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  1. moving the air

    I would like to please start by asking a simple question. I left a photo. I practice something simple like washing dishes. by hand. I dont use dishwasher. calming necessity to maintain clean kitchen the phenomena of heart shapes. I did not make that happen. It was about 3:45 morning mid december I pulled the drain plug and that is what was left. .......................................................... everything is so overwhelming. .......................................................... I do not want to start any practice.I dont think that I am being forced into one as well. work is all that I can see that brings good results. I cannot make or teach or begin to explain or understand all of this. nothing is rearing its ugly head. I have the ability to see to that. what I am asking is simply where to read on this forum with simplicity how to move the air and be able to get my son relief with all the air in abdomen. he does all kinds of things to do it himself like anything from stroking his neck, twisting, gagging almost vomiting, it began to look very OCD. what is it? chi from your practice?
  2. moving the air

    I would like to please start by asking a simple question. I left a photo. I practice something simple like washing dishes. by hand. I dont use dishwasher. calming necessity to maintain clean kitchen the phenomena of heart shapes. I did not make that happen. It was about 3:45 morning mid december I pulled the drain plug and that is what was left. .......................................................... everything is so overwhelming. .......................................................... I do not want to start any practice.I dont think that I am being forced into one as well. work is all that I can see that brings good results. I cannot make or teach or begin to explain or understand all of this. nothing is rearing its ugly head. I have the ability to see to that. what I am asking is simply where to read on this forum with simplicity how to move the air and be able to get my son relief with all the air in abdomen. he does all kinds of things to do it himself like anything from stroking his neck, twisting, gagging almost vomiting, it began to look very OCD. what is it?
  3. Is there something changing from time to time with forum?
  4. What are you listening to?

    imagine then...the sound of tears
  5. warm regards and mother bears

    thank you for info. he is not likely overdosing. if he taking one a day that would be miracle. he doesnt want injections as I said. I will just keep tabs on his blood panel and numbers. he doesnt like taking any medicine and not sure if he is consistently taking b12. I supply it to him in boxes I order from TriVita in Scottsdale Arizona. sublingual. I take the same thing. I take them frequently.
  6. warm regards and mother bears

    What is special about Dutch B12? more pure ingredients than anything in America? I have been given plenty of good info here in these posts and I am good at my own question answering and investigations. so its rhetorical unless you want to really break it down. I can compare though, in my industry, standards and qualities of painting and paints and know that in my industry there is very good and very bad and same will go for health products. Checking local option now as well with inquiry who manufactures. I see some Gwenyth on menu of infusions and injections and I am sure this is Paltrow. ok answer is Empower Pharmacy out of Florida. Yeah been through this before surely. if at first you dont suceed though-you try again. famous quote Had to work hard to get here and very unsure. very tired look out the window its dark but I can see a bit from neighbor light. car slowed. deer ran across the field. 4
  7. warm regards and mother bears

