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  1. Systems and Outlines, Purpose/Goals

    Well my Teacher who showed me this: on monday: two bald eagles on the drive to work. and pulling into the property where I work- two hawks birds of prey-- are Great examples of Nature. :-) and now some geese honking over my roof headed to the pond and I am late for work.
  2. What is spirituality

    well I am going to quickly respond to that- maybe from an understanding of my experiences and patterns over time. however you photo it or swirl it or whatever is happening is subjective. ok wanted or unwanted voluntary or involuntary whatever IS is at this moment. what is it now- because it is different. ? now? now? now? time elapsed over the years???? now?? always changing I did some crying is that depicted in the photos? what about how my heart beats or my bathroom movements?
  3. What is spirituality

    thank you dwai
  4. What is spirituality

    The church I attend is ancient teachings and mystical. its extreme sacred and holy
  5. Milo is my nephews dog. That answers who am I? :-) without using I. My sister is dog sitting Milo puppy Shitzu while he is skiing. Detox/Healing/Learning Between books: The Gurus, The Young Man, and Elder Paisos ( a second important and relatable read) not finished but close know the faith a handbook for Orthodox Christians and Inquirers not started but examining for a soon Zoom class Sunday pm. Called Orthodoxy 101 but its pretty not much entry book. most recent listen pm yesterday: Krishnamurti todays update
  6. Maybe a lucky charm?

    I will respond that I have never seen such a thing. I would not buy such a thing whether it was for sale or not. I will say that today I was just rambling about a leprechaun and strangely enough I have been having this feeling as if I was wearing a necklace. this has been in my awareness here and there last few days. Old trinkets. dishes and various items can contain Lead in the paints-that's something to consider in general. It took me awhile to consider Lead as a toxin and to begin to understand. Its wise to do testing and kits are available. anything pre 1978 is questionable. thats all I can offer.
  7. Christianity

    well its 3 pages now and it appears like some things needed said....mostly by others. Its Sunday and I am going to church. I received my book from Mount Athos and its great. I will be back to apply information. highlighted if necessary. on page 66 (todays Prosphora is offered by my mother and I) will be working on that for better next time
  8. Christianity

    OK so how do I do a so there back? I dont feel the least bit threatened to attend my church. and I will extricate myself from this situation. You can win. I have no need to continue to hurt my own feelings. There are no opposing forces for me in that church. There is a priest that is kind and educated. There is a local Hermitage with Father Seraphim and I have ordered a book from Mount Athos. Looks like tools for me. the worst Are full of intensity.
  9. Voices from 'Murica

  10. Voices from 'Murica

  11. Voices from 'Murica

  12. Christianity

    my new philosophy is something I learned from amy coney barrett---- she said it time and time again something that she heard from Ginsberg the woman on Supreme Court...... something goes across her desk and she will make decisions at that moment. every thing else is speculation. Something like that. not exact. everytime she said it I was like ohhh that is sharp I will try to find it.
  13. Christianity

    I dont mind a quick discussing but not going in depth because for me I want my own unfolding. Like the homosexual topic. Its not my issue...So thats like a side track. I dont have time to hash out the issues out there in the world
  14. Christianity

    well I study Christianity on my own. I dont want to discuss it here. quote this quote that. I have to learn on my own. what gets revealed to me without much interception or debate. forum stuff. not that there cant be great lessons or videos or some necessary sharing. You dont see me trying to change your views. Have them. I have mine I will tell you two pretty interesting things crossed my path yesterday. more than two but you can have two. St. Catherine and a member of the church I saw took her eye phone out in the foyer where there are plenty of icons and an alter. She took the phone and touched it to the cross on a bible in an icon painting. so for me its like annointing the phone.
  15. Christianity

    I dont have a problem with Christianity. Its working for me. in basic necessity. simplicity like 10 commandments If you do have issue with it thats your experience that doesnt work for me though. I dont want a hot tub. I dont want a cosmic hot tub. I will struggle with particular issue and I prefer in total a stand alone practice. which is no longer available. but I will get it back.