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silent thunder

the least obvious

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Work is utterly nuts this last month... a near fantasy world of incredible noises, construction machinery, indoor cranes hoisting thousand pound lighting instruments overhead, forklifts, dust everywhere.  Five departments simultaneously trying to prep a high end product for the pickiest of clients. 


In midst of this cacophony.  Routinely, i unfold into silent emptiness in the midst of my task, for the last several days, amidst this losing of self in the task a thought repeatedly arises...


what is least obvious?


While i've spent countless evenings contemplating what is most obvious, only recently has this question been arising, unbidden, unsought... but repeatedly.  


what is least obvious?

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The least obvious is often the most obvious aswell. It is infact, so obvious... 

You can call it the obliviously obvious. 


You exist. 


Many think, that it is obvious. But what it actually means, is so obvious that it becomes oblivious.


You experience yourself as the core of existance. But if you acknowledge that all the things around you exist aswell, now your core of existance is the very same essence of everything around you. There literally is no seperation between you and all of it. You can literally begin to experience yourself as a pencil. Not joking.


Best if you practice this in a quiet empty and dark room. Place one object in front of you and a small candle to softly light the room and the object you will be experiencing as yourself. And practice the allowing of yourself to be the object that is in front of you. It is best done through a heartfelt deep connection that can be described as love or pure allowance. 


Your attention to the object is the only reason why it exists as that object. And when you enter the core nature that is your existance and the existance of the object. Now you can allow the object to exist as any object you so wish. 


Every single atom in this universe contains the totally of the whole that is all of existance. Just as the whole of existance contains each and every one of existance. 

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On 10/19/2018 at 4:28 AM, silent thunder said:

what is least obvious?


Hi silent thunder,


I'm a visiting old-timer Bum.


I don't know if this relates to what you were asking about, but I think about this quite a bit.


In Buddhism, people often talk about 'attachment', and well they should.  But 'attachment' is only the yang neurosis.  The yin neurosis is 'detachment', meaning being disconnected from their lives.  Detachment, as far as I can tell, is every bit as problematic as attachment.


Panic, anxiety, pain - these are all obvious feelings that call our attention to them, and thank goodness, so we can deal with them.


But even more problematic are the feelings we don't feel.  This includes problems of numbness, self-blindness, motivated forgetting, unconscious ignoring.  These are even tougher to deal with, because our system shuts them out.  It's hard to ignore my own pain, because it yells at me, but it's easy to ignore what I'm self-blind to.


Detachment is what allows people to ignore others' pain.  How could so much of American society be sanguine to the separation of immigrant children from their parents?  Only by becoming detached from the humanity and suffering of others.

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Yeah, if you allow yourself to feel what you feel, then the feeling can change.


For example, how does it feel to think that you have to feed the entire planet?

Overwhelming right? If you trust your nature, then you can find the eternal wisdom of your own emotions.

Now think about the idea of sharing your food. How does that feel? Less overwhelming.

Because you can decide how much you are willing to share, or even follow a good rule of thumb from cultures who've practiced donations as part of their culture for centuries. So let's say you have enough for yourself, you have enough for someone in your life, and you have enough for a little bit of donation. So then you donate. And you understand, that if someone's really hungry, that 1 dollar food, it feels like God blessed them. So nourished, so reliefed and satisfied. Woulden't you be honored if you knew that your smallest donation can have that huge of an effect. Imagine how you will feel when you donate.

Imagine how a stand up comedian feels if the entire audience laughs their butts off and applauds endlessly after the show.

They feel great!

If someone cries tears of joy for receiving the food you gave them, woulden't you be extremely happy and feel valuable and honored for being allowed to have that positive of an influence in someone's life? And would you care about needing to receive appreciation, if you know your donation will have allowed for the appreciation itself? Even if someone doesn't need the food, often the kindness of donation will relief them of tremendous depression. It's like, at the very least you acknowledged someone else exists in this universe. And even tho you are one person, through you they now have acces to the entire universe of existance that is of worthy nature by default. They have hope that maybe now that means they are allowed to exist and maybe they deserve to exist.

It doesn't matter who you donate to. Because even if you donate to someone who doesn't need it, the word will spread, that donations are normal and ok, and part of human kindness. So maybe donating to someone who doesn't need it, will tripple the money for someone who does need it. And even if they use your money for bad, they always have the memory of having received the money from a soft easy kind carefree unconditionally loving and caring nature. So then they will forever from that point on forward have the option to remember the kindness and goodness that is not only available but exists as something for themselves that they can choose effortlessly aswell, for it's effortless nature of the ease that is the nature of kindness.


So your emotions here already constantly remind you of the infinite wisdom that you have acces to all of the time.

When you think you have to feed the entire planet, you feel bad, because that's simply not a reality. And that's also not how nature works. No cloud out there is trying to lift the entire ocean and evolving to accomplish the feat of absorbing the entire ocean and then dropping miles of water on your head.

If you think you have to donate more because other people don't donate, again, feels bad, because this is not logical sensible logic. If you donate more than you can, then you will have less ability to donate consistently. The greatest benefit is small and consistent, stable, just like kindness is soft and easy going.

So if you donate, small, and leave your nose out of other peoples business, you will be supporting atleast 3 life's lovingly, that will reach its benefit to the edge of the ever expanding universe.

And if you think you would rather want everyone to be independent, there might be a judgement in that.

Do the clouds ever stop raining, and then say, "make your own water you dummy, I can't just keep raining for you forever" The cloud doesn't say that, because again, the cloud chose the infinite value of truth that is so easy and light. The cloud is light and it is effortless, literally zero effort, for the cloud to float all of its benefit. So it's a joyoush expression of nature and existance. Exactly because it is so light, effortless and easy.

And most importantly, why do the clouds feel so big and expansive in benefit? Do the clouds try and take the entire ocean and drop it on top of land, drowning everyone? No.

Small, stable, soft, easy, light, kind. Free, easy. That's how nature works effortlessly. And consistently and stably in a balanced and harmoniously natural flow of well-being and nourishment and rejuvination and support and kindness and unconditional benefit.

It is the freedom of expressing of small kindness, and freedom of expressing and sharing your value, that also benefits yourself for the happiness that you would then be feeling in the act of sharing values, for your value is like nature, deep rooted in the life that is all around you and connected with all other values aswell. All those core values will always flow forth eternally as creation expressing in greater ways. That has the most wide spreading and far reaching benefit. It is always the small donations that count the most. Donations which aren't planned, which aren't contemplated upon, which aren't considered. Donations that evaporate in the air and end up falling exactly where they are needed the most. On Donald Trumps plate. Nice, free, kind carefree food. And then Trump will be so happy to receive this kind gift, he will just give back in tremendous ways. He will make one politician happy that day. And that one happy politician now thus will always make all the other politicians happy. And then, they are so easy going, and wise in that joy that they now naturally flow with, that their wisdom will now have far reaching benefit, as effortless as the clouds that float in their ever so light nature. That allows everyone to be unconditionally supported and always allows them to be fully who they are in their full natural self that is whoever they are, no matter who they are. And that feeling of being allowed to be who you are no matter what. That is in alignment with the highest value of existance itself ever expanding in it's experience of itself.


The only way you ever know wether or not you are benefitting the entire universe, including yourself, is by how you feel. Existance is simple like that, and because the foundation is so infinitely simple and light, it has capability to build on top of itself infinite variety and complexity in ever expanding ways, eternally. Always guiding each individual being in existance to its fullest ever expanding perfection that is the eternal nature of all individual parts and the collective as a whole at the same time.

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