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Found 5 results

  1. Faith Mind/Faith in Mind A wonderful translation that is accessible and eloquent without sacrificing or deviating from meaning or essence. Hope you guys enjoy 😊
  2. Come back to your true nature

    John Wheeler on our true nature A song about Being, that which is always present Enjoy!
  3. The world we see is completely internal. It's a simulation created by the brain from the sensory stimulation it receives. So the "external" reality that we live in does not look, sound, smell, taste, or feel like anything. It's a field of information. Does this mean that we live in the matrix?
  4. Hello, How does all of this Neidan/Neigong/Qigong/Energy stuff relate to Non-Dual Truths/Enlightenment? Enlightenment as explained, and axiomatically acknowledged/intuited by myself (and many others), in (some/most) Zen/Advaita/Self-Inquiry/Jnana Yoga approaches is seeing realising what is True, is seeing through the illusion of Self, realising no-self, etc (I could go on and/or make it more specific, but, if you know self-inquiry, you know the jist of what I'm talking about). I have heard/read that these insights/seeing through the illusions/bullshit/labels/separations, etc, leads to a purifying of energy in itself as a sort of side effect. Through bouts of extreme insight I have felt something akin to this. How does this approach of inquiry and realisation relate (if at all) to Neidan/Neigong/Qigong/Energy stuff, according to you? As I have mentioned before, I am relatively new to Taoist/Chinese terminology but I have heard the phrase of Ghost level of realisation tossed about, or something, when referring to this approach, as if it's inferior, but, to me, realisation of Truth, of no self, of pure awareness, of pure being and non-being, everything/nothing seems to be self evidently final. From my preliminary reading it seems that the aim of energy work is to maintain the memories of this incarnation and then go about your business, just like someone who's enlightened on earth, but, as an immortal forever. So, someone who DOESN'T do this stuff that realises no self, what's supposed to happen to them? They just cease to be and rejoin Tao/One/Brahman/Totality completely? Superior and inferior aren't really the words I like to use, but they're all I have here. This ceasing to be/becoming one with Tao seems simultaneously superior and inferior. Superior in its sense of ultimate letting go and finality, ultimate Truth. Inferior in terms of utility and not being able to go on helping others, BUT, the cosmos/karma/one/Tao/Brahman, etc, does this, provides exactly what we need to wake up all the time anyway, so, we don't really need teachers in some regards. Also, there're reports about ascended masters, etc, who seem to have practiced this self inquiry approach themselves but are then still travelling around the different planes of existence/that are still contactable, implying that they don't just fade away or cease to be, but they are still going about their business, not identified with their form, but, also still able to operate. Anyway. Your thoughts on this would be interesting.
  5. The Natural Bliss of Being

    When I was last posting here, many of you were asking me when my book would be available to purchase. I have been busy with that project and it is now available at Amazon and on Kindle. I made an effort to present many of the pith instructions that I have received from mainly Dzogchen masters, Mahamudra masters and Zen masters, so that anyone could experience the "shift" into Enlightened Mind easily and in a relatively short time. The material is presented in generic language without the need to know anything about Buddhism nor the Tibetan teachings. To learn more about the book please visit my website: Please share your feedback or comments! Jackson