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  1. Another perspective claiming that the chakra model is quite arbitrary...while the dantian model is more naturally inherent:
  2. Grief; Coping with the death of a spouse

    Found an interesting distinction between sadness, grief, and sorrow (The Wounded Heart, p 224)... Basically, sadness is disappointment from a mild loss that essentially can be replaced (like a missed event). Grief is severe sadness over a severe loss that is irreplaceable (like a death). And sorrow is being sorry for the hurt one's caused others.
  3. Grief; Coping with the death of a spouse

    No idea how helpful this is?
  4. Financial tips for the bums

    True, that level's description is a false equivalence with 3 things that are ultimately independent of each other... Being post-money certainly guarantees neither purpose or happiness, and not that a purpose is even needed for happiness? But being post-money does relieve a lot of stress and frees up a lot of time. Which could then allow one to devote more time/money to purposes that pay little or even cost money instead (like caretaking family or the environment, for example) and/or the proverbial search for "happiness," etc.
  5. The dantian model seems to be more universal, while the chakras seem to be more arbitrary. I do think they are nonetheless quite useful, but I'm not sure how "concrete" discrete chakras really are? Perhaps the spine could rather be some sort of a "rainbow spectrum" that various chakra models simply approximate?
  6. Financial tips for the bums

    Hierarchy of Financial Needs (and the Meaning of Life) So, where is everybody?
  7. Raw garlic

  8. Distribution of I.Q

    YESH! What a brilliant theory, my dear Watson! It must just be the modern "Westernized" East Asians aping Westerners that have beat Westerners at their own IQ game! For example, here are some before & after pics of how Asians used "Westernizing" plastic increase their IQ by 5 points! Never mind the long list of Chinese discovery/invention/exploration "firsts" starting wayyyy before even the whole advent of Western colonialism and widespread global influence centuries ago...much less the modern reopening of China to the West in the 1980s: Or...I guess Westernization in East Asia must have started millennia ago!!! Yep, sounds legit!
  9. Second Income? Compound Interest?! HOW DO ADULT??

    Wow, where the h*ll do you live where $12K/yr is enough for a single guy? Certainly not in the Western world! As that equates to under $6/hr if it were a full-time job, which is below the US minimum wage of $7.25! And $12K is also just below the US's federal poverty level of $12,060... Anyhow, there's a spectrum of ways to attain wealth. But I think on average, your overall strategy "should" be to start off working "hard or smart" to build that you can later successfully invest that capital to "easily" build wealth. I mean, investment income is the (potentially) easiest way to build wealth that I've found yet... However, you need extra money (capital) to do that, which most people don't have starting out. So to do this, you need to be productive and frugal like a proverbial ant in phase 1 (working for capital), not a "lazy Millennial." And then only after you start successfully shifting to phase 2 (investment income), can you start living more like a grasshopper, Grasshopper.
  10. Very interesting site. Do you need facilitators to work with - and if so, how exactly does that work? Or can you also DIY?
  11. Diversity in The Great Divide

    ^ Well, suzerainty under China was still a farrrrr cry less oppressive than colonialism under the WIRED empire. In the case of China, it often involved only a periodic, or even one-time, tribute as a "registration/bully fee" for becoming a trading partner. Beyond that, there wasn't much interference in local governance. In short, yes, China extorted some bully fees out of these countries...but it also resulted in some symbiotic trade. And, they didn't also invade, occupy, steal land, and destroy the local populations and their cultures. Hence, once their whole tributary system ended...all of their tributary states were still left intact with little residual impact. And fact is, WIRED people didn't need to colonize the entire world either, did they? I mean, why couldn't they also have just demanded a few bully fees and settled for more trade, as well?
  12. Diversity in The Great Divide

    Lol, oh the ironies on being "misinformed" or "biased" about history, lol... 1) The Qing Dynasty was the last one in China, and a foreign (Manchu) one at that. All of China's seafaring expeditions to Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, and probably Turtle Island too - had already occurred well before this. For example, Zheng He's great voyages occurred in the previous Ming Dynasty... Therefore, whatever was happening at the time of the final Qing Dynasty was already well after the fact, and irrelevant. 2) Which brings us to your next historical oversight and hilarious irony. What about other groups, "say the Islamist?" Um, I guess you didn't realize that Zheng He was a Chinese Muslim (Hui) from a practicing Muslim family? Um, hope that helps answer your question for an example of how Islamic global exploration was also conducted, then? Now again, keep in mind that these giant Chinese ships commanded absolute respect and fear in all the various foreign locals they encountered. So, ABSOLUTELY - they could have conquered and colonized them...if they had wished. But, they didn't, as they were essentially touring cruise ships, NOT warships hellbent on taking over the planet! And that was just the last great Chinese explorer, too. The earlier ones likely dated back to the (2nd) Shang Dynasty "Bronze Age" around 1300 BC and went all the way into the New World (in what is now the American Southwest and Olmecs in Mexico). Well, sooooo much for the Chinese (or some Muslims) wanting to take over the world (Murican projection)! Again, these Chinese explorers had vastly preceded their WIRED counterparts in time, and also surpassed them in force. However, we're all speaking English today instead of Chinese - because the Chinese peacefully & respectfully CHOSE NOT to colonize all the foreign lands they "discovered." FACT IS, if China had wanted to colonize the world - they could and already would have done so ~3300-600 years ago, LMFAO!!!
  13. Diversity in The Great Divide

    Lol, absolute nonsense. The Chinese had actually already preceded WIRED explorers all around the world...and likely by ~2800 years in the case of Turtle Island, for instance. So, why weren't all these peoples already speaking Chinese, largely exterminated, and under Chinese rule today? Because...these various Chinese explorers were respectful tourists exploring for its own sake and establishing trade routes - not planting flags on distant lands under some self-appointed, colonialist "Doctrine of Discovery." Even though - they by all means easily had the overwhelming power to do so, had they wished! China has always only wanted to preserve its own homeland and control its border regions - but not take over the entire world - like the WIRED empire has.
  14. Diversity in The Great Divide

    Lol, always trying to find exceptions to disprove the rules, because you can't disprove the rules... But of course there is a spectrum here with aborigines on one end, and WIRED colonialists on the other. For example, even burning down some trees to revert land to grassland - is still better than chopping all the trees down and paving everything over with dead concrete. Thus, even your worst-case aboriginal still better than your standard WIRED practice! I rest my case, your Honor! And sure, some of each group may also be closer to their end than others. And a few might even be transposed... But even so, these overall generalities still hold true.
  15. Diversity in The Great Divide

    1) It's all relative. The aborigines lived naturally, harmoniously, and sustainably amongst themselves and others (INCLUDING plants & wildlife!!!) for tens of thousands of years. Thousands of years - yet no landfills and no fences! So, they had a far more holistic, inclusive, and less solely humancentric definition of "virtue." Meanwhile...notice that the Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments says NOTHING about respecting the land and all its other inhabitants (and in fact advocates the opposite, if anything)! And sure, there was some local aboriginal warfare and some later alliances with WIRED colonialists...but overall that all was just a drop in the bucket against the WIRED tsunami of megadeath. Not just of aborigines, but of ALL native plants & wildlife too! Exterminating common habitat (for ALL), the buffalo, clearcutting all the old-growth forests, etc! 2) The OP really needs to just cut & paste the text of that article, because it is hidden behind a paywall. Hence, I was only commenting on some of your tangential comments... 3) Well, I would put aboriginal peoples at the top of the food chain in terms of living the most sustainably and stewarding the Earth most responsibly, too. I mean, those ideals are often engraved into the core principles of their cultures!