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Found 4 results

  1. Come back to your true nature

    John Wheeler on our true nature A song about Being, that which is always present Enjoy!
  2. Hello I am Xeno and a few years ago my consciousness was kind of abducted by aliens, they took it off my head and connected me in something not physical. They said to be my parents and that I am cosmic. Actually a cosmic larva and I could never really find anything about the cosmic familly and cosmic being or entity. I was wonderring if someone has knowledge about the cosmos, the cosmic plan or the cosmic being. I know it is not a totally physical being but can be physical and it has powers but that's it. I do not know anything else about it and I am tired to have questions not about what happened to me because whatever it is I really appreciated it and I could feel an inconditional love and it was deep and strong. I want to know about what I suposelly am from those aliens claiming to be my parents and telling me I am cosmic but for some reason my capacities are reduced and my powers blocked. Help would be appreciated!
  3. The never ending story

    No matter how auspicious an idea may appear as it is known by a knower from within the mind, identification with being anything in particular is essentially self-imposed limitation. The guru admonishes to leave concepts behind, to relinquish the identity of doership and acting, to be free of burdens not needful which may become to us as obstacles. Being is without doing. One can not help but simply Be oneself. All that must be done is then done rightly and naturally. Simply be as one has been, as one already is and as one will forever be. Be as you are, for the naturalness of this being that we are is that which makes the supposed becoming of anything in particular possible. Being this being, is to naturally abandon this or that identity. In this being, it's revealed that one is the knowing-ness of knowledge, the doing-ness of that which is done; the essence, the very being-ness of being itself. The Power of power. There's no being of this or that, there is only this-ness or that-ness, through and through. The heart of being, which is being, and beyond it. The Paramakash, so far removed from what the mind can imagine, that even the pure consciousness "I AM" seems to be an almost alien thing. From Paramakash, to Mahadakash: The gods and devas may possess names and forms, but the "light" of consciousness is completely attributeless. Without a body, it embodies all. That "light" which illuminates the mind as a reflection, is no more the mind or its contents than the Sun is equal to the daylight it provides. Lord Krishna: "By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I am not in them. And yet everything that is created does not rest in Me. Behold My mystic opulence! Although I am the maintainer of all living entities and although I am everywhere, I am not a part of this cosmic manifestation, for My Self is the very source of creation." Innumerable states seem to appear upon or within this "light", along with the appearance of one(s) who appear(s) to traverse them. Eternally back and forth, seesawing up and down, the actions and inaction of the apparent many is reflected in the waking dream and deep sleep states. One can get comfortable in a dream of one's own making, lucid even, yet become mesmerized by the powers of awareness in the dream. One can become engrossed in the indulgences of physicality, unsatiated by desires of experiencing waking life to its presumed fullest potential. These states come and these states go. Yet there exists a "state" which never comes and never goes, beyond even the self-love that is undifferentiated bliss experienced in deep sleep. It is all there is. Conscious, unconscious, both conscious and unconscious, and Neither. The original being, experienceless, stateless in its state, in which all states and all experiences appear as if they were themselves dreams of a dreamer unknown.
  4. Greetings fellow citizen scientists, practioners, interested souls, I am looking for references to entities in any practices or belief systems, that describe a non-communicating blue-white mass of what feels like electricity. This particular entity feeds on any emotions, favorite and easiest appears to be fear. The perception of this entity changes according to the emotion at the time of the encounter. So there is obviously a filter of some kind that assembles what you perceive for most people. And while one perceived bugs crawling all over himself, the visual for me was still blue and white sparks resembling an electrical cloud. Easiest to see by children, many adults are not aware of it, only one other noticed it as a shadow figure. From my own interaction, it seems to point to Orion's belt as "home". Doesn't seem to like people in general, but needs them for energy. It doesn't seem able to wander far from the earth fault zone where it is located. I was very interested in this because of the color and nature of the energy, which very much reminded me of a strong blue-white burst as practiced by masters, but magnified by hundreds of those, dancing around in a cloud. So many questions. What are they? Where do they really come from? Why do they need our "EMOTIONAL" energy. Is there a way to better communicate? Is it a drain or an exchange? Is there any benefit from this interaction? Many thanks in advance for feedback and conversation, Jessup