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  1. Everything you wanted to know about ...

    Yeah, it's a clue. The leaders were sold on the black market, organ by organ, piece by piece. Horrible but true. Hi quality goods making dollars while torturing and killing in grand Illuminating style. she does not exist. she is N-O-thing. N means the SEA/SEE/C... The O. See? she is the BLACK HOLE, The Devourer, The KILA. KALI... AKA Mary Mother merciful and mild she is E-VER-Y-THING It's 02.15 now and i need to sleep so I will answer that briefly with this: if you were a Gypsy Witch in a town in which the SS were sweeping up "undesirables" into trucks for the Death Camps, would you A = Squat and meditate, perhaps praying, quietly or B = MOVE... praying yet talking and acting to try to 1, survive, and 2, save others and 3, spread the WORD OF SPIRITUAL TRUTH. You can't help folk much when you are dead. I believe FEMA have plans for the US... America, Europe, indeed the whole North and ALMOST everywhere will be BADLY BUGGERED, VERY SOON. Needless to say the NAZION of EVIL will try to kill as many dark skinned and Muslims as possible... I wish folk would wake up and TALK ABOUT IT. What we need is QI GONG FEVER. Then they can try to vivisect ALL of US... AT LEAST WE WILL HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE THEN, INSTEAD OF SHUFFLING LIKE ZOMBIES INTO THE GRAVE.
  2. Everything you wanted to know about ...

    Hi Drew, Daniel here, aka CloudTiger, BIGUING YOU UP!!! Fab to hear you are getting serious about sorting your shitty diet! A few points and questions... Mantak Chia is being sued by an Indonesian teacher for plagiarism that is blatant if you look online. There is another claiming infringement too... So how do you explain Chunyi Lin's "creature comforts"? If he is Tantrically non-attached to these Materials then why does he use them? Can he not feel the pain caused by Capitalism and his exploitation of it? Is the "famous Chinese Master" the Falun Gong guy? What do you think of the Falun Gong tech and teachings? OSHO was a CIA puppet. He was chosen for his hypnotic manipulative nasty ways from childhood. He was so Westernised by his parents he refused herbal or alternative medicine for his lifelong "allergies" i.e.diseased body/mind, that he claimed were just various novel colds, flus and virii, worsened by perfumes etc... He was a perv and crap in bed... not a Master by a looooong shot. Or Oshot... whatever. Sure, he could shaktipat bliss and had insight but... Rajneesh, he were not a well man, as the Obsessive/Compulsive Collecting Greed showed. MK all the way, as I like to say about Intel PSIOPS. Flame on, suckers! AUM Cult? Same same. CIA Intel PsiOps. The OSS would have set up Jap Intel in 1946 and so it still goes back to Whitey... heh!heh! C'mon, Drew, stop being naive, you should know better. THERE ARE NO LARGE INDEPENDENT ORGANISATIONS ON THIS PLANET. Everything is Assimilated. As you know, when a movement becomes a threat, like Falun Gong, they are targetted for VIVISECTION, VAMPIRISM. The Luciferian "Illuminised" High (Capstone) Masons "RUN THIS TOWN" to a "degree" but of course SHE WH-O IS BLACK is the REAL DIVINE. The most awesome of Astral demons and predators fear HER. Oh yeah, while I dishing out the dissing, any of you Taobum navel-gazers actually doing anything to forewarn of and forestall or mitigate HELL On EARTH?!?! Aside from TM style padmasana? Activism... like Drew used to do. INFOWAR for FREEDOM and LIFE. I bet few are bigu free of food so when TSHTF REAL SOON, you'll all be as buggered as the common sheople. Or are folks here still debating whether to join the Rosicrucians or some such Idiocy? WORD... Drew, again, excellent news that you are again dehypocritising, giving up the DEATH "FOOD". Don't forget the fruit... fructose ain't bad as long as you are clean and need the calories. GREEN LIGHT. GO! GO!
  3. freemasonry

    Orb, you really don't know what you are talking about. So remain silent. The following is off the cuff, rushed and really badly written as propaganda goes so I expect most readers will just laugh and go back to sleep, walking on in their dreams. PLEASE DO PROVE ME WRONG. Now I may be a beginner in qi gong but this I know more than enough of. Spent my whole adult life researching them and their system while you good folks have been getting down with the Dao. Plenty of personal and second hand experience of their activities too boot. So this is not academic to me or to you. Good question, if very lazy. Freemasonry. You don't have google? Freemasonrywatch. All the info is out there now in this time of The Revelation of The Method and the world wide web. I say again, read up, do your homework, check the facts, question everything. Can you do that? Don't have the time? The freemasons run from people like my grandfather [clueless], the majority, through a heirarchy of middle managers and social climbers who are more or less corrupt all the way through overt and covert aristocracy upto the European Royalty who head it [all chips of the old block, lost to the Dark Side of Psychopathy and megalomaniac Evil]. Actually almost everyone is a freemasonic initiated by the school system and the mass media. They have hypnosis and the black arts of mass mind control down pat at the highest levels of The Craft. That's why many people reading this will reject it out of hand. It's a mystifying secretive and highly corrupt pyramid scheme, recruiting and influencing under the guise of perfectly completing the "Great Work" of alchemy, gaining "The Light", realising the Godhead. "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike is available online. It's spills much of the beans, the reality most masons themselves don't know as they are too "common". Also "Secret Teachings of All Ages" [sp?] by Manly P.Hall. These men were Gods of Freemasonry, lionised as true teachers, so their words cannot be dismissed as uninformed. Even then, as per occult tradition, these books are encrypted and deceptive. Ingest, digest and then ruminate again. Basically, freemasonry is an ancient patriarchal plan, feudalist, to evolve man into the brave new world order, royalty on top, immortal and transhuman, ever more godlike, conquering and transforming Nature to their Will, with a technocracy and then castes of genetically and cybernetically modified slaves below, cyborged and dronelike in a hive network. Population culled down to 500 million by 2050. Seriously. Look it up. I found this vid just now. Merovingian kings did not die out and they rule you today. and here's a soft briefing on the bloodline Don't panic, if you think that's bad you don't know about the ancestral hungry ghosts and the Matrix Plan. If you read this far, well done. Now go check the facts and then respond appropriately. Alan Watt is a wake up call. You don't have long, cowans [look it up], NAU in 2010. NWO 2012 and it will be hell, if we don't stop them NOW. All the best, navel gazers. I do despair, the dearth of comment on our dire straits on this forum speaks volumes. If modern Western Taoists aren't wise to the Dark Magi then who is. Christians, mainly... Oh yeah PS Any freemasons or other luciferian occultists reading this ought to question your assumptions. Your indoctrination has "charged" you up into your heads, away from reality! You are not helping. Give up the thinking, civilised man, and just do your chi kung and meditation, balanced with communication on real important issues, not "commodity fetish". Drew hempel spells it out, as does Alan Watt. May Heaven save us. Peace.
  4. Balance point on foot in Taijiquan and qigong

