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  1. The Tao Bums Chatroom

    Was just in there, Its pretty cool, Come & chat guys
  2. Nei Gong Forum?

    I have heard numerous stories over the years about students of john who saw the book, more then once. Jim mcmillan said it was just sitting on a coffee table during his last visit, kosta and another spanish student have also viewed it. Its not locked up in a vault surrounded by armed guards. Somebody could of used a hidden camera or mini button recorder to snap shot everything while pretending to innocently view it. I know It sounds like 007 but is not that far fetched with todays equipment. Thanks,
  3. Nei Gong Forum?

    Baguakicksass why do you keep asking me how brisbane is ?
  4. Nei Gong Forum?

    According to the magus book, if one just practices level 2, he eventually reaches the stage where chi can "Jump" out of the body into another if they touch ? Thanks
  5. Nei Gong Forum?

    So what news is out there about mopai level 3. I see the levels 1 & 2 are out but not the next one. Who did jim mcmillan choose to take over etc, Thanks,
  6. Nei Gong Forum?

    Do you think Neigong is closer to Hard Qigong as they have similar practices of breathing,tension etc ? Thanks,
  7. Does Anyone Have Power?

    My friend who is student of Mopai for well over 15 years said John has been required to heal many reiki and kejawen students who went too deep in their training. John even said from his own mouth these practices are powerful but can mess your head up becos they are too fast and use spirits !!! Yes Too Fast ! Not Fake. This was music to my ears, as it confirmed to me that.... #1 Mopai is not the only way to amazing power as some people think. 2# Reiki,Tenaga Dalam,Kejawen, are in fact very real & legitimate energy/spiritual building practices. Thanks,
  8. I think even "Zhan Zhuang" circulates energy to different parts of the body,depending on the stance.
  9. I couldnt agree more, but i think that ability only comes in much higher levels.
  10. My understanding is that if your leading qi all over your body with visualization or movement then its impossible to fill the dantian. It would take well over 20 years.
  11. Well apparently the master has done all the hard yards so he is then capable of passing it onto others. Saving the student lots of time and hardwork. Jock,
  12. Well i spoke with master lukman already today in email. He said its almost impossible for the average person to reach the full potential of not only tridaya, but any system of inner power without proper trasnmission or attunement from the guru. As for the validity of say yellow bamboo tenaga dalam hitting somebody from a distance, kosta said on his old forum that TD distance power will not work on somebody who has a full dantian of yang chi. So heres my point.... If kosta says it wont work on a full dantian....then this clearly proves its authentic and will work on the average person who is mostly empty. Thats how i see it. Jock Jackson,
  13. Hi everyone I just saw this posted from another forum and thought you might like to read. Im not sure if the guy even knows what he's talking about but it seems legit. -------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me share my experience. Here is an email reproduced with permission from a friend in nevada. I have trained in chen & yang style taichi,qigong, tummo, yoga for over 30 years with little or no result. I have enlisted in new age retreats,breatharian courses with little or no seeable changes in my practice. It wasnt until reading The Magus Of Java that i started searching for other systems that could bring the re. I can say 100% that the method im using right now is very effective in building chi for many purposes. I have not found any stsem that brings results and the feeling of energy so quickly. My understanding is your acupoints or energy points must be activated or filled by a teacher.Many claim to offer energetic adjustments but i just did not see/feel any major change in my energy levels or ability. Apart from that, i dont live in a very safe part of town and wanted something to protect myself. From searching google all about neikung i was able to find Tridaya Inner Power. I dont want to advertise or anything here, But if people are looking for a very powerful system that you can really feel and could bring similar results to mopai, then i would suggest at least looking at it. I did not go for the long distance transmission. I went directly to Jakarta myself and met lukman in person to see what all the hype was about. When he started touching my body and pushing energy inside I thought my hands and stomach were going to explode from the force. Whatever was being done was unlike anything i had experienced before.The crackling and buzzing of energy remained in the centre of my palms for two full days straight. What i have discovered is i can now really sense or feel a persons energy with my palms. Whenever i put my hands close to somebody they can feel buzzing and minute electrical impulses. There is also a heavy pulling or pushing sensation,tingles. I have trained daily for about 6 months using the instructions given to me. I will keep you all updated with any further changes or development. The End. So does tridaya really build super powers like the mopai and is this lukman a real teacher ? Has anybody on the taobums ever practiced this style,and if so what were the results ? Im thinking hitting somebody from a distance would be a cool skill to have. I'm trying to find the innerpower books if anybody has a link to share ? I would be happy to send a few dollars.Maybe it's worth a trip to indonesia.