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  1. And, just yet more confirmations of Incel theory, once you dig past the facades... Padma dated Rushdie when she was a struggling model and he was an award-winning author. As her star rose, she eventually divorced him and got knocked up (without any commitment) by Adam Dell, a multimillionaire a-hole/Christian Grey-in-the-flesh. Ric Ocasek was a gawky, but also 6'4" pop star...and Paulina still "abandoned" him in the end... Brooke Shields lost her V-card to a Princeton football player/literally Superman (Dean Cain). And she dated a lot of other "alpha males" before her 2nd marriage to Chris...who wasn't bad-looking at all when they did. Similarly, Edie Sedgewick was a junkie who OD'd 4 months after marrying Michael Post...whom she met in a psych ward...when he still looked like a Russell Brand wild child. Which proves you don't need money or a stable personality if you look/act like this!
  2. Wow, fine Monica Lewinsky impression there. By gawd you nailed it! Lol, someone sends out the cat signal...and immediately comes the Catty Crew, right on cue! Well if I didn't decolonize this thread and start a "serious" discussion about colonization, then I guess someone else had to? Because of course it's "different" when someone else does it, lol.
  3. Climate Change

    Interesting how BULL RANCHING is also the most damaging form of livestock on the planet, for multiple reasons...gee, what a "coincidence!"
  4. EXACTLY. When they are young and looking to breed, it's like their eggs have a radar that senses the PRIME POWER they want to absorb like the Sun. When a "hot" man's stock gets a spike, it's like he can feel this magenetic draw he has on women...with all eyes on him. And this has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS PERSONALITY. AT ALL. ZERO. That is simply a bald-faced lie. Of course, this mating signal steadily weakens and gets muddled with age and more and more baggage piling on, lol... But you can see and feel it most clearly in free, young women.
  5. I was just using that for illustrative purposes. My actual opinion is based upon personal experience and knowing many other couples. I personally know of no other married couple from Gen-X and younger that is not teetering on the brink of divorce, held together only by gossamer threads... I mean, I'm sure there's some, but then again, maybe not? I just don't once you get to peer behind their facades, they're all simmering Hot or Cold Wars. I've read his PPD posts too - and don't recall much specific mention of his marriage other than just referencing that he is. Again, this is why I think perhaps the natural, primal free-for-all might not just be our natural state. Women just want to fvck Alpha, and men just want to fvck all the women they can. So, why not?
  6. I would agree that it is better to just accept the basic TRUTH about women, than get angry at them for following their basic instincts. Reality is, Mother Nature is a beast. She is raw, primal, beautiful, savage, wild, and creative kundalini. She is the circle that cannot be squared. There is 1 egg for every ~250 million sperm in a load, which means many males were born to be incels from, well, cells... what if more grown men become incels? That's Mother Nature's form of eugenic "quality" control. It is what it is. They do have a right to be angry at being so misunderstood and often forced to socially support women who totally sh*t on them, though. In general, that's a bad assumption...
  7. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    So, the mental patient was triggered by the meditation, but kicked out by the "cult." That's not damaged to me and the blame would go to the cult (not meditation) for accepting a mental patient that they later kick out. Your girlfriend failed to cure her character issues (very common). IOW, it didn't damage her, it was just somewhat ineffective. OK. I still see no real damaging effects of the meditation itself, here. It just triggered one case and didn't do that much for the other.
  8. No, involuntary celibate women don't exist. Pretty much any women can get SEX, unlike men. You will never find a 40-yo virgin woman, unless it was voluntary...
  9. Well, there is no direct equivalent, because there is basically no such thing as a female incel. But she is a counterpart in the sense that she is also perpetually single, not due to her personality or looks, but for no other reason than simply because she refuses to put out and have sex. Which thus boils down relationships to their CORE ESSENCE. That is the simple TRUTH. Well, their proposition is that they are so ugly that they don't fall in the middle ground to begin with. And furthermore, this middle ground has also been shrinking due to female hypergamy, since no one needs to exclusively and permanently pair off 1-to-1 anymore. Therefore, if everyone is just going for hook-ups without demanding commitment, then a majority of women don't mind time-sharing Alpha anymore, who offers no exclusivity or commitment. Is HIS personality just "so great?" Better than Shahan's? Again, these are extreme examples just used to better isolate and illustrate general trends. There is also clearly a lot of subjectiveness to what's "hot," etc, etc... I have literally seen this my entire life, to some degree, no lie. But also some seeming exceptions to that rule (or just different subjective standards?). Hasn't everybody? Is this really some big secret? What if all the common aphorisms are really backwards? What if the secrets to life are CAN buy happiness? Looks ARE everything? Might IS right? Romantic love is EXTREMELY conditional. Maybe both versions of each are right, situationally and paradoxically, lol?
