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  1. Mjjbecker

    Much love out to you Mjjbecker, may you rest in peace brother.
  2. Zhan Zhuang Standing information

    Awesome to see discussion on this topic reopened. You all have inspired me to restart this after years of neglect. Years ago, before I had any personal instruction, I remember just relaxing into Embrace the tree posture while watching videos. After about 15 minutes I distinctly remember the oddest feeling after finishing, that I was much bigger and expansive than my physical boundaries. I felt much taller, as if I were 10 feet tall. Just a very nice and strange feeling at the time, however I was not consistent and stopped this after a while. In recent years, I have used specific ZZ postures as part of sets I've been taught, but these are only held for short periods of time between exercises. I was curious if anyone has tried out the single-weighted postures in Scott Meredith's "Packing", he makes interesting claims about the efficiency of training single legged postures over standard double-weighted ma bu.
  3. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    Thanks for posting the link Cheya! Many thanks to Sifu Peng for the webinar, much love and gratitude. I really enjoyed the webinar - I also found it very cool to think of these energetic protocols as a "top off" to regular mundane precautions as the foundation (as Sifu Peng also emphasized), all great tools to deploy at this time - fascinating how his wogu gesture is the same mudra taught by Bill Bodri for use when visiting the sick in hospitals or when going to a cemetery as an extra level of energetic protection - this same mudra was taught to me as well for use during my routine tenaga dalam training, my laoshi told me to use this if I ever found an external, unwanted energy around me, doing the hand gesture at the same time as thinking the thought "Get out." Also fascinating to see Sifu Peng's use of the password/passcode "I am in the qi, the qi is in me" - This type of affirmation, when used with qigong exercises, seems to facilitate the merging of our ordinary consciousness with the greater field, basically affirming we are all one at a subconscious level. I have seen an almost identical use of this type of passcode with Spring Forest qigong as well as a higher level qigong taught by another esteemed teacher Zhou Ting Jue. Sifu Peng's explanation of the harmonization application of the "S pattern energetic reset" is very reminiscent of my personal experience with Sifu Chunyi Lin's Small Universe exercise when outer conditions were going chaotic. So much to learn, so little time. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy, big ups out to you all. Rene'
  4. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    Just a bump to remind those with an interest in the Robert Peng webinar tomorrow.
  5. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    I will repost here on Monday as a reminder, no worries. R
  6. Forwarded from his newsletter, it is a free webinar: Dear Qigong Friends When I was practicing with my Master Xiao Yao years ago, sometimes we had to visit some patients in the hospital and some of those patients were isolated in infectious areas. Each time when we went in, he would always tell me“Wogu”, which is a mudra to create an energy bubble to protect the energy body from invasion. Today, when the whole world is surrounded by COVID 19, I was reminded of Xiao Yao’s advice. I plan to share these techniques with our community and practice together to reorganize our energy pattern for each individual as well as the whole planet. Strengthen Your Guardian Qi Reorganize Our Energy to Harmonized Pattern 6b8d7fbcc99037d0e59d86987c76524d I will lead a live Webinar to teach and practice these valuable exercises at 12 noon EDT Tuesday March 31. Please try to adjust your time. I’m sorry some place such as Australia or New Zealand may be in deep midnight. If you can't make it that time, you can still learn and practice after the video archive is ready. I’ll send out another email to let you know. Keep this link, and click to join on 12pm EDT Tuesday March 31: Please help to spread the information among your friends! The more people practice together, the more powerful the energy field. Together with all our effort, we can change the energy pattern of world for the better. See you then! Good Qi Robert Peng ***
  7. Hard to believe, but the act of humming cranks up nitric oxide production in the sinuses - nitric oxide is a part of the local defenses used against bacteria and viruses, nitric oxide is broadly antimicrobial - It seems the optimal humming is whatever range vibrates your nose and sinuses the most - also interesting that there is one case study of a patient with chronic sinusitis that cleared it over 4 days of extensive humming 1-2 hours a day - perhaps a great time to get some OM in the day Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 166 (2), 144-5 2002 Jul 15 Humming Greatly Increases Nasal Nitric Oxide Eddie Weitzberg 1, Jon O N Lundberg Affiliations expand PMID: 12119224 DOI: 10.1164/rccm.200202-138BC Abstract The paranasal sinuses are major producers of nitric oxide (NO). We hypothesized that oscillating airflow produced by humming would enhance sinus ventilation and thereby increase nasal NO levels. Ten healthy subjects took part in the study. Nasal NO was measured with a chemiluminescence technique during humming and quiet single-breath exhalations at a fixed flow rate. NO increased 15-fold during humming compared with quiet exhalation. In a two-compartment model of the nose and sinus, oscillating airflow caused a dramatic increase in gas exchange between the cavities. Obstruction of the sinus ostium is a central event in the pathogenesis of sinusitis. Nasal NO measurements during humming may be a useful noninvasive test of sinus NO production and ostial patency. In addition, any therapeutic effects of the improved sinus ventilation caused by humming should be investigated.
