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  1. Climate Change

    Great glimpse into modern aboriginal life, health, and ecology in Malaysia. Look at this Jahai tribal population that lives completely off and in the forest, alongside tigers and elephants. Very fit, functional physiques with great posture, vision better than 20/20 from hunting, no obvious "aging" (seriously, look at this grandfather of 2 in his 60s with a V-taper, still hunting, and not even a single gray/balding hair and hardly any wrinkles!!!), zero obesity, etc. In fact, their statures are smaller, which puts far less strain on resources (as well as their own joints). Their feet and gaits are undeformed by shoes, as they always remain barefoot and constantly grounded...and can easily sit in deep "Third World" squats! They spent 5 hours in this trip in near-silence in the forest hunting 2 monkeys for the village - which they brought back and shared equally with everyone. The monkeys were shot quietly with poison darts and not a single part of their bodies were wasted! Of course, there's only 900 of them left now as they are threatened with extinction by Western encroachment/colonialism after millenia of successful, sustainable, subsistence the San Bushmen (with another trim, late 60s hunter with NO GRAY (or balding) HAIR!)...all to eventually be replaced by... COLONIALIST "DEVELOPMENT" & CHRISTIAN "SALVATION"...HALLELUJAH!!!
  2. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    Of course the feet are different. My point wasn't that ballet feet are AS BAD as bound feet - but that you can literally see how the practice of foot-binding originated from them by imitation. The bizarre practice didn't just spring out of thin air somehow... It was like a bad, ancient Chinese Louis Vuitton "Western luxury" knockoff, lol. Just like how most of the other things in China you bitterly complain about today (anti-ecological industrialization, chemical plants, factory farming, food tainted with antibiotics, chemicals, meds, etc, Communism, etc)...are actually imports from Western colonialism. Prior to WWII for example, Chinese typically squat shat in outhouses...which were periodically emptied by night-soil men to be used as fertilizer for crops. Which was an entirely organic, closed-loop process. All of the synthetic herbicides, pesticides, GMO, (modern opium), etc, etc used now came later from the West - just like you. Who now complains about the same things that the West brought to China! I mean, you're and your modern Chinese cohorts just have no clue as to WHY??? And the position of women in China is "low" compared to the narcissistic position that Christians elevate all of (Christian) humanity to. But, it is not arguably "low" compared to the position of men in China - which are largely all used as back-breaking, disposable labor... Or, would you or your Chinese girlfriend like to trade shoes with one of these guys for a week? Bust your back hauling tourists up mountains daily for just enough fen to afford a dusty apt, girlfriend not included... Then, wash, rinse, & repeat as you enjoy your "high" position! In China, humans (MALE & FEMALE) are simply BOTH not elevated to as lofty a position in the food chain, which many Westerners find "barbaric"...but in reality is far more in line with the natural order of things and much more ecological. Remember, Daoism is Naturecentric (viewing humans as PART of and ideally followers of Nature)...unlike Christianity - which is HUMANcentric (viewing humans as SEPARATE from and SUPERIOR to Nature). Which is why more natural, ecological practices still do come easier to Chinese culture... Because indigenous (not Westernized) Chinese culture still views the body as a landscape, and the landscape as a body... Now, you also say there are not many Chinese "tits and dragons" series showing women hobbling around with bound feet. Well, nor are there many Chinese series about how the Jews/Anglos killed 100 million Chinese in their Opium Wars, are there? Or for that matter, has there ever been a SINGLE Hollywood movie about that whole saga, either... And how many of their old Westerns depicted the "Indians" as the victims of Cowboy colonialist genocide and entire Turtle Island of ecocide? Point being, it's not just a Chinese cover-up of 1 specific collective trauma (particularly of shame)...but of many of them. And really, it's not just Chinese culture/media...but many cultures in general. So, the Daoist utopia you sought WAS far more prevalent in China...before Christian colonialism moved in around the block...and there went the proverbial neighborhood! Now, ~600 years and 2 World Wars later...what all do you expect is left? Again, there's so many people around the world complaining about the same things, here...yet not realizing what they all actually stem from! You are all seeing many of the same dots, but lack the cognitive ability/original thinking to connect them all together.
  3. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    Just an interesting FOOTnote to that, lol:
  4. Climate Change

    Yes, there does seem to be a mental gap here? Ah, there it is...! You constantly seek social proof and institutional acceptance...on the surface to validate your beliefs...but deeper down for yourself. I seek the truth. And that often precedes or is prohibited acceptance by such establishment institutions. Seriously, there is no school or job teaching what I am learning on my own right now! Would you ask a shaman for his professional credentials & resume? And to simply condemn Bolsonaro as a lone individual is not enough! My whole point is that he is not simply a repugnant INDIVIDUAL...he is a product of his deep theological CHRISTIAN programming. Which produces many, many more replicants like himself. And so simply writing him off as a solitary jerk while overlooking his Christian colonialist crowdsourcing that helped make him what he what allows his ENTIRE DEATH CULTure to continue propagating with no end! So rather than going around the world "developing" it into more of the global colonialist infrastructure grid...this guy went around and ASKED THEM what the US could do to restore a more holistic lifestyle like THEIRS! And the answer, of course, was to DECOLONIZE & "reindigenize ourselves!" And he is now implementing his civic designs back at home to GREAT EFFECTS!
  5. Climate Change

