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  1. You are fine. You provide much needed amusement.
  2. Thank you for pinpointing the real problem: no one knows wtf they are talking about but still participate.
  3. The answer makes perfect sense but you are trying desperately to refute it because it doesn't fit your delusions. As i said if you don't already have orbit you are not practicing neidan in the first place. You have been added to my blocked list. End of story. Your mind sees, not the eyes. You saw what you wanted to see. I do not know the reason. Start from there.
  4. Because you don't use conventional housing wires to transfer high voltage electricity.....
  5. No need to. And? I keep looking at my posts which I usually double check to prevent them from being confrontational and i see nothing. How do you know when and if I am being cynical, sarcastic or bitter to deserve that? Also if it isn't obvious I don't practice neidan (getting an orbit is a higher priority) and I really don't understand where this downplaying of others comes from. Yes unfortunately there are people that claim to practice neidan and have no orbit in this forum. Do you find it ethical that i stfu about it? I don't.
  6. That is somewhat close to my own opinion on the subject. It depends on what or how you perceive things as an individual. I saw the switch of the focus from the IA, which is the subject of this thread to my knowledge or ability to discern, as an attack because it derails the subject and becomes personal. Even if i were the greatest fool on earth my question is still valid and it deserves a relevant answer.
  7. You can't. The frauds don't have orbit and some people can sense it. Having it on the other hand doesn't imply ability in neidan. What is the point of this subtle attack? Nobody has all the answers.
  8. There are those that talk the path and those who walk the path. As the zen saying goes "the winner (of the archery tournament) will be the one who aims at the target not at the prize"
  9. It is also the most restrictive. The more power you get the less you are able to use it due to karmic constraints. So yes it is the most desirable (by who?) but people have no idea what the are getting into when choosing this path. Imho only the misinformed would choose this path. The requirements of character and mental plus spiritual qualities are so high that people are mostly predestined whether they will follow this path or not.
  10. Probably the confusion derives from the way IA is served to laymen. Most people think about immortality and imagine... whatever the *bleep* they imagine. I still don't get answers on why there is so much emphasis on this aspect of the internal arts. There is a whole mountain to climb to get there in the first place.
  11. All right but i cannot fail but see a paradox by power seekers who do not understand what exactly they are in for. We are talking about a non perceivable end which is embedded in myth and misconceptions.
  12. Sure. I agree but power always comes at a cost. Who among the wannabe immortals is willing to pay it? Furthermore it seems that people who seek power like that are the least suitable to receive it.
  13. This is your opinion based on your THEORITICAL knowledge of internal alchemy? Should i care since you have no idea about it's application?
  14. I agree but this begs the question: Are the "potential" immortals aware of what they are pursuing? Or are they blinded by a pursuit of power in any form?
  15. I mean seriously? Inner alchemy is just a fragment of taoist doctrines. Why do people care so much? Are they ready? Most people don't know what they are talking about and very few even practice it. The way I see it only 1 in a million are ready for that. So really, why there is so much talk about this practice?