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  1. Dark Night of the Soul

    So if i understand correctly, the dark night of the soul is a transitionary period or side-effect on the way to awakening? Is it mandatory or an indication of something going wrong?
  2. Dark Night of the Soul

    @Spotless Do you think it is possible to enter this state by chance without pursuing enlightenment? Can it happen to an average Joe whose only outside symptom would be an onset of depression?
  3. how to stop spontaneous movement?

    @Marblehead He has the answers now the only thing that is left to do is cure himself. And for the love of whatever he holds holy, he must refrain from energy work unless it is part of the cure. This is one of the reasons Earl Grey was pissed at the revelation of the spontaneous five animals thread. He then told me of a case verbatim to this as a possible consequence to executing the forms wrong. @akasuna123 Where did you find the instructions? It is not important to me but some people can act to prevent the dispersion of this system so as to prevent future cases like yours.
  4. i need help stoping spontaneous movement

    PM the member @Earl Grey He can help you with this. Just don't try spontaneous five animals without a teacher in the future. I swear he described this specific qi deviation in a talk we had a week ago.
  5. how to stop spontaneous movement?

    Ask your teacher. He should know. Yes you tried it on your own and maybe tried something different while doing the forms. Welcome to the wonderful world of qi deviations.... Search for a 5 animals practitioner. Maybe a traditional chinese medicine practitioner. Good luck and take care in the future. PS i thank this site for bringing this stuff to my attention. And @qicat for her articles.
  6. Hey!

    He/she might be trully confused about what you wrote there. I also can't understand what you meant. Can you elaborate please?
  7. The most obvious?

    Permanence is an illusion. (i know, i know, i cheated, it has been said already by the Buddha, but IMHO it's the greatest truth hidden in plain sight)
  8. In sports some of the best techniques are far from natural at first. I mean that the average person would never try that without specific knowledge. Take the following examples: Fosbury Flop and the Front crawl. In other words, how do you define what is natural?
  9. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 47

    @Wu Ming Jen Have you ever read Valis by Phillip K. Dick? Your thoughtsphere is very interesting. I will not comment much as not to derail the thread. One big difference between Greek and Chinese philosophers is the former appeal to logic/analysis and the latter appeal to intuition/understanding. In a way both systems are valid. I don't wish to expand further on this thread. On Pythagoras (among others), since Greeks had contact with India some of his ideas seem to have been taken from there. Just an assumption. I cannot prove anything.
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 47

    @Wu Ming Jen Plato's story makes sense. You just don't get it. It's obvious by your comments. There is no use explaining what's wrong with your thoughts. You just don't get it. The most obvious mistake is that DDJ and the allegory of Plato aren't talking about the same thing...
  11. healer John chang

    He is the "Magus of Java" of the well known book. There are some videos in Youtube displaying his abilities. He wants nothing to do with westerners. He practices Mo Pai. Search up "Mo Pai" in the daobums forum. Grab popcorn, king size preferably. Enjoy!
  12. Roflmao. I am familiar with breathing too!
  13. Experiences with Brahmacharya

    You answered your own question. What is the point of having a short journey? Take buddhism for example. Achieving enlightenment tommorow or at last day day of your life has the same end result.
  14. Experiences with Brahmacharya

    The point of the poem is to enjoy the journey. Once you reach your destination the journey will be over and you will have nothing more to gain. That's why you should wish for it to be long.
  15. Experiences with Brahmacharya

    Watch it carefully. There is a version with the lyrics available. It's an allegorical poem about the odyssey and ultimately the journey of life.