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  1. Fake news. Yes, there has been bisexuality (not homosexuality) observed in wild animals, but generally only as a Plan B to heterosexual mating (always Plan A). Whereas, cases of "true homosexuality" have only been found in domesticated sheep and humans (domesticated sheeple, lol). But note that domesticated sheep are artificially-selected for HIGHEST FEMALE FERTILITY - which is what male homosexuality might then be a byproduct of. So essentially, homosexuality could be a symptom of excessive feminine/matriarchal energy...
  2. Our planet's magnetic poles are weakening and shifting. So, you see the same gender weakening (androgynization), role/pole-reversal (feminism, transgenderism, etc) amongst genders now as well. It's all fractal...
  3. One KEY aspect they all miss about the distortion caused by "the alphabet" how it artificially codifies and limits sounds to those represented by just 26 letters. This is similar to voidisyinyang's point of how equal-temperament tuning also distorted "musical" sound... When there are obviously infinite sounds in Nature. Now, what all sounds are we "missing" because we are only listening for 26 of them??? And how many of these sounds could be "deeply powerful and sacred?" I mean, imagine trying to spell a bird's warble in letters? A cricket's chirp? Whale song? Or any other animal call?
  4. Well, Abraham was "credited" with starting monotheism in the West... Of course, this also conveniently served as just another method to eliminate natural diversity and centralize hierarchical pyramidal power. Similar to how they disbanded and destroyed all aboriginal tribes retaining the "Old Knowledge" and natural ways of life - to be replaced by a monolithic, synthetic culture control by the Pindar (“Penis of the Dragon”).
  5. And Americans are also killing Chinese by using China as their national trash can...and they are finally getting fed up with it now in order to help save their environment! Yet the same Americans that love to criticize China's environmental degradation...are now upset that they are making these order to save their environment, LMFAO!!!
  6. What antinutrients in particular are you talking about...tannins, phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors, etc? And BTW, did ya know another "interesting" side effect of deforestation/agriculture was...SLAVERY!?
  7. I agree. According to the Hopis, we are now nearing the cataclysmic end of the 4th world...and the end of our rope along the upper zig-zag path of 2-hearted, WEIRD mad science... I mean, most of humanity's just a lost cause and ready for a reboot at this point, don't cha think? It's completely run over and dominated by "2-Hearts" - and any further enabling of them and their agenda is only worsening our planetary destruction...
  8. Well, it can be tough to even find some of the wild progenitors of cultivated plants today (as what's growing wild now are actually often hybrids). But yes, they were generally smaller, less sweet, more sour, maybe more astringent, etc...and so perhaps actually healthier? No way to OD on fructose and get many cavities when you're munching on crunchy sand pears?! Although, I have tried "wild" grapes that were relatively sweet...much less "poisonous." Not to mention, there's also a lot of wild produce out there that was never really cultivated and remain very tasty even in their natural forms. For example, American persimmons are actually the sweetest persimmons out there! But this is a whole 'nother topic and I digress... Thing is, none of this makes much difference, anyways. Because fruit trees (cultivated or not) or vines DO NOT REQUIRE DEFORESTATION - LIKE GRAINS. They are all actually PARTS of forests. Whereas, grains require deforestation to grow them (unless in natural grasslands due to low rainfall). Which in effect is the intentional reversal of natural forest succession... Which = cutting down TREES to grow GRASS (or pavement)??? I.e. W-T-F??? PS - periodic cataclysms like volcanoes, Ice Ages, and floods were ways to cleanse the planet of humans after they strayed too far from Mother Nature - as we are doing yet again. So, most people weren't supposed to survive these massive exterminations... I think only those who clung very close to Mother Nature and trusted Great Spirit, did.
  9. Well yup, just more of the same relentless, human destruction of our natural ecosystem... And now you may start to understand the 2 paths that the Natives were prophesying about... Gee, wonder which one WEIRD World is on...and where that path leads to???
  10. Well, the 'Big Switch' from hunting/gathering in the deforesting to farm cereal grains - caused a massive decline in both human and ecological health: So, it's all relative. Sure, some grains may be healthier than all the artificial crap being manufactured by WEIRDos now...but are still not as healthy as wild forest food (our original diet).
  11. Well, I don't think it is too far off from this point in the original post - that also questions his underlying mentality: I'm not really against death, or even suicide I guess...other than for him, won't he come back with the very same issues to master - and probably even further amplified? Which I think that may be the "point" of life that he missed? Because we come here to learn our personal karmic lessons, not simply "enjoy life?" And so you will keep coming back, until you do... Therefore, won't escaping one life before completing your objectives...only lead to an even more painful, repeat history lesson later? I mean, HAD he "mission accomplished" before ejecting...OK fine. Broke the cycle, got closure, GAME OVER, HIGH SCORE, ENTER YOUR INITIALS!!! But, clearly he didn't. He could never even get past root chakra level 1...and so eventually just gave up and pulled the plug. Spiritual bypassing 101? Don't get me wrong, he seemed like a really cool guy...and I liked his whole serene, contemplative vibe. It looks like he sincerely shared a lot, and I'd sure rather have a lot more people like him on the planet than others. Although for his sake, I would have LOVED for him to unblock his root issues...and then be able to live in painless peace before leaving. And probably he would have too. But that is the common jab against Buddhism by Daoists - that they are too mentally stuck in their heads and not holistically with their whole bodies/lives... Because that may be interpreted as dualistic/attached and just so "pointless..." But that all's just my 2 cents tossed out on quick drive-by...and I could easily be wrong in all my knee-jerk assumptions here. So, even I take my own comments with a shaker of salt - as should anyone else reading them! I do wish the best and respect to Wayne and all his family & friends... From his own blog, it sounds like he was very comfortably pragmatic about death, and probably wouldn't have minded an honest dialogue about his thought process of it?
  12. Hmm, I remember watching some of his videos in the past, talking about "God Wells" below his clavicles... If I had to guess, it sounds like he suffered from lifelong root chakra blockages (like MANY spiritual seekers)... So broke, homeless, wandering nomad, ungrounded in life here, kidney problems, and sciatic nerve/butt pain, etc... All classic rootless chakra maladies.
  13. We've all successfully disappeared! What is the source of the HH Karmapa's pic, though?
  14. Not only that, but even just the very concept of a stationary TOILET is anti-Natural. Because out in Nature, you'd "never" take a sh*t in the same place twice - but all over the place, dispersing fertilizer/seeds wherever Nature calls within the natural flow of life... And that flow is FREE, not FIXED! Life just sure is an interesting journey of folding and molding to become "something"...and then later unfolding and ironing out all those (cultural & other) creases to return back to your formless, original Nature.