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  1. Am I who you think I am?

    It isn't useful. Give us an example of someone doing that and reaching enlightenment. Compassion is a different thing than trying to be in someone else's shoes.
  2. Am I who you think I am?

    What is your ultimate goal then? Achieving non-duality and realising the world is illusory is a goal for buddhist so as to eventually free themselves from rebirth. Yours may differ. Since Steve is a supposed buddhist i assume that he actively tries to achieve it.
  3. Lovecraft Country

    I absolutely hate revisionism. Don't like a work of art? Don't bother with it. Every country has had moments that was nothing to be proud of and most people have too. That doesn't mean anything by itself, these moments in time won't go away because we choose to ignore them, they are part of history and sometimes wisdom can be gained by reflecting on what went wrong. I really don't understand wtf is going on in the States. Columbus wasn't the best guy ever but he discovered America. No amount of defacing his statues will change that fact. In the UK too many philanthropists were slave traders during the Age of Discovery. Bringing down their statues won't release the enslaved nor diminish their contributions (in whatever form) to the local community. Is anyone in modern Turkey ever admit that the Ottomans had slaves a little more than a century ago?
  4. Am I who you think I am?

    Curiosity for the illusionary world is a dire form of clinging that will keep you rebirthing here for hundreds if not thousands of times. So you can disagree as much as you want, the thing is, you aren't going anywhere with this mindset.
  5. Am I who you think I am?

    Because all this has nothing to offer a practitioner of buddhism for the time required. Simple.
  6. Am I who you think I am?

    Huh? Did I say something that I shouldn't?
  7. Lovecraft Country

    That is what i knew from his bio and his books. It is pretty obvious that he lived as a recluse for most of his life and he wasn't well traveled. What he knew of the East he probably learned from books or reports of expeditions at the time from local newspapers. He appears to have some knowledge of ancient mythology of the middle east which correlates to how he built his Cthulhu mythos.
  8. Am I who you think I am?

    Yes it is true. Why it is true? That is a completely different story. There is no such thing as "I". You know better than that. Ergo, the internet is just another medium for another form of projection. It isn't useful to try to understand how you are perceived by others. It won't help in achieving non duality. In some cases there is no point in even trying. I remember having been accused of sexual harassment at work when I did no such thing. All i did was tell a joke which had sexual connotations but i wasn't referring to anyone in particular (it wasn't aimed at anyone and i am adamant about that). What prompted others to lie about what I said, i don't know and really don't care. It isn't constructive. The fun part is that I wasn't reported by the people i was talking to but a bystander. Yes! Undoubtedly so. What do you expect to gain from walking into a trap that you know exists? The motive is curiosity which doesn't mesh well with buddhism. Does it? I don't think so. Don't mention it.
  9. Lovecraft Country

    Lovecraft as other writers over the centuries is a product of his era, country and culture. One cannot criticise without this context. How would you view the fable of Aesop named "Washing_the_Ethiopian_White" without context? It becomes a racist fable without being intended to be one in the first place.
  10. Am I who you think I am?

    What is the point of this exactly? Your body and how you look is a projection of your mind. On TDB you project yourself through your mind too. Why does it matter what projections the other sees? Both are projections. You are falling into a trap of the intellect. The answer does not matter.
  11. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    Supposedly the spirit of Chang's master came to him and told him that the westerners were not welcome to the school. After this incident Chang was on good terms with everyone (in the west) but did not teach them anything further. It does. It is the way they train. I don't remember the page from magus of java but it is written somewhere that everyone that had a developed LDT had acquired some problem as a result of the training. Take this with a grain of salt. I read the book a long time ago. Lower Dan Tien. It is the one of the 3 main energy centers of the body according to taoist teachings. The other two are the Middle and Upper dan tiens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dantian
  12. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    you forgot the 4th. How long till a WMP member jumps in to "defend his teachers"? I don't think those will happen though. Not with the current members on the thread.
  13. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    @MattMyster Look at the above quotes from the thread i link in the beginning.
  14. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    Thanks but I intentionally avoided this thread since yesterday. The exercises were not on my PPD but Starjumper's. Kostas stopped practicing because he and Jim were evicted by order of the astral masters/ancestral spirits of the MoPai school. At least that is his version of what happened. The level 2 exercises cause tension which in turn ALWAYS creates problems. Kostas has developed prostate cancer which he attributes to MoPai practice. Jim died from prostate cancer a few years ago. John Chang died from cancer too at a far more advanced age. I would advise you to search for another system. This one is a literal dead end because all the teachers are dead and the school is closed of to westerners. The few students of Jim and Kostas who still practice the exercises, haven't activated the LDT which is required to progress further. Also bear in mind that systems aren't compatible with each other most of the time. Which means that progress in MoPai won't help you with other schools at all.
  15. What prompts you to say that? Even the previous SARS epidemic died out completely at summer and high temperatures. Perennial (common) flu doesn't become a problem until Autumn in most cold-weather countries. This isn't a common flu. Stop claiming that it is! You have no facts to back it up. Is it less lethal than the spanish flu? It seems to be the case but don't forget that the Second Wave of that flu was the deadliest. It is far too early to comment on how we could face it better or ponder on what-if scenarios.