    Thank you- I have heard of b12 injections. I will locate them for him. I would agree. Will check Dutch Institute as well. At the moment he is taking sublingual 5k IU. Brand is Bluebonnet .I get at local health food store. I order the b12 through TriVita (Alfred Libby) with b6and folic acid. I didnt want doctor prescription d3 swallow big pill. My son and I we dont like medicine and we dont swallow big pills or pills in general. His d3 is chewable raspberry flavor. When he was young boy of 1st grade roughly, I gave him multivitamin gummy bear daily. Once I went to clean his room and under the bed was a collection of the vitamin bears. I couldnt believe he was not taking them and that he was hiding them under the bed. He only generally tolerated a band aid and nothing else. Most of the presciptions he has over this last 1.4 year period have never been refilled or barely were ever taken beyond few days, which is probably a good thing. Creon was one such pill for pancreatic enzyme insufficiency-its the enzymes from pig pancreas just nauseates me thinking about it. on a side note- I just made trip to my two banks few minutes ago realising my car payment is due and wanted to get the money into credit union. balance was zero. I go to my other bank where I do transactions usually electronic like bill pay and balance was zero! The first check at credit union at zero didnt SCARE me. It would generally be fed only my car payment money and kept at very low balance. However, my regular bank at zero is like a major WTF! I had a zelle payment on Friday. substantial amount. thinking quickly that its holiday soon and there usually is some kind of bs at the ATM machines malfunctioning then that quickly disappeared into panic...................................!!! and then I think this fancy footwork individual stole it from me. For a minute I would applaud his stealth-something I could admire and then it shifted quickly to OMG what am I going to do for money until next Friday. and then scrutinized if I owed it to the theif...maybe I do/maybe I dont but it would hurt this week majorly. major conspiracy. This person would know how to get into my accounts via computer or have a large network of support to deliver hurts and by stealing my money, too! I need to upgrade computer security and will do so. McAfee is what I like. :-) maybe Kaspersky possibly. I checked online coming straight home and the money is there and not stolen. thats relief! and that for now is --all is well in my world. not sure why both atm report zero, though. I will inquire early this week with long list for his Primary care doctor to include checking into HIT/MCAS and the other advice from shadow self, too. I can see I need to work at placement of my sentences and the structure. I think it would help win friends and influence people. maybe :-) I would have to copy how you did your sharing above. otherwise known as organization and cohesion. crowd pleasing bold font, links to resources, quick heart share and some wise info not to overload. Smiles and happy days, thanks Sagebrush
  8. warm regards and mother bears

    I was looking in old iphone for her number. Its not there. Must have been an older phone. They dont live far and I will leave a note or knock at the door. this weekend. I have had a recent personal issue that has upset me and I will just have to process it. there will be no understanding what happen. I can go back and watch and analyse. I didnt get to say my sincere peace and that makes me sick. I will just pray that either one of us see it for what it is and softening. in a nutshell I met someone I would describe as feral. I would describe me as desperate a bit and desperate and feral do not mix. I know how to go about dealing with a feral animal. you let them come to you. you cant run up and hug feral. the situation took on nuances of mirroring. and that doesnt happen often in my daily life usually. thank you once again for you info. I will and have noted things on paper. yeah that vagus nerve looks major. I am apologetic you had to suffer 2 years and doctors not able to fix you. I hope it wasnt daily issue and debilitating, truly. My son is not functioning. This isnt good momentum. He dropped out of college. Isnt working. minimal functioning. I hope your suffering was not as difficult. 116 pounds and hes 5'10" puts him on bmi as anorexic. I try to relax. thanks have good weekend-all bums I need to clean house.
  9. warm regards and mother bears

    Well all along I would be doing internet searches. Mostly inquiries like early morning vomitting for man of 21. and it was giving me info like brain tumor and vomitting helps to relieve pressure and that it could take up to 5 years to uncover/discover. However, I had spoken 2 occasions to my reitred ER doctor who by the way has medical degree as well as MIT engineering. so she is SHARP and motivated by love and genuine care for the situation. She said by now he would be showing more symptoms if it was brain tumor. Like headache, dizzy, blurred vision. Thank you for your advice. I will look into brain MRI-certainly. I can look up d dimer. What are you referencing for IGG4? where? acupuncture meridian? some kind of nerve innervation book? I happen to be acquainted with two neurologists. Husband and wife local. He does surgery. She stopped her practice that was more like office setting seeing patients with parkensons diseases /neurological, but now stays at home raising two children. I painted their interior about 5 years ago. I will call her. Yeah I get on a tangent. Last night uptight and its long issue with him-so many details. Thanks will look into your suggestions for sure.
  10. Haiku Chain

    red, white and blue burn not far from " As the World Turns" gu-rue-games, Dali.
  11. warm regards and mother bears

