WELL WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME I DON'T NEEEE-EEEED 10 BOXES OF ADULT DIAPERS!? THIS IS ALL TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! Oh God, sir, what on earth is that sticky goop oozing out from the bottom of your trousers? Eww, what the fuck, it's covering your all white Reebok walking shoes, now it's going everywhere, is that-- YES, IT IS, IT'S 100% FAFF, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, HUH!? Oh, Jesus, look, just take the fucking diapers and get the fuck out of here, you need them more than we do. I ALWAYS get what I want, that's how I became a self-made man. Hope you enjoyed it!!! Clean-up in aisle five, please, bring the hazmat team...
  10. Draining the swamp!

    Fascinating. I just called him and, since he's also a highland farmer now, mentioned Starjumper's duck-poop-on-lap problem. He had the brilliant idea of repurposing used surgical face masks as duck diapers, which, honestly, BLEW MY FUCKING MIND.
  11. Draining the swamp!

    Uhhh, right, and "it is said" that Tupac is making an overland, on foot journey from LA to South America as we speak, all in order to seek out a master who can induct him into the Tienshan lineage. Maybe you should fire up the stove, it is said Tupac only eats strawberry crepes. I remember a few years ago you said your view on politics was "head for the hills," which seemed quite reasonable. It is said that this ethos turned into "head to the hills and then stay up there watching paranoiac YouTube conspirawacko videos while thoughtfully petting the duck on your lap as said duck thoughtlessly poops on your lap," which just all around is kind of a huge step backwards, G. The farm animals are cool, though.
  12. Fuck fright. Invigilating is all it is.
  13. Jesus. From that article we see the following: An analysis by ProPublica shows that the Chinese government’s covert attempts to wield influence on Twitter have persisted. Our examination of an interlocking group of accounts within our data linked the effort to OneSight (Beijing) Technology Ltd., a Beijing-based internet marketing company. OneSight, records show, held a contract to boost the Twitter following of China News Service, the country’s second-largest state-owned news agency. The news service operates under the United Front Work Department, an arm of the Chinese Communist Party long responsible for influence operations in foreign countries. OneSight declined to comment and China News Service did not respond to our inquiries. The United Front Work Department is where the Sichuanese nun Zhang Mingxin who is minting all those new-fangled Quanzhen "priests" overseas like @Nathan and other The Four Dragons guy in Texas works. They're a busy bunch.
  14. Barack Obama's administration was deeply involved in helping the world to successfully deal with a major ebola outbreak, while Trump's administration eliminated much of the apparatus that was put in place to help prevent things like... you guessed it right, champ... fucking COVID. Trump? Common sense? Are you in a YouTube conspira-religion rabbit hole all day long these days? Don't plunge too deep or too fast down that rabbit hole, or you're gonna find the tip of your nose sliding into Joe Blast's anoushka sooner than you can say "lickety split."
  15. The perfect weapon

    I have zero difficulty believing this. I have personally stood in a hospital, clad in a medical gown doing rounds, standing in obedient silence while the doctor "teaching" me used every trick in her book to try and get a very sick and frail old man's family to remove him from the hospital. I was personally told by doctors in that same hospital that things like this happen all day, every day because the doctors are under pressure to have very low numbers of in-hospital death statistics each year. I got tired of having to keep silent when things like this happened (it was far from the only time) and realized that opening my mouth would change nothing, except for perhaps my ability to avoid living in a Chinese prison, so I did not continue my medical education in China. I made my final decision on the day when the political dissident-cum-prisoner of conscience Liu Xiaobo was discharged into the "care" of a hospital with late-stage liver cancer in 2017. I knew that the doctors in charge of his case would have been ordered not to save his life, even though at that time it was impossible to do so, anyway. I could not remain a part of such a "medical" system in any way, shape, or form. I believe it would constitute profound naivete to imagine that the people who were in charge of the medical system three years ago have suddenly become honest souls. They are almost certainly doing everything they can in their considerable power to try and create opportunity out of the humanitarian + public relations disaster the CCP has created this year. They better hope they are right about the "there is no afterlife" thing they believe in...