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ones and zeros floating away like balloons

a graceful thought.

When i was younger and read that koan I was comfortable with the sound wave unattended Idea. and felt it answered the thing completely.

But now older I think of those who didnt have this science ..what could it resolve to ?

drifting substanceless potential? the mystery of that which did NOT happen ? the enigma of The universe? or perhaps the requirement of an audience for things to have existance.

I figure that to them this riddle was a very concise trail leading a student to get a feeling of the tao unattainable as a logical conclusion.


Now we have the very long path of science to travel with all its attending gifts and comforts yet bringing us , or at least me, to the very same feeling of the greatest enigma. Answering much of WHAT can be done ..suggesting that which might be expedient to us but not in the end never answering WHY beyond our own motivations.

Or so it seems to me.

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