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  1. Fragrant Qigong and IMA

    If you break the rules you get qi deviations (mostly headaches). If it worth it or not is highly subjective because different people will get different benefits/results from practicing it.
  2. Congratulations, we made it!

    It (2018) was a weird year. I never believed in past lives till last year. I noticed things that can only be explained by past incarnation achievements. So yes i look forward to this new year and can't wait to discover more about my past incarnations There is nothing to brag about so i won't mention anything till i am sure. All i can say is that i enjoy the journey and it is all that matters in the end.
  3. Congratulations, we made it!

    Happy new year to all. I personally look forward to the revelations 2019 will bring.
  4. Is any of this proven or real?

    Happy new year. An observation that is easy to make: the two goals you mention are conflicting. The way of nature is to let bad things happen once in a while. Protecting people means that the self balancing of the Tao is prevented. Also IMHO dragonball is the worst role model you can have in the energy arts. As for proof. No you won't find any. At least not in the scientific mode of thought.
  5. What thread discussion? He has responded to exactly zero of the questions we posed to him. He isn't answering what i ask him about and all his responses are irrelevant to our subject. His reluctance to post any kind of warning in the first post is suspect at least. I also did not demand anywhere to delete the first post. All i wanted was proper warning to whoever might STUMBLE on this form. Don't you find it odd that he refuses to post ANY warnings? I have no idea what purposes he has for refusing to do so but whatever it is, it is not for the good of people. I was going to post a last time to recap things but your intervention just infuriated me. As a mod you failed your purpose. Your job is to calm things down, not set fires. A PM would be fine. This intervention wasn't!
  6. Posting instructions online isn't covered by any insurance ever. If you post instructions on how to drive a helicopter and i crash it using your instructions, your insurance or any insurance doesn't cover anything. There are specific clauses by insurance companies to exclude any accident done by any activity not being supervised by a qualified instructor.
  7. You are still not talking about the issue. I am not questioning your ability to teach via skype online or other media. I am questioning your ability to comprehend the legal dimension of posting forms that can cause qi deviations without any warnings and claiming you have no liability. I would gladly be proven wrong if you edit your starting post and put a huge warning/disclaimer on the very beginning. Otherwise the sword cuts both ways....
  8. The disclaimer only covers your qi clinic where you are physically present. You really should ask a lawyer. There is obviously no question that you are free to train whoever and however you like when you are physically present.
  9. Enough with the diversionary tactics. You mentioned athletes. You should be aware that in martial arts, the teacher present assumes all liability for accidents during class. That also covers coaches. Now please educate me who assumes liability in the case of a qi deviation from internet instructions? You guessed it, the author of the instructions... And since you mentioned credentials i happen to be an ISO consultant and in my experience these instructions don't meet any safety standards in the civilized world.
  10. Why don't you give it a try then and see for yourself what's wrong with it? What i wanted to point out is that qiway is legally liable the way everything is presented about this form in this thread.
  11. That is a false analogy. Conventional wounds can be healed by doctors and conventional medicine. Qi deviations are a different beast entirely. Furthermore with the above statements you allow yourself to be open to liability suits by victims of qi deviation steming from these guidelines. You have no warnings or disclaimers in the instructions.
  12. I love this kind of "logic". It follows from this kind of argumentation that if 7% of people exercising in gyms or sports in general are injured during the activity then all people must stop exercising! Oh wait!
  13. Let's assume that someone with no past experience in chigung enters the forums and while surfing casually hits upon this form. He/she then gives it a try at home with no guidance. He/She is full of blockages in the meridians from sedentary life/bad diet/no exercise/unresolved stress etc. The 1.000.000 $ question is what will happen next when the energy torrent from Spontaneous form hits the blockages? The question is rhetorical he will get a chi deviation of course...
  14. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    @Wu Ming Jen I already thumbed but wanted to say thanks anyway to someone who provides info gained "from walking the path" instead of "talking the path".