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  1. Evidnece for the super natural

    As a side question @Iliketurtles what is your opinion on deep fakes??
  2. Evidnece for the super natural

    My 2 cents. Evidence can be mathematical in origin. I can prove that the Earth is NOT flat without any audiovisual medium with simple high school math. As a simple exercise, imagine how geostationary satellites would work if the Earth was flat. Now imagine satellites in general. Do you understand what the problem is? The actual problem that one can encounter with biological systems is that the only way to be sure about a phenomenon is to either study it directly in Vivo or observe it through statistics. The latter requires a repeatable experiment with observable metrics in lab conditions with double blind studies using many subjects. Good luck with that.... As for the former i don't need to mention how hard it is.
  3. Teaching authentic neigong

    小梦想 's stillness method is interesting, I would advise people to give it a try if they have trouble meditating. Many thanks for introducing it to the people.
  4. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    go ahead. Caveat emptor. What you really need to consider is the karma exchange between teacher and student at higher level teachings and since most "aspiring immortals" here have more than desirable karma there are 3 possible things happening: He doesn't care exchanging/interweaving karma with you by sharing high level things. I don't think, that this is happening because i don't believe that Damo is stupid. He has so much good karma or a very good way to burn it away. Unless we are talking about a messianic figure that appears once in a millenium at most, i don't think this is happening either. Which leaves us at.... He isn't going to teach you high level stuff so the karma intertwining won't happen. He will just take your money. Do what you please. I have nothing more to say in this thread.
  5. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    yep. just remember to enroll for classes and do ldt work after orbit and then orbit work again. Success is guaranteed!
  6. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    The course is chock full of nonsense. Look for yourselves. mobilising qigong 3 comes 12 weeks after the first two sets! What do you learn in-between? see for yourselves! There is five weeks of fillers that could be one and who knows how much more nonsense. And there is always gems like setting the shoulders in year two. Why not wait for year 3 or 4 to correct shoulder alignment? It isn't like it will create problems to newbies! will it? No no no don't go, there is more entertainment to be had! Give it all away! on week 51! Now we are talking!
  7. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    It isn't from the lineages you mention. It just means basic foundation work. Oh another "master" from Damo's lineage giving advice... wow i am impressed..... I don't need any authority to judge the program at all. I don't need anyone to tell me that "qi emission" on his syllabus on the 3rd year is sh*t. After all the trash you talked about faqi, do you endorse this syllabus? You know it takes at least 4-5 years of dedicated training with the master present to emit qi. He promises something that he won't deliver! Look at week 31. Practice with incense? Yep that is a whole week worth of teaching! The 26th week is about... leg rotations! Reverse breathing upgrade??? Seriously. One whole lesson? You support this kind of teaching curriculum @freeform ? Wanna see year 4? Connect with trees! Tree-hugging 101! Do you know what is wrong with all of you? You want me to stop expressing my opinion by appealing to authority. What authority? Since when taoism deals in absolutes? It doesn't work that way because the thread isn't about me and what I do but about a teaching course. Now let's get back in topic.
  8. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    can you point me to the lineage that the Ji Ben gong comes from? Do you know what ji ben means? you should know all the zz stances in your system by the end of your first year. By the 3rd year you should be ready and able to stand in each stance for an hour at least. Just doing wuji alone won't get you anywhere. It is a waste of time. ji ben is also a waste of time. If you like the course, good for you but it won't lead where you think it will and it isn't worth the time you waste.(the value of money is subjective)
  9. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Use the iron abacus. It is better. But it doesn't work for cultivators at all.
  10. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    And what is Damo doing right now if it isn't this thing exactly? All people that join aim for Neidan. None will get it. You and me are saying the same thing. In the East the teacher will only bother with the exceptional. Not random people enrolling at a master's class for money. In the west they will teach everyone everything and hope it gets into their heads. There is no diversification of pace for those who are too dim or too bright.
  11. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    It seems like the western approach to training. Mass train everyone and hope for the best. Eastern methods are more personal and unsuitable to building a business around it.
  12. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    This still doesn't make sense because you only need 3-5 of those lessons just to advance. The teacher is there to guide you. You don't need courses. you need guidance. If you mean that it is done for revenue purposes, i agree.
  13. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Let me politely say that if you were a psychic asking for money, i wouldn't pay you, because you are way off
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    As a last piece of advice to complete beginners: Do not mistake sensations on the LDT as signs of progress! Sensations are normal when you move your yi to your LDT because Qi follows YI. So when qi goes to the LDT you will notice something happening but in itself this doesn't mean anything. This is normal and expected. I suspect that the real reason behind the masters of old keeping the milestones as school secrets, was that it is very easy to delude yourself once you know what signs to look for.
  15. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    The problem is that the whole course is structured like that and that you can't access anything new until a week has passed. There are cases where he has split a qigong system in 3 parts and you get part 1 and 2 in two successive weeks and part 3, 7-8 weeks later! You get a lot of superfluous nonsense* just to keep you occupied and feel that the money you paid was worth it. Hint: The course isn't worth it. The course is designed to be a money sink. Good luck talking to Damo or his senior student by the way if you want to ask questions..... I also agree on your observation: his course is good only for beginners. It is a waste of time and money if you are intermediate or advanced (But hey if you are advanced you wouldn't be studying under Damo would you? Rather than somewhere in China or Taiwan?) *For example there is something called Ya Sheng Fa which has parts like preparing for the day, preparing for bed, etc which are separate lessons that are the teachings of the whole week!