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  1. Om Mani Padme Hum and it's profound benefits

    thank you. I do enjoy that mantra. Sometimes I don't even need to know what they translate to. I just enjoy them. at times comforting, relaxing. etc I enjoy aud guray nameh as well and jap man sat nam so beautiful in musical format the last two snatam kaur I like a version of om mani ....I may share later in PPD
  2. If only I would listen

    that post above is made by a female. why do you you do that? paying attention would be important in a marriage for sure so is trust glad you found a way to open that door
  3. ok most GOODNESS for you Mskied.
  4. Enlightened movies

    Ottaal and Killa two very moving dramas. Ottaal moves slow but it is set in the country side India and the scenery is lovely/idyllic. Young orphan boy goes to live with his granddad until the granddad gets ill. for me it was a tearjerker. Killa was filmed in beautiful coastal area of India. Old building relics not sure where it was filmed exact. Young boy and his mother move due to her job and the movie is basically the relationship this boy develops with classmates. What I like is character development. I get busy watching and it seems so real. Really beautiful heart warming films not to be missed. If you enjoyed Lion-these will not disappoint.
  5. is this the map that is the cause too much controversy in the world as we know it?
  6. Haiku Chain

    what more? Love, of course. All I can think of Snoopy Woodstock is over.
  7. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    yes exactly THIS. the image and view and video of that magnificent wave. lovely background music the perfect curl, crest and crash what is not seen in the picture is the antics of the midnight surfer scanning over your body and then act cool about it. yes I would like to have a temper tantrum but I wont. my spirit is much stronger than THAT. and you will never fully control or know mother nature.
  8. What are you listening to?
  9. condensed into four eloquent sentences- here is a message back from an adult female. the world is full of billions of people somewhere along the way I read that everything is as it should be nature has birth and decay and death are you saying you are damaged goods? usually the child blames the parent and I am betting you are not a parent. it is what it is
  10. I enjoy the blur at times. its like riding a wave. other times I have to get out of the water and step away. I don't know it seems so harshly written and not practical to me. If you drove down the road and witnessed an event that triggers emotion-its just gonna happen
  11. Haiku Chain

    air, food, water,roof oh the bare necessities what more could one need?
  12. Haiku Chain

    "I" do not follow! alas, the surface is fine by me air, food, water, roof.
  13. Haiku Chain

    has deeper meaning skeptical of "our" practice "I" do not follow!
  14. Haiku Chain

    or trick-or-treat smell this shiitake quiche warm from the oven and medicinal