  9. John Chang Died February 5th 2020

    Rest in peace, much love out to him, his family, students and friends, he was a huge inspiration for many around the world.
  10. Some random conjecture on COVID-19, breathing exercises, other adjuncts and immune activity. Just attempting to think on options that are widely available to everyone as an adjunct to isolation while waiting for better countermeasures, please take with a large dose of salt. Fire breathing protocol and vitamin D: Vitamin D, while mainly associated with calcium deposition in bones, has a myriad of other functions, including keeping the brakes on inappropriate or hyperactive immune responses. Exaggerated immune responses or "cytokine storms" are the main reason people died during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and also seem to be a major cause of death with the COVID-19. High dose vitamin D therapy ("the vitamin D hammer") can be used on a short term basis with very good clinical outcomes in cases of influenza, as with per this physician's experience: Of course, the flu is not COVID-19, but our response to both may share a common inflammatory pathway. One other way to blunt an exaggerated immune response can be done using a modified hyperventilation protocol AKA fire breathing from pranayama or the most recent version to hit the West courtesy of Wim Hof: The most impressive thing about Wim Hof's approach is that he blunted a response to injected bacterial LPS, which will usually cause a systemic inflammatory response and aches associated with feeling sick. All without taking a drug. The breathing exercise is free, won't hurt and might help prophylactically. Copper: Copper (colloidal or ionic) solutions can be rubbed in the nostrils, possibly useful in early stages - copper surfaces have been known to inactivate a number of microbes mBio, 6 (6), e01697-15 2015 Nov 10 Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials Sarah L Warnes 1, Zoë R Little 1, C William Keevil 2 Affiliations expand PMID: 26556276 PMCID: PMC4659470 DOI: 10.1128/mBio.01697-15 Abstract The evolution of new and reemerging historic virulent strains of respiratory viruses from animal reservoirs is a significant threat to human health. Inefficient human-to-human transmission of zoonotic strains may initially limit the spread of transmission, but an infection may be contracted by touching contaminated surfaces. Enveloped viruses are often susceptible to environmental stresses, but the human coronaviruses responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) have recently caused increasing concern of contact transmission during outbreaks. We report here that pathogenic human coronavirus 229E remained infectious in a human lung cell culture model following at least 5 days of persistence on a range of common nonbiocidal surface materials, including polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon; PTFE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ceramic tiles, glass, silicone rubber, and stainless steel. We have shown previously that noroviruses are destroyed on copper alloy surfaces. In this new study, human coronavirus 229E was rapidly inactivated on a range of copper alloys (within a few minutes for simulated fingertip contamination) and Cu/Zn brasses were very effective at lower copper concentration. Exposure to copper destroyed the viral genomes and irreversibly affected virus morphology, including disintegration of envelope and dispersal of surface spikes. Cu(I) and Cu(II) moieties were responsible for the inactivation, which was enhanced by reactive oxygen species generation on alloy surfaces, resulting in even faster inactivation than was seen with nonenveloped viruses on copper. Consequently, copper alloy surfaces could be employed in communal areas and at any mass gatherings to help reduce transmission of respiratory viruses from contaminated surfaces and protect the public health. Importance: Respiratory viruses are responsible for more deaths globally than any other infectious agent. Animal coronaviruses that "host jump" to humans result in severe infections with high mortality, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and, more recently, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). We show here that a closely related human coronavirus, 229E, which causes upper respiratory tract infection in healthy individuals and serious disease in patients with comorbidities, remained infectious on surface materials common to public and domestic areas for several days. The low infectious dose means that this is a significant infection risk to anyone touching a contaminated surface. However, rapid inactivation, irreversible destruction of viral RNA, and massive structural damage were observed in coronavirus exposed to copper and copper alloy surfaces. Incorporation of copper alloy surfaces in conjunction