What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

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2 hours ago, manitou said:



Nope .


here is another pic  of the same critter 





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My sister went and did some  scientific work there ; testing fish in streams .  But there is a little more to her story,. She travelled with her boss , they had other work in different places  before and after.  They used to get on great, had a great trip working together , doing what she loved in various locations in different countries .   But then she said ;  " All of a sudden, just after we arrived in Egypt from Chernobyl. he had this weird massive personality change , started accusing me of things that never happened , got aggressive, the rest of the trip was a nightmare , thank God  Egypt was the last place."


Me;  "  Just after you left Chernobyl  ? "


Her;   < thinks >  " Do you think that had something to do with it ? "


Me; "  Dont know, but if there are no other causes , what do you think happened ?"


Her;       :unsure:   




Anyway ... some humour


I pull up at the local store for a refuel .   A group of bikers pulls in , (all on giant modern high tech bikes) .  One has girlfriend  on the back and she gets off and looks over to me and my bike  (old school, simple, retro ) and she goes ; " Ohhhh , that's beautiful ! "


Boyfriend ;    < frown >


Me;  'Yeah ... but  ....  check the  bike out . "  <points >


Boyfriend ;  : I knew you would have a good sense of humour   ....... riding   that thing ! "



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