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  1. ^ I'm no expert on it, but I do it maybe twice as fast and not as stiffly. They do sell a rubber Paida paddle...which you can see would replicate a looser hand slapping in more of a whiplash motion. And I do it faster because the faster you do it, the shorter it takes overall, lol. Obviously you do have to do it lighter on your face like him...but on other parts you can basically be hardcore spanking yourself. There's been several threads on it in here before, and lots of videos with demos and testimonials on YouTube... Like many Chinese therapies, it requires you to embrace and feel your PAIN. Aside from that, the other tough parts are that it is a very tiring and loud exercise...and so I usually just do some very short sessions in the shower. And funny, I just now read about NATURE BEEING's custom approach to sounds a lot like mine, lol! Hey @NATURE BEEING, mind posting a video of a sesh? I'd be interested to see what yours looks like?
  2. Massage (compression), stretching, & experimenting with a little Paida Lajin now...
  3. The perfect weapon

    Yes, there's no evidence that bats (or pangolins) were ever sold at the Huanan Seafood Market. So, a leak from the relatively close Wuhan Institute of Virology might be a likelier suspect. Viral research and labs are never as sterilely contained as people might be led to believe. Collecting their specimens from bat caves is a very dirty process and viruses can obviously all be very infectious! However, even this possibility still does not necessarily exonerate any covert US involvement, the age of globalization.
  4. Bombdiggity!! You mean the 6 pairings? BTW, what is your opinion of Wim Hof's intentional extreme cold exposure for BOOSTING immunity vs TCM's coldphobic avoidance?
  5. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Right, well there are many deepening layers of truth in the onion...for example, let's peel back mine here. On the surface lies the pretext, or the conflict at face value. Conflicts never gets resolved on this level. For example, in my case here it was arguing over Anunnaki/Christian colonialism. But underlying this is a subtextual feeling. Let's say it is feeling like an unfairly-blamed scapegoat. Now, when we respond reactively...what we are really doing is trying to avoid that familiar feeling that is arising. No, no,'s not my fault, don't make me the scapegoat AGAIN! Whereas just feeling that feeling can actually allow us to sink deeper into its origins. If I allow myself to really feel that pain with curiosity, instead of reflexive judgment...then it might lead me to deeper insights. Maybe underlying my anger at Anunnaki/Christian colonialism...lies a subconscious attempt/coping mechanism to shift/project all the blame/fault I feel inside (?) at something else... Basically, the scapegoat scapegoating something else! When maybe I should determine if and why I am feeling a lot of repressed blame/fault? And underlying that, might lie the belief that, "It is wrong to be right" - perhaps the subconscious mantra of a scapegoat complex that causes it to serve as a scapegoat to begin with! And perhaps releasing that belief is my real core resolution here? Anunnaki culture uses a lot of scapegoats (Eve, humans, Jesus, Judas, Satan, etc). And there's a lot of psychoanalysis written about the scapegoat archetype, but none of them get past blaming someone else for them...which is why none of them lead to any real healing. What would be cool is if we could create a core conflict resolution guide that listed the common archetypes or psychological roles (like Cluster B personality disorders) causing conflicts and their underlying beliefs. Releasing these beliefs would then release people from their roles and could theoretically resolve all the conflicts caused by them AT THEIR ROOTS!
  6. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Bat signal, lol? Well, to keep it short, at that very HOT moment whenever we've been triggered and want to immediately clapback (verbally or online) the perfect organic time to hit pause for a quiet meditation/micro-vipassana on feeling how exactly we feel (frustration, anger, fear, sadness, despair, powerless, etc)? Instead of kneejerk reflexively spewing that feeling out at someone...just take a good look at it first when it is flared up and easiest to see. Strike while the iron is HOT! And later to dig deeper, then identify what underlying, self-sabotaging belief is causing that feeling? As usually this is what happens...we somehow get a "bad" line of subconscious code...that then causes "bad" feelings whenever it executes in our lives. Which gets easy to blame on the trigger/reflection...but really lies within us. IOW: wrong belief -> bad feeling -> conflict. So to truly resolve conflict...reverse-engineer this process! For example, I've often felt scapegoated in life, misunderstood, or not given my fair due, or bashed even when I'm right, etc, etc. The feeling is of being helplessly and frustratingly unfairly outcast, alienated, stigmatized, and cockblocked. I recently boiled all this down to a core (mis)belief of, "It is wrong to be right." And that the more right I am, the more wrong I am for it! Wow, what an inverse trap I am creating for myself in this life with that! Where if I'm wrong, I'm wrong...and if I'm right, I'm still wrong, too! Of course, this can all be easier said than all of these lie within our own blindspots...otherwise, they wouldn't be causing us problems! (Also, I'm still just beta-testing all this no guarantees yet, lol! Just thought I'd share it already in case it might help or inspire anyone else!)
  7. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    The basic framework is like most Chinese to meditate quietly in full lotus. And then Li Hongzhi added a bunch of his own personal mishmash of ideology on top of it. Problem is, like most such systems, they skip all the details on how to actually achieve the optimal configuration. It's like saying, it's best to be able to jump high in basketball. But, they give you zero technical training tips on how to actually jump higher...other than just jump a lot (which doesn't really work). I guess these systems still offer good confirmation of what you should be able to achieve if you do things the "right" way...but it will still be up to you to fill in the gaps and figure out how the fvck to actually do it.
  8. Why only 101.5 and not until max tolerance (say, 104) to burn out more of the virus?
  9. Actually, they're outdoors largely keeping social distance...not just a bunch of random people mingling together. So, that's what they're supposed to be doing.
  10. Wow, another young, 26-yo balla who got Covid-19 asymptomatically so far!
  11. Interesting testimony on the efficacy of herbal remedies - but will this lesson be learned by the rest of the world? Note: Dr Chen-Yu Zhang had studied TCM's Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica), a HIGHLY-invasive vine that may very well be found growing wild at your local park! You can just pick the flowers or boil and rinse out the leaves to remove saponins to make your own antiviral tea!
  12. Honestly, the best case scenario for anyone frankly is to get it, have a very mild or asymptomatic case...and then fully recover with immunity after that so you just don't have to worry about it anymore... Problem is it's still hard to predict how hard it will hit any given individual.
  13. Maybe we should all start carrying lucky pennies to rub in our hands?
  14. The perfect weapon

    ^ Small virus fighting the MUCH BIGGER VIRUS! FACTS!!!
  15. On the good news, SARS-CoV-2 actually could/should significantly reduce R0 as Spring & Summer approach.