with effective cleaning regimens and good clinical practice could help to control transmission of respiratory coronaviruses, including MERS and SARS. Neti washes with mildly acidic solutions: There may be a case to be made for using acidic solutions, such as with vitamin C and vinegar intranasally. While the flu virus is different from the coronavirus, it is interesting to see the effects of these kind of intranasal solutions on flu virus in this animal study. Inactivation of the virus took place within 1 minute: Respir Res, 8 (1), 38 2007 May 17 Low pH Gel Intranasal Sprays Inactivate Influenza Viruses in Vitro and Protect Ferrets Against Influenza Infection Paul Rennie 1, Philip Bowtell, David Hull, Duane Charbonneau, Robert Lambkin-Williams, John Oxford Affiliations expand PMID: 17509128 PMCID: PMC1885256 DOI: 10.1186/1465-9921-8-38 Abstract Background: Developing strategies for controlling the severity of pandemic influenza is a global public health priority. In the event of a pandemic there may be a place for inexpensive, readily available, effective adjunctive therapies to support containment strategies such as prescription antivirals, vaccines, quarantine and restrictions on travel. Inactivation of virus in the intranasal environment is one possible approach. The work described here investigated the sensitivity of influenza viruses to low pH, and the activity of low pH nasal sprays on the course of an influenza infection in the ferret model. Methods: Inactivation of influenza A and avian reassortment influenza was determined using in vitro solutions tests. Low pH nasal sprays were tested using the ferret model with an influenza A Sydney/5/97 challenge. Clinical measures were shed virus, weight loss and body temperature. Results: The virus inactivation studies showed that influenza viruses are rapidly inactivated by contact with acid buffered solutions at pH 3.5. The titre of influenza A Sydney/5/97 [H3N2] was reduced by at least 3 log cycles with one minute contact with buffers based on simple acid mixtures such as L-pyroglutamic acid, succinic acid, citric acid and ascorbic acid. A pH 3.5 nasal gel composition containing pyroglutamic acid, succinic acid and zinc acetate reduced titres of influenza A Hong Kong/8/68 [H3N2] by 6 log cycles, and avian reassortment influenza A/Washington/897/80 X A Mallard/New York/6750/78 [H3N2] by 5 log cycles, with 1 min contact.Two ferret challenge studies, with influenza A Sydney/5/97, demonstrated a reduction in the severity of the disease with early application of low pH nasal sprays versus a saline control. In the first study there was decreased weight loss in the treatment groups. In the second study there were reductions in virus shedding and weight loss, most notably when a gelling agent was added to the low pH formulation. Conclusion: These findings indicate the potential of a low pH nasal spray as an adjunct to current influenza therapies, and warrant further investigation in humans. Hydrogen peroxide ear drops: This seems like another tool that can’t hurt and might help. Based on his observations, Mercola mentions this use of several drops of 3% H2O2 in each ear for 5-10 min at the onset of any symptoms for combating upper respiratory infections. Iodine: Here is my wild conjecture: If someone cannot get a mask, one could apply this topically to the inside of the nostrils and the local concentration at the mucosal level might give temporary protection against viral particles that come into the passageways, at least for the time period that the iodine remains at the surface. Iodide supplements may also be helpful since the higher concentration in respiratory secretions can also inhibit viral activity (see bovine study). So the external use (povidone iodine) and internal use (kelp, iodide supplements) may be a good adjunctive strategy, at least on the short term. Infect Dis Ther, 4 (4), 491-501 Dec 2015 Rapid and Effective Virucidal Activity of Povidone-Iodine Products Against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) Maren Eggers 1, Markus Eickmann 2, Juergen Zorn 3 Affiliations expand PMID: 26416214 PMCID: PMC4675768 DOI: 10.1007/s40121-015-0091-9 Abstract Introduction: Since the first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection was reported in 2012, the virus has infected more than 1300 individuals in 26 countries, and caused more than 480 deaths. Human-to-human transmission requires close contact, and has typically occurred in the healthcare setting. Improved global awareness, together with improved hygiene practices in healthcare facilities, has been highlighted as key strategies in controlling the spread of MERS-CoV. This study tested the in vitro efficacy of three formulations of povidone iodine (PVP-I: 4% PVP-I skin cleanser, 7.5% PVP-I surgical scrub, and 1% PVP-I gargle/mouthwash) against a reference virus (Modified