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  1. Balance test in Zhan Zhuang (站樁)

    Well i am late and the party is over but my 0.02 euro cents are that your movement isn't good even by external art standards. Someone mentioned transitions in this thread. They are key to examining whether one understands the movements and has internalised the outer forms of the art. When i observe a clumsy transition between stances, i know i am looking at a novice. Sorry but that is what you are @ReturnDragon. On the inner strength i cannot comment. I trust the experienced members here.
  2. Ah Jeff..... well the guy 1) has no knowledge of astral entities. 2) for the above reason has no way of defending himself from them. 3) i am pretty sure that his vibration is not pure so he isn't in contact with angels but probably archons. 4) I can confirm the insistence of his to imagine him as a woman. Preferably blonde. 5) He has no lineage to guide him. Due to the above i can safely assume that he is in deep trouble because he can't rid himself of the entities he summoned by being silent in the mind. The video from the guy of Long men pai that @virtue has posted about qi deviations is spot on that by relaxing and having no thoughts without guidance opens one to DEVILS. Lineage exists to protect the practitioner.
  3. ? I will repeat the question: how many athletes train in both 100m and a marathon? Yes they have. Damage comes at different levels and dimensions. Yes you are looking for a scammer with a promise of power and the illusion that trailblazing without prior experience and knowledge will lead you higher than established lineages.
  4. For the same reason that you cannot be both muscled/strong and lean at the same time. Or you can't both train for 100m run and a marathon. It is a different training and conflicting with other training schemes. And they will end up fried like the rice.
  5. Levitation and possibly flight?

    Luke is ok. Maybe there has been a miscommunication? It depends. Most people in big cities will never interact with you twice in your lifetime. If you could do that but never say a word in their presence nor communicate in any way, there will be no need to justify anything. Not that i see any point in flying in front of people. Just saying....
  6. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Where is your apology about the trolling of the volcano thread? Did i miss it? Or are you trolling this thread too?
  7. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I know that. The major difference between what you are saying and what they are saying is that i have verified some of the clues you give out from independent sources. Just don't involve yourself with trolls. They will invite you under their bridge and force you to eat mud with them.
  8. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    So instead of the trolls asking for forgivance we are seeing a counterattack??? Seriously??? Ok some claims of GSmaster are a little extreme. So what? He isn't the issue here!
  9. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Again moot point because you can heal without the use of the LDT. Additionally you can't activate the LDT by mistake, so unless you are doing a very specific practice that is intended to open it, it won't happen. And NO i don't know the details so stop asking! All i can tell you is that the WMP two (or whatever the **** arithmetic they are using) levels don't lead to it's activation. But for a moment let us just assume that you have activated it. You won't be able to project qi because your channels won't allow the energy to pass. It is like having a huge reservoir and small piping. The water that will get through is limited. So again moot point.
  10. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Moot point. You don't need to activate the LDT to be able to heal.
  11. Because the transition to the space shuttle program reduced the payload that NASA could bring to LEO without reducing cost in tandem. So a return to the Moon and a possible mission to Mars were not possible anyway even if they could find the budget because after Saturn V propulsion systems were retired we lacked the power to send the people to the Moon. All this happened so that contractors who designed the space shuttle and build it could make a boatload of money from NASA's budget while there was nothing inherently wrong with the Saturn V launcher. The space shuttles were supposed to make LEO travel cheap and efficient and they did the opposite. The funny thing is while the blueprints for Saturn V still exist, there is no assembly line capable of making it from scratch because the technical know-how was lost. TL;DR. The space shuttle program was a leap backwards for NASA and space exploration.
  12. Zhan Zhuang sensations?

    Sensations are normal during ZZ. Ignore them and try to relax. A good resource is Lam Kam Chuen's '"the book of energy". It has some solid instructions and a version of 8 piece brocades.
  13. Yes and that is why we aren't seeing real progress the last 50 years. One example was the space shuttle program of NASA. A complete failure that only happened to satisfy contractors.
  14. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Seriously?? I mean seriously in a serious way? Why on earth would a master teach that to a random guy on the internet for free? Your obsession on mopai isn't healthy and it makes you unsuitable for teaching. I am not a teacher but i know none that would accept you at your current state of mind.
  15. 72 hours facts and fiction

    The Leap At Rhodes by Aesop A certain man who visited foreign lands could talk of little when he returned to his home except the wonderful adventures he had met with and the great deeds he had done abroad. One of the feats he told about was a leap he had made in a city Called Rhodes. That leap was so great, he said, that no other man could leap anywhere near the distance. A great many persons in Rhodes had seen him do it and would prove that what he told was true. "No need of witnesses," said one of the hearers. "Suppose this city is Rhodes. Now show us how far you can jump." Deeds count, not boasting words. Either present it or shut up! Until you present proof your words have no value as you have repeatedly proved by lying here. That is new math. This is a complete joke like the system you practice. Mopai students in this forum talked about one of the exercises you have and said that it is supplementary and not part of the 72 levels. Liar!
  16. They aren't. They have some impact but they aren't breakthroughs at all. Fusion power is a possible breakthrough. Gravity waves won't help us survive the current century.
  17. 72 hours facts and fiction

    First if all there is no proof that a physical LDT has manifested in any WMP practitioner. Proof. With medical doctors present to record the anomaly. Second, the LDT appears on x-rays? Hahahaha nice one! Now my turn: two WMP practitioners walk into a bar. They tell the barman: "if we win the lottery we will buy this bar and impose a moratorium on alcohol consumption!" What i find intetesting is that the passage is proof that Jim wasn't the most advanced student like he liked to portray himself since there were at least 2 other students more advanced than him. Jim never made it to level 3.
  18. 72 hours facts and fiction

    This video explains some stuff. It is painfully obvious that WMPs do not activate their LDT nor do their exercises promote physical alteration on the LDT. What western mo pai practice is basic qigong covered with layers upon layers of delusion and bullshit.
  19. Not him but i understand his PoV. For those near the arctic GW could be a godsend. For those on the islands of the pacific or in New York it would be a godsend... cataclysm!
  20. All 3 are subjects of heated debate. None of them are huge breakthroughs that will change the lives of the average citizen like say operational deuterium fusion reactors. Miniaturisation is a sign of technology refinement not a technology breakthrough.
  21. Well if we disregard the increase in computer power then there is no boom. On the contrary we are stagnating technologically the last 50 years. Think about it in a simple way: how long has it been since a man has stepped on the Moon? Has there been any breakthrough in propulsion? Life support? NASA can't even build Saturn V launchers from scratch anymore FFS!
  22. Besides, what i see rarely mentioned is the potential of AI guided drones to operate in environments hostile to humans or improve things like traffic, driver safety, architecture or urban development, geological surveys, prediction of seismic events. Singularity will change everything. I just hope we don't get extinct before we get there. We got 20 years tops before we reach maximum population capacity. Once we hit 16 billion, interesting things will happen. Famine, war, disease, you name it!
  23. Sadly this irreversible at the stage we are now. Will that lead us to a human powered ELE? Who knows? Only time will tell.
  24. There will be no Mars colony in the foreseable future. Mars' moons and our moon make for better bases. Who the hell is going to Mars and for what reason? It is not terraformable despite what some "visionaries" declare. It is full of iron but water is scarce and there are no good power sources for industries to work. Who the hell is going to spend billions of $$ on a science project?