    ^ Nice try. I gave Duterte relative credit for his words and intents, albeit a mixed record in action... Which is still comparatively on the whole other end of the spectrum than the β€œTrump of the tropics” - who vastly surpasses Duterte in both words and deeds! And he IS widely-known as the Brazilian Trump (not Duterte) - and truly birds of a feather with him. Well, of course they're bros following the same left hand, Christian, colonialist path - based upon upon the Bible, Bulls, & BullETs! And now remember, the BULL has particular ESOTERIC significance to this ET cult... Recall the etymological meanings of EL? Well, EL/Elite/Alpha = Sacred BULL/Bully/Bullion...hence the deeper attachment to cattle ranching and BEEF for Christians! Every flame-broiled burger they chomp down is a ritual holocaust animal sacrifice! Point being that CHRISTIAN MIND CONTROL does have a huge influence on human beliefs/behavior!
  6. Climate Change

    No, Duterte is fiercely anti-Christian and is too smart to drink its exocolonialist Kool-Aid. He sees right through their fear-based BS capitalizing on the unknown. Yet he's still spiritual. Which informs his worldview, thus he at least gives lip service and intent to protecting the environment. Which is diametrically opposed to the Christian Captain Chainsaw - deeply infected with the Christian virus! Who wants to utterly destroy the environment in both words and deeds!
  7. Climate Change

    Lol, he's aware enough to recognize that parasitic colonialists are this planet's resident evil...but then devious enough to deny that he is a Bible-toting posterboy of one straight outta central casting! No, their aims are much broader than profiting off Trump's tariffs... Economically, they are driven by greed to totally exploit ALL natural resources for monetary gain - and remove/destroy all obstacles (trees & aborigines) in their way BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (as they've always done)! And ideologically, Christians have been deep-programmed to do all this global native ecocide/genocide...which is why it's no coincidence that the Brazilian Trump is also such a zealous Bible-thumper... Now, how and why exactly does the Christian virus create followers like this? The answer lies in its creation myth in Genesis...hint, hint. Which on a deeper level, has kept them tirelessly working for ~600 years to supplant uncontrollable Nature with controllable technology to install the planetary control board "Matrix" for their Annunaki overlords.
  8. Uh, that post was about Brazil's Christian colonialist President...not development organizations. And I also asked you some specific questions, of which you all your overzealous defense of development organizations. But, development organizations are not my focus - they're yours.
  9. Yes, I would love to see some pictures! How is the ecology, environment, and native flora/fauna biodiversity in these undeveloped "Global South" regions? Especially compared to developed global colonies? Meanwhile, another Christian colonialist is burning down the Amazonian rainforest for more development. Yep, ~600 years of Christian colonialism is STILL ALIVE & WELL!!!! R.I.P. EARTH!
  10. People, people, people! Lol, more humancentric, Christian colonialist, global development? Yea, because that's really what this planet needs more of right now in the midst of its 6th mass extinction - sacrificing the last remnants of the natural world to satiate more colonialist-engineered "human desires" for 7.5 BILLION of us! Wanna do some real good? There's tons of organizations you can join...and/or just DIY whatever you can on your own. Center For Biological Diversity WildEarth Guardians Western Watersheds Project And even for us humans:
  11. Mass shootings

    And now...survey says! So, is Trumpuppet Miranda Devine now going to write articles blaming these shootings on coke madness, alcohol madness, or psych med madness...instead of "reefer madness" - which he had none of?
  12. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    I think you are getting lost in the weeds of your own confirmation bias. There ABSOLUTELY is a lifespan of a culture...and it's often a measure of its sustainability and long-term philosophy. For example, most aboriginal cultures have lived the same lifestyles for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, basically unchanged and intact. China falls short of such aboriginal cultures, clocking in at just a few thousand years. But, it has endured that long because it does still have some long-term ecospiritual/health traditions that seek to address the roots of issues, not just symptoms. Whereas Western governments tend to last only a few hundred years... Although the real reason for this is that they typically function as parasites living beyond their means. So, they will often experience a rapid growth spurt initially when they first infect and suck the natural resources dry from some new land...but will eventually starve themselves as those resources run out, all their quick fixes (in health, society, ecology, etc) keep snowballing the unresolved root problems generationally, and their financial debt does too from compounding borrowing from bankstas to fund their perpetual warfare. OTOH, just 2160 years to go at this problem, amigo! MAGA, bros!
  13. Lol, this lovely Tourette's spiel coming from a self-described "third-culture kid" with no "home" (by definition)...jfc, projection much? I don't know what all "self-work" you've actually done on yourself, but your paper-thin skin, complete lack of self-awareness, and psych 101 coping mechanisms indicate that it's definitely NOT WORKING.
  14. Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD)

    Ok, fair enough then... Encephalon - I vaguely recall that you had opened your MCO with your neigong? So, did you maintain that after stopping your training after your child was born?
  15. Lol, the only sustainable, natural lifestyle is not a globalized busyness (still colonialist mindset)...but a non-profit, subsistence living off the land - where you only take what you need, when you need it, locally. This not only ensures absolute freshness and living spontaneously in the present moment/organic/seasonal FLOW of Nature, but also keeps native ecosystems intact, eliminates transportation costs, and maintains the 1-on-1 living/ecospiritual connection between predator/prey in the food web. And this is literally how aborigines mostly all lived before the advent of Christian colonialism...