vaccinia virus Ankara, MVA) and MERS-CoV. Methods: According to EN14476, a standard suspension test was used to assess virucidal activity against MVA and large volume plating was used for MERS-CoV. All products were tested under clean (0.3 g/L bovine serum albumin, BSA) and dirty conditions (3.0 g/L BSA + 3.0 mL/L erythrocytes), with application times of 15, 30, and 60 s for MVA, and 15 s for MERS-CoV. The products were tested undiluted, 1:10 and 1:100 diluted against MVA, and undiluted against MERS-CoV. Results: A reduction in virus titer of ≥4 log10 (corresponding to an inactivation of ≥99.99%) was regarded as evidence of virucidal activity. This was achieved versus MVA and MERS-CoV, under both clean and dirty conditions, within 15 s of application of each undiluted PVP-I product. Conclusion: These data indicate that PVP-I-based hand wash products for potentially contaminated skin, and PVP-I gargle/mouthwash for reduction of viral load in the oral cavity and the oropharynx, may help to support hygiene measures to prevent transmission of MERS-CoV. Infect Dis Ther, 8 (4), 581-593 Dec 2019 Infectious Disease Management and Control With Povidone Iodine Maren Eggers 1 Affiliations expand PMID: 31414403 PMCID: PMC6856232 DOI: 10.1007/s40121-019-00260-x Erratum in Correction to: Infectious Disease Management and Control with Povidone Iodine. Eggers M. Infect Dis Ther. 2019 Dec;8(4):595. doi: 10.1007/s40121-019-00263-8. PMID: 31440901 Free PMC article. Abstract With reports of vancomycin-resistant enterococci recently emerging in hospital settings, renewed focus is turning to the importance of multifaceted infection prevention efforts. Careful compliance with established hygiene practices by healthcare workers together with effective antiseptic options is essential for the protection of patients from infectious agents. For over 60 years, povidone iodine (PVP-I) formulations have been shown to limit the impact and spread of infectious diseases with potent antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects. In addition to a lack of reported resistance, the benefits of PVP-I include an excellent safety profile and a broad spectrum of effect due to its multimodal action. Studies have shown that hand washing with PVP-I-based antiseptics is effective for the decontamination of skin, while PVP-I mouthwashes and gargles significantly reduce viral load in the oral cavity and the oropharynx. The importance of PVP-I has been emphasised by its inclusion in the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines, and high potency for virucidal activity has been observed against viruses of significant global concern, including hepatitis A and influenza, as well as the Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome and Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronaviruses. Together with its diverse applications in antimicrobial control, broad accessibility across the globe, and outstanding safety and tolerability profile, PVP-I offers an affordable, potent, and widely available antiseptic option Stay safe and be well R
  11. Pyramid Power!

    Indeed, I think there is more to this that the scientific community will eventually appreciate - experiments on rats have shown beneficial effects on the nervous system (this is one of 3 studies I'm aware of): Indian J Exp Biol. 2013 Dec;51(12):1070-8. Housing under the pyramid reduces susceptibility of hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neurons to prenatal stress in the developing rat offspring. Murthy KD1, George MC2, Ramasamy P2, Mustapha ZA2. Author information Abstract Mother-offspring interaction begins before birth. The foetus is particularly vulnerable to environmental insults and stress. The body responds by releasing excess of the stress hormone cortisol, which acts on glucocorticoid receptors. Hippocampus in the brain is rich in glucocorticoid receptors and therefore susceptible to stress. The stress effects are reduced when the animals are placed under a model wooden pyramid. The present study was to first explore the effects of prenatal restraint-stress on the plasma corticosterone levels and the dendritic arborisation of CA3 pyramidal neurons in the hippocampus of the offspring. Further, to test whether the pyramid environment would alter these effects, as housing under a pyramid is known to reduce the stress effects, pregnant Sprague Dawley rats were restrained for 9 h per day from gestation day 7 until parturition in a wire-mesh restrainer. Plasma corticosterone levels were found to be significantly increased. In addition, there was a significant reduction in the apical and the basal total dendritic branching points and intersections of the CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neurons. The results thus suggest that, housing in the pyramid dramatically reduces prenatal stress effects in rats.