    I had forgot to add that while waiting to get my son to OSU-I kept him in primary care visits here locally. He speculated that maybe he was having issue with something like mesenteric artery blockage. So he had an ultra sound. The radiologist said he had high probably stenosis of this artery. That was the start of another long wait and agonizing waiting for the test and then waiting for results, then getting the results thinking he would need a stint or something. I had my doubts on accurate angle of the ultrasound and/or this radiologist wanting work. doing unecessary surgery. A young man would not typically have high probable stenosis. yet when you loose that amount of weight-it can collapse and cause blockage. He then went for CTA-more nuclear medicine. I guess to further see or not if he blockage- results of that test were negative. He did not have mesenteric blockage.
  12. warm regards and mother bears

    Thank you for response/ thoughts. appreciated. really lets see. mostly he had pretty frequent vomitting in the beginning. like almost every morning when he still lived at home with me, still. He moved out in april with his long term girlfriend since he was 15. He NEVER ever woke up before me even when he was in high school. EVER. Then I would here him get up and be in the bathroom and it would wake me up. just hearing him head that way put me into panic. so this was months of this--most often mornings. some times not. eventually that appendix was problem. I was skeptical. surgeons cut and remove. but according to I think the cat scan they flagged it to surgeon. he had some pain around belly area and maybe belt like zone across. THe appendix is now gone and no turning back. That was October a year ago. The surgery was great. The surgeon said it was hardened like not something he sees often. it was also sent to lab for testing and whatever high not understandable assesment....medical spiel. Now he was a long time getting over this surgery. I am sure the trauma but also the nerves that get cut make for some long term pain with anything hitting the laproscopic zones for long time. I thought he was milking it a bit. I wanted him to get out of bed and walk like the nurses and PA would say to do. Starting small bits like down the driveway. We arent talking mall walks or great distances. just movement. Finally that subsided. I have considered the long covid stuff and the immunizations-yes..I did/we did moderna. just the two initial ones separated by I think several weeks-in Februrary. I dont think the dates correlate. Maybe they do. But there will be no way to KNOW. Mostly a lot of vomitting then it would be a little less and intermittant. not related to any particular foods although I will add he has the american diet of a young man and girlfriend on a credit card and not much cooking. not anything I can control and nagging is ineffective. I think he is trying more to make things at home even like a sandwich. I dont think he is in pain now. Then at some point its like things morphed to more bowel crazy. I have Crohns so then they all speculated he may have inherited Crohns. OMG-not the gift I want to genetically give. but no Crohns. there is some inflammation but not disease related. But this air became like OCD obsession. I mean he could turn his head and burp. He could stroke his neck burp. Put his feet end to end like opening his thighs and burp. I mean he would be contorting and burping. He had massive relief getting the air out. BUt would do so forcefully until he would be almost vomitting. Making me very high strung to be with him. I cant stand to see him suffer then to feel out of control-not something relaxing for me. He would mostly vomit food. sometimes bile yes. on one occasion he had what appeared to be dried blood in his stool. well it got tested. from that test in that time it was not blood. just few days prior to that his girlfriends mother has given him pepto bismal. I read that it can turn stool black- and it diI never thought it was blood to begin with but definately stoool test to rule out blood in stools. any and all tests a GI doctor does -he did. no he did not have gastroparesis. I cant remember how that was ruled out but it was--probably. We have also done full panel of allergy food testing-none. dysphagia? not sure. reflux- maybe a little at times but he doesnt complain of it nor did he mention it earlier. no covid. been tested numberous times pre surgery and a time when he left country to go to Eleuthera..but was still sick. He had also left country to go to Iceland. Iceland was too long ago and he showed symptoms much later but I considered some damn parasite. The Carribean would have very different standards of meats versus USDA-possibly. He is big on sushi eating too. but alas, no. He is taking or should be taking amatryptaline by now. I am worried about his mental health although he always says hes fine. But with this length of time and every day is mostly shadowed by not well...I was willing to give him anything to break the cycle. Was recommended that by a doctor's wife along with counseling but he poo pooed counseling and I am not going to nag. I think he has some anxiety and some depression. I dont think he recognizes it. Both GI doctors at Ohio State University Medical/Wexner mentioned that it is possible for pshychological components to create issues such as this....but the young man has lived a pretty fun life. I mean I was easy going aside from my stresses. He has traveled more than I ever will in my lifetime. He is getting love from a girl he loves too. and I love him. Some missing elements were not the other bio parent -ever. He maybe needed more discipline. I rarely said no. So I am not big on the blaming immunizations. I mean yes. its possibility. But no one i know or anyone they know has issue. I dont have issue. Two Moderna shots...not any other subsequent shots. I am over it. No boosters after booster after booster. Getting sleepy I will check back in morning-thanks. appreciate input. I dont need you to be a doctor. some are good and most have so many patients they cant keep up and not all doctors know a whole lot. some really do. I have good friend that is retired ER doctor-I consult her all along. Thanks
  13. warm regards and mother bears

