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  1. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    It's a valid criticism of his coma level of wokeness and typical Christian colonialist Disneyfication/"sanitization" of their horrific past & Columbus "discovering" a "New World" 15K years after its current inhabitants, the Thanksgiving myth, every resource-grabbing imperialist warfare as "spreading democracy," toxic lawns/NIMBY toilets, Cali surfer Jesus, Christianity spinning the whole Anunnaki agenda, etc, etc... Literally a bloody bedrock of spiraling debt incurred on multiple levels from constantly living beyond their means with quick fixes for quick fixes covered with a snowy facade of white lies called AMERICA (a historical misnomer by any measure)! Mr. Rogers was like a security blanket that kept kiddos warm and sleeping soundly (hence the ClA oversight's approval)...but also shielded them from the harsher truth. He was a human barbiturate (sedative), not ayahuasca (awakener). But, WHAT IF he WOKE all of us up in his show, instead? Just imagine the repercussions of THAT!!!
  2. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    Unfortunately, Fred's strongest suit (rose-colored lenses) was also his greatest flaw... Are you f'n kidding me??? American history in a NUTSHELL was the complete colonization, polluting industrialization, and irreversible obliteration of most native flora & fauna, and aborigines and their cultures here since before the FLOOD...with EXTREME PREJUDICE. All within just a few centuries of landing! But due to all that whitewashing, this colonialist spawn of course has the nerve to ask what the "greatest event" in this horror show history was??? And instead of giving him some real WOKE education, the blind Christian leading the blind then gives him a Good Will Hunting speech just to tone his chest-puffing hubris down a few notches! Reality is, the ClA never had anything to worry about! Mr. Rogers was still a shepherd, not a wild goat. Hey, I still give the guy plenty of due credit! But nobody's perfect!
  3. Low-hanging slurs are counterproductive. But otherwise, censorship doesn't stop opposing views, it just pushes them down like a pressure cooker. Falsehoods should be openly debunked. Flawed ideologies should be openly exposed. No reason to ban reasonable dialogue. Get in the ring and glove up! Take on your challengers and may the best person win! Is this even really that hard to debunk the American Right/Left nuts? Like, I've already subsumed and overridden both the "intellectual" alt-right and leftists with a greater paradigm that will dominate this forum in 5 years. DONE!
  4. I thought this was "The Wheels of Justice," "Every Vote Counts In An Electoral Oligarchy!," "Government Efficiency," "Facts Vs Trump," etc...?
  5. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    vonkrankenhaus - Interesting, but not so fast... Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was only on NET for <2 years (1968-1970), before it was on PBS. Although at this time, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood did certainly fit NET's "social justice & welfare" objectives, as laid out by the Ford Foundation. And the Ford Foundation was started with seed money by Edsel Ford as a philanthropic arm, but divested itself of all Ford Motor Company stock between 1955 and 1974. So, I don't think NET was ever ad-driven, and it had nearly shed all of its corporate ties by the early 70s. It was also never a commercial, corporate entity to begin with - even if it was started by one. The main political criticism they have gotten is for their left-leaning stances... As for the 1969 Jaffe Memo, most of these population control proposals have never even been implemented yet...50 years later. In fact, many of our policies remain the opposite. Nor do I see how NET was promoting them? And even if so, human overpopulation (over say a ~100 million - 2-3 billion carrying capacity) CLEARLY IS a problem - which is a byproduct of agriculture and humancentric "civilization." So, I don't agree with forced/artificial depopulation...but natural depopulation from adopting more natural lifestyles living within local ecological means (as aborigines did for millenia) would be a GOOD thing for the planet! The only reason why you would think differently is due to Christianization that places humans on some towering, sacred (LOL) pedestal above all other life on this planet. Which is what has led to this: And as far as spook involvement, it was supposedly formalized because they knew they were going to be infiltrated anyways... Anyways, point is that NET/Ford Foundation were never corporate/commercial media to begin with...but a philanthropic nonprofit...which is what allowed the space for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to exist on air. Because their goal was human welfare, not profits. And even then, it was only on their network for less than 2 years to begin with... So, a lot of smoke, but little actual fire here.
  6. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    Problem is, there is no mention or critique anywhere of the structures behind mass media and how they influence content. Mr. Rogers was always aired on PBS, which was not corporate-owned and ad-driven. This clearly creates a very different result (more like YouTube) than the majority of mass media, which is the opposite. Now, which of these networks would have even carried Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street - which were intended more simply for education, rather than selling products and airtime?
  7. Interesting, sounds like a feral Bigfoot like Esau (Isaac's grandson)...born wild. So, "wildman" Esau had the birthright, but "civilized" Jacob tricked both him and their Dad (Isaac, Abraham's son) out of it. What's interesting is that the whole Anunnaki lineage in Sumeria seemed to intentionally pit wild, free-spirited (Enki, Enkidu, Ishmael, Esau) and obedient, domesticated (Enlil, Gilgamesh, Abraham, Jacob) siblings/rivals against each other to divide and conquer their own lineage to ensure control and instill obedience to Anu (not Nature). So, they served as public examples where the wild scapegoats always got demonized, while the civilized sheeple triumphed over them. [Note how their leader is a single human "alpha male" middleman...not just the organic, decentralized, holistic whole of Nature. So not only is Christianity is centered entirely around a sole, cult figurehead. Which then allows Enlil total centralized control of his herd.] Incidentally, it's interesting how Isaac's anti-Semitism was so strong that he preferred polygamous incest for his son over marrying the local Semitic women: Again, all this is explicitly coded in the holy blueprint of Christian colonialism here!
