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  1. Albert Camus Quotes

    its very late for me to be on computer. I need directions to Indianapolis. packing for a trip. the Nationals for band comps. Colts stadium-Bands of America!!!! The Knights just won the State Band Marching Invitational and State Honor Band title for 7th year in a row. this is truly inspiring be back soon~
  2. Albert Camus Quotes

    who won what? I had read the passage of the invincible summer----only relating that to a damn kd lang cd- not remembering that she was quoting albert camus. until I scrolled through albert camus quotes and read the winter.....invincible summer. quote. I don't think I want to understand or undergo anyones experience of some invincible summer. I am happy in endless sad. thank you--
  3. Albert Camus Quotes

    what are you wanting to know?
  4. Albert Camus Quotes

    reading about summer when it is fall being at the mall hearing Christmas music and it is only the day after halloween
  5. Albert Camus Quotes

    that reminded me of hearing Christmas music at the mall just a few days ago...... of course to stimulate sales and get the anxiety ramped up for shopping. it was the very day after halloween I don't even remember the song but I felt like I am in a terrible trap- a moment of nostalgia but then I just wanted to leave and I did too. sorry my apology this has nothing to do with what you are pointing too.... and the very fact that the ladies room smells like a kd lang concert yet another reason to high tail it OUT.
  6. Human destruction of nature

    that was not a trump from me it was just a recall from a bumper sticker I read recentl
  7. Human destruction of nature

    and the darkest hour is still only 60 minutes!
  8. Down with the Experts!

    the whole problem with the world is the "THE" authors penciling around with their pencils trying very hard to take out THEIR large wooden spoons----( spoons) and stir the pot to create controversy.....then turn around and pin it on you...………. Bertrand russell? I am leaving for my ppd...….
  9. yes swearing is for small minded people. learning some new words myself. welcome clouded mirror. hopefully you get to stay around and figure things out a bit. sagebrush welcomes you to the dao bums. don't be foiled by some of the folks here operating more than one chess player on the board. some have husbands that are deceased and these same ones shortly after have wives that are good cooks..... that sure is some pseudoscience.....but then again,,,,the devil is in the details. :-0 I've got rhythm yes I do I've got rhythm how bout you? my apologies...left over enthusiasm from my glory days as cheerleader.{pom poms}
  10. General theory of relativity a pseudoscience?

    to wit- not sure but there are ergonomic chairs that reduce pressure on buttocks propelling one forward with more pressure on lower leg/shins and as far as God is a weak left handed it is good to work or train ambidextrous. I do so at work because of joint issue in my right elbow or tendon pain..not sure over use, though and I have been forced to do so in order to maintain producing income.
  11. Throwing stick

  12. ok I like painting of the big wave with mount Fuji= the artist did a series with Fuji in all of them. I watched it on documentary called history basically well some Asians are on a boat near what looks a tidal wave...maybe the name was katsushika. I had to look it up. this conversation seems familiar there was a great movie with foxes in it-like a cartoon but not childrens plot the main character fox was George Clooney very creative and entertaining- foxes outwitting a farmer. watercolors I seem to gravitate about landscape. I like that andy Goldsworthy because he works so hard then nature inadvertently demolishes it-albeit a wind or the tides.... found it interesting about some oriental work on scrolls are lapses over time representations. not just still painting.
  13. soon to turn biblical.... every word spoken......oh you know becomes a living thing? best keep to my thoughts inside... I will say my audio somehow strangely stopped working on my computer. I am tired of posting video off to work painting over French country yellow wash to soft white paint with light grey glaze. hope everyones day is productive or peaceful and productive. I had begun to sing I love the nightlife. but that is not true. but dancing yes. rhythm sanding all day cabinets all day what if someone can read your thoughts? isn't that external then?