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  1. Do What Thou Wilt

    If the event in Frabato are true then i believe you. Nazis seem to have hunted down hermetics both to eradicate them and gain their occult knowledge.
  2. Do What Thou Wilt

    You are ignoring the fact that Germany owes war reparations to half the European states and has never paid. We are talking about debts rising up to twice their current annual GDP..... Germany's current wealth is based on the leniency of the victors of WW2....
  3. His opinions are a spit in the face on all people throughout history that have been oppressed either via foreign powers, domestic social structures or just plain simple interpersonal violence. To quote Thucydides " the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. ". So those in position of strength do have choices; the weak rarely do or if they can chose it is usually choosing the lesser evil. Yes but IMHO destiny is more like potential that you are born with. @Nungali alludes to it through his links and i tend to agree. It mainly creates restrictions on what you can do. For example, we, here in TDB, can't be crowned kings of Britain because we are not royal and not British. No amount of willpower can change that. An heir to a kingdom can abdicate and become a commoner, a commoner can't chose to become an heir and a royal. Free will depends on freedom of choice. For most people choice is illusory. Like @Earl Grey mentions, choosing between what soda you want to drink isn't real choice. PS The royalty examples are used to pinpoint the most extreme case of destiny predetermined largely through birth. There are many examples of disenfranchised people ending up in bad situations because of the time and place they were born at ,that can be used instead.
  4. The consensus among critical scholars is that the book of Daniel is historical fiction.[16][17][18] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebuchadnezzar_II The incident is only mentioned in the book of Daniel which isn't a historical source. Most of the old testament is fictional. It is Hebrew mythology in other words important to understand the idiosyncrasies of the jews but of little historical value. So no historical examples then. It makes sense not to have ever happened because the power structures that allow one to climb the ladder of power are not there once he becomes a beggar
  5. This coming from a lowly existence like you is the highest compliment
  6. Lol the buddha never became king again. Stfu
  7. Why should we give a f*ck about what a nobody with no argumentation to back his opinion thinks? You are only making a fool of yourself by insisting on your faulty logic despite evidence to the contrary. And personally i deeply despise people that believe that poverty is a self inflicted condition. They are worse than cockroaches!
  8. Oh really?! Can you point an example on history where a king became a beggar and a king again? If not then don't even dare responding!
  9. in a word NO. I already told you that you can't have freedom of choice and destiny. It is either/or. Freedom of choice is to be able to choose to rule a state one day and live as a beggar the other and the third to be a ruler again. That is freedom. No human being has ever experienced that.
  10. And what do these have to do with destiny again? Complete freedom of choice precludes destiny. You can't have both. These people didn't have choice at all. Or rather they had the option of two equally miserable choices like many many people in history. They had the choice to live as slaves or to die. None of the options gave freedom to anyone.
  11. I agree 100% but this doesn't have to do with destiny at all.
  12. How he reacts is part of purpose. People either take over or accept. I was very specific when i said he might turn a scammer. He might play victim or try to actively participate despite handicaps. Blind men/women are just examples of someone who was born with a handicap due to race, colour, nationality or religion. Even within the same country, would you ever expect a black president in the 1940s? Don't be an idiot and tell me that people didn't try to gain equal rights.... Now can you please tell me how a black guy "could take his destiny into his own hands" in say 1800 in New Orleans? You are implying that it was their fault that they were not free let alone run for mayors.
  13. Did you even consider that I have a different or clearer point of view on the subject? A person that is born with a defect like being blind for example has a different Destiny than me. His purpose can be anything from trying to be useful to society to being a scammer. His inclination is obviously to live a happy life. I see no way that he can change his blindness so i will disagree on the ability to change his destiny. Taking control of one's destiny is so f**king white privileged american talk. One can be content with less but this will never make someone happy. This path only leads to elimination of suffering as Buddha has already taught. He nowhere said that this will lead someone to take control of his destiny and impose his will on reality. Actually doing that is perpetuating the illusion of this impermanent world.
  14. God in most languages is masculine. E.g. in latin DEUS is male. DEA is female. Considering that almost in everyone's life the proportion of bad stuff to good stuff is >1 and in most of these cases it is beyond our control i must answer NO emphatically. I think you are conflating Purpose, Destiny and Inclination. Destiny varies from individual to individual and is beyond one's control. Purpose might be different depending on individual inner needs. Inclination of every being is to live a happy life. These three things aren't the same and achieving one of these ends doesn't achieve the others by default.
  15. Well you can blame Genesis for that. It states that "god created man in his own image. ". Most westerners are taught the old testament fairy tales from a young age so it comes naturally.