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Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

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I don't know why people bother differentiating so much about the postheaven sanbao, when its all the same. An old bastard drains your chi, your chi and shen will go down. 


You also posted this in Daoist discussion. Postnatal energy is more about TCM than Lao Tzes et all DAOism. Body vs Spirit /psyche. 


As for the first point, 1), I think what Hindus call 7 Dhatu is also a form of energy. Whereby the bones are the physical body. And the flesh is dense energy as post sanbao is 'subtle' energy. You circulate the 7 tissues by working out, etc. just as you do with energy. An astral entity doesnt need to workout its astral body but surely needs to somehow circulate its energy which is also somewhat equivalent to keeping the mind [=perception IMO] active and sharp trained/reflexed. 


Some alchemists / lower immortals obtain great longevity with special herbs and potions. Not with sanbao. So <- here<- we can pretty much see that the subtle merely influences the dense. Sort of like merely 'communicates' with it.


- You also have to remember where you hear ANY rumours [....what is the difference between 'knowledge', 'wisdom' and 'rumour' ? all must be verified by You anyway]. "traditional Qiqong' well this properly refers to specific sample of the martial arts community from modern times. This sample has really poor cultivation over all. They also spread false rumours like preheaven cannot be cultivated or increased yet its always decreasing....which mathematically is ... *cute*

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