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  1. Continuation

    The only way a FAQ can work is if the community posts the questions, the WMP answer and one like Sean mediates so that it can have some usefulness. 1)Saying things like WMP is not qigong is not an acceptable answer because it is misinformation and deception. There is one of the five original western students of mo pai quoted above clarifying that neigong happens after level 4. Which means that westerners practice some preparatory form of qigong mo pai. 2)Saying that they don't believe in supernatural entities and then having Chang in video with possessed swords, exorcisms and talking about yin spirits, isn't exact or true either. 3)Claiming that WMP is the same as the MoPai Chang teaches isn't correct either. Jim McMillan claims that he pushed the cardboxes in the video using Chang's yin field. So he is clear that the presence of a teacher affects the results. I am OK if they don't mention everything in the FAQ but telling blatant lies like the above isn't OK at all! PS: Will the purpose/end result of the system be included in the FAQ?
  2. Continuation

    Of course he would. By the way since there is faq already in the form of "the magus of java" writer's interview on this site, why doesn't someone clean up and formalise the answers he gave into a FAQ about mo pai?
  3. Continuation

    I do not trust MIldmouse23 to write the FAQ on a private space on his own. The reason? Look for yourself Do you remember the above? His answer was Now look what happens. https://www.metacenterchicago.com/2017/02/19/mo-pai-nei-kung-john-chang/ On the above link one of the 5 students of John Chang in the west claims that What he is telling us is that WMP don't practice NeiKung despite their claims and furthermore there is a difference between mo pai in the East and the West. Western mo pai is qigong and eastern neigong. MildMouse has claimed that mo pai is the same everywhere and he is practicing neigong when he has no proof of that and despite evidence like the above disproving him. Do you trust him on making a FAQ on his own and giving him free pass on modifying it? I don't and i would like someone neutral to compile it.
  4. Continuation

    First i am petted and i am dishonest and no apology? Good riddance! God speed! Troll defenders get out!
  5. Continuation

    The problem isn't about original or new practitioners. The problem as you correctly state is that eventually anyone could demand moratorium about their system. Even crappy systems with fraudsters as teachers could demand it as part of equal treatment! So no moratorium! Under no circumstances!
  6. Continuation

    Dishonest? No. You don't understand. You claim to. You just don't.
  7. Continuation

    I obviously don't care about your opinion. Once again why do you comment on my personal preferences?
  8. Continuation

    You are confusing my opposition to WMP recruitment as hostility to Mo Pai. There is a world of difference!
  9. Continuation

    I just stated my preference. What seems to be the problem? Is the moratorium acceptable to you? If it is, then it must be covered in the rules area that you mention. IMHO it is completely unacceptable and creates a precedent.
  10. Continuation

    This is just a pretext for them to play martyr and achieve their goals. No one is hostile here towards Mo Pai after the "second coming of Sean". Indifferent? Sure!
  11. Continuation

    Under no circumstances should a moratorium happen. Sean is being generous enough on allowing a FAQ. I personally don't want this forum to become a WMP recruitment ground. They already have their forum and reddit threads.
  12. Continuation

    Go ahead. If they accept it and actually answer some questions for a change that would be nice. I have the feeling that they won't agree though by bringing up all kinds of excuses.
  13. Continuation

    Theoretical situation: I claim to have visited Mars on a secret mission from NASA. You naturally ask for proof of my trip there. I answer that the mission was top secret and i cannot divulge anything. WMP in a nutshell. More like: WMP: I have a modified version of my car engine that produces +40% horsepower Me: Ok then, let's see the engine in a pic or at least your engineer plan on how to produce more horsepower by using the main engine. WMP: It is an improved engine. Me: Ok what makes it better? WMP: It is made using the blueprints of an advanced model engine by a supercar company in the far east! There is a video showing how you can do it too! Me: Ok, what modifications did you do to the engine? Did you use turbo? Did you tamper with the fuel intake? WMP: It works like a charm on the supercar! Me: I am not talking about the supercar, i am asking about the car engine you built. Do you at least have a video that shows the acceleration so as to figure it out in another way? WMP: We can't show that because the forum is hostile and we will be ridiculed. That is Western mo pai in a nutshell and ALL their discussions follow the above pattern. Substitute "Me" for all users that attempted to converse with WMP over the years. I have pressed the block button by the way....
  14. Continuation

    Sean, the problem lies in the habit WMP have of stating something in an argument and when the time comes to back their argument up they bring up the "i can't share for whatever reasons" excuse. This isn't OK and it has happened with many WMP practitioners in the past like @Ilovecoffee. What is the point of mildmouse23 bringing up his system in this thread as a way of backing up his comments on video and then not providing any real proof? Look at this simple question: I am really surprised that you see it that way. It isn't OK. Yes it is not a capital offense but their way is no way to contribute to the forums. Without proof i can claim practically anything. What proof do i have to back up the claim? Just my word? If they can't answer the damn question for whatever reasons then they shouldn't be using the argument in the first place! I mean there is no problem in using whatever secrecy they want but it is a problem if they invoke it during a conversation that they know before hand, that it will force them to reveal secrets, if they engage in it. The solution is them not to engage threads that require proof of their practice. Not engage them and play martyr so as to stop simple but awkward questions that they can't answer for whatever reasons.
  15. Mixing systems

    If it involves kundalini somehow you can do yijinjing, 8 piece brocades or zhan zhuang to clean and reinforce the meridians to prepare them for the energy flow. Otherwise i assume there are tons of systems to choose from. The only system you should avoid is fragrant because it is not compatible with deep meditation or unnatural breathing patterns.