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  1. Mixing systems

    If it involves kundalini somehow you can do yijinjing, 8 piece brocades or zhan zhuang to clean and reinforce the meridians to prepare them for the energy flow. Otherwise i assume there are tons of systems to choose from. The only system you should avoid is fragrant because it is not compatible with deep meditation or unnatural breathing patterns.
  2. Mixing systems

    Asking for kriya yoga and "gigong in general" isn't specific. There are thousands of qigong styles in China. Which one are you refering to? As a general rule you can mix a physical style like baduajin or yijijing with other forms but it isn't a hard and fast rule. Yijijing in particular is supposed to prepare the body for Xisuijing so yes combinations are possible and sometimes very effective but you need to ask a teacher first or just trailblaze and accept consequences.
  3. Continuation

    Spot on! That is exactly what is happening plus they, for whatever reason, try to play victims.
  4. Continuation

    Exactly. If you can't share it there is no point in even mentioning it.
  5. Continuation

    No but in that case one is talking about an opinion not a fact. Here opinions of mildmouse were presented in an absolute manner as facts without being so. WMP being neikung is his opinion. Video being as reliable as real teachers is an opinion. If he provides no facts that is the extent of the strength of his argument. He can't ask from anyone to ascribe to that opinion obviously.
  6. Continuation

    The problem with that approach is that it allows a select group of users of the forum to ignore basic requirements of argumentation and dialogue which is to provide proof for statements made. Argumentation logic is a foundation to dialogue and to an extent this forum. If let's say western mo pai choose not to follow them for whatever reason then what is the point of us following it?
  7. Continuation

    It started as a personal attack on Earl Grey. The title was literally "For Earl Grey". look for youself What MildMouse23 was debating was that there is no need for transmission in Internal arts and video can be just as good as the real thing. He viewed the insistence on transmission as a subvert attack on his system and that is why he started this thread. Earl Grey debated about video being useful as a learning medium but with serious limitations in many cases among which is the learning of other languages especially the ones that require cultural immersion. Mildmouse23 did not accept it and Earl Grey at some point asked him how many languages he has learned through video and which cultures he has visited to test his lingual ability and to immerse. He never responded (this started the trend in the thread). At some point Liminal_luke talked about the gorilla in the room and mentioned mo pai and then all hell broke loose as usual. Next mildmouse stopped answering any questions and deflected any comments by talking nonsense. Then i mentioned the subreddit thread that they use for recruiting and he claimed that they don't do qigong but neigong. All i asked then is which of the 3 exercises /levels that they have available is neigong in nature?. He never responded because obviously there is no neikung involved at what they practice. And then he took all this as an attack on his system. We aren't hostile to his qigong system but the general behavior of stating stuff not based on reality or argumentation and not backing the statements with any proof. The claim that they do neikung is absurd and it needs to be proven as per simple burden of proof rules. There was no proof given, ergo they do qigong. Which is really no problem. Their problem is for whatever reason they don't want to be associated with qigong.
  8. Continuation

    I remember asking Ilovecoffee what the purpose of his practice is and he never answered. It is not a fu**ing state secret! And it was an honest question. Why was he vague about it? It makes no sense. In a similar vein i asked this guy what part of their 3 level practice is related neigong. He never answered. Why? What is the problem if he is practicing Qigong instead of Neikong? Is it a social stigma of sorts? This behavior is not constructive and not welcome here.
  9. Continuation

    I am curious Luke, what do you expect to hear? Their practice is extremely limited to some qigong exercises aimed at an eventual LDT activation. You can have far stronger experiences by practicing zen meditation or some psychic qigong system. This. They don't answer. Period. There is no dialogue if one refuses to engage in conversation but repeats the same things over and over. I mean, what is the point of being in these forums if not to talk about anything?
  10. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    i once managed to sneeze with my eyes open. Does it count? My wife can touch her nose with her tongue.
  11. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Yes individually. What can i say, i am probably not so evolved. I have wisdom teeth and the additional worthless tendon in the arms. Maybe i somehow got stuck at the stone age.
  12. Continuation

    I am angry because i ask questions in plain english like the dreaded: "which of your 3 available levels include neigong elements?" And i get irrelevant answers! It shows disrespect to me as a participant in the conversation. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out! The practice of mo pai without permission from the master is karmically innapropriate. To traditional schools it is a travesty. Until you realise that, there is nothing more to say. Furthermore i am critisizing your group's behavior in the forum not the ethical standing of it's individuals.
  13. Continuation

    You have ridiculed yourselves once again by not answering simple direct questions. I have 0 gripe against chang. His only mistake was that he taught the wrong people. Like the qigong private subreddit that everyone says is run by idiots?
  14. Continuation

    This is a sick joke! Your group is the problem. Your passive trolling behaviour in this thread just proves it.
  15. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    I can move my ears and independently if i want
  16. Continuation

    You are exactly like ilovecoffee. You refuse to answer even the simplest of questions or aknowledge anything about what you practice. I am done with this thread. You only try to play martyr so that "everyone can see the hostility of the forum to WMP" when the problem in truth is your group's behavior.
  17. Continuation

    Man you are a joke really! I ask you what part of your practice is neikung and you either don't know or there isn't neikung involved. Stop mentioning neikung! You do qigong since you don't have access to the higher levels! That is the difference between WMP and mo pai. The first is 3 qigong exercises aimed at preparing the LDT for activation while the second is a full neigong system!
  18. Continuation

    I really don't give a *bleep* about what you are after, just don't pass yourselves as neikung practitioners! Neikung is only reserved for advanced students that have been proven worthy and not random guys who read a book and watched a video! There is a huge karmic backlash for a teacher who allows access to these practices to the unworthy.
  19. Continuation

    Which part of my english is that complicated for you? I will ask again : Which exercise available to WMP is neikung in nature? You either state the exercise or you answer "none". There is no other possible or acceptable answer.
  20. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    My wife has that too. Are you related?
  21. Continuation

    Again you provide no proof to back the statement when it is clear that it is not so. Which exercise available to WMP is neikung in nature? Answer this simple question. If you can't then your silence speaks for itself. A scam doesn't have to involve money to be one. You might be after recognition or prestige or whatever the hell motivates you. The reality is that you present yourselves as neikung practitioners when you do qigong while you scorn all other qigong systems.
  22. Continuation

    Yes they are! You don't practice neikung. That is the truth. None of your 3 exercises are of neikung nature. On the second part: who the hell said anything about paying? Did i mention that? You keep silent about the questions we ask and you answer questions that no one asked? Is this your idea of how conversation goes, there at WMP? Again i ask the above. Did i miss something?
  23. Continuation

    These are half truths which if you insist on them you just turn into another scammer. Again the above must be repeated. Jim had no permission to teach and he had no knowledge of the neikung happening on higher levels. So no transmission and no lineage.
  24. Continuation

    Man you really don't understand what the "/jk" at the end means do you? To summarize: you don't have a lineage, you don't have transmission, you don't do neikung, you don' even know what it is. Did i miss something? It is ok that you practice what you do. Honestly i have 0 problems with it. But don't try to pretend to be things that you aren't.