    Thank you very much all above. Wise words and interesting indeed. Yes, experience is the true teacher. I think I will look into walking qi gong as I do like a walk. As for the brain damaged chap, wow! Yes that was very inspiring. Thank you Ah, dear Salaam, As-Salaam Alaikum. Your heart is pointing well and now your brain is catching up. Yes, it is best that we beginners merely point to wiser souls or stay silent. I make this mistake often. Having said that, when I see somebody making a gross mistake that is going uncorrected I still tend to offer advice. Not a great fan of deference to authority me but maybe that's because I have issues with my parents and experts in general! So I am a hypocrite but it's still good advice!
  5. Balance point on foot in Taijiquan and qigong

    Hey Mouse, Thanks. I'll take a look. Anyone practice the teachings of either John Ding or Erle Montaigue here? Loving this place double time now. Whoa! Sure is an eye opener to find out the goods on Erle Montaigue. Salutory lesson methinks on ignorance being dangerous. A beginning has only their intuition to go on as the real and fake appear similar.
  6. Hi All, I am new. Sorry to relate I have made a raving intro in the Lobby. Feeling pressure from the System and do really hope some of you can help wake up the critical mass required to save our freedom and lives from the NWO. More important than our own few lives is the survival of our species and the diversity of the biosphere. I have an vexing issue re qigong that if anyone wants to answer it here it would be superb. To wit: where is the correct balance point on the foot in taiji and 3 circle standing qigong? John Ding, Yang Family lineage holder in London, actually says foward over K1, bubbling well. Many disagree utterly, saying more towards the heel. I am confused, though I have my own ideas and feelings. Both views cannot be correct I am sure so it begs the question about Mr.Ding's teachings, since he seems outnumbered. Yet he appears to have good jing so I am left wondering... all input appreciated muchly, thanks very much. Yours Respectfully, Daniel the Aquarian Cloud Tiger
  7. Hi. Wonderful to be here.

    Dear All, Hello! Greetings. It's great to be here. I'm mean that sincerely. It's an honour and a pleasure. My name is Daniel and I have been lurking when I could for some time. Now I exit my cave a little to engage with the more worthy and useful members of the human race. That's you, folks! I am sadly dysfunctional character* aiming for better things. Dilettantish in knowledge [i like to focus on the important bits] and practice my data addiction has borne some good fruit e.g. nutrition knowledge, finding this forum and starting taijiquan and qigong [Yang Cheng Fu on and off for a couple of years, now I have Spring Forest tapes, HI DREW YOU BE DA MAN!] , Ahem! as well as the little matter of deprogramming from propaganda and prophecying a barely avoidable doom for mankind if we don't fight The Power with truth NOW. That's my strong point. Prediction. Trick is applying it wisely in the terrifying heat of the moment, isn't it? Seriously, people, Apocalyptic Chaos and Catastrophe is coming and too few have unplugged from the Matrix yet to organise a rebellion. So do notice and respond to the sociopolitical dimension is what I'm saying. It's all spiritual anyhow sure but we got a bad house fire that needs putting out! All hands to the pump, please! This is the Big One. Navel gazing has it's place yet sociopolitical activism is survival. Either that or find a really deep tunnel system and acheive bigu cos you ain't gonna have sunlight, food or water for years. The HKs have gone nano. Ha! I am smiling at the fools reading and thinking I am delusional. Fact not theory, folks. I have an vexing issue re taiji and qigong that I will post on the other part of the forum but if anyone wants to answer it here that would be superb. To wit: where is the correct balance point on the foot in taiji and 3 circle standing qigong? John Ding actually says foward over K1. Many disagree utterly, more towards the heel. I am confused, though I have my own ideas and feelings. Both views cannot be correct so it begs the question about Mr.Ding's teachings, since he seems outnumbered. Yet he appears to have good jing so I am left wondering... all input appreciated muchly, thanks very much. Yours Respectfully, Daniel the Aquarian* Cloud Tiger *PS For those with Western Astrology, Neptune conj. Ascendant, Pluto conj Midheaven, Saturn conj South Node [damn!] and a stellium of Sun Venus Mercury Jupiter Moon in Aquarius SQUARED by Mars in Taurus. Oh Woe!