  10. No, Dame Du Lac basically verified the Incel thesis that Looks >>> Personality when she said how both "alpha males" with harems and incels have equally "unattractive" views of women. If anything, the alpha males may just be more dishonest about them. Which would also explain why a 5'7", slightly-balding Indian guy still fails at dating at 30...even with a great, upbeat, and non-whiny personality. So, now what happens when this friendly gentleman goes on a (BLIND, of course, lol) date? IOW, she thought he had a good personality, but she just wasn't even interested from the GET-GO because he didn't have prerequisite TV star looks...much less the ultimate (Incelist) fantasy of being a hot, wealthy, dominant, alpha male with "considerable length," lol. So, the only thing she enjoyed on their date was the free dinner, although she wished she could have chugged more booze while she had the chance, lol. Meanwhile, Aidan Turner could fart in her direction and she would sniff it deeply until her thighs quiver... Of course, a lot of this female sexual leverage is actually supplied by men who no longer have to marry a woman to get sex anymore. Thus, with that high bar's become a limbo contest for men for how low each will go to blow their nuts. In this scenario, nearly any woman will do...except even the most beautiful women will be avoided if they refuse sex! So, there ya go - now the female counterpart - a 37-yo single woman. Clearly, it's not her "whiny personality" that is the problem here, right? In fact, isn't being openly honest about maintaining your personal values displaying high integrity? Rather, it's simply that she REFUSES TO HAVE SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE. Full stop. So, what's the point of expending lots of time and energy (resources) dating her...when you can't have sex, right? But you could more easily with someone else? What we are seeing here is thus that both genders' primary "romantic" value to each other has been reduced to sex...of which personality is nearly irrelevant. I know real life isn't necessarily as extreme as these examples...but I can certainly see the general trend as such, especially amongst the younger generation.
  11. So, if the "alpha males" are getting MULTIPLE women but incels aren't...even though their views of women/sex are just as "unattractive"...then what's the difference? They are simply more "alpha," are better BS artists (less honest), and/or more physically attractive?
  12. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    That is a verrrryyy roundabout way to try to disprove his simple meditation method, FFS! Seriously, that is wayyyyyy too far a reach with too many unknown variables in between to even be a valid Yelp review. Rather, you would actually need a fair sample size of Yelp/Amazon-style user reviews of that specific give it a fair, direct evaluation. I know at least some people have had some mind-blowing, ayahuasca-like experiences from it...although for most it's probably a lot more mundane. But a sudden urge to squirt salmonella all over salad bars is...probably pretty rare/nonexistent.
  13. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Again, try reading beyond the headlines for once? Osho was the one who first alerted authorities that this mutinous, rogue "gang of fascists" may have carried out that food poisoning attack. So not only was none of this under his direction - it was done independently of him, he was appalled by it, and he proactively acted to bring them to justice. I mean, any counterculture movement is also simply going to attract a bunch of addition to sincere seekers. Anyways, more par for the course for dealing with you...lots of smokescreens, no fire. Sorry, but your searchgong is seriously lacking, son.
  14. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Yes, well I'm judging by the full spectrum of homophobia and in sheer numbers...while you are clearly measuring by extremely violent acts of homophobia only. Although I already said that I would agree with you IF it were by that sole metric only. But given how Christianity and Islam are basically half-sibling rivals, it's a moot point, anyways. And I was laughing at your supposition that raises the bar for homophobia to killing...not the killing itself. That's like saying a country is not racist if they're no longer lynching some races. I know you're just playing dumb, though...errr, rrrright? I also know that you're not Christian...but you don't need to be Christian to be a Christian apologetic. Hope that clears everything up now? OK, now time to get out of our heads and shake it out, SHAKE IT OUTTTT!!!! DON'T TALK LIKE A MADMAN, DANCE LIKE ONE! The sheer amount of unprocessed trauma in this thread is absolutely volcanic and what is SUPERCHARGING all this hair-splitting shadowboxing by proxy. Shadow work would be the prescription, but even shadow work is really a misnomer because considering such aspects as shadows is the problem to begin with. Authentic Truth Work is what we all need, here. And that truth can only be known intellectually secondhand, experientially felt firsthand, and become/unbecome zerohand when the doing replaces the doer.
  15. Well, if you think it's bad in Europe...then you've obviously never been to the US before, lol! I've been to both, and the US is a wholleee 'nother ball game, bro! That's why it has been GROUND ZERO for all the various men's movements (PUA, MRA, MGTOW, INCEL, etc, etc).