  12. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Hello Gendao, With regards to the materials he uses in the video clip (Stan Lee's Superhumans), they actually supply all of these, including the paper towels, for the second demonstration, so at least with the making of this particular show, no possibility of pre-soaking the towels. Playing devil's advocate, if he were indeed using a chemical reaction to produce the heat, there would be no way to modulate and control the reaction, you would just get a reaction moving forward until the energy was spent. When I visited him and got a treatment, at one point his translator came in to talk to him. At this point he stopped working on me and left the room briefly. At this point, the foil-wrapped towel was left in place and cooled off. When he came back a few minutes later, he came straight to me, started rolling the towel again and started breathing forcefully. I could feel the heat rising and once again the temperature became almost unbearable. Now that said, everyone is different. I did not have any major issues going in, so I did not experience any dramatic changes, although it seems I grew a bit stronger after steadily working on his first 2 levels when I got back home. Just my brief experience. Cheers, R
  13. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Hello All, I have had the good fortune to train for short periods of time with Zhou Ting-Jue over the past couple of years and he does indeed have some very real power - I would encourage anyone with the means and the time to visit him in El Monte, at least for me it was a very eye-opening experience - I found it incredibly intriguing how he could avoid burning me during a treatment despite the fact that I was fully clothed and there were no overt signs of excessive surface heat - The heat bordered on the painful as he would continually shift the heat during the treatment right before I was about to physically tap out - he also gave me relief of food poisoning after just a few minutes of treatment - a fellow student who ate the same food was not so lucky and couldn't get a treatment in the morning (like I had) because of a scheduled flight at the time - The experience with Sifu Zhou was comparable to what I experienced with Robert Peng as well as with Michael Lomax, all very vivid and palpable sensations that were incredibly inspirational and reminders that I need to keep working. Cheers, R
  14. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    In the end, we are all human and it's always a bit of a struggle. We are all unique and some things work better for some than others. Personally, I try to avoid extremes and find a middle ground. I read all the HT material in my early 20's and obsessively retained while still indulging. All I could think of after each time was "I wish I had those 2 hours of my life back." For me, there was a big connection with higher stress, sympathetic activation and indulgence. Just like someone hitting the bottle or gorging on fast food, but this consumed me as my main vice. I probably retained a lot of "dead jing" as well. My hair still went grey at around 25 (I later found there is a strong genetic influence, I see the same pattern on my mother's side of the family). Use what works for you to get your mind concentrated on something else. I do believe things like dance and music can really help transform these energies as long as your focus is the activity itself. This in addition to diligent energetic practice. Fast forward 20 years of spotty practice (but getting better) - I'm finally getting free and no longer hear the siren's call much - For me, getting my emotions and subconscious balanced has been key. I've been using EFT (specifically Faster EFT learned off youtube). After a couple of weeks using a 30 second protocol several times a day, a strange internal shift started taking place. I went longer and longer times without attempting to indulge. Of course, I still stumbled along the way, but this happened much less frequently. I awaken now with more wood than I ever had in my 20's, I acknowledge it, then go on with my day. Of course, I'm no monk and I have a female companion. Retention is a lot easier now and I use no special method, visualization or otherwise. I try to follow my feeling and I don't obsessively retain just to retain. I'm not as wrapped up in mechanics and this works for me. Just my experience. Cheers, R
  15. One more cent here: As far as utility in bringing real results for me goes, I have to mention EFT. This is a great tool even if the only superpower you are interested in is keeping your emotions in balance, which should be of interest to all practitioners. Results are striking in what I've seen over the past couple of years with my brother and myself. The military is finally starting to listen and is incorporating this into their protocols for treating vets with PTSD Very quick results can be had with only minutes of practice at a time once or twice a day. Personally, I've seen very nice changes with using simplified protocols like Faster EFT, which can be learned for free off video clips on Youtube. This, along with Amy Cuddy's 2 minute power pose to lower cortisol and raise testosterone ( ) is now a standard routine warm-up for me before I start with any qigong set. Saludos, Rene'