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  1. Yes, just ONE informal day (where no one actually gets killed) per year in reaction to...~600 years of actual global, aboriginal genocide, colonialist land theft, religious persecution, cruel & unusual punishment, broken treaties, wanton environmental destruction, and the Earth's 6th MASS EXTINCTION - is just such an unwarranted overreaction! Fact is, the entire "legal basis" for all the "rule of law" (backed by rule of force/law of the jungle) in this empire is this "Doctrine of Discovery"...that was justified by some ancient, self-serving, Jewish comic book. But "Jesus" said so (well, sort of) sounds legit, yo! There's some real, outstanding grievances here - that have little to do with modern, WIRED, professional victimhood gripes. Because these much deeper problems lie within the base WIRED culture itself - and most people withIN the forest - can't SEE the FOREST.
  2. It just looks like 2 patches to me, not any "S" shape? And why do you suspect it might be from black magic, and not just some standard detoxing rashes (VERY common)?
  3. Indeed! And that quote is quoted on a lot of sites, so not exactly sure what types you're referring to? But go ahead and guess away, if you wish..
  4. Oh boy, is that your angry, chest-beating father talking there? Quit yer bitching son, and take it like a man! Because while you may have changed your lifestyle, it doesn't sound like YOU've changed much...? Anyhow, you are not obligated to even read my posts, so just feel free to ignore them if you'd prefer.
  5. I'd be interested in what you've learned or gained after 12 years of meditation? Also, what position do you normally meditate in? And another "thought" question in general is why even with great instructors, many students still fail to "get" whatever it is the Master has "gotten." There are countless examples of students (of various internal martial arts, qigong, etc) dutifully mimicking their teachers and going through all the same motions, yet never actually attaining their same ability. Billions of followers of Yeshua, yet how many of them could walk on water? Meanwhile, there ARE some students who do "get it," and a rare few who even "get more" than their venerable teachers... So the question becomes, what's the differences here?
  6. Anyone ever read this book? What are some of his more mystical experiences, that might be worth reading about?
  7. BINGO, hitting some pay dirt here with some cold read questions... So, you've not only already been completely abandoned (not necessarily intentionally) by your parents, but been left to pay ALL their outstanding debts (financial, parental, etc) in their absence as well. You've got to both foot their bills and care for yourself and siblings(?). As in your Freudian slip here, you desperately seek nurturing and WORTH, which may have been absent even at birth? Hence, you manifest this intense struggle for such qualities today that you've lacked, perhaps even as a "neglected(?)" baby. Now, this type of struggle is DEEP, and likely extends back in their own ancestral lineages too, as well as your own past lives too. Remember, the kidneys have a lot to do with ancestral inheritance (or lack thereof). And clearly, yours are extremely lacking...hence the need to burn yourself out trying to replenish them. But, this cannot be fixed by mere coping strategies. Ultimately, you MUST find the inherent WORTH you are seeking - which will then end your workaholic struggles to earn your "worth" externally through achievements - and completely drain your kidneys in the process. In short, you must release your underlying beliefs manifesting your circumstances that are forcing you to be a workaholic. Once that's done, then you will no longer be working yourself to death, and you will be able to slowly recharge your kidneys. All the Chinese medicine can help this whole process, but a primary part of that is on the psychological level that programs your life. Ignore that aspect, and the rest is like throwing pennies down a well...
  8. You sound like a massive workaholic...why? Do you feel worthless-by-default, if you are not "proving your worth" somehow? Are you constantly afraid of being abandoned in some way, if you are worthless? If your parents died tomorrow, how would you feel? I'm guessing you're in your 20s or early 30s, btw? Well, a lot of kidney depletion may not show Western medical symptoms until your 40s. Although you may start showing classic TCM symptoms a lot earlier...if you know what to look for. These herbs are awfully cheap - how reputable is this site? Just curious, because these prices are so dang good?
  9. Start a new thread then, as I'd be interested to hear to! And so what exactly was your experience of it opening?
  10. YiJinJing + XiSuiJing basically = Paida Lajin Wugong (martial arts) foundation steps: 1. Baduanjin = stretch sinews out until they "break" (similar to "lajin") 2. YiYinJing = retracting/absorbing movements to transform sinews These 2 steps shall rebuild your sinews. 3. XiSuiJing = "paida" (slap hit) 4. Combining all these 3 practices together = zhuangfa (zhan zhuang) Using all 3 forces cultivated by them shall then naturally open the microcosmic & macrocosmic orbits in this stance, which then becomes applicable for combat. 5. Dazuo = sitting meditation after zhan zhuang to cultivate yuanqi down in the dantian, etc. Problem is, most Westerners try to start at 4, or even 5, lol... And after years of getting nowhere...they may have yet to realize that they had completely skipped 3 whole fundamental steps to begin with!!!
  11. Fake news. Yes, there has been bisexuality (not homosexuality) observed in wild animals, but generally only as a Plan B to heterosexual mating (always Plan A). Whereas, cases of "true homosexuality" have only been found in domesticated sheep and humans (domesticated sheeple, lol). But note that domesticated sheep are artificially-selected for HIGHEST FEMALE FERTILITY - which is what male homosexuality might then be a byproduct of. So essentially, homosexuality could be a symptom of excessive feminine/matriarchal energy...
  12. Our planet's magnetic poles are weakening and shifting. So, you see the same gender weakening (androgynization), role/pole-reversal (feminism, transgenderism, etc) amongst genders now as well. It's all fractal...
  13. One KEY aspect they all miss about the distortion caused by "the alphabet" how it artificially codifies and limits sounds to those represented by just 26 letters. This is similar to voidisyinyang's point of how equal-temperament tuning also distorted "musical" sound... When there are obviously infinite sounds in Nature. Now, what all sounds are we "missing" because we are only listening for 26 of them??? And how many of these sounds could be "deeply powerful and sacred?" I mean, imagine trying to spell a bird's warble in letters? A cricket's chirp? Whale song? Or any other animal call?