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Found 5 results

  1. In several occult/religious schools of thought there is this idea of evolving or elevating ones consciousness to the level of being able to merge with the ocean of consciousness itself. The idea I can understand; but why to do it I don’t understand. Why would someone do this?
  2. Hello I am Xeno and a few years ago my consciousness was kind of abducted by aliens, they took it off my head and connected me in something not physical. They said to be my parents and that I am cosmic. Actually a cosmic larva and I could never really find anything about the cosmic familly and cosmic being or entity. I was wonderring if someone has knowledge about the cosmos, the cosmic plan or the cosmic being. I know it is not a totally physical being but can be physical and it has powers but that's it. I do not know anything else about it and I am tired to have questions not about what happened to me because whatever it is I really appreciated it and I could feel an inconditional love and it was deep and strong. I want to know about what I suposelly am from those aliens claiming to be my parents and telling me I am cosmic but for some reason my capacities are reduced and my powers blocked. Help would be appreciated!
  3. Beautiful

    The food we consume - is the all that we take in We bring in through the eyes vast cubic miles every day The ears hear a thousand vibrations we never notice The nose speaks directly to our ancestry in each breath Our skin sinks to the marrow Please share here beauty that you have found so that it might be a well of delight and wonder
  4. The Bashar (channel) Thread

    An interview with Bashar's vehicle of communication. Bashar speaks. 1 hr 58 mins Hope you enJoy these videos. Namaste, gentlewind