The Wonder of Nature thread

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This topic is for video, pictures, text that inspire, bring aesthetic rapture, and perhaps inform re: nature.

This thread is not a place for fierce debate (especially, but not only, political debate is prohibited). And though I get that occasionally, minimally, a post of "devastation of nature" is inevitable... please, mostly not that.

This thread is about enjoyment. :D


If this thread already exists someplace else, please direct me there. :)
(I know that there's already the cool pic & yt threads w/ some overlap.)

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frog or toad whatever it is looks like it is sitting on aloe branch. not that that matters.


I enjoy the detail of the dragonfly


great photos.


even an amphibian needs out of the rain at times. very cute miniature umbrella.


I still not posting photos. I will describe one or maybe a few


it was about sunset so the lighting was superb....


I was at the cemetery-a hang out when I need a slice of nature and quiet and photos are always plentiful.


simply put the lighting on a cattail-just a few brief moments makes the difference between what I consider a great photo vs a not great photo.


anyway its almost sunset or sunset is happening. I see lots of headstones face the west and many have great reflection of sun or lighting. I see one spectacular one as I had gotten out of the car and walked the hillside.

this one said the name withers...

it is mostly black marble and then some lines of gold. the name in gold-

well I take maybe 15 photos in the span of 10 minutes, maybe 5

at one point just the gold is reflecting so much everything else around looks black--

I don't know enough of photography to describe what I am attempting to describe.

just a progression of lighting changing....and a damn cool headstone.


dragonflies are not out yet that I have seen. maybe once it is a little warmer consistently.

they seem to enjoy being photographed. maybe not. they just will be still for a very long time and not fly away like say a butterfly.


also a beautiful picture of red bud tree. our mostly first to bloom in the area. mostly wild. on the sides of the highways and in the woods alongside dogwoods. they are just now peeping out.


anyway beautiful pink from red bud with lots of brilliant green in contrast behind the red bud.


I don't know what it is with photography. some photos just are the picture and some are not.


had I know the red bud photo turned out so well I would have taken many more. lighting. I presume.


hope that is not fierce debate.

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The thought occurred to me today that Mother Nature is the Great Mystery.  And only when you genuinely start communing (just shut up and quietly LISTEN, OBSERVE, etc) with her, does she start to open up and reveal herself to you.  She is the living archetype of the true feminine - that WEIRDos have all disconnected from, forcibly rape, and manufactured a faux feminine replacement for (feminism).


Her beautiful formfunction is apparent even on the most minute levels in her most mundane fractal fingerprints.  Many barely even take notice of "just" an ordinary leaf...





Yet, just take a closer look...  Each of these leaves come from different trees - yet they all bear veins arranged similarly for optimal constructural flow.  You have large mainstream veins, with alternating "feeders" branching off at narrow angles, and then tertiary capillaries branching off those at closer to right angles.


And within these leaves is chlorophyll - a molecule almost exactly like hemoglobin, except its central atom is magnesium, instead of iron.  So, the "lifeblood" of plants is not that different than that of humans!


Plants are just amazingly efficient lifeforms if you think about it.  They require very little input, and generate no liquid or solid waste like animals!  In fact, they will actually consume others' piss and sh*t!


Well, this is just the tiny tip of the iceberg that I've slowly gleaned over several years.  But I'm hoping we all can learn more about and appreciate Nature on deeper and deeper levels...


I really felt compelled to share because I just (synchronistically) randomly stumbled upon this article:

Totto has explained to me that there is a false feminine energy, its completely fake, not natural to this reality which  we have been connected to instead of the real natural feminine energy. Also entwined within this energy is black magic. When connected to this energy we experience very negative feelings and express them. This false black magic/feminine energy manipulates, controls, hardens and suppresses us. It denies us expressing who we really are and over time we have forgotten the real feminine energy and have excepted the false feminine. The masculine energy had lost his partner and guidance and had been left functioning alone and the real feminine energy  has been forgotten. The connection in these two natural energies has been lost and therefore we have lost ourselves and each other. We have been going through life feeling isolated and alone because of this false energy that we are connected to, forgetting the real feminine energy, the soft yet but strong energy which guides the masculine energy and forms the deep connection that we all need and are crying out for. However reconnecting to the real feminine energy is something we can do and by doing this will allow the feminine and masculine energy to reconnect again.

It would be amazing if we could switch off this false feminine energy that currently radiates out through our reality and apparently through the universe but we cant. We cant fight it but we the female can open our hearts and express our vulnerability and allow the man to step forward and express his energy which will free us both. Deep connections can be formed which will radiate out throughout our reality. A step forward for the human race becoming who we truly are, shining our true colours and freeing ourselfs from the false feminine/black magic energy that we are currently acting out.

I do believe once we start to make this first connection we will connect with all of life, animals, plants and Mother Earth herself. Our reality will return back to its natural rhythm and no more manipulation from the dark can take place. We will grow and push out the darkness which manipulated us and our behaviour a long time ago. Beauty and Peace will be felt again!

Which was basically the exact same realization I had this morning - so took it as a sign.  It just feels like really reconnecting with Nature happens as we reach a certain level of consciousness?  And it's one that is vital to reconnecting with our own true Natures.

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This is a short, touching video about some captive gorillas released into the wild.  One was able to recognize the researcher's daughter 12 years later - who was only 10 years old the last time he had seen her! 

How many humans can even recognize a woman who looks quite different than when she was just 10 years old 12 years ago???

Well, let's not forget - chimps did beat humans into space! :D


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Cool !



Just dont feed the wildlife McDonalds ! 













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