    Hello- I see posting this evening that my original post has to be approved? or is it being disapproved? and the welcoming committee is on retreat? Here to report some unusual circumstances and looking under every rock and grain of sand for AN ANSWER. Maybe a wise senior has solution(s) My sister passed away and her memorial was August 2021. I drove my son(21) to the memorial. We stayed in hotel overnight. He was not feeling well the entire weekend. He said he didnt think he was going to throw up but he felt sick in his stomach. He didnt eat hardly a thing. The following week he began vomiting pretty frequently. I can recall calling the doctor who was only interested in over the phone meetings. Minimizing office visits and covid. We went through a series of 7 phone consults and different prescriptions over next few weeks possibly into months. I would have record but not in memory so much. Eventually I was aggrevated with the phone talk-he was still vomiting this many weeks-month or so later and please give referral to specialist. We began with scheduling a scope. colonoscopy. this was prolonged by several trips to ER with multiple cat scans, mri, blood work urine samples..etc. Eventually the Gi doctor calls and saw the results of one of the tests and flags us over to surgeon- about two days later- his appendix was removed. He has a very slow recovery once we returned home. He was ok for about one month-then to my horror - I hear him in the bathroom again in the morning vomitting. and it began all over again I am trying my best to just give quick critique. maybe one day I write the whole thing down looking through all the medical procedures, dates, insurance rigamarole and phone calls. I am not looking to write a story though. I would like a solution to my sons unwellness and he is 116 pounds and 5'10" tall. ghaunt and not himself We return to do an endoscope. He has a small hernia, not the cause of his problem though. Then he does a colonoscopy- all good. all the while not well and dropping weight.mostly vomiting. very small appetite. nausea. some bowel upsets occasionally more prescriptions. more waiting. then Gi wants to do pill camera for him. then we do stomach empty test(nuclear medicine) celiac testing, blood work, stool samples. They detect a pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. very odd for young man. more presciptions-more illness more prescriptions more illness by now I dont care for the GI doctor and he gives referral to out of state better medical facility/doctors my son is not throwing up as much but now having COPIOUS amounts of air in his body. so much so he can stroke his neck and burp/gag, he can contort his body twisting and turning-and burp....bizarre and unnerving. we take the trip stay overnight, meet two new Gi doctors-great! more tests, xray, blood more waiting then we go for pill camera december. all ok except for glanular mucosa. while we wait for appointments out of town I keep him at primary care doctor visits keeping tabs on blood work, nutriton etc. more prescriptions. low on d3/b12 high on potassium(supplemental high calorie drink) now we waiting on follow up visit out of state mid Feb. he has gained a tiny bit of weight which is good but not feeling well most days. Its been 1 year 4 months give or take...... not in school, not able to work..... he lives with his girlfriend now and not at home where I can really know how he is doing overall and closer. SOOOOOOOO---- to what do I owe this mystery? doctors cant find anything yet here is an ISSUE of an unwell cub of mine. So I will wait patiently for an answer or suggestions here at Dao Bums. I will continue to be vigilant getting him to the best doctors. we go back for more xray blood urine stool soon but not soon enough. warm regards his mother more testing. xray, blood, more waiting pill camera--all ok except for glanular mucosa...