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  1. Cosmic being

    There is what I am trying Cereal based food such as bread, crackers, pastries Milk based food such as cheese Eggs and oatmeal I will see if I can eat more with that and fix my problem.
  2. Hello, very new to this

    Welcome Juliette! I hope you will find good support for your interests and issues! I am happy you are here
  3. Cosmic being

    She said that her introduction post was deleted
  4. Cosmic being

    Okay she sent a message to you!
  5. Cosmic being

    What are you guys?
  6. Cosmic being

    Years ago I could say I am here to help humanity on behalf of aliens and other cosmic being and I could never prove it even to myself and it did not make that much sense. Then I said it would be on behalf of humanity and it went worst. I am here for my son and I will give him a planet to enjoy growing up this is my mission. Not an alien mission or a cosmic mission but a dad mission.
  7. Cosmic being

    I have a baby at home. I am sorry but I have to make myself strong and well no matter what is real or not. I have a mission and it is to make this world good for my son to grow up... The day he was born, all I am doing made sense. I thought I would do that for the universe but they do not need me it seems. I thought I would do it for myself but I stopped giving a shit about myself a long time ago but now I know why I am doing what I am doing. It is for my kid that wants to grow up on a planet that is decent and I will not let humanity screw him up the way I have been... I have to do something and first, I am building myself to go fight with the good people that want to work on building a world for their kids, the future of mankind! I am on a mission here and it is to start waking up people if I can.
  8. Cosmic being

    I like to walk and listen to music thinking about my stuff, trying to remember what I did to get where I am and how it happened. I am trying to find my path but it is hard because I do not feel I belong to this world. It makes me crazy to feel that being inside of me trapped in a body that is not meant to carry my soul and be happy with it. My surrounding barelly understand that and when I try to talk about they mostly would hurt me and call me bullshit or liar. Not much people knows about the cosmic familly and who we are and if they ever do then, they just do not talk. A bunch of people around me they know something but they do not say a single word about it. They leave me alone talking and taking all the shots while the support I have is not pretty strong. I have my wife that is usually on my side and she might even be a starseed herself. She is lovelly and she tried to come here and register but they did not let her because we use the same IP adress... She could come here and talk about my cosmic being and how different and special I am. I do not have proofs and that is annoying me because mostly a lot of people wants proofs... I have secrets that I do not share to anyone? Not really they know everything that I don't and it pisses me off. They all lie and hide from me. I can count on my wife and eventually my son but that's it...
  9. Cosmic being

    How to be well in my human body with low exercise because I am not the sportive kind, I am more the mind type. Stuff in my head that I should talk about maybe... I like to writte but I wrotte so much that I would just feel repeating myself... They call it ''starseed'' in ufology people like me and it is known that we have difficulty enjoying human experience. I do not feel much a need to eat and I do not know what to do to stay in shape, well I walk a little bit every now and then but that's it. I am mostly online on forums or with my wife/son at home. I may be moderator soon on another forum and it should help a bit to feel that I am not worthless...
  10. Cosmic being

    It took me a while to understand what is my story and I took a lot of shots from people but now I am ready to talk about it in a way that must be closer to what would be listened and acccepted. I am not the best in the world but I am trying to be a good cosmic larva!
  11. Cosmic being

    xD Sorry but I was disrespected a lot before and insulted and hurt so it made me a bit paranoid you know... Now I cannot read people having a bit of fun without thinking they are making fun out of me. Something great would be that you guys tell me when you are just bringing fun for everyone so I do not think the fun is being me you know. I feel that place good and I have a quest of self discovery to do if I want to go back in the cosmic plan without polluating them.
  12. Cosmic being

    I am aware of the concept of cosmic being...
  13. Cosmic being

    Well the cosmic parents told me that not eveybody is called cosmic. You must be a figure to be in the cosmic familly. We all are son of the universe that is true but not all soul were born in the cosmic plan. Calling yourself cosmic because the cosmos is around is not right. You may be a part of it but to have your comsciousness at the cosmic plan you must be it. I do not want people believe whatever but I was told that in our familly we do not call people born outside of the cosmic plan a cosmic being. My soul is from there and now I am being implanted here for a mission after I crashed... We all have the cosmos around and the universe inside of each of us but not everyone is cosmic being... Some people doesn't want to understand that because they want to be more than they are and I understand but, not it...
  14. Cosmic being

    Im being serious here