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  1. No surprise, business as usual for WEIRDos - Prometheus complex to obtain and weaponize any and all technology possible, as soon as possible...for world colonialist domination.
  2. Why won't you just make a chart detailing excatly what you observed through "clairaudience" about each "race" and their pecking order? And are you claiming that you were basically able to prove this all by "racially" identifying people without actually seeing them?
  3. Lol, reminds me of back in the good ole Manifest Destiny days when the "good cop" missionaries were also "trying to do good social work" by converting and "civilizing" (obedience training) the preparation for their new imperialistic, "bad cop" masters. And with such an effective 1-2 combo of soft and hard power, indigenous cultures, land, men, women, and kids...were all soon LIBERATED! So heartwarming to see the colonial stepchildren of this great heritage loyally preserving and continuing their hallowed traditions even today! Their legacy lives on!!! *slow clap*
  4. Yea, but we're not talking about the general populace here...but cryptic advice from ancient Daoists. Who have always somehow remained ahead of the curve even thousands of years ago! So amongst other things...growing grains caused massive deforestation, human population explosion, and brain shrinkage...
  5. Perception, even in the present (much less the past), is heavily-influenced by presentation. Full spectrum technicolor can easily get reduced to gray and then simply black & white binary...right before your very eyes! Welcome to Holly Wood!
  6. Right, so Green Pill ecospiritualism in a nutshell...vs where globaliesing WEIRD cult-ure has been verily leading us very merrily into the depths of death...
  7. Interesting, I wonder if "Kunlun"/Yigong Level 1 also operates on that same principle? Although in that practice, females held the exact same posture as well - without switching hands...
  8. Although original aboriginal art was generally imprinted directly on Nature (petroglyphs), and not on rectilinear canvases... Which is yet another artificial, rectilinear framing superceding our natural field of vision, which is more of a buttprint shape without really hard borders... Remember, even "Yeshua" was (allegedly) constantly persecuted and eventually crucified for violating various "laws." So his crucifixion on the rectilinear cross symbolized the initial "triumph" of this square cult in overriding "Divine Nature." But of course, Man's "laws" are actually misnomers because in science, a law cannot be broken. And if it can be, then it has been effectively disproven and is thus no longer truly a law. Therefore, a manmade law can never truly supercede a natural one. Hence, Yeshua still "rose again" in the end...
  9. This staggeringly stark tragedy bears I just recently realized the very same thing on my own, as well! 7.5 billion humans now are the equivalent of a giant asteroid hitting the planet!
  10. YES, YES, YES!!! It all stems from the self-entitling idea of OWNING NATURE. From domesticating livestock animals to owning pets and slaves to land "ownership" to patentable GMOs's all the same dish in a thousand different flavors! Like, JUST AS YOU SAID - sure, we can "buy" land but it was stolen first. Which then invalidates any future "legal" purchases. Because it can't be legal if it was hot to begin with... I think a lot of denialists may realize this DEEP DOWN, but the GREEN PILL is just TOO MUCH for them to want to SWALLOW!!! So, they simply "can't accept it," regardless.
  11. WOW, I independently came to the VERY SAME conclusions as you...just 2 whole YEARS later!!! Which shows that there's something consistent to these underlying realizations here.. 1) Man CANNOT OWN NATURE. Sound reasonable? Well...not to WEIRDos, who have based their entire society upon the OPPOSITE notion... And will thus stubbornly stonewall any attempts to convince them otherwise! 2) Man builds with uniform simple symmetry, while Nature builds with freeform super symmetry. Which is how people can generally recognize manmade objects, vs organic ones.
  12. And some recent scientific studies also corroborate acupuncture points from a materialistic POV, too: Would have been cooler if they actually included some photos of all these acupoint microstructures, though!
  13. Illness arises from continually avoiding our greater fears with lesser ones. Healing comes from the reverse path. Your greater fear here is that of just living real, ordinary life. Because that makes all your issues all the more tangible and literally "harder" to deal with. Having real, healthy relationships with men, paying the bills, etc, etc. So, you seek to spiritually escape that in a magical, fantasy world. Trust me, when people start obsessively relying on Tarot cards for reassurance and guidance in life - it means their real life is a failfest! Of course, the problem is that your issues still repeat themselves even in your fantasies... So, your deep distrust/fear of men...reappears even in the dreamy astral realms of your imagination. Because, there is no escape from your own mind. In this case, for example, there is no escape from your distrust of men. Fully accepting, feeling, allowing, and surrendering to that feeling (rather than constantly running away from it like a scared rabbit) first...would be the beginning of the process that would finally start to end that repeating cycle. But until then...welcome to another exciting Groundhog Day!
  14. Well, Bruce Lee was like a brash Conor McGregor back then. Both were aggressively and actively on the offensive to prove their points. But guys going to that extreme are 1 in a few billion... Whereas, Ilovecoffee is a lot milder and more just on the defensive whenever the topic comes up. That doesn't change the fact that the basic dynamics are the same, though. Bruce Lee basically believed some of the establishment dogma was ineffective, and some of them felt he was just too arrogant and disrespectful. At the core, the conflict really lies in how to ascertain what the truest (and thereby, most effective) version of something is. Which is no small feat, particularly in fringe fields. I mean, why did people develop the scientific method? Why did people start the UFC and MMA cage fighting? These were all different attempts to validate the truth by controlled repetition or direct competition. So at the end of the day, who "wins?" The man holding the thunderbolt of truth, rules them all - and moreso, himself! Hence, we're all constantly seeking it, like sifting through desert sands for water lost in mirages... It's funny to think, however triggered some members feel from Ilovecoffee's uncompromising Mo Pai advocacy can only imagine how certain Chinatown proprietors felt after constantly getting publicly dissed by Bruce Lee in various formats (demos, books, etc), lol... So, I guess a showdown became inevitable at that point of continual escalation, lol. Anyhow, just adding some greater perspective here by showing a bigger picture at play. This is not a unique scenario, and there's actually a whole buffet of food for deeper contemplation here..