  8. Climate Change

    Of course not. If he was, he would be thoroughly indoctrinated with their brainwashing propaganda and in complete, apologist denial. But clearly, he is not a robot respouting the company lines from their certified programming camps... Sounds VERY legit and WOKE to me!!!
  9. Well sure, the 100% sustainable, aboriginal lifestyle is tough...which is why they deserve so much appreciation and respect! Not derision as "merciless savages!" And yes, a lot of the colonialist ecological damage is simply irreversible at this point. The spread of invasive species and extreme depopulations/extinctions of native flora and fauna cannot be undone. You can't unring a bell or stuff some genies back in the bottle. You can't bring the Dodo bird back or stop all mile-a-minute weed. You can never really restore a land back to native forest or prairie without invasives now. Which is why Christian colonialism deserves to be held FULLY accountable for its planetary ecocide and STOPPED!!! Most people don't realize the true scope of its damage unless they ever really delve into ecology...and even then you have to eventually figure out ON YOUR OWN that it was the root of all evil there. That said, of course I have done what I can to help turn the tide against invasives, along with some native restoration. But that is but a very tiny drop in the bucket...
  10. Or, I'm sure we could crowdfund you $20 if you would finally post up even just a 5-minute video of you in full lotus giving a random stranger an O&D? Seriously, the internet NEEDS this! Not to mention, many women would gladly pay you $20 a pop as volunteers!
  11. ^ Well, not when you requote the entire about just the first line for brevity, geez? The memes or quotes provided the links or sources for the primary documents, you fool. And I did directly quote ralis... So completely contrary to your false accusations...YES, my memes DIRECTLY ILLUSTRATED ralis's OWN shared views, here! Wow, hello McFly...anybody home??? And then you accuse me of rude ad hominem arguments...right after calling me rude, the OP not in his right mind, and dismissing his opinion on the matter, after YOU speak on his behalf, in HIS own thread. LMFAO! Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
  12. Woa, ever get your blood pressure checked, buddy? Or your opinions, for that matter? First, ralis is like a "woke" ex-doctor/insider who now against what his old system was really for (Big Pharma not true health). He said so himself, and I was simply agreeing with him. Hence, he is tired of the "thank you for your service" meme because it makes him feel like an imperialist tool, now...if you really need it spelled out for you? And my post and memes also referenced Newsweek, uncontested American history, and the US Declaration of Independence. So no, those facts are NOT wrong and cannot be easily dismissed by your blanket assertions. And finally, the OP actually liked my HE obviously didn't find it "rude," lol! Sorry, but what you feel as "rudeness" is simply the uncomfortable truth pushing you out of your comfy, colonialist foxhole and shifting your entire paradigm. But it's OK, aim high and be all you can be, private...Enlil appreciates all your personal sacrifices for his world cause! I'm totes sure there must be a jetpack, harem, and hot dog trees waiting in Heaven for you, son!!!
  13. Exactly. Nothing noble about megadestructive colonialist wars to control, secure, and sequester more global resources. In fact, it is the exact opposite!!! Yes, this is what all Christian colonialist nations are REALLY fighting for! As evidenced by their entire histories...not 0rwellian Doublespeak propaganda/projection!
  14. ^ Well of course China's first hierarchical RULING dynasty with live sacrifices would be from the BULL/EL/Enlil cult. The cult spread further than just E.din...although took longer and became more watered down in its furthest reaches. So, a number of areas built civilizations around the globe, creating a whole spectrum from native indigenous to exoteric Anunnaki culture. I've just singled out Christian colonialism because it is on the most extreme Anunnaki end in degree (of severity and global influence). I mean seriously, if Columbus did what he did today in any US city...he would be labeled a psychopathic, mass murdering, serial killer! This sh*t goes deep, people...and very few fish will ever notice the water they were born in! For example, one simple rule-of-thumb metric for this spectrum is the literal distance between a population's root chakra and Mother Earth on average when comfortably sitting or sh*tting. Now, on the native end of the scale: Somewhere to the right of the middle lies China...where they still squat down to sit or sh*t...use short chairs in some places...and all used to squat or sit in seiza or lotus before chairs were imported (likely) along the Silk Road back in the Tang Dynasty. And their mystery schools still preserve these practices (like MoPai Level 1)... And then you have "Western" civilization...who has been sitting and sh*tting high up on chairs since Egypt (Anunnaki stronghold). And even if they ever do sit on the ground, they usually must place some barrier down on it first like a condom. So, this UNCONSCIOUS disgust/disdain for and separation from Mother Earth is very, very ingrained into the Anunnaki colonialist culture! Natives sat down WITH Nature...exocolonialists sit ON top of Nature! Huggeee difference! Raw Nature is unpalatable, we must replace it with our synthetic aesthetic!!! Which leads us back to our predicament today...
  15. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Well, also 1st Mass Extermination of everything...else besides human overpopulation is the OPPOSITE of homicide!